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Finally, some closure in expansion. Maybe.

Posted on: June 9, 2010 7:45 am

Well, this is it.

Finally, some break in the ice pack that has frozen college athletics since the Big Ten maybe, kind of began exploring expansion in December. The Omaha World-Herald is reporting that Nebraska could go to the Big Ten by Friday.

Say goodbye to the Big 12.

Say hello to a bigger, bloated Pac-10.

Get used to two super conferences (Big Ten, Pac-10) -- at least.

Wish Nebraska luck in a strange, new world. The school was really forced into this move by Texas. Once Texas issued its "ultimatum" (or whatever you want to call it), Nebraska's fate was sealed. It could declare allegiance to the Big 12, but why? If the Big Ten offered, the money was too good. If Nebraska had to go back to the Big 12, the rancor was too much.

Imagine getting another deadline from the Horns in two years. Tom Osborne and Nebraska couldn't live like that. Now the school is the western boundary of the most powerful conference on earth. The bigger Big Ten will encompass more than 35 percent of the nation's population. Get used to Mike Rozier highlights on the Big Ten Network. Nebraska will be more attached to Chicago and New York than it will North Platte.

Is that a good thing? For Nebraska, it is the only thing. Twenty million is twenty million, reportedly poised to grow to $40 million per team if the Big Ten does this expansion right.

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 12:03 pm

Osborne and Delaney

Osborne and Delany are working together to get something they both need.  Osborne wants a better revenue share and more say in the Big 12.  Texas wants them to stay.  They float the rumor that Nebraska will join the Big 10 so they can use it as leverage to renegotiate the new revenue shares with the Big 12 upcoming TV network deals to make it more equitable.  They also agree to begin rotating the championship game again after the Jerry Dome contract is up.


Notre Dame starts to get nervous that the Big 10 is going to 16 teams and the era of the super-conference is upon them.  They don’t want to risk being left out so they agree to move into the Big 10 but only if they won’t add anybody else.  The Big 10 agrees and everyone stands down.

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 11:14 am

Finally, some closure in expansion. Maybe.

Missouri is going to the Big 10 if an invite comes in. That's a foregone conclusion. We've watched Texas give us a raw deal for too long.

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 10:55 am

Finally, some closure in expansion. Maybe.

Well, this scenario that you proposed may sound good, but you are forgetting one aspect of the whole expansion thing with the Big Ten that makes this not be just a walk in the park, especially since Missouri now has the green light to follow Nebraska to the Big Ten as well. If Nebreska sends the Big XII their walking papers to be part of the Big Ten, then Missouri will be next in line to do the same so they can have a nice big piece of the pie in terms of revenue and television exposure from the Big Ten Network. Plus, the St. Louis market would jump for joy to have the Big Ten coverage expand to their area so those Illinois and Iowa alumni that live in St. Louis can now have direct ties back to their schools when they play Missouri in conference. Now this is the conference breakdown the will soon occur for the Big X when they truly expand to 14 teams, instead of 12, because once Nebraska and Missouri leaves, the Pac-10 will acquire the rest of the Big XII, with the exception of Baylor (sorry, it looks like the Mountain West for the Bears come 2012).

East Division: Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame, Northwestern

West Division: Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wiscousin, Michigan

Why this will work? This is way......

Each team has 4 non-conference games, 8 conference games = 12 game season

Each school can can each school in their division, as well as play two schools in the opposing division, which would still allow rival match-up to stay intact   (i.e. Notre Dame vs. Michigan, Ohio State vs. Michigan, Penn State vs. Ohio State, Indiana vs. Purdue, Northwestern vs. Illinois, Minnesota vs. Wiscousin), as well as create new rival games. (i.e. Missouri vs. Illinois, Penn State vs. Notre Dame, Nebreska va. Penn State, Missouri vs. Iowa, etc.)

Notre Dame can keep a certain part of their traditional non-conference rival games, which would make them legitimate BCS contenders while still being in a conference like the Big Ten. The only real good rival games that attract attention to Notre Dame recent is them playing USC and Michigan, not Army, Navy, Stanford, and or Boston College. Even if they choose to keep those rivalry games, the still can with alignment with the Big Ten, and here is how:

Schedule Example

Notre Dame vs. Army (or Navy)  Non-Conference, rivalry

Notre Dame vs. Boston College Non-Conference

Michigan vs. Notre Dame (Conference Game, non-division)

Notre Dame vs. Purdue (Conference Game, division game)

Michigan State vs. Notre Dame (Conference game, division game)

USC vs. Notre Dame (non-conference game, rivalry game)

Stanford vs. Notre Dame (non-conference game, rivalry game)

4 more games with Division opponents (Indiana, Penn State, Ohio State, Northwestern), as well as one more game with a non-division opponent within the Big Ten conference (Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, etc.) There's your 12 game schedule!

BINGO! The strongest Notre Dame schedule they have had in 20 years and all of this can happen while being part the Big Ten Conference! How scary would that look for a schedule. Plus, there could be a conference championship that each team in the conference would benefit due to the network contract for the television rights to the game, in which would add to a larger revenue stream for Notre Dame and the rest of the Big Ten teams.

That is why adding Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Missouri to the Big Ten would make the SEC and the Pac-10 go crazy if that would happen.

The Pac-10 can absorb the Big XII (Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Colorado, Oklahoma State) if they want to equal the amount of the Big Ten

Baylor and Boise State can be part of Mountain West, which would now be considered a BCS conference once the Big XII is dissolved, or The Big XII can pull TCU, Boise State, Utah, New Mexico, Fresno State, and keep the Big XII intact with Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor, Oklahoma State, as the team last standing (Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado are definitely Pac-10 bound).

There you go! A big change in college athletics in terms of conference realignment, but I can see this work more so than what others may believe.

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 10:51 am

Finally, some closure in expansion. Maybe.

It hurts me to agree with a Michigan fan but I agree, welcome to the Big Ten Nebraska.  We have great competition between the schools but in the end, we do what is best for the league as a whole not just a couple of schools.

Big XII, it should speak volumes that the top schools in the Big Ten, Pac-10 and SEC don't want to leave but you have created a conference where it is every team for itself.  R.I.P. southwestern conference & Big XII and good luck to the Pac-10 if you take Texas.  I think it would be funny if Cal and Stan. Univ vetoed the whole move.

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 10:46 am

Finally, some closure in expansion. Maybe.

I think that may be the play all along, the Big 10 emails that were supposedly floating around with OSU talking about ND #1, Texas #2, and NU #3 would be true in this case! 

Even Dodd was on TV locally in Kansas City just this past Sunday saying Texas would probably stay in Big 12 if only two teams left, they have too sweet of a deal to leave...  But they need at least 10 to keep the championship game and be able to easily grab two more teams. 

I think TCU fits but too many Texas schools picking the same recruits for the same league doesn't look good, so my opinion would be look for additions of either Louisville, Cincy, or even Arkansas.  They would want to capture a new market and even Memphis is possible.  Heck, why not go to ND and allow them to join the league and keep a portion of their TV contract with NBC - ND vs Texas every year or so would be going back in time 30-40 years ago!  Texas has their own Network of sorts so why not let ND keep a modified version?  Just a thought/wishful thinking. 

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 10:41 am

Finally, some closure in expansion. Maybe.

From a blue Michigan fan: We love ya Nebraska.  Please join us.

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 10:38 am

Finally, some closure in expansion. Maybe.

Agreed makes perfect sense. You can't blame Nebraska for looking out for Nebraska instead of Texas or even Kansas basketball...Money is too good.

Now the million dollar question is and maybe Doyel can answer this question about the Pac-10 and what it pays it's members since we have a pretty good idea of the major players in this now with the Big Ten raising the ante` but the real question is will Texas man up and grow a pair by joining the SEC and making this a two dog race or puss out and head west to the Pac.

From what we're reading here and on other sites it seems the national consensus is that they're all but gone to the Pac. But why not the SEC Doyel? Make this really interesting....If Nebraska can step up and join the Big Ten then why not Texas (and whichever team they're supposedly joined at the hip too be it Texas A&M or Oklahoma) joining the SEC.

Just can't see Slive taking this standing still or giving up any ground to any conference in football.

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 10:38 am

Finally, some closure in expansion. Maybe.

No way that Michigan and Ohio State are not in the same division.  The "Big Game" is a huge deal for both schools.  If you split them up, the only way they could play is in a championship game.

I think the Big Ten is looking to add three teams to get them to 7 in each division and make it a east/west split.  If they get Notre Dame and Missouri then I think it would look like this:


Nebr., Minn., Iowa, Mizzou, Ill., Wisc, Notre Dame


Mich., Mich St., Ohio St., Penn St., IU, Purdue, N'western

From a "football" standpoint that makes each division have four strong teams.  If Notre Dame says no then you move Northwestern to the west and add Rutgers to the east.     
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Posted on: June 9, 2010 10:19 am

Plan for a Playoff

I hope that the left over Big East, Big 12 teams join the Mountain West, WAC, Sun Belt, MAC, Conf USA and the Service Academies should join the Football Championship Division join the playoff, refuse to play the Big 4 Conferences of the BCS and just wait to see in 10 years which brand of football is more popular?      

My guess is that players want a good school, be on TV, and a chance for a national championship, I am just no sure which order. 

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 10:09 am

Finally, some closure in expansion. Maybe.

thinking about it san diego state would be a strong candidate for the pac ten as well..big school, game sin the charges stadium and located in a prominent city along the california coast

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