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Mailbag, 10/15

Posted on: October 15, 2010 4:04 pm

A wise man once wrote ... "They are numerous and belligerent. They are fervent and many. They are passionate and unmoving. They are misguided they are scarlet and gray."

That wise man is me.

There seems to be this movement afoot to rationalize Ohio State's No. 1 ranking with a result from last season. Yeah, I know, seems weird to me too. While I understand that the polls are half reputation, you don't earn the No. 1 ranking in October based on a game that was played in January. But that certainly seems to be the feeling in Columbus where the Buckeyes not ARE No. 1 in both polls but, damn it, deserve it over every other team in the country.

You know why? It beat Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Oregon, without the quarterback who played in that game. Oregon, which is stronger now than it was in Pasadena. Oregon, which is a season older and wiser.  Last season's Oregon.

Guys and gals, is that the best you can come with in making your argument? Ohio State is better than No. 2 Oregon because of a game played 10 months ago, but you can't tell me why Ohio State is better than the 12 other undefeated teams in I-A? Way to settle an argument.

You people destroy your own argument. Boise beat Oregon last season too. Shouldn't it be, at least, a co-No. 1 with the beloved Buckeyes?

Cue the myopic, Buck-hater e-mails. I know they're coming. My point if you can calm down for a second, Brutus: There is nothing you can tell me that Ohio State has done this season to convince me it is the clear-cut No. 1. That's why I ranted Sunday.

I'm not hating on the Bucks. I happen to like The Senator in a nebbish, Firestone-regional-manager kind of way. It's hard to anger him, which is probably why his teams play so well. They're consistent and, mostly, unflappable. But let's all take a deep breath here in the middle of October. Ohio State may be No. 1 in the three polls that matter right now. That doesn't mean it should be. I believe in poll diversity. I've seen Boise State just as much as Ohio State. I marvel at what Oregon has been able to accomplish without that quarterback who played in the Rose Bowl (Jeremiah Masoli). Who's faster than Nebraska's Taylor Martinez?

Look outside the boundaries of Ohio, Ohio. There is some great football being played out there. Maybe you'll find out Saturday night in Madison. Maybe you won't. Just don't come at me with 10-month old arguments. There's a fantastic season being played out there too.

From: Ed Champagne

Is Bama good or is Penn St. BAD?


The answer lies in the middle. Until the Clubbing In Columbia, I thought Alabama was a world-beater. After getting through Arkansas and Florida, it looked like South Carolina would be the easiest task in the three-game slog. I was wrong. South Carolina was better than we thought and, suddenly, Bama has troubles running the ball. For now, the best team in the SEC is Auburn.

As much as that upsets Alabama, it's true. Teams change throughout the season. Penn State was way overrated. As Alabama and others have proved, Joe Paterno doesn't have a playmaker on either side of the ball. The Nits are 3-3 halfway through the season and have a ways to go to get to bowl eligibility (six wins) which would net Joe is 400th career win. Penn State isn't bad, it's just not good. To paraphrase a former Arizona Cardinals coach:  "Penn State is who we thought they were."

From: Tim

Dennis, I know you guys like to create controversy but when it starts to hurt your credibility I have to try to redirect your marketing efforts. Boise State would absolutely get hammered playing a Big Ten schedule. The best teams in the overrated WAC would only be mediocre in the Big Ten. Treasure your job - they are hard to come by these days. Good luck.

Large 11 Honk:

Sorry you made bail, but I'm going to burst your bubble. I've been saying publicly for a while that Boise State could win the Big Ten this year. SEC East too. Big 12? Tell me they couldn't line up with Nebraska. I don't know how much of Boise you've seen in person but give them the eye test. That would require you watching them play. Get back to me. I'll help get you a ticket.

From: Sarah

Dear Dodd, Did you not have Ohio State at No. 2 in your pre-season poll? All they've done is kick the crap out of people, with a dominating defense and a Heisman-contending quarterback. What else would you have expected them to do so far that warrants your whining? Boise's win over Virginia Tech is not the least bit impressive after VT goes down to James freaking Madison. Put Boise in a real conference and let them play a real schedule, then we'll talk. This whole fascination with Boise is a joke and a cop out by writers, like yourself, to continue hating on Ohio State.

Just Another Mypopian:

"Kick the crap out of people"? If you want to call Eastern Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Marshall and Indiana "people", that's a stretch. They are body bags. Air. They've renamed themselves "The Lettermen" because they mail it in. You conveniently forgot about that little struggle in Champaign. And I don't mean Ed Champagne.

 Nice win over Miami, by the way. The Canes are so far out of the polls, they have to look up to see the bottom of West Virginia's cleats.

The reality is that Boise has accomplished more ON THE FIELD than Ohio State has this season.

From: Keith

Dennis, You are smarter than me, so please find a way to talk about an elephant-in-the-room topic for all of the reasonable, rational college football fans. Don't know how many of those are left, but there are at least a few of us.

Here's my topic: Much of the controversy surrounding BCS vs. non-BCS teams is pedigree. But riddle me this: how many current Alabama players -- or insert your favorite traditional power players or coaches -- were there when Bear Bryant was there? How many current LSU players were on the squad in 2007 when the title was won? Point: players, especially starters, are different every year. Five years ago all of them were in high school, or even junior high! Coaches change all the time, etc. What Alabama did ten years ago means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING today, and what they did last year still matters very little.

Time Traveler:

You've been reading my mind, Mr. Spock. A lot of the polls are built on reputation. It's why Lindsay Lohan continues to get acting roles. She might have her snoot halfway up a brick of cocaine, but she sure does look good on screen.

Few want to give Boise cred because the program has been good for 10 years. Alabama has been good for 10 DECADES! That's the difference. Line 'em up on the field and let's see what happens. Better yet, line 'em up in NCAA 11. I still haven't bought my copy yet.

Coaches and players change all the time but voters don't, it seems.


Oregon reminds me of a Little League Pop Warner type team! They are a controlled group that have gone berserk! I believe their players truly believe that they can outscore anyone! Like great golfers, they play their game - and then some, not worrying about what their opponent does. It would be interesting to see them play Boise State, followed by Alabama! Opinion? They would outscore both.

Acid Washed:

Dude, you're so all over the board I'm afraid you've had too much organic coffee (or something) out there in Eugene.

You besmirch Pop Warner teams everywhere suggesting they don't play any defense. You ever see Snoop Dogg's team. They beat the heck out of you. There's a league in central New York that leads the country in torn ACLs caused. I'm insulted at your blanket reference to Pop Warner football. It's better than you think. Ask Eastern Michigan.



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Posted on: October 15, 2010 9:44 pm

Mailbag, 10/15

"boise hasn't had a line up of notable opponents like that in its entire history, but to the Buckeyes it's business as usual."

*SNERKS!!!*  they have TRIED to schwedule the big boys, even being willing to forego the return visits...they are willing to play anyone anywhere, anytime...

but the cowards of the big conferences refuse to schedule them, with the lame excuse of 'what is in it for us?" 

What is in it for Ohio State to schedule Boise?
1. a genuinely EXCITING opponent that could actually give the Bucks a COMPETITIVE game, not like the tomaoto cans hired for the easy Ws to keep the alumi drunk and happy...(unless the Buckeyes arwe AFRAID of a competitive game with Boise?)
2. If Boise is as flimsy as Buckeye fans think they are then the biggest thing for them would be a 50-0 whitewash that would permanently shut up the Broncos and their fans and end their pretensions of being good...

unlesws you are SCARED Ohio State might actually LOSE to the rest of the big name cowards and wussies in the SEC and Big Ten...

(and yes, i am trash-talking taunting a bit....Boise is willing to step out on the field to see who is really better,...why wont the big schools play them?

Bobby B would have a helluva time getting Florida State up and running with today's environment...he built the Seminoles the same way Boise is going about it...

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 9:44 pm

Mailbag, 10/15

perhaps the author should change his name to dudd.

just out of curiosity, dudd, you wouldn't happen to be allknowing would you?

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 9:36 pm

Mailbag, 10/15

Dodd I can't even read your stuff anymore. You are clueless about anything outside CBS's bias for the SEC. Is it CBS's plan to discredit any team that may and I said may have a chance of beating a SEC team in the BCS NCG? To say BSU as earned a top 10 ranking is a joke. 

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 9:35 pm

Mailbag, 10/15

Oh well, when somebody rants, like this, about why they are so right; it usually means that they are having self-doubts.  If you were confident in what you think, Dodd; then there would be no reason to write an article like this one.  YOU are doubting yourself!  -----I'm sorry, Dodd, but every time I think about you, Tubby Smith comes to mind...making anything that you say virtually meaningless to me.

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 9:29 pm

Mailbag, 10/15

Ohio State takes a back seat to no one when it comes to non-conference scheduling.  the Buckeyes have played or will play the following:  texas, usc, miami, va tech, oklahoma and tennessee (not to mention cincinnati, cal and colorado).  that would be home and home series with real college football teams.  and that doesn't count our big 10 slate with penn st, iowa, mich st, wisconsin and that school up north, not to mention nebraska starting next year.

boise hasn't had a line up of notable opponents like that in its entire history, but to the Buckeyes it's business as usual.

boise thinks far too much of itself.  they would demand home and home series in order to play the real powers of college football.  but why should a team the caliber of Ohio State leave one of the grandest venues in all of college football and lower itself to playing in that joke of a stadium?  aside from its cartoonish turf, it only seats 33,000.  the Buckeyes draw more than double that number for a spring game, let a lone the 100,000+ that pack into the shoe for actual games.

perhaps if boise would recognize its station in life, and quit demanding teams travel to their matell stadium, they'd be invited to play teams that matter.  until then, continue to bully the gold fish in your little pond, and the big fish will continue with business as usual.

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 9:21 pm

Mailbag, 10/15

Dodds will never be mistaken for a wise man

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 8:58 pm

Mailbag, 10/15

And playing Eastern Michigan, Marshall and Ohio ISNT padding the W-L record?

College football elitsts are going bonkers this year because Boise is oplaying the big boys game...load up with home patsies

Friend, if Boise is as you say it is there is one solutuion to your problem...Have Gene Smith come out of hiding, grow a pair, and actaully schedule Boise for a game...and lets see who is overrated and who isnt...

Ohio State's early schedule was made by Hostess with those i wonder hwo teh Bucks will fare when they have to play a really good team on teh road...and aer tied or behind late.  (Previous OSU team experiences suggest they usually fold like accordions when faced with someone as good as they are because theya re used to beating up on weaker teams...they cant handle real competition...)

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 5:55 pm

Mailbag, 10/15

so let me see if i've got this straight, Ohio State doesn't deserve to be ranked number 1 because of their schedule, but both boise and oregon are deserving?  is that it?

here are the schedules for all three, with records and offensive and deffensive rankings.

Ohio State:
marshall...1-4  (106/96)
miami.......3-2  (60/22)
ohio.........3-3  (107/47)
e mich......0-6  (102/117)
illinois.......3-2  (78/20)
indiana......3-2  (48/94)
combined...13-19 (.406)  (83.5/66)

va tech.....4-2  (58/56)
wyoming...2-4  (120/116)
oreg st.....3-2  (82/113)
n mex st...1-4  (117/118)
toledo.......3-3  (113/73)
combined...13-15 (.464)  (98/95.2)

n mex.....0-6  (118/111)
tenn........2-4  (97/78)
port st......2-3  (fcs)
az st........3-3  (22/50)
stanford...5-1  (16/61)
wash st....1-5  (85/120)
combined..13-22 (.371)  (67.6/84)

Ohio State has played 2 defenses ranked in the 25 (miami and illinois), and another in the top 50 (ohio - 47).  oregon has played one top 50 defense (ariz st -50) and boise hasn't played any.

oregon has played two top 50 offenses (ariz st and stanford), but Ohio State has also played one (indiana).  boise hasn't played any.

half of the Buckeyes' opponents are above .500 (miami 3-2, illinois 3-2 and indiana3-2), while boise has only played 2 (va tech 4-2, and oreg st 3-2) and oregon has only played 1 (stanford 5-1).

if you're going to argue that boise and oregon have a stronger claim to #1 based on schedule, you might want to rethink your argument.  neither boise nor oregon have a resume any better than the Buckeyes.

as for oregon, they lost their team leader and catalyst that made that offense run last year in masoli and one of their best rb's in blount.  exactly how is it that you think this makes their team better?  certainly the offense is humming along right now, but they're playing with a first year starter that hasn't played a defense with a pulse yet.  i mean denard robinson was putting up huge numbers until he had to face a real defense and look what happened.  just like last year, the oregon offense will rack up ridiculous offensive yardage against awful defenses, then they'll get to a bowl game against a team that actually plays defense and get shut down. 

how's that for a better argument?

and wise man?  really?  seems like you're wrong on that one too.

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 5:18 pm

Mailbag, 10/15

Heya Doddski
Boise has beaten a couple of 3-2 teams. Ohio State has beaten a couple of 3-2 teams. I'm ignoring the cupcakes that Boise uses to pad it's SOS. It may not occur to you, but the SOS of teams under 40 shouldn't even count, because those teams have almost no chance to win in a game against a top 10 team.. Would I compare Illinois to Oregon State/ VT , why not. The Sagarin predictor says Oregon State is 4 points better than Illinois. In the predictor, which Sagariin says is more accurate because it includes Margin Of Victory, Illinois is ranked 29 and Miami is ranked 16th. Meanwhile Oregon St. is ranked 18 and Virginia Tech is ranked 20. Both these teams Boise and Ohio State have had 2 chances to lose against decent teams. SO where do you get off going on about BOise's superior schedule. In all the propaganda you've written. You've never explained it. Illiinois has lost to two undefeated teams. VIrginia Tech lost to James Madison whom the Sagarin Predictor has ranked in the 60's, after they played Boise, SO how is that a good win? Oregon State has also lost to two undefeated teams. So if anything you'd have to say Boise's schedule and Ohio States are very comparable. Maybe you're so caught up in the CBS poll and you own power rankings you can't be objective about things. Or maybe you're just doing a good job of stirring things up here in Message Board land. Excuse me if I can't take you seriously. Repeating the same nonsense over and over doesn't make it true.

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