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Rift in Texas

Posted on: June 11, 2010 8:46 am
Your morning expansion line for Friday includes news that Texas and Texas A&M may break apart.

Call it an expansion micro-burst. First it was the Big 12 breaking up. Now the most powerful faction of the Big 12 could be drifting apart. We always thought that Texas and A&M were joined at the hip pads when it came to expansion. But a Thursday meeting produced no consensus between Texas and Texas A&M. I hear that A&M prefers the SEC while the league is a non-starter for Texas.

I also hear that Jim Delany is still trying like heck to get Texas into the Big Ten. But what about that "Tech problem"?

The dominoes figure to officially start tumbling today when Nebraska announces it is joining the Big Ten. I wrote the heck out of this issue this week but it bears repeating: The Big 12 cannot survive if Nebraska leaves. 1) The TV rights go way down; 2) What's to keep Texas, or any other school, leaving in two, three, four or five years? The Big 12 is a bad marriage that cannot go on.

The biggest issues on the table going into Friday:

a) What does Texas do?
b) What does Texas do?
c) What does Texas do?

OK, seriously:

a) Where do Texas and A&M end up and do they go as a unit?
b) Where does the Big Ten strike next (because it will strike next)?
c) Where does the Pac-10 strikes next (please don't believe his stuff about the Pac-10 stopping at 11)?
d) What are you doing at 5 p.m.? Remember when happy hour today was the deadline for Missouri and Nebraska? Nebraska is gone and Missouri has no idea where it stands.


Since: Sep 22, 2006
Posted on: June 11, 2010 2:57 pm

Rift in Texas

You're a joke, when UTexas joined the Big 12 they were not doing very well and were the second fiddle to A&M in Texas.  The only preferential treatment was they requested that no Big 12 schools could accept partial qualifiers.  That is why Nebraska (ie. Tom Osbourne) hated all the Texas schools, as they had built their program on pulling recruits from CA and TX as non-qualifiers.  The Southwest Conference failed, because in the end it only was Texas teams left after Arkansas bolted to the SEC where they went from one of the top teams to mediocrity.  They could not pull enough of a national audience.  15 years later the cycle has turned and Texas is on top (which I am sure will not always be the case) so why is it wrong if they drive the bus?  They are sheltering other Texas teams and trying to find a place for them to make sure all are covered, does that sound like someone bullying people around?  I am sure Nebraska, Oklahoma, or Missouri would be much nicer to other teams if they were wielding the hammer (as Missouri was shooting the bird to KU and now is kinda stuck), yeah right!<br />

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 2:49 pm

Rift in Texas


That would be a problem for all the Big12 schools and not just Texas A&M. Look back at the last two years when the BIG12 was on top of the world and the SEC down. How did they play in their bowls against SEC defenses. Want to quote the scoring droughts and losses? 

  The conference is all passing and very little defense. The number one rushing defense was Texas who did not see a decent running back all year. in a balanced offensive scheme.  In the NCS game both RB's had over 100 yards a piece and one was a freshmen and the other a sophmore. The conference will get killed in a defensive and offense balanced SEC. Texas Tech got crushed after beating Texas by the fourth place team and first year coach. Texas A&M got crushed by 24 points by Georgia after hanging 39 on Texas. Georgia was awful last year. The record these teams will have in the SEC will be nothing close to the ten win seasons they have every year. They do not want to play in a conference where they get beat up every game and are not favored every game. Texas and Oklahoma will go to the former PAC ONE. Now maybe another Texas QB can single handily run all over USC in another defenseless shootout.

The biggest change for the BIG12 teams will be there will be no more Red River shootout that always determines who goes to the BCS and wins the conference. No more one game seasons and the same two teams dominating every team for decades. These teams will have to learn to lose and also for the first time do not have the lock on recruits in all sports every year. If they do go to the SEC the recruits would bolt to the teams that beat Texas and Oklahoma. Coach Brown and Stoops would have to coach games not favored by multiple TD'S for the first time in a long while. Texas already has a SEC coach and player coaching their defense. He was treated as he was in the SEC. Ran all over. 

The Pac one or the Charmin conference are far better fits for their type of ball they play. To many hard hits in the SEC and you will not get the gimmie rankings for reloading. No nine ten win seasons in a row or a poor north division to beat up on.  If you do come to the SEC our stadiums are as big if not bigger and our fans get just as loud if not more. No more Texas and Oklahoma having the biggest following or crowds. Now you will be among equals in talent, fan base, recruiting and money. We do have a lot more speed and defenses than you are use to.playing. That was obvious in the bowls and BCS games.

Texas just killed a second conference. Greed and weak opponents and your "Good Ole Boy" legislature and administration made your lap dogs run to get a fair shake and equal playing field. The spoiled days are over in Austin and Norman. Now you learn to play with the big boys or go to the other weaker conferences to keep your records. Circle the wagons, light the bonefires and the Tower now. Those times are going to be few and far between in years to come.  

Thank you Colorado and Nebraska. Thank you Texas again for your lack of vision and conceit. It cost you a lot more than you know now. The fans will know what it is to lose and not be ranked in the top five every year. It is long overdue. All the advantages you threw away trying to keep your doormats with you. 

See you soon! I hope you love the road games and playing someone who can beat you on a regular basis. That change the Longhorns and Sooners are going to hate! Now the SEC is not the only conference who will get beat up all year long. Now maybe there will be some great conference title games every year in all conferences. Balance and parity is coming finally!!! Thank You!     

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 2:45 pm

Rift in Texas

Vanderbilt has a stronger program than Tennessee right now smokie.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 2:40 pm

Rift in Texas

Texas can join any conference out there, they would all love to have them.  They did not get their bluff called of course they wanted to keep the BIG 12 together, they wanted to start their own network, but they needed to know who was going to be left. 

Nebraska brings nothing they are irrelevant, and ever since they quit allowing in partial qualifiers they have been mediocre to above average.  They will not bring that many more TVs sets to the Big Ten, and the money will not be that much more but split by another team.  They will continue to be the same in the Big Ten, and bring no extra revenue to the conference.

It will be the other Texas teams that will suffer if Texas does not protect them, and that is the truth.  If A&M goes to the SEC, they will be another Arksansas getting brutalized every week, waiting for Vandy and Kentucky to finally pop up on their schedule and most likely splitting with them.  The problem is Texas as a state is so large and the vast majority of population of the Big 12 resides there, so how do you build a conference out of that. 

If they doing joing the Pac 10, they will only play the west coast teams on a limited basis, and stay playing mostly the teams from TX,OK, and AZ the majority of the time.  A trip to AZ is comparable to NE right?  The non-revenue sports will have some issues, but I am sure they will work that out somehow to keep the cost lower (ie: playing all their sports within their own subconference since there will be 8 teams at that point)

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 2:39 pm

Flex your muscle Texas

I'm a Big Ten homer so I'd love to see Texas come our way, but really they belong in the Big 12.  The rivalries between Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma should be preserved.  The Texas and Oklahoma schools just don't belong in the Big 10 and they definitely don't belong in the Pac 10 the same way ketchup and peanut butter don't belong together.  The SEC is a better fit, but they already have enough teams.  The best solution is for Texas to make a stand and use there muscle to prop up the Big 12.  Bring in TCU, and Utah if you can.  If not look at schools like BYU or CSU.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 2:32 pm

Rift in Texas

I understand what you are saying here, but Austin is a VERY liberal city.  They fit in perfectly with the Pac 10.  Now the other 4 schools probably fit in best with the SEC.  They could all compromise and join the big 10 as you say, but its just an area that most of those schools aren't that interested in expanding into.  The pac gives them california and sec gives them florida and georgia so those are the two most likely landing spots.  Its about money for sure...but if you don't think recruiting and building a bigger fan base is high on the list you will be shocked when the decision is made.  Texas has been playing against top quality competition for a lot of years and will not fear Alabama or LSU whatsoever.  In fact i would fully expect them to wax LSU often especially with Les Miles as their coach.  Bama presents a little more of a challenge with the way Saban is running the program down there, but Texas has always been able to adapt.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 2:29 pm

Rift in Texas

There is only one UT that wears orange in the SEC and that will always be Tennessee.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 2:20 pm

Rift in Texas

So when a fan of a Conference with Ole Miss, Miss St., Vandy, Kentucky and South Carolina starts calling a school like Tx A&M (18 Conference Championships and one National Championship) unworthy, them we might want to dismiss him/her's post as unworthy of consideration.


Conference championships and National Championships are great, but Texas achievements happened a long time ago. Look at Notre Dame and how much power they wield when the brutal truth is that they haven't been relevant in college football for a generation now. They have never been relevant in college basketball. Colorado sucks in both football and basketball. I was having a discussion last night about 'tradition' and how 'tradition' really does need an expiration date. How long should a program be allowed to ride the coat tails of 'tradition' while no longer being relevant? Texas Aggie football, Kentucky basketball, Notre Dame football................people will continue to cite accomplishments of yesteryear's, but 'tradition' really does need an expiration date.

*you think this topic is worthy of it's own thread on the discussion boards?

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 2:19 pm

Rift in Texas

Being a Razorback fan for my entire life, growing up I remember the old SWC clashes between the hogs and all the Texas shools. I would love to see the Big 12 invite Arkansas and its fan base and renew those all rivalries!

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 2:14 pm

Rift in Texas

Or what? Texas could go independent and ask for a BCS deal like ND. They might be better off as an independent or some loose conference affiliation with KU, OSU, and a few others in basketball.

Not willing to play in the SEC because of competition? Then why did they push to exclude partial qualifiers when the Big 12 was formed, killing Nebraska's program? 

Yeah, they're afraid. That makes perfect sense.  

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