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Posted on: October 4, 2010 12:46 pm

Before we begin, here is your daily dose of Les Miles. Actually, it's the only dose of Les Miles you need for this week. If you learn anything more from this postgame video about Saturday's Unlucky 13 vs. Tennessee, let me know.

**A warning going into Week 6 ...

There is a real chance almost halfway through the season of an unprecedented logjam at the top of the BCS -- six undefeated conference champions, four of them in BCS leagues.

It's early but there is some separation and definition to the season after five weeks. Alabama is clearly the class of the SEC. Nebraska and Oklahoma are undefeated in the Big 12, and can't meet until the conference championship game. Ohio State's trip to Wisconsin in a couple of weeks suddenly looks less daunting. Boise State is going to rush through the WAC. TCU and Utah are likely to decide the Mountain West head-to-head. Oregon looks like it is going to run away with the Pac-10.

If all that happens, here is one projection of how the final BCS standings might look. Is too early? Never. The first BCS standings will be released in two weeks.

1. Alabama: With all the talk about the Pac-10's strength this season, the SEC still rules. The Tide are all but assured of playing three more ranked teams -- South Carolina, LSU and Auburn.

2. Oregon: Pollsters are already falling in love with the Ducks despite a dicey strength of schedule to this point.

3. Ohio State: Like Alabama, likely to play three more ranked teams (Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan). If you think the Big Ten's strength will carry the Buckeyes into the top two, think again. Oregon's offense is stronger and will make a stronger case, especially on the road where Jim Tressel seems to play conservatively.

4. Big 12: I am well aware that Kansas, Oklahoma State and Missouri are also undefeated making it five in this league. I'm also projecting that, regardless, this is where an undefeated Big 12 champion would end up if everyone else wins out. Among the five Big 12 undefeateds: Kansas State plays Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Missouri. Missouri plays Kansas State, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Nebraska plays  Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Missouri. Oklahoma plays only Missouri and Okie State. The Cowboys still have Kansas State, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

5. TCU/Utah: The Mountain West race will come down to the teams' Nov. 6 meeting in Salt Lake City. If either finishes undefeated it will most likely finish ahead of an undefeated Boise.

6. Boise State: There was bad, bad news for the Broncos on Sunday. They were jumped in both polls by Oregon for No. 3 in the rankings despite having superior accomplishments and super schedule strength to this point. Oregon has played a I-AA (Portland State) and a team that might as well be I-AA (New Mexico). Boise has played two ranked teams, one in the top 10 on the "road" (Virginia Tech at FedEx Field).

For the previous two weeks Boise, at No. 3, had gained on No. 2 Ohio State and pulled away from the No. 4 team. After one week of WAC play -- against admittedly horrible New Mexico State -- the voters have fallen in love with Oregon and are already damning the Broncos for their schedule.

There are 18 remaining undefeated teams. Five of those (28 percent) are in the Big 12. By the end of this week there will be 16 because of head-to-head meetings (Michigan State-Michigan, Nebraska-Kansas State). Also, by the end of the week a maximum of 11 teams will have the possibility of finishing undefeated because of assured head-to-head games. After this week only four undefeated teams will be alive in the Big 12; three in the Big Ten. Only one undefeated team (at most) will be able to come out of the Mountain West, Pac-10, SEC and WAC.

**Texas is out of the AP poll for the first time in 162 weeks (2000). The streak in the coaches' poll had lasted 192 weeks. Texas, 3-2, still has games left against Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M meaning it could be headed for its worst season since before Mack Brown arrived in 1997.

**TCU posted its first road shutout of an opponent in Gary Patterson's 10 years as head coach, 27-0 at Colorado State. That's significant because Patterson is a defensive wizard whose teams have finished tops in total defense each of the last two seasons.

**Speaking of the Horned Frogs, the interest in the Big East is apparently real and reciprocal. TCU could join the league as soon as next season. One reason: There is no financial penalty to leave the Mountain West.

**Poor Jaime Hill. The BYU defensive coordinator was fired after Friday's loss at Utah State. You expect that in the SEC, but at BYU? Hill joined the staff from the CFL in 2006 and was promoted to defensive coordinator in 2008. BYU, 1-4, is off to its worst start in almost four decades.

Some other d-coordinators who might want to watch their backs:

Tyrone Nix, Mississippi. The Rebs got upset by Jacksonville State giving up 49 points and got beat by Vandy, 28-14. Had to hold off Kentucky 42-35 on Saturday. Rebels allowing almost 33 points per game.

Doug Mallory, New Mexico. Not really fair because his future is tied to embattled head coach Mike Locksley. The Lobos have allowed a I-A-most 35 touchdowns and 52.6 points per game.

Co-coordinators Keith Patterson/Paul Randolph, Tulsa. The Hurricane gave up 51 points at East Carolina, losing on the last play of the game. Oklahoma State put up 65 on Tulsa which is 106th in pass efficiency defense.

Ray McCartney, Wake Forest. His defense has given up 68 points to Stanford, 24 touchdowns in five games and 36.8 points per game.

**Team Schizo: Washington has lost to the worst BYU team in years, got run off its home field by Nebraska and now has beaten USC in consecutive seasons.

**Team Schizo II: Kansas lost to Baylor by almost seven touchdowns, 55-7, in Waco. Not even the locals care about Baylor, a Big 12 doormat. There were an estimated 15,000 empty seats at Floyd Casey Stadium. It's bad when your team is intimidated by the Bears.

"When I went out there, they were bigger than I thought,” KU linebacker Steven Johnson told the Kansas City Star. “I’m just like, ‘What in the world are they eating?’ ”


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Posted on: October 5, 2010 9:05 pm

National notes

Those games were all from different years right?  Do it all in one year.

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Posted on: October 5, 2010 9:04 pm

National notes

I just need to make one comment on Dodd's thinking:

"Boise has played two ranked teams, one in the top 10 on the "road" (Virginia Tech at FedEx Field). "

They aren't ranked anymore so therefore they aren't ranked teams!  Virginia Tech was obviously not deserving of their top ten ranking (especially after they lost to JMU and division II team) and so they aren't ranked right now.  The only rankings that matter are the current ones, as they are the "most accurate" ones to date. 

Just because a whole lot of pollsters screwed up doesn't mean that Boise State deserves recognition for beating a top ten team on the road.

Dodd, please stop perpetuating the myth that rank at time of play is what matters.

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Posted on: October 5, 2010 5:34 pm

National notes

When will you give this team a little respect..  They beat Oklahoma, they beat Oregon, they beat Oregon St.  They took their starters on offense out of the game on Saturday after the first series of the second half.  Have their third stringers in by the fourth quarter and still win 59-0 nad slide in the polls. Give them some credit!!!

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Posted on: October 5, 2010 5:07 pm

National notes

For arguments sake, let's say we do end with 6 undefeated conference champions.  There is no way any BCS Championship match up can be taken with an ounce of credibility-- especially if you are talking about the possible exclusion of storied programs like Alabama, OSU, and Nebraska.  TCU and Boise State do not play in what can be considered real conferences.  To even consider those 2 schools in any national title match up would be ludicrous.  Oregon and the PAC 10 play exciting football, but I don't think the pinball nature of how they play should be worth style points.  Shouldn't defense count as well.  Teams like Alabama and OSU play suffocating defense.  In today's spread game, shouldn't teams get credit for consistently being able to shut down their opponents?  Thank goodness we are seeing the emegence of super conferences.  They should go one step further.  The powers that be need to go to four 14 team superconferences.  That's 56  teams.  Over the course of the regular season, whittle those teams down to 4 conference champions and bingo, you now have the perfect format for a mini-championship  2 national semi finals and then a national title game.  Here's the beauty of this formula, the make up of the super conferences would be fluid.  Teams would have to perform in order to remain in the super conferences.  That means if a Vanderbilt continually under performs, they could be replaced by a team from a lesser conference-- maybe a Troy or Middle Tennessee.  I know this has gone way off topic, but when discussing the BCS, we really are discussing how to crown a national champion.  I think we all know the best way to crown a champ is through a playoff system.  Super conferences give us the vehicle to have a playoff system. 

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Posted on: October 5, 2010 1:46 pm

National notes

The reason that Dodd has a serious problem in this article is plain and simple.  He doesn't know that the Pac-10 is overrated.  Oregon will not even win the Pac-10.  This is the problem with West Coast sports writers.  They think the Pac -10 is a national player when it is the ACC of the East Coast.  You take the ACC top three or four against the Pac-10 and you have a wash.  Conference rankings is justified to these inbreed West Coast sports writing lovers because their one team beat somebody from the West Coast, Oregon over Stanford.  The only Pac-10 teams with a real win this year is UCLA beating Texas at Texas and Arizona beating Iowa, but anyone who saw the Arizona game knows that the first 8 minutes of that game was a fluke in favor of Arizona.  The rest of the game was the real Arizona, meaning they wouldn't beat Iowa again.  No, Dodd lives in the Pac-10 fantasy land where his thoughts are shared by other of his inbreed comrades.

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Posted on: October 5, 2010 11:29 am

National notes

I am no Boise fan and I hate the Boise field, but saying their team is a joke shows how completely out of touch you are.  Ask Oregon if Boise is a joke. And as long as we are talking about Nebraska, they barely beat a FCS team, at home.  By your standard they shouldn't be in the top 50, much less the top 10. 

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Posted on: October 5, 2010 8:04 am

National notes

No it wouldn't be a shame if Boise State were to finish sixth and lower. The next top ten team Boise State fields will be its first. They barely beat a mediocre Virginia Tech team despite being literally handed a a big lead to start the game but were outplayed for three quarters. Even then, they needed bad officiating to seal the deal. They are no better than the 20th best team in the nation at best. They refuse to schedule decent teams as evidenced by the Nebraska debacle. They are a national laughing stock. If they want respect, they need to shut down the entitlement attitude the program has and build their program the way Utah and Florida State did. Those two schools played anyone anywhere and won. They didn't hide, they didn't try to blame any scheduling issues on other schools, they just played them anywhere without absurd conditions and without the need for a big payout. Boise State football is a joke, it is Busch League, just like their field.

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Posted on: October 5, 2010 5:51 am

National notes

Any argument that BSU beat a ranked team in Virginia Tech is over by now.  The only people who keep pushing BSU are the media types like Dodd and the jealous types who really don't know anything about football - i.e., you don't make a claim on the national championship based on offensive statistics.  Being from the SEC side of things let me say that OSU would/will crush all BSU hopes if/when they meet in the NC game. 

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Posted on: October 4, 2010 11:46 pm

National notes

Boise and TCU get the shaft again.  But honestly, it's the coaches in the lower conferences who are to blame for this.  If the non BCS-schools would vote Boise and TCU #1 and #2, and leave Alabama, Oregon, and Ohio St completely off their ballot, then Boise and TCU would retain their spots.  Impossible you say?  Obviously, the coaches have no frigging clue what's going on outside of their own conferences.  This is obvious as Boise and TCU are both superior teams to Oregon and Ohio St.  Put Boise st and Ohio St on a neutral field or at Boise, the Broncos win by double digits.  Same with TCU.  Hell, Stoops didn't even vote.  I say if no one's policing this ballot, rig the sucker.  The big conferences are rigging it against the smaller schools anyway, as they don't want to lose any airtime in the big bowl games.  

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Posted on: October 4, 2010 10:27 pm

National notes

Hey Dodd... here's a nickel, go buy a clue...

Ohio State handled Oregon quite easily, especially Pryor vs their defense and OSU's D-line that hurt that Duck O-line all game long...  Buckeyes beat them this year, back in January.

Boise State also beat Oregon last season, pretty easily as well.

Your logic is a joke, like your blogs.

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