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Boise react

Posted on: October 27, 2010 1:04 pm

No matter what you think about Tuesday night's Boise victory over Louisiana Tech, understand this: There will always be criticism.

Boise is an outsider. It is a college football nerd to legions of the sport's fans. I listen to a nationally syndicated sports talk show out of Alabama on most days. Some of the listeners literally don't believe that Boise plays what we would call football. Really, it's that bad.

So even the perfect game by the Broncos is going to be picked apart. And the 49-20 win over Louisiana Tech was far from perfect. Start with the headline in the Idaho Statesman.

I'm not damning Boise. I think you know my stance by now. I'm a Boise BCS honk. I am saying they did themselves no favors on Tuesday night. If the Broncos want to play with the big boys, they'll have to endure the national scrutiny when they don't play their best. It's a fashion show for here on out and for long stretches Tuesday, the Broncos were wearing jorts.

The nation's No. 1 defense had its worst showing (394 yards surrendered) against a middling WAC team. There were two fumbles that came in the middle of Boise scoring plays. The 29-point margin of victory was the smallest in Boise's in three WAC games.  For the first time in a month quarterback Kellen Moore had to play into the fourth quarter.

"Probably not the cleanest version of ourselves that came out," Moore said.

The hardest part of the schedule may be approaching. The next four games come against the other WAC teams with winning records -- Hawaii, Idaho, Fresno and Nevada -- combined winning percentage:  .724. The worst part: Boise disappears off the national radar as the weekend approaches. The Sunday morning story is likely to be how six undefeated teams did with games on the road. If the right ones lose, then Boise will be the story again by Sunday night when the BCS standings come out.

Until then, the lasting impression from Tuesday night: Gosh, those jorts sure do look like they're tight.




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Posted on: October 27, 2010 3:37 pm

Boise react

Boy do I want the BCS blown to smithereens. There is no way to know if Boise State is a legitimate title contender unless they play for the national championship. They've proved all they pretty much can prove, that they can dominate their conference, they can win bowl games against Big-Six clubs, they can beat other teams from non-BCS conferences that dominate their own conferences and they can beat ranked teams in nonconference play.

Every week, I hope the top BCS teams get knocked off. I want to see Boise State play for a national title. When that happens, especially if Boise wins, you're going to see the BCS conferences really get their undies in a bundle and do something.

They're going to want to prevent this from happening again. The only ways to do that are immoral and possibly criminal unless they institute a playoff system, which I have heard could generate $750 million for NCAA institutions, keep bowl promoters from skimming huge profits before paying out the teams involved, and actually settle once and for all if a Boise State could go through a three-game gauntlet (assuming eight-team playoff or four-game gauntlet for a 16-team playoff) and win a national title. That's the only way we'll know for sure.

It's how they separate the pretenders from the contenders from small conferences in the NCAA basketball tournament. If they had a syatem in basketball like you have inf ootball, teams like Butler and Gonzaga would have been judged not worthy and wouldn't even have been given an opportunity to compete for a national title. But look what Butler did last spring ... got through a 64/65-team field and nearly won the thing. Butler was able to prove whether or not it was wrothy on the court. Let Boise, TCU and others like them prove it on the football field, too!

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 3:10 pm


I am always a little perplexed at the vigor with which fans spew venom at teams that have no say as to their schedule, for the most part, and then call them less than perfect when they do not blow out teams that they should have. instead, they need to focus on what is evident, not what cannot be changed.
Does anyone remember the LSU team that won the national title a couple of years ago? That team was, by far. the luckiest team in the NCAA, winning on a fifth down and on last second shots to the end zone, and even had two losses, first ever for a BCS number one? No one seemed to complain, because their schedule was supposed to be an amazing one, after all, they played in the SEC.
I will grant you that year in and year out, the SEC has some great balance that precludes it from really having one great team, and recently, the SEC champions have had their way with the BCS opponents and the eventual winner has been settled fairly on the field. Fair enough. But is the schedule the deal breaker?
With that in mind, we come to Boise, a team that plays in a conference with little balance, dominating it like Miami did the Big East, for years. Anyone taken a look at the ACC standings since Miami joined? Not such a  great record for the Hurricanes. They played in championship after championship back then, and now, zero, with losses yearly to such national powers (lol) as North Carolina and Clemson, close games to duke and NC State over the years. Hardly an achievement. 
The bottom line is that it is easy to score wins in a weak conference and have a shot at a title. Fair, yes. But not enough.
Does Boise deserve a shot? Yes, as Miami did at one time.
Are they really that good? We may never know unless they are seriously tested week in and week out in a conference of credible, proven teams.
As they say, "AYE, THERE'S THE RUB"

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 3:07 pm

Boise react

The skepticism is appreciated.  However, I apply this same skepticism to any SEC team this year.
Frankly, the conference just hasn't proved itself this year.  The mere fact that Cam Newton can
destroy the conference defenses when all he does is fall forward to gain three yards, shows how
weak the claim of conference defensive superiority is.  Also, there is no pass defense in the SEC,
and very little in advanced offensive schemes.  Al Davis loves this conference!

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 2:48 pm

Boise react

All of this talk about, "It doesn't matter who is on Boise's schedule; they can play with anyone."  How do we know?  That is all speculation, because the only way we can really know is if they play significant opponents --which they do not.  That talk fits perfectly with the BCS philosophy of, "Oh, we don't need a playoff, our voters can just tell you who is good."  That is a bunch of crap!  We need a play-off in major college football.  It is the 21st century, and everyone else has a play-off (high schools, and smaller division colleges), so it is now time to bring that element to the big stage.  There is no need to experiment, because that has already been done, at the lower levels, and IT WORKS!  The only thing preventing this from happening are those who stand to lose their power because of it --and that itself is an excellent reason to put an end to the BCS, for good. 

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 2:44 pm

Boise react

GarrettGordon you don't have a clue my friend. The only thing I agree with is a playoff and that's it! Blacksburg only holds 66,000 fans and there were almost 80,000 Va Tech fans at Fed Ex Field which is only a two hour drive from Blacksburg. I know. I was there! It was louder than it ever would have been at Blacksburg. It was not only a road game for Boise, but a SUPER road game for them. I was visiting the east coast and decided to catch this game. Boise is an excellent program and have beaten the mjority of Pac 10 teams they have played also. They completely dominate the Oregon teams who also typically dominate the PAC 10 the past three years or so. Everyone can take shots at them, Utah and TCU, but until people beat them... They can all SHUT THE FU^& UP!

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 2:36 pm

Boise react

394 yards at home against La Tech.  AWEFUL.  TCU has only allowed 3 teams to go over 390 in the last 4.5 seasons.  All three (BYU in 2006, Texas in 2007 and Oklahoma in 2008) finished in the top 15 those seasons.  maybe it is time to stop giving Boise the benefit of the doubt over TCU.

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 2:27 pm

Boise react

Boise State would be a mid-pack SEC/Big 10/Pac 10 team.  Until they get way more depth in their schedule they deserve absolutely nothing.  Why should we dumb down the system to accomodate a weak schedule to get them in the title game.  So what, they beat Oregon St who is mid pack Pac 10 and Va Tech who was sooo bad early in the season they lost to James Madison.  That's it?  That's all they have to do?  If Auburn, and yes that is my school, wins out they will have to beat as many as 7 top 25 teams not including Clemson and Ole Miss.  Those are deeply talented, fast, well coached teams.  Oh no Boise!  Look out for Nevada and Idaho!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  Boise should be ranked no where near the top 5.  Go independant and schedule 8 good AQ teams and we'll talk.  As for your #1 defense... Are you kidding me again.  Auburn would have the #1 defense if we played UTC and UL-Monroe every week which is on par with what they do.  WHAT A JOKE.  Just a blue turf WAC AQ wannabe... 

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 2:07 pm

Boise react

now that is funny - the hardest part of their schedule may be approaching...... hawaii, idaho, fresno, and nevada

what do you think if missouri, auburn, michigan state, or oregon thought wow - i have those 4 games left, how are we ever going to make it?

college football is a joke like our political system is - everybody has to have their hand in something so somebody wins and somebody loses - in this case the fans lose

it is a shame boise didn't slide into the pac-10 and then we wouldn't have had this question but just a hunch my guess is their non-conference games would not have come against one bcs school and none would have been on the road (not a neutral site) - had boise played that va. tech game in blacksburg, they would have lost which is why they don't want to play anyone on the road

get it over already and get a playoff in place

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