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Rift in Texas

Posted on: June 11, 2010 8:46 am
Your morning expansion line for Friday includes news that Texas and Texas A&M may break apart.

Call it an expansion micro-burst. First it was the Big 12 breaking up. Now the most powerful faction of the Big 12 could be drifting apart. We always thought that Texas and A&M were joined at the hip pads when it came to expansion. But a Thursday meeting produced no consensus between Texas and Texas A&M. I hear that A&M prefers the SEC while the league is a non-starter for Texas.

I also hear that Jim Delany is still trying like heck to get Texas into the Big Ten. But what about that "Tech problem"?

The dominoes figure to officially start tumbling today when Nebraska announces it is joining the Big Ten. I wrote the heck out of this issue this week but it bears repeating: The Big 12 cannot survive if Nebraska leaves. 1) The TV rights go way down; 2) What's to keep Texas, or any other school, leaving in two, three, four or five years? The Big 12 is a bad marriage that cannot go on.

The biggest issues on the table going into Friday:

a) What does Texas do?
b) What does Texas do?
c) What does Texas do?

OK, seriously:

a) Where do Texas and A&M end up and do they go as a unit?
b) Where does the Big Ten strike next (because it will strike next)?
c) Where does the Pac-10 strikes next (please don't believe his stuff about the Pac-10 stopping at 11)?
d) What are you doing at 5 p.m.? Remember when happy hour today was the deadline for Missouri and Nebraska? Nebraska is gone and Missouri has no idea where it stands.


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Posted on: June 11, 2010 1:23 pm

Rift in Texas

"Doomed to the MWC"

With the addition of Bosie St. just released the MWC is going to come out the winners when all is said and done. Take some "leftovers" as you guys like to call them....maybe a KU & K St ....add Frseno and either SMU or Houston and you have to make the MWC a BCS conference. But of course everyone is just thinking football here.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 1:10 pm

Rift in Texas

Wouldn't it be sweet if Texas stuck it to Nebraska and joined the Big10 too? "... and with 1 second left on the clock Texas has also joined the Big10, sorry for your loss Nebraska..." That would put Nebraska into another conference they cannot win, lol!

Seriously though I think with Colorado already gone and Nebraska packing their trailer there is an option for the Big12 leftovers. If (scenario) they added a combination of TCU, Boise St, BYU, UH, Utah and SMU and then realigned the conference divisions adding TCU, UH and SMU to the sout and moving OU and OSU to the north with newcomers Boise ST, BYU and Utah that the Big12 would be even stronger than it was with Nebraska. Getting those schools out of their current conferences may or may not be an issue depending on the talk some of them have made over the past few years of wanting the automatic BCS bid and how they are worthy of it. I know this is a pipe dream but it would make an interesting conference and logistically would be viable.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 1:09 pm

Rift in Texas



I think it is worth admitting the SEC has indeed been a real juggernaut of late. But I think it is also worth saying that their fans as a whole are some of the most shortsighted, biased and unknowledgeable football fans out there.


Honestly they act like the have been rocking the casa ba, when in reality they have won 4 NC’s on the strength of fortuitous rankings and missing the best team a couple years in a row.


Here is their record vs BCS leagues since 2000……….


BigXII 0.571 35 20 15


BigTen 0.545 33 18 15 


PAC-10 0.450 20 9 11  


BigEast 0.370 27 10 17 


Hardly dominant……….fu
rthermore they whine and wax poetic about the Big 10 being irrelevant, when even in a down turn the Big 10 turns more fans, more money and has more clout. Finally the Ohio St University has turned out 73 NFL draft picks since 2000 (most in the land) and the Big 10 as a whole has turned out lots of draft picks. Iowa who is at best 4<sup>th</sup> or 5<sup>th</sup> in their own conference for NFL alumni has the 17<sup>th</sup> most in the country.


WAKE UP, SEC fans…….even as the juggernauts that you are, you play 3<sup>rd</sup> fiddle to the Big 10, Texas and ND when it comes to money and power.


It’s upsetting isn’t it.



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Posted on: June 11, 2010 1:08 pm

Rift in Texas

Excellent postand 100% correct.  The addition of A&M, OK, Va Tech and FL State would make sense on all levels.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 12:51 pm

Rift in Texas

All the big ten really needs is 1 team.  The speculation of the big ten going after 5 teams to become a super conference was just that speculation.  All because the big ten announced 5 or 6 teams that met the big tens criteria for admittance (Member of AAU, 1 Billion endowment, and a few others.)  That doesnt mean the big ten was ever planning to expand to 16 teams.  They may have and they may not who knows in all reality.

What I do know is Notre Dame is out.  There are too many coaches and athletic directors in the big ten that arent happy with Notre Dame turning down the invitation years ago for the big ten to even give a crap about Notre Lame.  And notice of all the teams announced Notre Lame wasnt even mentioned?  Ironic huh?

Someone here mentioned the big ten having to take Kansas if they take Missouri and Nebraska.  BULL.  Kansas has announced they are a package deal with Kansas State and K State doesnt meet the qualifications of the big ten.  Therefore unless they turn their backs on KState the big ten will have no interest in them.

It would be nice for the big ten to get Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and 1 crappy school from the east (Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse.)  But the odds of all this happening is slim to none. 

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 12:49 pm

Pac Messed This up . . .

I love how people from Texas think this is all about them. Somehow you thought your legislature was going to manipulate the Pac 10 to taking a school like Baylor. The Pac 10 should rethink what they are doing. They should invite Utah and stop.

As for the Texas schools and Big 12 schools that may join the Pac 10--it won't work. You're too far away. Have some common sense. I would love to see A&M go to the SEC along with OK and OK St. Texas can stay in the Big 12 and be the big fish in the little pond and continue to rape and pillage the schools that have no where else to go.

But don't blame Nebraska and Colorado for leaving. They are both going to conferences that have the same values and common sense: 1) They fit geographically, 2) They will be equal partners, 3) They will make more money, and 4) They are going to conferences sthat have better academic schools. So, let Texas call their own shots in their little conference and let them think the world revolves around them.

By the way, it is funny how SEC and Big 12 fans consider the Big 10 to be less than them. But you are cluless. The Big 10 is showing its true colors: 1) They have had a plan in place for years and are acting on it with deliberation and common sense; 2) Academics is a BIG deal to them and they will not invite schools who are cheesy in academics, e.g., Oklahoma, Ok State and Texas Tech; 3) They are in it together in that they have a shared vision--and are all comitted to being equal partners , and the obvious one 4) They are light years ahead of you in their financial planning. If Texas and her followers go to the Pac 10, they will make $20 million less PER YEAR than the other Big 10 Schhols. Yes, Indiana will make $20 million more per year than Texas!

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 12:48 pm

Rift in Texas

How about some realignment all the way around to make everyone happy?  I agree with you that I do not want 16 team super conferences.  I agree with a few conferences getting larger and more powerful but not at the expense of an already good Big 12.

So Colorado goes to the Pac 10...ok have fun getting smoked out there.  And Nebraska heads to the Big 10.  I like that!

But the Big 12 does not have to bail out and disolve.  Why not just reload?  And my FUN solution to that?  At the expense of the all mighty SEC.  I would love to see Arkansas jump ship and head to the Big 12.  Sure it might not make financial sense for them to do that and it WON'T happen but what we do here on chat is all hypothetical opinions anyways.  So have fun imagining for a minute......

Arkansas in the Big 12 creates some really great geographical rivalries, ones that could replace the loss of Nebraska to some extent.  So...the Big 12 still has another opening.  Take the high road boys and throw an invite to America's Cinderella....Boise St.  WOW now that would be be some fun and I actually think that would even make the Big 12 stronger than it was before.  They stay in tact, Boise gets a home, Arkansas gets a better chance at competing....winner winner chicken dinner.

So the Big 10, what do they do now.  They can still chase Notre Dame if they want but screw them.  Head on over and pluck some Big East teams.  Maybe the Cuse, Rutgers, UConn, who knows.  They can get one or max two of them to make their mark for the title game and they should be satisfied.

And the SEC...well they can fill their void with their choice of the Big East as well.  Louisville or West Virginia would make for pretty good SEC invites.

So I kind of contradict myself with this I know.  Above I said that the expansion did not have to come at the expense of the Big 12 but with my realignment I am picking apart the Big East.  Well...simply put yes I am.  The Big 12 is a power conference in football, not so much anymore for the Big East, but I do have to consider basketball.  It is possible that other Big east teams could follow to other conferences or perhaps they reload with some mid majors.  But with the proximity of the Big East teams I do think it is easy for them to migrate to the Big 10, SEC or the ACC quite easily and not a whole lot is lost.  The Big East teams would greatly increase the basketball conferences and that adds to the win win for the universities involved.

Just one man's random thoughts for the day....have fun nailing them boys.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 12:35 pm

Rift in Texas

Big12 network anyone?

There is a Big 12 Network now and it SUCKS!!!! It looks like it was produced by our local high school A/V department.

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 12:29 pm

Rift in Texas

If you think the SEC would take North Carolina or West Virginia over GA Tech, Clemson, FSU, Miami, or even Virginia Tech, for that matter, you need to have your head examined.

First of all, the Carolina Legislature would never let the Tar Heels leave without the other Tobacco Road Schools joined at the hip; no way, no how, and whether you like it or not, the SEC would offer GA Tech to keep the Big 10 out of their footprint before anyone else. Also, GA Tech has a history of rivalries with SEC teams (look at Alabama's fight song; you'll see a reference to GA Tech in it; and GA Tech is one of Auburn's most played opponents through the years, and they have a rather "storied" past, you might say).

Also, teams like GA Tech, Clemson, FSU, and Miami already have the natural rivalries with SEC teams, and schedules wouldn't have to be adjusted as much, leaving conference games more "in tact".

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Posted on: June 11, 2010 12:08 pm

Rift in Texas

Texas wouldn't survive in the SEC without scheduling 4 to 5 cupcakes each season and padding their stats. Perhaps they should look at joining Division 1-AA.


Those 4-5 cupcakes are in the SEC already. Ole Miss (0-6 OOC in the last 10 years vs BCS teams, most recently swept by Wake Forest in a Home and home), Vandy ( lost to Army last year OOC), Miss St. (0-6 vs BCS teams OOC last 10 years), Kentucky ( 7-4 OOC vs BCS teams last 10 years, 7-4 vs Indiana and Louisville that is, those are the only BCS teams they have played lol), Auburn (4-7 last 10 years vs BCS teams) and Arkansas (2-4 OOC vs BCS teams last 10 years.

The SEC as a conference is 63-63 vs OOC BCS teams since 2000. Texas last OOC game vs a SEC team was 2008, a destruction of Arkansas 52-10! Yeah I'm sure Texas wouldn't survive LMAO

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