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Defense of No. 1 Oregon's ranking is offense

Posted on: October 22, 2010 9:58 am
Edited on: October 22, 2010 10:38 am
How does that taste Alabama?

Is there hope Oklahoma?

How about you LSU, Auburn?

Forget about the non-BCS schools. They're all but out of it. Oregon just laid a nuclear whipping on UCLA that sends a clear and present message: Resistance is futile by you puny humans.

OK, so it was only UCLA but can you think of a better first-game No. 1 defense -- in history? I'm going to spend Friday trying to look it up. Point being, that as we wring our hands about the SEC's chances at a fifth consecutive national championship one thing is clear. Oregon is the only team in the country that controls its own destiny in the BCS.

It is No. 2 (in the BCS) with a bullet and there is not much resistance in front of it. The Ducks face just one currently ranked team (Arizona) the rest of the way. Good for their prospects, bad, perhaps for their BCS numbers. But when you're No. 1 and winning by an average of 39.3 points maybe it doesn't matter.

You say victory margin doesn't count in the BCS? Bull feathers. It impresses the voters. This wasn't New Mexico or Portland State. This was UCLA which at times has had a pretty good defense. If Oklahoma struggles with Missouri and LSU and Auburn grind it out at Jordan-Hare, voters won't have a hard time deciding who is No. 1 in the polls -- at least for another week.

Look for more of these carpet bombings in the future. Blowouts don't count in the BCS? They really do. Those human polls (Harris and coaches) are still two-thirds of the formula, right?
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Posted on: November 2, 2010 5:47 pm

Defense of No. 1 Oregon's ranking is offense

I will bet on Oregon's Offense winning the Title game this year.  As long as Oregon's D keeps the other teams score lower than thier own, they have done their job right??  Notice how he didnt say anything about Stanford , people alwayz blowing up only the facts that support their point, that is offensive

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Posted on: October 24, 2010 7:06 pm

Defense of No. 1 Oregon's ranking is offense

Oregon's defense is laughable?  What words would you use to describe Auburn's?  You say Stanford and ASU are the only decent offenses they've played.  Auburn has played 1.  Arkansas.  And the backup QB threw for 300 yards on them.

If defense wins championships, I guess the Ducks are in like flynn.  Because AU's is putrid.

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Posted on: October 24, 2010 5:32 pm

Defense of No. 1 Oregon's ranking is offense

Oregon's defense is laughable. They have yet to face a quality offense. Who gives a damn if they can stop Portland State, New Mexico, and UCLA. Those wins skew their defenses numbers. After all they did allow 31 points by the only two decent offenses they have faced (Stanford and ASU). They also allowed a putrid Washington State team to put up 23. If I were you I would stop arguing in favor of their "defense" and stick with arguing that they have a great offense. We all know which of those two wins championships...

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Posted on: October 24, 2010 2:41 pm

Defense of No. 1 Oregon's ranking is offense

Sorry Alabama, we're still better than you. We beat Tennessee worse than any team in the SEC thus far including you.

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Posted on: October 23, 2010 5:05 am

Defense of No. 1 Oregon's ranking is offense

Oregon's defense is second in the nation in the red zone.  They also have 24 takeaways which is tied for second in the nation.  The number 13 ranked run offense nationally averaging close to 230 yards a game came over and was held to 130 yards.  And lastly UCLA scored the only points in the fourth quarter against this defense at the last two minutes of the game and 7 of 20 in the second half this entire season.
Yes we have played weak opponents but one of them was in the SEC and we held them to 13 points.  It's not like we play 3 cupcake teams, like the SEC teams do every year ooc.  I mean, come one, LSU just played McNeese St. and didn't even win convincingly.
What D is anyone talking about when criticizing it?  I think you are confusing us for the Arkansas D that just gave up 65 to Auburn.  Auburn wouldn't come close to fourty against us.  The Oregon D plays on the field 25% longer then our offense does.  Put any other great D in there and I'm sure the yardage numbers would be a little skewed as well.  Our offense scores in an average of 3 minutes, chew on that.
Good D, I hope you don't think the SEC has good D.  You just had your highest scoring game in history last weekend.  If you want to talk about bad D look in the mirror and come back in a few years when they let a few NCs slip away.   

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Posted on: October 23, 2010 1:19 am

Defense of No. 1 Oregon's ranking is offense

CrimsonTide, I just listed reasons why Oregon's D is superb.  People just seem to throw that "NO DEFENSE" card out there, especially those of you East coasters.  People just seem to throw that out there without any regard for facts.  So please, either address what I've laid out or just keep your assumptions to yourself.

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Posted on: October 22, 2010 11:02 pm

Defense of No. 1 Oregon's ranking is offense

Oregon beat Wisconsin... Isn't that what OSU should have done... lol.. Poor OSU, showed they can't judt win any game whwn playing well for only 20 of 60 minutes...

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Posted on: October 22, 2010 10:35 pm

Defense of No. 1 Oregon's ranking is offense

"Look how much trouble the SEC has with mobile quarterbacks like Cam or Tebow"
Look at how much trouble anybody had with Tebow. Stopping a great player with a great team around him is extremely hard for anybody to do. That wasn't just an "sec can't stop mobile quarterbacks" problem, like you seem to imply. Nobody out of conference was able to stop that gator offense very effectively either.
Neither team really has/or had a good running back...Florida had Percy you really think they were/are better teams on offense?
That Florida team may or may not have had a better offense than the ducks have this year. That still remains to be seen because i think the ducks have only played one above average team, and they certainly haven't played any above average teams on the road. After the Ole Miss loss, the Florida offense was absolutely unstoppable until the SEC CG and the BCS NCG.  The thing that really set Florida apart was that they also had a great defense, that shut down the best offense of all time (statistically) in the championship game. Oregon's D is certainly not as good as that Florida defense, and will be the cause of their loss if they go on to lose a game.
I don't really see why you included Alabama's offense in any of your post. We had a good offense last year, but it was far from great. We did have one of the best defenses of the last 10 years, and that carried us to that national championship.

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Posted on: October 22, 2010 9:13 pm

Defense of No. 1 Oregon's ranking is offense

When I said UCLA scored the only 4th quarter points on the ducks last night, I meant to say that those were the ONLY points Oregon has given up in the 4th quarter all year long.  Thought I'd clear that up.  Oregon's D is legit.

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Posted on: October 22, 2010 9:09 pm

Defense of No. 1 Oregon's ranking is offense

Looking at all the comments, the ignorance towards Oregon is absolutely astounding.  Comments like "oh i reckon orgun dunt play a lick of defense cuz they aint from the south east and they aint played nobody"...

Oregon leads the nation in turnovers forced on defense.  Lead the nation in interceptions with 13.  Like I mentioned in another post, the super powered New Orleans Saints last year were a potent offense with a clutch defense that creates turnovers, like the ducks.  It's a formula for success obviously.

Oregon's defense is on the field LONGER than any other team in the country because of the pace of their offense.  Obviously with more time on the field the defense will surrender more yards - so total yards is a moot statistic.  Yards per play is around 3.5, which is pretty low.

Oregon is 10th or so, last I saw, in sacks.  With something like 20 sacks in 7 games - only team way better than that is FSU with 30 (no one else is close to that).

And probably the most important statistic of all is the conditioning of the defense.  The Oregon defense has only given up TWENTY THREE points in the second half this year.  UCLA scored the only points in the 4th quarter on the ducks last night, but it was against Oregon's 2nd or 3rd string D in GARBAGE time.  It's the ability to make adjustments and keep up with the opposing offense that gives Oregon's D such dominance.  You may have noticed that the ducks surrender some points early on sometimes, but the other team better hope that's enough to beat the ducks because they won't get much more than that.

Why is Texas' Defense so praised and feared?  Texas gives up over 30 to UCLA, and the ducks hold them to a couple field goals and a meaningless TD and get no love for the defensive prowess?  Duh, bull, stan, derd.

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