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BCS can vacate USC's 2004 title

Posted on: May 20, 2010 8:38 pm

The BCS has the power  to vacate one of its championships should USC be found guilty violating of NCAA bylaws. The question is, what form would that take?

USA Today reported Wednesday that a little-known BCS rule added in January 2007 allows the BCS to vacate the championship of a team if it has found to be guilty of major rules violations. USC is awaiting penalties -- if any -- regarding the Reggie Bush case. Bush is alleged to have taken money and extra benefits from would-be agents while at the school. If he is ruled by the NCAA to have competed while ineligible, the association could strip USC victories while he was at the school. Only, then would the BCS step in.

But the NCAA doesn't sponsor a championship in football so it essentially has no jurisdiction on USC's '04 title. How the BCS would strip that title isn't clear.

The BCS can't compel the American Football Coaches Association or the Associated Press to take back trophies from the Trojans' 2004 championship season.  In other sports besides football, the NCAA typically only removes references of championships in media guides and record books of teams that have vacated wins.

In the case of the BCS, what record books? What media guides? The BCS runs a website,, and puts out a small pamphlet-like media guide each season. 

Since 1998, the AFCA has awarded a trophy to the winner of the BCS title game. The AP awards a trophy to a team that finishes No. 1 among the voters in its final poll. AP told the BCS to drop it from its formula a few years ago, in part due to a conflict of interest among its voters.

A college football national championship has never been forfeited or vacated (in the wire service era since 1936).

"The NCAA will do whatever we do," one BCS official said.

The NCAA has section in its record book recognizing BCS champions.

The NCAA has vacated those records and championships in basketball and other sports. That typically involves removing a teams' wins and championships of record books and media guides. In the case of Florida State's Bobby Bowden, it would have involved no reference its former coach being the all-time winningest coach in NCAA history.

Prior to his retirement, the veteran coach was within reach of catching Joe Paterno for No. 1 on the all-time list. The NCAA then forced Florida State to vacate 12 of his victories. Bowden finished with 377 career victories.

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Posted on: May 24, 2010 5:21 pm

BCS can vacate USC's 2004 title

 Same here. I love the Sooners but the way they played that game was a disgrace. Auburn finished ahead of them in the polls so it should go to them.

Since: Nov 20, 2008
Posted on: May 24, 2010 3:57 pm

BCS can vacate USC's 2004 title

As a die-hard Sooner fan, I couldn't agree with your statement more.  We don't want, need, or deserve the 2004 NC trophy, would have been different if Auburn and OU had played the game, but, they didn't and nothing can change that now.  USC should be removed from all ratings for that year and no national champion named.

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Posted on: May 24, 2010 1:52 pm

BCS can vacate USC's 2004 title

Ebonyrod 2,
Tell your grandchildren your version of the Championship game and don't tell them, if it turns out this way, that USC suffered the humiliation of having to return the BCS trophy.  Don't mention that Reggie Bush was a fraud who turned pro while in college.  Don't mention that the USC OJ Simpson is the same OJ Simpson that is about the most hated man in America.

Keep it real or the way you really want to remember it.

You might want them to hear about our genocide of the native Americans, our participation in slavery, and that in the land of the free and the home of the brave we saw fit to "give" women the right to vote in 1920.  Your grandchildren have the right to remain ignorant and adopt your biases rather than make up their own minds.

And you or whoever wanted to wax eloquently about the Sooners 47 game win streak, the Coach was the late, great legend Bud Wilkinson (not Wilkerson).  He was one of the fine gentlemen who followed in the footsteps of Amos Alonzo Stagg and the giants of college ball before it became the busines it is today.

For what it's worth, OU's streak of 47 games was ended by Notre Dame, which also ended TEXAS' 30 game win streak at the Cotton Bowl on January 1, 1971.

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Posted on: May 24, 2010 1:18 pm

BCS can vacate USC's 2004 title

As a UT fan, I would hope Vince Young would say the same think about Reggie's Heisman.  Young may have deserved it, but a lot of guys deserve it and don't win it.  So the NY Athletic Club or whomever can just stick it, for all I care. 

Fortunately, TEXAS beat USC and there is not another title to possibly vacate. 

And though this is an old and often invalid argument, "if Reggie and his family are on the up and up, why are they fighting this so strongly?"  If the Bushes are clean, and Reggie and USC aren't tainted, couldn't this have been resolved before Reggie made so much money that he can afford to keep this in the courts and pull a Floyd Landis, denying his guilt for several years after it has been proven he is guilty.

Reggie likes his new found role as junior Savior of New Orleans.  Brees is the mega star but Reggie, while not the featured back, seems to be more the handsome face that people of color in New Orleans can relate to.  He gets lots of positive press, endorsements, and may make more outside football than in it.  Maybe that's why he keeps stonewalling.  Or maybe he wants to be welcomed back on the Southern Cal campus for the next 50 years rather than booed as the guy who sullied the proud Trojan name.

I am ready for it to be resolved or at least go away.

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Posted on: May 23, 2010 7:22 pm

That would leave Pete Carroll with no titles.

Then this clown who bolted for Seattle when the heat was turned up would be exposed as a liar, cheat and wannabe who never won anything but conference titles in a weak conference.  LOL

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Posted on: May 23, 2010 5:10 pm

BCS can vacate USC's 2004 title

Re: Skibum2007

Do you have a theory as to why Peter Carroll left USC? Do you think it has to do with Reggie Bush and possibly other problems, or do you think he was ready for a new challenge? He was one cool customer.

There is no theory as to why Pete left SC. He has always said that if the right opportunity came up in the NFL he would take it. He has said this from the second year he got there. All the alum, fans and players have known this for years.

I think it is just a coincidence that the Seattle position came about when all this NCAA crap came about. The NCAA stuff has been going on for some time. He could have left at anytime between the time of the incident or when he did.

I think if he had any inkling that the program would be on probation or other suspension he would have hauled it when everyone became aware that Reggie might have done something illegal, not wait around until the investigation was completed.

When the Atlanta Falcon job came up he could have taken that position, but according to him the situation was not right therefore he stayed at SC. The money was better, but he still chose to stay at SC.

There were other positions offered each year, but again he chose to stay, therefore I don’t think he left because of the situation with Bush.

I think that he got too much or what he wanted returning to the pro game as oppose to what would have happened at SC.

He attended the meeting between the NCAA and SC held in Phoenix. I don't think he had to attendd, but he was there supporting the school.

You know what I miss almost more than a lot of things in sports, especially in college football and that was Coach Wilkerson’s stint at Oklahoma and the Thanksgiving rival between Oklahoma and Nebraska. I was enroute to Fort Rucker Alabama for flight training on Thanksgiving eve one year. I realize that I was not gonna make it in time to watch the Oklahoma Nebraska game. I checked in at a local motel just to watch the game.

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Posted on: May 22, 2010 6:55 pm

BCS can vacate USC's 2004 title

I am bias, but I like your comment:)

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Posted on: May 22, 2010 5:00 pm

BCS can vacate USC's 2004 title

Great post, ebonyron. It really is a quandry as to what to do, but I think the outcome should definitely stand, especially 6 years later. There ought to be some sort of statute of limitations. If Reggie Bush's issues had been uncovered before the game he should have probably sat out. In 2000, OU played Florida State in the same Orange Bowl for the National Championship and FSU's all-world WR Snoop Minnis or whatever his name was was acamedically ineligible for the game due to his grades from the recently completed Fall semester and he sat out. If his grade issue had been uncovered 5-6 years later and he had played, it still can't change the outcome. How on earth could you rip a title from the team that won it, perhaps with some helpl from one ineligible player, and give it to the team that lost, or give it to a team that didn't even play for the title? It just seems to open up a can of worms, and no one at the end will be satisfied. Fortunately, most OU fans such as myself would probably be like you guys or Alabama, Notre Dame, in other words an established national powerhouse with multi national titles and not want to claim a tainted title that wasn't won on the field. If a school were some sort of one-hit wonder playing in their first-ever shot of a title then I would think they'd make a case to claim the title regardless... like, umm Prairie View. lol.

Your game against Texas was downright entertaining. However, I was rooting for USC. We generally never root for Texas. First, we didn't want to hear it from them that you guys blew us out and then they beat you, and plus the whole recruiting angle since both OU and Texas compete for the same players. I basically wanted you to beat Texas, but was concerned about your winning streak - I think you guys won almost 30 games in a row, and the record is 47, which OU owns from back in the 1950s.

The OU-Texas rivalry is a streaky thing. We won 4 in a row earlier in the decade, and they've been on a streak of their own as of late, winning I think 4 of 5. Now that Young Colt is gone, hopefully we will fare better. That guy was undersized physically except for his heart and desire to win. He won 3 of 4 against us.   

Do you have a theory as to why Peter Carroll left USC? Do you think it has to do with Reggie Bush and possibly other problems, or do you think he was ready for a new challenge? He was one cool customer.

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Posted on: May 22, 2010 4:09 pm

BCS can vacate USC's 2004 title


Re: ski burn

I can understand the pain, as we lost to Stanford last year in our home stadium. That was not something prety and sorta unexpected. Then they went for 2 on a point after, so they have been added to the list.

The difference is that we have a chance each year to get back at them.

Las Vegas did have a problem with the spread as well as the favorite for the game in 2004.

The thing I have a problem with no matter the program that is caught doing illegal things is the ones that did whatever they did illegally never pay a penalty for what they did.

The ones that pay the penalty are the ones that are currently enrolled in the program and had nothing to do with the illegal going on.  I am sure others have been smart enough to understand this principal also.  

Good luck to you and your program in the future. Stop letting Texas beat ya, they did a job on us in 2005 therefore I am not a huge fan at all, I was hoping you would have more success against them.



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Posted on: May 22, 2010 10:30 am

BCS can vacate USC's 2004 title

For years to come even if the win is taken from us, we will still tell our children and grandchildren the story of how SC went into the Orange bowl as the underdog with your Heisman Trophy winning quarterback and that all everything running back and beat the mighty Sooners
ebony, you guys were ranked #1 and favored in the game... (I admit the game was a pick'em in the point spread by kickoff but I digress) so you guys weren't really an underdog. Plus, you had a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback and an "all everything running back" too. Everytime I see USC play since and I hear that fight song, it brings back some painful memories to say the least of that game.

OU doesn't deserve the title, and neither does Auburn. USC won it, illegal player or not. Just put an asterisk on the title and move on. Kind of like Barry Bonds' homerun title. You can't erase what happened on the field that day illegal player or not.

That game was like a nightmare. Touchdown Matt Leinart... Touchdown Matt Leinart...  USC Fight song, USC fight song.

Pass the Pepto, please.. lol.

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