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Report: Big East interest in TCU

Posted on: September 28, 2010 5:10 pm
Edited on: September 28, 2010 10:07 pm

Citing anonymous sources, the New York Post is reporting that the Big East is interested in adding TCU.

Forget the geographic ramifications. TCU plays in the Mountain West Conference, but is nowhere near mountains in the west. The Big East is probably willing to do anything, including adding a school from Texas, to keep itself relevant. The names of Temple and Villanova have already been tossed around as future additions, at least in football.

That said, I guess this makes some sort of sense if the Big East believes it can add a market in Dallas-Fort Worth. TCU basketball is, at best, struggling. Both entities, TCU and the Big East, would be desperate to have access to an automatic BCS bowl berth in the future. That would be a heck of commute, though, for the Rutgers volleyball team.

TCU coach Gary Patterson said via text he was "surprised" at the report. A message left for TCU AD Chris Del Conte was not immediately returned.


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Posted on: September 29, 2010 4:38 pm

Report: Big East interest in TCU

How you got an 85 for that post is beyond me. That's a 100+ comment becacuse it is correct, and puts 12 teams back in the Big 12.

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 4:37 pm

Report: Big East interest in TCU

If ture, then sad to see the conference that once thought it would take over the world has come to this.

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 4:29 pm

Report: Big East interest in TCU

TCU and Memphis to the Big XII would make to much sense.  Everyone know Dan Beebe doensn't use his.  Besides he'll do what his bosses in Austin tell him to do.  Colorado State would make sense geographically as would Tulsa.  But again your asking Dan Beebe to use some intelligence.  

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 4:15 pm

Please take SMU too!

Please take SMU too!Cool

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 3:27 pm

Report: Big East interest in TCU

TCU may not be anywhere "near mountains in the west" but The Big East is about three times farther away.

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 3:01 pm

Report: Big East interest in TCU

TCU actually fits in about the same as USF, other than the word "East" in the Conf. name (of course that hasn't worried the Big 10, with 11 teams ever since adding Penn St)

Flight Distances to DFW from the BE Schools:

UConn - 1467
Syracuse - 1332
Pitt - 1077
WVU - 1058
Cincy - 825
Louisville - 734

Flight Distances to Tampa from the BE schools

UConn - 1100
Syracuse - 1100
Pitt - 872
WVU - 818
Cincy - 781
Louisville - 735

The way I see it, it is an extra hour on the plane for Uconn, less than an hour for Rutgers, Syracuse, Pitt and WVU, and about the same for Cincy and Louisville.

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 2:34 pm

Report: Big East interest in TCU

The Dallas Cowboys were slotted into the NFC East during the big realignment a few seasons back, because they have long-term rivalries with the rest of that division.  What excuse does the Big East have for thinking it's appropriate to have TCU?  Poor knowledge of geography, perhaps?

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 2:25 pm

Report: Big East interest in TCU

There sure is some wild weird stupid stuff posted on here.

First off, all this appears to me is that it's a slow news day and Dodd needs to get more hits for his blog. These online "journalists" need to have so many hits so they write so much controversial banter. Blah, blah, blah.

Now, if this is a "true" rumor, who said what? Anonymous source?

Thanks though for all the intelligent fans who did some thinking and research about the aspect of conference expansion. Regarding Big East expansion, they definitely are the dumbest group of morons in the country. Well, maybe the WAC and MWC rival them. But seriously, they screwed themselves from the very day they thumbed their noses at JoePa and not forming that All-sports conference back in the early 70's. then again in the early 80's. That set them up for being raided by the ACC. Now with all this expansion, nobody has even given them a second thought.

The Big Ten, as the OSU recently stated, was done expanding and won't talk about it anymore unless a school asks them to join. The Big Ten does not go looking. They just say they are interested to expand and wait to see who wants to join. Power negotiation at its best. The Big East cannot duplicate this.

Adding TCU, a former C-USA member, makes as much sense in the Big East as their membership in the MWC.

Boise may be a good team these past couple years but they are now going to be back in the NEW "wac", aka MWC 2011. Fresno is NO FB power. Nevada?! They are only "ranked' to make the media hype-mongers wanting to push the NCAA to join the NFL and have a "playoff". Utah?!!! For what?! They are totally unranked preseason yet they barely beat the pitthetic Panthers at home and get thrown to #15? What CRAP!!! Why? Just to push this agenda of the WAC/MWC/PAC Leftist Coast sports media propaganda. TCU should by all means negotiate with the Big East to form a much better FB conference and make it a 12-team FB conference with CCG. Other than Boise, there is nothing else left in the West now that the PAC has made its move. BYU is out. The MWC has become the WAC. The WAC the Big Sky. Sorry Boise. You still have a cupcake conference to pad your record. Beat one or two decent teams and the hypers will crown you masters of the universe. You don't fit in the PAC and TCU also sees their own future stock value continue to struggle. Better to struggle on the field in a tougher conference than dominate in a weak one. If TCU leaves the MWC, Boise is back to square one. TCU has had a couple of good years but not a perennial power either. But being in the fertile FB ground of Texas certainly gives them the ability to become a perennial top 25 team. Dummies in the Catholic Basketball Conference (aka Big East) are ssssllllloooowww to figure this out!!! TCU is the best bet they can possibily get. Key word....possibly. Maybe too late for the Big East. Only thing that saves these "lesser" conferences is that the big sharks don't go out for lunch anymore.

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 1:31 pm

Report: Big East interest in TCU

@CaliMounty:  Yeah I've been trying to figure this out myself Mounty...a lot of these MWC fans here have been acting like that conference has been better than the Big East and have been relevant for many years or something.  Can it be because they've only beaten a few mid-level BCS teams and one SEC runner-up that's caused all this commotion or have I missed some games somewhere that weren't televised?  Or are they riding on the coat tails of Boise St. for some reason now that they are joining the MWC?  After all, that wins over Oregon & Oklahoma were pretty good weren't they.  Although WVU is tied with the whole ACC in the number of BCS bowls they've won but that just doesn't seem good enough garner even a little respect from some of these fans.  You know I think that they've probably got 3 good teams in that conference but world beaters they are not.  And to me it appears like politics and polls go hand in hand now of days.  But I guess we can all be glad that Alabama wasn't the SEC champ that year they got beat by Utah otherwise the MWC would be lobbying Congress for inclusion to the NFL.  Geeesh...

Now as to TCU, I think it would be a good move for both TCU and the Big East if they extended an invitation and were accepted to join.  TCU has a good program and they'd only get better once in a BCS conference with all the perks and advantages of belonging to a BCS conference.  Houston and UCF probably wouldn't be bad additions either.  The Big East needs teams that can bring major markets and have shown a willingness to build their programs.  Makes sense to me.

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 1:09 pm

Report: Big East interest in TCU

MontgomeryBisc It's Big East if you are looking at them from

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