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Rift in Texas

Posted on: June 11, 2010 8:46 am
Your morning expansion line for Friday includes news that Texas and Texas A&M may break apart.

Call it an expansion micro-burst. First it was the Big 12 breaking up. Now the most powerful faction of the Big 12 could be drifting apart. We always thought that Texas and A&M were joined at the hip pads when it came to expansion. But a Thursday meeting produced no consensus between Texas and Texas A&M. I hear that A&M prefers the SEC while the league is a non-starter for Texas.

I also hear that Jim Delany is still trying like heck to get Texas into the Big Ten. But what about that "Tech problem"?

The dominoes figure to officially start tumbling today when Nebraska announces it is joining the Big Ten. I wrote the heck out of this issue this week but it bears repeating: The Big 12 cannot survive if Nebraska leaves. 1) The TV rights go way down; 2) What's to keep Texas, or any other school, leaving in two, three, four or five years? The Big 12 is a bad marriage that cannot go on.

The biggest issues on the table going into Friday:

a) What does Texas do?
b) What does Texas do?
c) What does Texas do?

OK, seriously:

a) Where do Texas and A&M end up and do they go as a unit?
b) Where does the Big Ten strike next (because it will strike next)?
c) Where does the Pac-10 strikes next (please don't believe his stuff about the Pac-10 stopping at 11)?
d) What are you doing at 5 p.m.? Remember when happy hour today was the deadline for Missouri and Nebraska? Nebraska is gone and Missouri has no idea where it stands.


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Posted on: June 11, 2010 4:38 pm

Rift in Texas

Smack talk at the Big Ten?  Nothing new.  Just from a new direction; usually it's USC fans or from the SEC.  Yeah, those guys are good on the field, but their fans are even better at throwing around insults on the internet.  As for a Big 12 network, I'm not sure how well it would hold up in regards to markets.  It just lost Denver, still has Dallas and Houston.  B10 has Detroit, Chicago, and Philly, and if it brings in Rutgers/Syr then NY/NJ.  I'm not a media analyst, but I think the B12 is too  centrally located in one geo postition for its own network.  With the addtion of NU, the B10 network is covering around 1/5 of the nation.  P10 & SEC network would cover about 1/6(?) of the nation, though SEC is partnered with ESPN which means national coverage.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 4:36 pm

Rift in Texas

Wow...your SEC homerism shines through.  I would kind of like Texas to join the SEC now just to hammer the stuffing out of your over-inflated ego's every week.  Texas would still be the big dog in any conference it joins..period.  How about including some facts in your drivel.

Texas vs. LSU = 9-7-1
Texas vs. Alabama = 7-1-1
Texas vs. Arkansas = 56-21
Texas vs. Auburn = 5-3
Texas vs. Florida = 2-0-1
Texas vs. Georgia = 3-1
Texas vs. Kentucky = 1-0
Texas vs. South Carolina = 0-1
Texas vs. Tennesee = 2-1
Texas vs. Ole Miss = 5-1
Texas vs. Miss St. = 2-2
Texas vs. Vanderbilt = 2-7-1

So in conclusion the only two teams with winning records against Texas from the SEC are South Carolina and Vanderbilt.  How long do you think it will take to turn those records around?  I am pretty sure UT will be just fine, but keep talking all that trash with nothing to back it up.  Texas is better than every school in the SEC in just about every conceivable way.  Money, average attendance, merchandise sales, academics, overall athletics, clout in college football, winning percentage, wins, stadium capacity.... I could go on and on.

Now I understand you want to base an entire university and conference upon one lucky hit that probably kept your precious sec team from getting blown out, so go ahead and cling to that.  The fact is you got a massive 26 yards from the passing game and had to run on every single down and your vaunted sec defense was picked apart after halftime once our true freshman qb found his stride.  If we get a rematch this year...pray for another miracle injury to our qb to keep your conference in the know since you can't root for a team.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 4:13 pm

Rift in Texas

Beginning with the 2000 season?  That must be the year you were born.  For your info, A&M was 94-28-2 in the '90s.  It defeated Texas 6 consecutive years in the '80s.  It has a storied history of great college football including a National Championship and a Heisman Trophy winner.  At one time there were more starting linebackers in the NFL from Texas A&M than any other school.  Jackie Sherrill had a great record, but R.C. Slocum followed Sherrill with 123-47-2 record.  You obviously didn't see the Cotton Bowl in '88 when they demolished the higher ranked Notre Dame team 35-10 and sent Heisman winner Tim Brown home with his tail between his legs....or two years earlier when they shut down Heisman winner Bo Jackson in a 36-16 victory.

As bad as A&M has been the last three years, they still have a better record than Notre Dame over that time span.  Michigan absolutely stinks right now, so should they be kicked out of the Big 10?

You're just an uninformed T-Sip hater talking out of your "donkey". 

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 4:11 pm

Rift in Texas

Like the old saying goes, "what's known on Wall Street is no longer worth knowing".  With all of the speculation and reporting, I have a feeling that most of the decisions are being done in smoke filled back rooms.  Being a Sooner, I'm not in any hurry to join the Pac 10 with the other rumored five. 

I'll tell you what would be great, let A&M go to the SEC.  Tuesday, the Big 10 announces that OU, Texas, and Kansas (yes, Kansas) join the Big 10.  Okie State, Tech, Baylor etc., good luck to you where ever you land.  Can you imagine a conference with Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State together? 

Big 10, forget about moving east, anything north and east of Ohio and Penn really doesn's draw College Football fans.

"Do the math dummy" you say, "that's only 15 teams in the Big 10".  That's right, and after Tuesday's announcement the Big 10 should extend an invitation to Notre Dame giving them a Friday deadline to join (or not).

Let Mizzou flounder without a home as Notre Dame makes a decision.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 3:51 pm

Rift in Texas

Actually I like the SEC's strategy regarding expansion. They want a Texas (preferrably the longhorns) university and Oklahoma. The reason they are letting things play out is because the Longhorn Boosters and Brass are to full of themselves. Having total control of everything Big 12 turned them into that spoiled self indulgent athlete lacking self awareness and humility. Once their EGO is shattered by the PAC 10 and BIG 10 the SEC we'll make an offer.

Its similiar to that story about the two bulls.

Two bulls are gazing over a pasture of heffers, when the younger bull (PAC/BIG) says to the older Bull (SEC) hey lets run down there and bang one of those heffers. The Older Bull turns and tells the younger Bull no lets walk down and bang them all.

Also the ACC we'll not be raided, conference is rock solid despite its perception amongst the Pollsters. The Big East however will be raided by the BIG 10, ACC and SEC. I figure Big 10 will end up with Pitt and ND. The ACC will snag Syracuse and Rutgers, and the SEC will then take WVU.

I think you will see expansion by the mid-major conferences feasting on the leftovers. BIG 12 scraps to the MVC or MWC and the Big East raiding conference USA.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 3:51 pm

Rift in Texas

It seems like a smoke screen to you because you are an SEC fan and as a result extremely, blindly biased. Texas would NOT join the SEC if they were guaranteed the Biggest slice of the Pie.


You guys continually close your eyes to that which you don’t like. Texas is if anything very elitist in their thinking. They will NOT align themselves with anyone who they think is inferior in “academics! Heck they already have that to a degree in the Big 12 and they hate it. You should see they way they make fun of the others schools.


So please stop trying to make yourselves feel better. Texas isn’t afraid of the SEC; they just don’t want to be associated with them in a conference.



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Posted on: June 11, 2010 3:48 pm

Rift in Texas

As an Arizona fan, I'd much rather have Utah than TANM or TT. The ideal Pac-16 would include Colorado, Utah, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas. In my eyes.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 3:35 pm

Rift in Texas


Texas just lost two championships to "SEC" teams!!! Oklahoma also did the same. When I played we loved scheduling Texas teams. That year we beat Texas A&M 42 to 0 and TCU 34 to 3. I am old but no matter how bad we beat them and pointed to the scoreboard they kept talking like you do now.

Texas would not do well in the SEC. Your logic is bad! Texas A&M hung 39 points on the Longhorns. Georgia beat them by 24. My bulldogs were awful last year and had an awful defense(no Moreno or Stafford). Against Oklahoma you managed 16 points against a team without Bradford, Gresham and many more, on a neutral field. Check the bowl games this year and last with Big12 and SEC matchups before posting Texas can go anywhere. Facts are facts! Check them!

Texas wants to go where it is easy. They want a conference like the Big12. You have the PAC ONE and the Charmin that fits your needs. Just like the old Big12 you are use to.

You were lucky to get by Nebraska. The SEC defenses are far better and have offenses to go with them. Just be glad Nebraska did not have an offense.

Please come to the SEC. LSU will thank you in baseballl and Florida in football. They can bring your reloading rankings down quick. They also can win more titles in less tries. One in 39 years in football. 5 in 36 tries in baseball. LSU has that many in 11 tries. Your baseball and basketball teams would really rather play the teams they have been and keep hosting regionals in Austin. That would end in the SEC. If you doubt that just ask the homerun riddle ranked girls softball team at Austin against the SEC. Care to check how many teams from the SEC in the College World Series again this year? Thank God you have Kansas in basketball. The collaspe of the all american Mc Donald big headed team was awfult to watch after a 17 and 0 start.

No Texas will not do well in just any conference. They destroyed two. They would finally have to share the wealth in talent, recruiting and money. That would remove all their advantages.

We would enjoy you having to earn your rankings and playing someone in a conference where you do not have a lopsided overall record against every team for a change. Come get some more! Texas will run to the weakest conference to save their rankings and records. Bet the house on it!

I married a two sport star Texas Longhorn who is use to be spoiled. She also knows they have enjoyed many years of domination and playing weak schedules lately(out of conference). She now has to worry her team may not be favored every game by 14 or more points. Last year Alabama was the only exception to that rule. I do not think Mac Brown has a lot to look forward too. Now he has to coach a game he might lose against equal talent on aregular basis. The wife fears that and more. The BCS one game seasons she sees slipping away. I feel for her. She does not know how to lose or not be ranked automatically in the top five in any sport. She is about to learn regardless of where they go. Domination days are gone for her.

It is well overdue! Watching their domination since moving to Texas 1982 and scheduling who they do like this year again, only makes the diehard hardnose football fans rejoice. It is over and now she sees how real football is played against equal talent, money, rankings and records. She is not happy along with Longhorn nation. They made their bed! Time to sleep in it!  

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 3:17 pm

Rift in Texas

Spellchecker please!

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 3:11 pm

Rift in Texas

Dude, not sure where you are...but that's some good weed.  The big 10 will be a lesser conference than the big 12 or sec until the day they dissolve the conference (1 or 2 years?).  Now on to the last paragraph where you start talking about money....just stop.  My texas tech edumacation taught me basic math too and 20million - 12million does not equal 20million.  Texas can go to the pac 10 and make no more 2million less... base compared to the big 10.  Texas can go independent and make more than all of them..if they want to.  Texas is the #1 revenue school in the country for a reason and that's with a crappy TV contract that doesn't pay them near what they should make.  Lastly the world DOES revolve around Texas...all the expansion articles keep re-iterating this point over and over.

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