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Posted on: October 27, 2010 1:04 pm

No matter what you think about Tuesday night's Boise victory over Louisiana Tech, understand this: There will always be criticism.

Boise is an outsider. It is a college football nerd to legions of the sport's fans. I listen to a nationally syndicated sports talk show out of Alabama on most days. Some of the listeners literally don't believe that Boise plays what we would call football. Really, it's that bad.

So even the perfect game by the Broncos is going to be picked apart. And the 49-20 win over Louisiana Tech was far from perfect. Start with the headline in the Idaho Statesman.

I'm not damning Boise. I think you know my stance by now. I'm a Boise BCS honk. I am saying they did themselves no favors on Tuesday night. If the Broncos want to play with the big boys, they'll have to endure the national scrutiny when they don't play their best. It's a fashion show for here on out and for long stretches Tuesday, the Broncos were wearing jorts.

The nation's No. 1 defense had its worst showing (394 yards surrendered) against a middling WAC team. There were two fumbles that came in the middle of Boise scoring plays. The 29-point margin of victory was the smallest in Boise's in three WAC games.  For the first time in a month quarterback Kellen Moore had to play into the fourth quarter.

"Probably not the cleanest version of ourselves that came out," Moore said.

The hardest part of the schedule may be approaching. The next four games come against the other WAC teams with winning records -- Hawaii, Idaho, Fresno and Nevada -- combined winning percentage:  .724. The worst part: Boise disappears off the national radar as the weekend approaches. The Sunday morning story is likely to be how six undefeated teams did with games on the road. If the right ones lose, then Boise will be the story again by Sunday night when the BCS standings come out.

Until then, the lasting impression from Tuesday night: Gosh, those jorts sure do look like they're tight.




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Posted on: October 30, 2010 1:07 pm

Boise react

i heard in 2012 michigan state is playing boise st

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Posted on: October 29, 2010 2:41 pm

Boise react

<col style="width: 52pt;" width="69"></col> <col style="width: 101pt;" width="135"></col> <col style="width: 48pt;" width="64"></col> The Boise State thing amazes me.  I am a college football fan first, raised in the South, living in Big 10 country, and I watch any game I can find on TV.  I love 'em all, Big 12, Pac-10, Big-10, SEC, ACC, MWC, WAC, whatever, I love watching all of them, and I sorely wish we settled the #1 thing on the field.  But we don't.....

We are forced to live through the OUTRAGE as other teams were offered up to the public as the latest & greatest, playing a weak schedules and claiming #1 status. 

PRIME EXAMPLE - In 1984 the football world endured the 1984 Brigham Young University Cougars "winning" their first (& only) national championship by beating an unranked Michigan team in the Holiday Bowl. It was the Wolverines 6th loss on the season.  In the words of Coach Ditka - "C'Mon, MAN!"

Hey, I love the blue carpet, the frosty temperatures, and the fresh blood.  I'd love to see Boise State get a shot in a national playoff system.  I honestly have nothing against them. But the argument for Boise ST. is "Hey, they can't help that they play in that conference."  Yeah, OK, just take a look at their schedule this year, and the CBS TOP 120 ratings for each of their opponents:

    That's right, Boise State's average opponent rank in the CBS Top 120 is a dull 65th.  So maybe they could spice up overall opponent ranking with their non-conference schedule?  Well, their non-conference schedule weighs in at an equally dull 60th.  BOISE STATE, If you want to play for national championships & you have a credibility problem, you don't put Toledo, Wyoming or San Jose St. on your schedule. 

And in the current BCS environment that we're stuck with, you don't reward a weakly scheduled team with a 1-game opportunity to live out a once in a lifetime dream to  "prove" they belong.  That's what the regular season is for.

CBS  Top 120 ranking Schedule 21 @Virginia Tech N/C 85 @Wyoming N/C 40 Oregon St. N/C 118 @New Mexico St. WAC 40 Toledo N/C 115 @San Jose St. N/C 78 Louisiana Tech WAC 25 Hawaii WAC 75 @Idaho WAC 59 Fresno St. WAC 26 @Nevada WAC 94 Utah St. WAC Avg Rank 65 Avg N/C rank 60

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Posted on: October 28, 2010 11:44 am

Boise react

Well, since Missouri barely beat San Diego State of the MWC, I think Missouri might be worried.

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Posted on: October 28, 2010 11:18 am

Boise react

We know for a fact Boise State can play with the top teams because Boise State has multiple wins over Oregon, OU and TCU in recent years.

So what?  Boise St has beaten OU, Oregon, Oregon St and VT over the past 4 seasons...big deal!!!  Your typical BCS conference contenders face comparable competition each year.  The big boys face 4-6 good teams every year, it takes Boise St 4 years to do it.  Don't even try to tell me that does not make a difference.

There is no SEC team that for sure would have beaten Oregon and Nevada and Hawaii and Fresno State and everyone else on Boise State's schedule last year.

Are you kidding me?  Half of the SEC would have had a good shot at running that "gauntlet" of one good team and 3 typical OOC fodder teams.  There is no way to prove it because they didn't actually play, but the odds are at least a couple of the top 6 SEC would have pulled that off.  Ohio St is not in the SEC, but they took care of Oregon (by far the best of those 4) pretty handily in the Rose Bowl.  I highly doubt that the Buckeyes would have had any trouble dispatching the other 3 last year.

Heck, Bama struggled for three quarters against a McCoy-less Texas in the Championship game, a team that was a shadow of what Boise State was last year.

Surely you jest.  Texas was excellent last year, and very well might have beat Alabama had McCoy not been hurt.  To say Texas without McCoy was a shadow of itself might be a fair statement.  But to say Texas was a shadow of what Boise St was last year is mindless speculation.  I say BS!!  You never know, the Horns without McCoy might have crushed BSU had they played. 

Good thing Bama didn't play Boise State last year. They would have likely lost by two TDs.

Once again, mindless speculation.  Pure hyperbole.  I say BS!!

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Posted on: October 28, 2010 10:50 am

Boise react

Another delusional Boise apologist.  Again, I repeat, Oregon in the past has been OK, Oregon St is mediocre, TCU is unproven like Boise, and the crazy win over OU was great but I think OU is overated and they went in thinking they would cruise to win and forgot to show up.  And since when does 1 victory over a big program get you 5 years of BCS consideration?  Seriously.  As for your less than knowledgeable remarks about the SEC, the SEC has the last 4 National Champions and before that Auburn was undefeated and wasn't given a chance.  OBTW OU sucked in that title game, which I attended, again showing how overated they are.  Also, If you play Florida, Alabama, LSU, Georgia(who beat the crap out of Boise), and Arkansas(who beat the crap out of Boise) yearly and win them all, or for that matter lose one, you deserve your BCS Championship appearence.  And the moronic statement that there was no SEC team that could have beaten Nevada (what!), Fresno State (huh?), Hawai'i (ok, come on now!) and Oregon (ok, Oregon could win SOME SEC games) is just friggin stupid.  Where are you from?  Texas also has deep talent and it's not just McCoy that makes the team, and Bama did win.  Colt was good for 30 points???  They lost by 16 and you're saying Colt would have led Texas to win by 14.  A 30 point swing.  Holy Crap you are an idiot! 
Another Blogger posted this but if it's true the discussion of WAC anything, including Boise vs SEC is over.
Records vs WAC
Alabama 5-1 (Lost to Hawaii in '03)
Auburn 7-1 (Lost to Arizona in '76 when they were in the WAC)
Arkansas 12-2 (SMU in '96 and '97)
Florida 5-0
Ole Miss 5-1 (Air Force in '83)
Miss. State 2-2 (La Tech '08 Air Force '91)
LSU 12-1 (Colorado State '92)
Tennessee 14-0
Vandy 1-2 (TCU '98 Air Force '82)
Georgia 4-0
South Carolina  1-1 (Hawaii '81 before SC was in the SEC)
Kentucky 1-0
Most of their losses are to teams no longer in the WAC and are scattered out over a long period of time. 
Only 2 losses in the 2000's.  Miss State, our worst program along with Vandy, lost to La Tech and Alabama went to Hawaii in Shula's 1st season and lost.  Bama was in deep do-do with the NCAA and went 4-9 that season.  That's it.  Using that logic I guess the WHOLE SEC is as good as Boise because the record vs the WAC is no worse.  SOOOO Boise can come down anytime and get spanked AGAIN by our second teir Arkansas team or maybe South Carolina.  Bring it!

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 11:56 pm

Boise react

How do we know? _________________

We know for a fact Boise State can play with the top teams because Boise State has multiple wins over Oregon, OU and TCU in recent years. These teams have a better track record than any SEC team as far as the top ten goes in the past 5 years. Boise State wins and beats the teams on its schedule. It does this consistently. No team in the SEC can say this. Boise State is consistently good. SEC teams are fortunate to have three years of BCS bowl caliber play. And that's with spotting them the all-home auto-victories they schedule for OOC games.

Boise State is just a WAC team with WAC money and facilities and WAC players doing what is impossible. Winning every game season after season.

And no. There is no SEC team that for sure would have beaten Oregon and Nevada and Hawaii and Fresno State and everyone else on Boise State's schedule last year. Heck, Bama struggled for three quarters against a McCoy-less Texas in the Championship game, a team that was a shadow of what Boise State was last year.

Good thing Bama didn't play Boise State last year. They would have likely lost by two TDs.

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 6:27 pm

Boise react

hole crap boise is playing navada  this will probable be the biggest game this year for boise Cry but for oregon, sporty, and auburn this is a bye week if they played navada  who boise will lose to

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 6:08 pm

Boise react

Ummmm, again Boise beating TCU proves nothing as TCU is in the same boat with Boise.  Are either of them for real?   The answer to that is no.  They aren't as big, fast or deep as the big boys and may beat Oregon (wow) one time or Oregon State half the time (double wow) but when playing Arkansas and Georgia they got absolutely THUMPED.  Good god, seriously you think they can get USC leftovers, play 1-2 so-so games per year, which they are about .500 in and be considered a power.  Wow, what kind of weak crap is that.  Miami played EVERYONE that would play them and won.  They travelled 28,000 miles in 1979 to play Syracuse and Penn State etc..., both excellent at the time to build their reputation (1st Schnellenberger year and finish 5-6). In 1979 they played @Houston, @Notre Dame, @Penn State, @Florida, and at home with Florida State and Miss St.. Not some JUCO WAC Schedule.  Don't compare Miami to Boise.  There isn't one.  If Boise did that they would lose more than not.

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 4:33 pm

Boise react

rconeill55... You're joking right??? Boise has beaten TCU two out of three times in Bowl Games and beat them last year with a team that a lot considered to be the best team in the country.

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 4:01 pm

Boise react

Miami Earned there opportunity by beating national powers ( Notre Dame, Florida State, Pitt, Washington) year in and year out as an independent.  Yes, VA Tech is a nice win but they have Zero National Championships, Oregon State (weak Pac-10 team) at home sorry Boise Fans that does not qualify either.  Remember 2005 when Boise went to Georgia during the regular season and got thumped. Boise has to go to  Alabama, Ohio State, Texas, Florida State and win over a number of years to get respect.  Let's face it they have only lose 1 , uno, one conference game ever in the WAC, that is just crazy and that in it's self seems odd and yes that is very similar to how Miami dominated the Big East, but Miami had accomplishments before the Big East and they Won two titles while in the Big East ( 91  and 01 and lost a third to a sorry Ohio State team).  Correction --  North Carolina and Clemson are not national football powers, the reason Miami is down now has nothing to do with the conference and more to do with bad coaching and probation that started in 2005 ( much like Alabama from 2000-2007 which  suffered from probation and bad coaches).

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