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Nebraska trounces Texas, moves to Big Ten

Posted on: June 11, 2010 3:53 pm
Edited on: June 11, 2010 6:47 pm
LINCOLN, Neb. -- It was the worst beating Texas has taken in public in at least seven years.

That 65-13 loss to Oklahoma in 2003 was only a football game. Nebraska officials spent the better part of 40 minutes Friday putting Bevo in his place.

Nebraska didn't just leave the Big 12 for the Big Ten on Friday, it told the world why: That bully Texas. In the space of eight days, Nebraska transformed from happy member of the Big 12 to angry, rancorous new member of the Big Ten.

Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman and AD Tom Osborne both took turns hammering Texas during a comment period before the board of regents. When they got done, there was only one possible result. The regents' vote was unanimous. Nebraska is headed to the Big Ten. Unspoken: Because Texas forced it out.

The moment the news broke last week about the Pac-10's desire to take Texas and five Big 12 partners, Nebraska turned sour. Perlman, at one point, stared across a table during the Big 12 meetings at his Texas counterpart Bill Powers and asked him if he was willing to give up his media rights. In other words, start a Big 12 Network. Powers said no. At that point, Perlman knew it was over.

This league had a chance to survive seven years ago but a possible network was voted down, obviously not supported by Texas. Now, it's clear the Pac-10 is going to get Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma.

Super conferences, start your engines.

The money quote from Osborne: "One school leaving a conference does not break up a conference. Two schools leaving a conference does not break up a conference. Six schools leaving a conference, breaks up a conference. We have not had a hidden agenda, we have not dealt with more than one conference."

T.O. intimated that Texas has been talking to the SEC, Big Ten and Pac-10.

It was a bad day for Texas' reputation. It was a good day for Nebraska's future.

Since: Nov 28, 2008
Posted on: June 11, 2010 10:32 pm

Nebraska trounces Texas, moves to Big Ten

Ummm all of the other teams in the Big XII are aligned with Texas.  They are lining up and pleading to stay with Texas.  Texas A&M is flirting with the SEC so they can say in the end it was dramatic, but we're used to that.  In the end they will not give up the traditions.  Same as Oklahoma.  The rest of the old guard will stick together.  Not much we can do for Nebraska's old whipping boys of the Big 8 (KU, KSU, MIZZOU, and ISU), but if you guys didn't give a crap about them I guess their fate is sealed to MWC. 

If you look back at all of the Big XII votes over the last 14 years they have been 11-1 with Nebraska being the only holdout.  Your delusional.  It has always been Nebraska stirring the seeds of discontent.  It started in the begining with Academic Non-Qualifiers and continued to last seasons Big XII Championship game.  We understand it is difficult when someone seems to have your number as Texas has had NU's.  The only win was the 1999 Championship game.  That's gotta hurt.  We understand we lost 5 straight to OU at the beginning of the decade.

But hey it's cool, your free to read your hometown newspaper and think as you want to think.  As a Longhorn I wish you guys well.  Hope it all works out for you.  I am sure your university will get more money, but I don't think that this choice was the best for long term success on the field or in the recruiting wars, but hey to each his own.

Since: Jun 11, 2010
Posted on: June 11, 2010 10:30 pm

Nebraska trounces Texas, moves to Big Ten

Geesh!  What's wrong with all of you?  Yes, it's all about the money!!!  It's always been about the money.  Don't sit there and tell me you would'nt make changes in your life for more MONEY.   Good luck to Nebraska.  The Big 10 suits them just fine.  Better conference?  Who knows, only time will tell--I won't lose any sleep over it!  Good luck to the rest of the Big 12 members--wherever they end up.  I won't worry about them either.  Which conference will be stronger?  Who knows, who cares?  They'll all have the chance to prove in on the field, in basketball courts, in tennis courts, you guys get the idea.  Stop crying and get with the program.  All schools follow a policy that benefits them.  There is no big fish in a small pond.  If schools feel they're  being pushed around by the other schools, well, they should learn to push back. 
Whether Texas was responsible or not for the demise of the Big 12, we'll never know (unless you were in the meetings taking place) all we can go by is he said, she said.  As a loyal Texas fan, I will follow them wherever they go, yes even to Seattle.  My only regret is that we won't get to play the Cornhuskers for a while.  It was fun while it lasted, but it's over.  Whoever we line up against is now the enemy.  So, for all you whinners, get over it and watch the games.  

Since: Jun 11, 2010
Posted on: June 11, 2010 10:23 pm

Nebraska trounces Texas, moves to Big Ten

You obvoiusly don't know as much as you think you do.  Nu had the 3rd highest payout in the Big 12, after Texas and OU, but the difference between Texas and NU was around 1 mil dollars.  The biggest descrepancy in revenue was with Baylor, but you don't hear them whining. Not to mention that it was agreed to by NU at the time of inception of the big XII.  You know, before they fell off the cliff with Callahan.   If NU had continued on its path and started to dominate the north and had better non conf games, thus more TV appearances, NU could have taken over the #1 spot.  But don't kid yourself, this is not about the revenue sharing this is about NU realizing it could make more in the BIG whatever than with the Big XII.  Even after the new TV deal in a couple of years, it would have still paled in comparison to what they will get with the Big whatever.  But yeah, sure, it was Texas' fault.

Since: Jan 22, 2008
Posted on: June 11, 2010 10:13 pm

Nebraska trounces Texas, moves to Big Ten

Texas doesn't get it.  The only way it wins is if everyone in the Big 12 wins.  Collaboration and cooperation will always do better than going it on your own.  When Texas wouldn't agree to a Big 12 network, they were telling the rest of the conference that it was every man for himself.
John Nash won a Nobel prize for proving how futile Texas' strategy really is.

Since: Jun 21, 2007
Posted on: June 11, 2010 10:11 pm

Nebraska trounces Texas, moves to Big Ten

The CWS will be in Omaha for at least another 25 years dumbass...The city is buidling a new stadium just for the NCAA...Do your homework before you far as OU an TX, the can eat shit...Nebraska doesn't care what they think...never did, never will. Welcome to your third conference in 15 years tecsucks...

Since: Jul 5, 2008
Posted on: June 11, 2010 10:10 pm

Nebraska trounces Texas, moves to Big Ten

Well Mr. Do,

As it turns out no I'm not, though I see you are a man of limited scope, language & debating skills. I will say this though; I am passionate about Jesus Christ, my wife & 4 kids, my job as a Used Car manager and college football. I have an excellent reputation for being a critical thinker who is fair minded. Negotiating is what I do for a living and you don’t do that without seeing all sides and where people are coming from whether you agree with them or not. I have to tell you I get this kind of response from people from time to time. They don’t like being painted into a corner and they can’t get around the logic. The things I have posted have been facts and information acquired over time watching the sport I enjoy immensely. You’ll note I haven’t really pigeon-wholed myself, and I actually like Texas a great deal and have for 30 years. Big Earl Campbell fan, incidentally.


However the Truth as they say is still the Truth and Texas didn’t play this out well at all. Anytime the conference you “bankroll” (your guys’ words) goes belly up, you didn’t win! Only a blind homer would see it that way.


How about this.................


Respectfully Chadly


I’ll bet that eats your lunch, eh brother?!.......LOL I get a chuckle out of people who take themselves so seriously. 

Since: May 14, 2008
Posted on: June 11, 2010 10:02 pm

Nebraska trounces Texas, moves to Big Ten

Now, if Tom wants to go to University Park in Happy Valley to play Penn State he has to get his driver to go 1100 miles over 18 hours,on I-80.  Or, he can fly to Pittsburg and then go 85 miles by Greyhound to Penn State.  Maybe I'm biased but Stillwater doesn't sound as inaccessable as Happy Valley.
Obviously you need to get out of the house more often.

It's more than 85 miles from Beaver Falls to Beaver Stadium. (I'm sure you don't understand that either.)

But then again if you don't have enough fans to charter a 757 I guess you would have to. For all of those who do, Mid-State Airport is on Penn State-University Park campus. Fly directly in and be within less than 2 miles from Beaver Stadium. How many teams and booster clubs charter planes for games in this country? I'll bet Husker fans will love showing up in plane loads to Happy Valley. Just like they use to.

Oh and by the way, Graham Spanier use to be the Chancellor of Nebraska prior to becoming President of The Pennsylvania State University. He obviously didn't offer any objection to adding another Midwest school. At least not Nebraska. 

Another thing, the 2001 Nebraska game is still the record for Beaver Stadium attendance. I have always enjoyed Nebraska fans in Happy Valley. They are enthusiastic, polite, respectful and fun, no matter if they win or lose. They are true CFB fans that appreciate a great game. Nittany Lions finally feel they have a friend to play on the schedule again. They were my #1 choice. It will be a great partnership as long as we keep Notre Dame out.

If TX and A&M change their mind and want in, they're more than welcome. I even propose a revenue sharing differential for BTN subscriptions towards those schools' fans who sign up. The bowl revenues should still be shared equally. To me, it's not much different than selling tickets to your stadium. That idea should be presented and I think they will like it better than a hope and a prayer from the bankrupt Leftist Coast Conference. But all the others, like OU, will never get a chance to even sniff the door! Bash on Neb. and The Big Ten all you want but you better hope Texas doesn't go to The Big Ten. OU will never get anymore Texas recruits and there goes half your team

Since: Jun 11, 2010
Posted on: June 11, 2010 9:51 pm

Nebraska trounces Texas, moves to Big Ten

What does the CWS have to do with the University of Nebraska? They're located in Lincoln not Omaha.

Since: Sep 19, 2006
Posted on: June 11, 2010 9:50 pm

Nebraska trounces Texas,and Dodds ignorance

Its apparent Dodd you don't what the hell your talking about. The days of Nebraska being able to allow 120 players on the sidelines during home games came to an end about 20 yrs ago. Nebraska has been kicking therselves for staying in the Big 8 when it expand.
Nebraska hasn't had there way in quite  a few years, they bullied there competition other than Oklahoma from the Big 8 conference,and the NCAA always turned its head about Nebraska infractions. So shut up and learn how to report the sports and not comment on something u know nothing of.

Since: Aug 11, 2007
Posted on: June 11, 2010 9:49 pm

Nebraska trounces Texas, moves to Big Ten

If Texas is the big bad bully why is TX Tech, Colorado, OK State, and Oklahoma all going to the Pac 10 with them. Along with that, the others outside of A&M wish they were invited along with TX. Truth be Told, the Big XII would be nothing without TX and OU. Nebraska is a has been, just like Notre Dame.

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