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Report: Blake tied to prominent NFL agent

Posted on: September 30, 2010 12:26 am

A financial connection between veteran NFL agent Gary Wichard and former North Carolina assistant John Blake has been established in a Yahoo! Sports story posted Wednesday.

The story states that Wichard has been paying Blake large amounts of money and that a credit card was issued in Blake's name within the last three years. Blake resigned from North Carolina on Sept. 5 saying he didn't want to be a "distraction" while NCAA and state investigations were underway. Wichard and Blake are under investigation by the NCAA and North Carolina Secretary of State for possible agent tampering of college athletes.

"I don't get involved with him bringing me players or anything like that," Wichard told Yahoo! Sports. "It has not happened."

However, documentation in the story could suggest otherwise. The story says there were at least six wire transfers from Wichard's private bank to Blake. Blake got a $45,000 loan from that bank, The First National Bank of Long Island. Blake also reportedly got a Pro Tect Management credit card in his name.

In essence, this could be the first-ever case of a major-college football coach being a "runner" for an agent. If the allegations are true, Carolina could be in line for major sanctions.

Pro Tect is Wichard's Southern Californai-based company which lists several high-profile clients including -- from the 2010 draft class -- Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame and USC players, Taylor Mays and Everson Griffen. Other Wichard clients include veterans Dwight Freeney, Darren Sproles and Elvis Dumervil. Wichard has been certified by the NFL Players Association since 1986 according to the 2009 NFLPA contract advisory directory.

North Carolina is fighting NCAA investigations on two fronts. Enforcement officials are also trying to determine if a tutor improperly helped players write papers. If true that would be academic fraud, one of the most serious violations in the NCAA's eyes.

North Carolina defensive tackle Marvin Austin remains suspended while his role in the case is evaluated. Austin has five cross-country trips under scrutiny. His name appears on a hotel receipt that includes the name "Pro Tect Management" as well as a Marriott Rewards number for NFL marketing agent Fadde Mikhail. Mikhail denied involvement with Austin when contacted by Yahoo! Sports.

Carolina has been playing without several suspended players since the beginning of the season as the investigations have dragged on. 

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Posted on: September 30, 2010 10:09 pm
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Report: Blake tied to prominent NFL agent

nice follow up gdtann1!

for years the journalists who have graduated from UNC have dominated the area newspapers throughout the state of NC and that's why you're not reading it in our publications. It's about time that someone reported on what's really happening with UNC's football program instead of trying to sweep it under the carpet.

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Report: Blake tied to prominent NFL agent

really welcome to the real world of college sports this has been going on for a long time but what make this a big story is everyone is getting caught more and more the little fish is going to start to tell everything look out NC YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT

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Posted on: September 30, 2010 11:58 am

Report: Blake tied to prominent NFL agent

Wow, Realy Jim?  So lets dive into a couple of things here.
I know I hit a sensitive area calling for your precious to be fired.  But if I am truely an IDIOT, then how come I am the only one who backed up my argument with any type of logic and reason and facts?  If I'm the idiot why am the only one between the two of us, who didn't devolve to name-calling?  Is that all you have to dispute my claim is that I am a idiot, ignorant, bigoted, and a racist.  You probably don't even realize that I am black.  Not only that I went to an HBCU (Historically Black College and University), where the population is 97% black.  If I was bigoted and racist that surely wouldn't be the school of choice for me.  There wasn't one place in my whole diatribe that invoked race.  I not once commented on anyone's race, what does race have to do with anything in this situation?  Why even bring it up in passing? Is there any benefit in it that will help discredit my argument and set up a counter argument to you?  Or are you just assuming all those who oppose the great UNC must be idiots, hateful, ignorant, bigoted, and racist.  I submit that the fact that you jump to such illogical conclusions supports my argument and displays how much some UNC fans are clearly grasping for straws in this matter.  No facts, no reason, just call names and cry.

And that thing about my parents, I have two great parents, still married, loving, living together that I have an awesome relationship with.  I guess that what assuming does.
Let he who is without guilt, cast the first stone - but that doesn't mean that the unjust should go unpunished.  Don't try to use exegete the scripture here.  Use it in its proper context.  

Try again.

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Posted on: September 30, 2010 11:02 am

Report: Blake tied to prominent NFL agent

Although, like any sane person, I am disgusted by what has been happening in Chapel Hill, I think I am even more disturbed by the actions of the local journalists in North Carolina.  Many of them are UNC grads, and the way they have attempted to defend the Tar Heels and have refused to investigate these issues is pathetic.  They make the North Korean journalists look fair and unbiased.  I wish there were some independent agency to punish negligent journalists, but unfortunately, these poor excueses for journalists located in North Carolina will face no punishment whatsover for doing everything in their power to prevent these facts from coming to light.  Thank goodness for independent journalists like the ones at Yahoo sports.

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Posted on: September 30, 2010 10:54 am

Report: Blake tied to prominent NFL agent

Lie with dogs, wake up with fleas.  I detest carolina but at least always respected the integrity with which they ran their athletic programs.  Now, well it's self-explanatory.  What did anyone expect when Butch Davis showed up?  Was it really worth selling your souls for a couple of great recruiting classes that led you to mid-level bowl game losses?

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Posted on: September 30, 2010 10:51 am

Report: Blake tied to prominent NFL agent

To Gdtann1:
What a genuine IDIOT you are. I can't believe you would spew such "hatred" but then again, ignorant, bigoted (I'm sure you are racist to by the tone of your comments), people like you unfortunately do crawl out of the woodwork now and then.

So glad I got out of that area a long time ago or I probably would have turned out like you, but then maybe not, I had good parents.

Let he who is without guilt, cast the first stone!

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Posted on: September 30, 2010 10:32 am

Report: Blake tied to prominent NFL agent

Our local media stinks.  They have all along backed UNC in this matter.  Its disgusting how they create excuse after excuse to why Buth Davis isn't responsible and should be fired or how this is a 'national' problem or these were just a few rogue player who were out of line.  They have ignored the facts, closed their eyes, put their hands over their mouth and ears and collectively held their breathe praying this would blow over.  There have been no investigating reporting, no breaking news, and no tough journalism in the face of UNC.  Thank God for Yahoo Sports because if it wasn't for them, this story wouldn't be as big as it is.  If it was up to UNC this would all get swept under the rug.  

The AD Dick Brodoush got on the radio this mourning saying that there were nothing that could be done, academically to prevent students from cheating.  Really?  Don't give me that baloney, teachers know athletes, athletes have reputations around a university.  I was an academic tutor for athletes in grad school which I graduated from last year.  They make sure to emphasize that no work is to be done by you, you answer questions but don't give them the answer.  Do some people still do work for others, yes - but teachers know, they find out quickly.  Its obvious, one day a guy is putting together simple paragraphs the next he's quoting Shakespeare.  The tutor gets fired real easy for that and the athlete fails that paper and if it happens more than once they fail that class.  Its real easy and simple.  But they make it complicated so they can try to get away with it.  All they had to do is monitor facebook.  Its not like it doesn't tell you what everyone is doing anyways or even look on twitter.  If the university knew to warn them about facebook and twitter yet still didn't monitor the sites then thats just as bad as giving a kid a loaded pistol, telling him not to shoot it, then leave him in a room by himself unsupervised with it.  Eventually he is going to shoot that gun.  If the coach really wanted to know, he could have gotten on facebook or got someone else to sign up, add the players as a friend, make sure they didn't put up privacy settings on them, and all the news about what they were doing would have came to him through news feed.  Even twitter, it tells you what the players are posting, you virtually have to do no work yourself just let the darn thing tell you.  Its crazy simple and I don't know why once you hear whispers about something going on don't you say to yourself, let me check this out.  

As far as Agent gate goes is there any doubt that there is a lack of institutional control?  How can Butch Davis remain the head coach after this?  The same assistant head coach who was being investigated in Miami and Oklahoma, is the same assistant that he hired.  If you had a hunch that a guy would be doing anything illegal, would you hire him?  Would you even give him a recommendation?  No, why because it would look bad on you and could possible put you're job at risk if you hired him and he did enough damage.  Even if Butch Davis was ignorant enough to have no idea that his babysitter was doing papers for his players, that his assistant coach was taking money from a sports agency, and some of his players were taking several rides across the country and to miami and dc; how can he still not be deemed incompetent at his job?  And do we really buy that he didn't know about any of this stuff?  That he is a virgin in a whore house?  Please, don't give me this Butch Davis is innocent, none of this is directly tied to him; that is what the local media will try to sell you on.  Thats complete crap, if he has any brains at all he didn't directly do anything.  But he did intentionally ignore it because it was helping him bring in recruits.  Therefore he is an accessory tot he crime because he didn't do anything to prevent it when he had the power to, he is just as responsible as the ones doing the crime.  

You can call me a UNC hater, I am.  I love to see UNC lose.  But real is real and facts are facts.  This stuff is just common sense, if this were Duke or NC State you UNC fans would be screaming the same thing and adding how upright your program is, so save it.  I have nothing against the University or the teams really.  I want to see them lose of course but its nothing personal.  What makes me hate UNC is the obnoxious fans who think anything with light blue on it is infallible.  

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Posted on: September 30, 2010 9:59 am

Report: Blake tied to prominent NFL agent

This could not be much worse for UNC.  They are a proud school that made what they thought was a great hire in Butch Davis, who was supposed to bring the football program up several notches.  Instead, they are getting ready to get severely hammered by the NCAA for a lack of institutional control.  I would not have thought this would be happening to UNC. 

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Posted on: September 30, 2010 9:50 am

Report: Blake tied to prominent NFL agent

They won't get the "death penalty", but they will lose scholarships and post-season eligibility for a while. In Chapel Hill, this is not a big deal because they football program is always second fiddle to basketball. The football team will go back to being mediocre, and the coaching staff will be gutted.

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