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Come to Alabama, don't get seen by the NFL

Posted on: August 11, 2010 6:03 pm
Nick Saban banning NFL scouts from practice, while seemingly noble, is a bit self-serving and totally symbolic.

It's not like the NFL won't see enough of Saban's players. Every one of their games is on television. There will be enough leaks out of practice too. This ban will last a few days or until Saban starts hearing from a prospect that a rival recruiter said the kid won't get seen by the NFL at Alabama.

Also, if Saban really wants to make a statement he might want to cut out the 15 pages in the media guide that refer to Alabama as a "pipeline to the NFL," the school's NFL draft history, a list of NFL hall of famers and reference to the program's pro day. That should be interesting ... a pro day where no one is allowed to work out players.

Oh, and by the way, it won't do a thing from keeping scummy agents from trying to contact his players.

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 5:18 am

Come to Alabama, don't get seen by the NFL

Without a doubt, Dodd, you are a complete dickwad.  Agents will have plenty of time to see their prospective lunch tickets as will the NFL scouts.  There will be 30+ hours of game film at the end of the season not to mention TV throughout the season, but chances are Saban will relent a bit now that the message is out .  If a few agents didn't screw it up for everybody the problem wouldn't exist.  Bama has has plenty of problems with agents in the past but they continue to hang around like a bad cold.  Dodd should be climbing on the case o the NFL for lack of control of these leaches.  By the way, Saban has the balls to do what many coaches wish they could do.  It won't hurt Bama players one iota as far as their entry into the NFL.  You know it and so does everyone else.  

Hey flagman, you wouldn't be a bit biased now would'ya?

I think many people find it rather ironic that somebody that makes millions of dollars of of ameture athletes (who get ziltch) grandstanding about agents and scouts is pretty humorous (and BS).

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 11:09 pm

Come to Alabama, don't get seen by the NFL

You honestly believe that there is more talent at Auburn that at Bama ? Seriously ? After Wingnut quit recruiting ? I think Cheese Stick has done a pretty good job so far, but catching up with the talent at Alabama ? Hardly.

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 11:05 pm

Come to Alabama, don't get seen by the NFL

Guess Dodd is contractually obligated to write this kind of drivel.  Which makes his article "a bit self-serving and totally symbolic".   Where is the article "Come to USC, don't get play for a BCS Championship"?

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 9:14 pm

Come to Alabama, don't get seen by the NFL

You don't think coaches have anything to do with what is put into a media guide? Guides that are sent out to high school football coaches of players they are recruiting? It is hundreds of pages of recruiting material and I am sure every coach has a lot to do with what is/is not put into them. Saban is known for being involved in every minor detail of his programs and that is part of what makes him so good. Any coach who is not helping with the media guide is not fully doing their job. They are probably not in charge of it but I am sure they are consulted on a large portion of the content of the media guide.

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 6:03 pm

Come to Alabama, don't get seen by the NFL

You nailed that on the head, Andy. That's all Saban is about.

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 5:05 pm

Come to Alabama, don't get seen by the NFL

Little Bitty Tennessee University is too. I heard they got new players. Marco RB from Memphis

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 12:40 pm

Come to Alabama, don't get seen by the NFL

Wow...what do you article from Dodd bashing Saban...that's original.

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 11:21 am

Come to Alabama, don't get seen by the NFL

The problem is not that NFL scouts can't see players (of which I do not offer an opinion about this because I don't know what scouts need/want to see), but the fact that schools recruiting "against" Alabama will use this as a strike against them.  While it may be true that other schools "should" follow suit, it does nothing to guarantee that they will and if you think that a Mark Richt or Les Miles (just to use two example names) won't sit in a HS senior's living room and point out that NFL scouts aren't coming to Alabama's practice as a way to get them to Georgia or LSU, I believe you're incorrect. 

Will it sway every recruit away from Alabama to another school?  Probably not.  But what if it sways the next Heisman RB?  Or a D-lineman?  The only way this survives anywhere is if the NCAA makes it a policy, which seems unlikely to happen.  I will say that Saban may have good intentions (though this policy does more to ensure that his players won't get in trouble making them ineligible and thus keeping his best team on the field), it's not going to last. 

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 10:31 am

Come to Alabama, don't get seen by the NFL

Dodd's post is as stupid as it gets, even by his standards.

Apparently, Saban's decision to ban NFL scouts from practice is so (according to Dodd) "self-serving and totally symbolic", that Urban Meyer is in process of doing the same thing at Florida.

Obviously, this ban will result in NFL teams having no interest is Alabama and Florida players because their scouts won't be able to attend practices at those schools during the season. Yeah, right. This is just pathetic journalism.

Dodd is also clueless when he claims "there will be enough leaks out of practice too.

In fact, so much information leaks out of Saban practices that Alabama was able to hide the fact (until after the game) that QB Greg McElroy played the BCS Championship game against Texas with two cracked ribs.

The ability to keep an injury of that magnitude to a key player for four weeks an impressive accomplishment when you consider the current environment that includes endless sources of media intrusions and false rumors.

Finally, somebody needs to inform Dodd that pro day is held during the spring. The suggestion that Alabama's ban on scouts observing prospective NFL players that no longer have college eligibility will extend through pro day next spring is as absurd as Dodd's post.

The reality of the situation is the current ban won't last more than a couple of weeks.

However, Saban and Meyer are sending a message that they will be watching for unfamiliar individuals that attempt to befriend their top players during the season. 

Although I realize the past 24 hours have been rather slow in regard to big news stories (despite the fact that pre-season camps are now in full swing) Dodd's post was a pitiful attempt to create something out of nothing.

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 9:57 am

Come to Alabama, don't get seen by the NFL

Meanwhile, NFL scouts should not get discouraged and leave the state, Auburn is stacked!!! The barn is stacked!!! Unfortunately it is her heifers, NOT the football team!

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