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Posted on: June 12, 2010 9:49 am
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Days college athletics has been held hostage (since Big Ten announced expansion exploration on Dec. 15): 179
Having a good day: Nebraska. At the beginning of the week, a Baylor yahoo lobbyist call its fans "corn shuckers". Good luck in Conference USA, dude. The Big Ten is going to love Lincoln. It's bigger than West Lafayette, flatter than State College and more, um, culturally enlightening than East Lansing. It's got cool clubs, a new 16,000-seat arena going up and minor league baseball. Entry into the Big Ten is a game changer for Nebraska. Can't wait until Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State come marching into Memorial Stadium. One of the best game day experiences anywhere just got kicked up a notch.

Having the bad day: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon. He just can't help himself. Nixon ratcheted up the angst in the Big 12 early on by disparaging the conference's academics (as compared to the Big Ten). Now his alma mater is beginning to look a lot like Tom Hanks in Castaway in conference realignment. With the dominoes tumbling around him, Nixon -- the governor, mind you -- weighed in on college football with the Columbia Tribune.

“We need to have a football playoff system,” Nixon said. “Maybe getting some of these mega-conferences will get some order there. We’ve got this BCS system of Mizzou beating Kansas and Kansas going to the Orange Bowl … and having votes to decide which is the best team when every other sport — EVERY OTHER SPORT — has playoffs. I look at this potentially as an opportunity for the larger conferences to have more sway vis-à-vis the NCAA and get what I think fans across America need and deserve: a real playoff for NCAA football. When you’ve got a larger conference they’ve got a bigger voice, and they’re the ones negotiating with Fox, ABC, NBC, ESPN, CBS, then you’re not in that old boy network of the bowls, which I think is the relic of the past.”

Given that Nixon has become the Babe Ruth Curse of Mizzou, you can now bet a playoff is what isn't coming.

Quote of the day: "This beautiful girl, quite honestly, wasn't going to be there forever." -- Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany welcoming Nebraska into the league.

Link of the day: A heart-wrenching look at the demise of the Big 12 from the center of the conference, Kansas City.

On tap: A 16-team Pac-10 by Wednesday.


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Expand-O-Meter, Saturday, June 12

Talk about added incentive for teams to join the PAC Conference - USC's basically crippled for probably 7 years!

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Expand-O-Meter, Saturday, June 12

It seems inevitable that we're going to have multiple 16 team super conferences and the the Big 12 is history.  Looking at the fall-out, why would the Pac 10 (16) care about Texas A&M's flirtation with the SEC?  With UT and Tech, the "super-PAC" would dominate the Texas market - regardless of A&M.  Kansas, however, would add both a new recruiting and cable TV purchasing State, in addition to a basketball power-house! Also, if Notre Dame doesn't participate in the realignment (sticking to their sacred independence
), who of merit will be left for them to play? The "super conferences" will have few, if any, room for out-of-conference games. If that's the case, say good bye to a chance for a BCS for Notre Dame - just ask Boise State! They were foolish (and Nebraska genious) not being the 12th team in the Big Ten - that would have prevented this whole realignment!

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Jay Nixon, your fans don't travel well, and besides your fb team has been decent only the last five years.  What that means, is MU is not relevant. 

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I get so sick of you people who throw out Obama's name and cry foul about EVERYTHING.   Like the world is over.  Seriously?  This is FOOTBALL.  You know you're on a sports blog, right?  Quit your whining.

The reason conferences need equal sharing is to prevent EXACTLY what happened to the Big 12, where one or two teams at the top reap the benefits by aligning with smaller schools.  Sports are about parity these days, if you haven't heard.  But revenue plans like the Big 12 has only promote the bigger schools to get a lot better and then stay on top.  It doesn't promote parity.  It doesn't promote equality.  The reason the last place team deserves the same money is because the teams the champion beats during the season in-conference are really the ONLY reason they are in a position to win a title to begin with.  A conference is all about a partnership, especially at academic institutions.  Maybe I'm wrong, but a partnership where someone's taking the lion's share doesn't seem like much of a partnership.

Let me guess.  You're a Yankees fan and none of this logic is really sinking in, huh?  Like talking to a brick wall, I'd imagine.

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No way, No how they split up Ohio State and Michigan!!!

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Tuesday's meeting of the Texas Regents.

Whatever Texas does will decide the fate of CFB.

They can still choose to replace Colorado and Nebraska with Utah and BYU and not miss a beat. They'd still have their own conference and wouldn't have to wait several years to re-constitute it into the New Southwest Conference.

If they choose to replace CO and NB, that's it. The Big Ten will stop at 12(for now). The SEC won't be changing course either. The PAC-11? They'll either keep fishing or learn to suck it up as the new odd-numbered conference or invite another CA school. There isn't much around them that excites them if Utah and BYU get invited as Big-12 replacements.  I wouldn't mind keeping that sort of Big-12 around. I think that is their only viable solution to staying together.

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That set up sounds about right to me. OSU-UM will probably rematch in a CCG in that scenario about once every 15 to 20 years. So will other teams. Like NB - PSU. That will be a HUGE cross-division rivalry game. As big, or BIGGER, than that fading OSU-UM game.

Notice NO word has even been mentioned about the division make up yet? So, the big question is......How long will that NEW deadline of "12-18 months" before any additional expansion that Delaney declared, last?   Watch it evaporate as soon as this coming Tuesday afternoon.

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Expand-O-Meter, Saturday, June 12

Personally as a fan of Tennessee, I'd love to see the Aggies visit Knoxville or the Vols heading to College Station for a game.  Add in Virginia Tech and the SEC extends its footprint and TV market into two new states while adding two great fanbasesBINGO!!!

You win the SEC prize!! Hosuton/Dallas to DC/Baltimore.

THAT is exactly what they are looking at. If there is a NEW Southwest Conference-16 formed with the PAC-8, there is no reason to try and get "good" teams in their own backyard again. They will want "good" teams in OTHER PEOPLE'S backyards. Texas and Virginia are 2 of the top states to expand into. If they can get a West school, they will want an East school. TX, A&M, OK, OK St, UK, MO, K St. In that order. In the East, I think Tech is edging past FSU as land-grab is what the name of the game is becoming. Population footprint expansion. When you already have UF, why not add another 8 to 10 million fresh faces and go for Tech? WVU, which so many thought was high on the list is dropping like a stone. Not a totally bad option, just that there are better ones for the SEC. VAT, FSU, Clem, UM, WVU, UofL. 

I don't think the Big Ten, SEC, or PAC-11 can just have their pick of any school. Each and every one of them are looking out solely for themselves. But as the bricks start to fall off one building and get put back onto another, schools start to see what may end being a better parternship for themselves than what was available before. It also proves that the "best" prospects have the most leverage and can name their own price. It's like the NFL Draft except we're all doing it with Universities instead of just an individual player.

All this conference realignment is focused on carving up the Big 12. Once that is over you can bet the SEC and Big Ten will turn eastward and carve up the Big East and ACC.

The PAC-10 wasn't that vulnerable only because of geography but I am already predicting the creation of "THe NEW Southwest Conference" in the not too distant future if they bring the entire Big-12 South into a PAC-16. I surprised the Big-12 hasn't extanded an offer to the Arizona schools already!! But once they are in that conference it will be but a few short years when they all depart the Leftist Coast Conference.

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Expand-O-Meter, Saturday, June 12

The moves to the B11 should not come as a surprise to anyone, they are what the Obama bunch are trying to turn America into. In the B12, teams were paid according to their performance on the field, and in typical jealous fashion, the teams who do not win were offended that the teams that won got a bigger share. Hence the B11, where the last place team gets paid the same as the conference winner.

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