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Auburn's season: The Movie

Posted on: November 26, 2010 6:32 pm
Edited on: November 26, 2010 8:03 pm

Even The Great Saban had to admit it.

In the middle of Friday's post-game handshake, Alabama's coach moved close to Gene Chizik and uttered the obvious: "Great comeback."

The two words are beginning to define Auburn's season. After Saturday's stirring 28-27 win in the Iron Bowl, it's becoming a lot easier to concentrate on the football portion of the Tigers. Off the field, they are a mystery until the NCAA gets through with them. On the field, they are playing with the resolve known only to crooked politicians.

While the world is collapsing around them, they continue to smile and do their jobs. That job is now down to beating South Carolina next week. Do that and Auburn is in the national championship game.

"God," Chizik said, "is good."

Fitting that the Auburn coach brought religion into the equation. That's what the Iron Bowl is the folks of Alabama. What they saw Friday is one of the all-time Auburn-Alabama games. The Tide obviously used iup their emotional ammo in the first quarter going up 24-0. From there, Auburn regrouped and outscored the Tide 28-3. Auburn's Comeback Kids are now 4-0 when trailing by 10-plus this season. The win was their eighth this season when trailing at any point in the game.

Comeback? Two years ago Chizik's hire was a joke, Cam Newton was transferring from Florida and Alabama was ramping up to win a national championship. Now it all seems so long ago.

What we've witnessed to date is as much a movie as it is a season. Don't laugh. Saban already has one.  Auburn's close up is getting, well, closer.


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Posted on: November 27, 2010 10:27 am

Auburn's season: The Movie

They already made the movie, it's called "The Program".  But this version has political intrigue, boosters owning government bailout banks, a QB ran out of another program due to being benched, theft and accused cheating and hides at a small juco that's the home of Blue Bell ice cream, thousands of miles away from the tea pot that is boiling.  The QB father comes off as a pastor of ill-repute.  Their coach is comes from a losing record at a corn college and obviously condones the dirty play of his players.  Heck, it would be one heck of a tear jerker.  Let's call it, "The Program II- The Auburn Comeback, this time we won't get caught".

But seriously,  It'll be hard to root for an Auburn-Oregon NC.  Oregon and TCU would be more entertaining, if just for the fact more true neutrals, rather than Auburn bandwaggoneers.

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Posted on: November 27, 2010 9:39 am

Auburn's season: The Movie

I agree with others that your references to "crooked politicians" and the "world collapsing around them" are irresponsible cheap shots not befitting a CBS sports commentator.  I know you're just straining to turn a phrase and grab our attention, but at your level I really would expect a little more finesse and professionalism.

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Posted on: November 27, 2010 8:16 am

Auburn's season: The Movie

Dodd, hows your precious boise state doing? good job there champ

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Posted on: November 27, 2010 7:56 am

Auburn's season: The Movie

Your argument is blown out of the water by how the officials did nothing to help Boise St in their game last night. The WAC was truly a conference with something to gain by Boise St winning, as now they will not even get one team into the BCS and have the big paycheck. The SEC was going to get two teams into the BCS either way. If this really took place there is NO way the WAC would have let Boise St lose.

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Posted on: November 27, 2010 5:18 am

Auburn's season: The Movie

Auburn is a heckuva team this season. I've seldom rooted for any team as hard as I rooted for Auburn today, not as an Auburn fan, but for an Oregon-Auburn title game. This will be the best championship pairing, and will produce the best game. I'll also be rooting for Auburn to win it all, for the sake of southern football. Cam Newton will win the Heisman and be declared the greatest thing since sliced bread, although Andrew Luck still sits atop every NFL draft board. That being said, all of this glory is fleeting. There is no doubt that the NCAA is going to take Auburn down, and everything that we're seeing now will be erased and vacated. Auburn is a tainted program, run by one of the most powerful boosters in sport (Lowder). They are all going down. Cam will go the the NFL, but his character will be forever tarnished, not that he cares. Auburn sold thier souls to keep pace with Alabama. They will be lucky to salvage a football program when all is said and done. War least for the time being.

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Posted on: November 27, 2010 2:57 am

Auburn's season: The Movie

This is what I love/hate about the blogger ideologues, "go forth and convict". Where were you about 6 years ago when USC was running their machine? Can anyone, and I mean anyone stop for one moment and think; and then state that they didn't see what was going on in So Cal? I didn't hear the trumpets of honor playing as Reggie kissed the Heisman. We all, yes all knew what was going on. Now could we put our finger on it? Could we find the smoking gun? no, we could not and the silence spoke to the truth that no one really knew, and in the end it was fine then; yet now. It is the job of the sports media to call out terrible things in college football. Really? 
We find ourselves in a season where less than sexy teams are beating the usual suspects. We have a Heisman candidate that's pre season marketing consists of a short blurb in the Auburn program with not even the courtesy of a picture. The caption, "a transfer from Blinn Jr. College.". I know how boring and rote it can be for you ever so creative sports writers to find yourself in the conundrum of a mid season year where the leading candidate for the Heisman has to all but fall on his own sword to come up short on the trophy. So what to do? Dig in and find some dirt. You did, well done. How is it that you were the last to know? The real indictment here is that it took main stream press mongers so long to know about the charges Miss State filed, publicly, in January. What I find most intriguing is that you, yes the writer of this ever so simple and silly blog happily lump yourself into the gang of slow moving simpletons. You speak to how "the world is collapsing around them". Really? Hard to see that in the faces and the scorecards. You need to take your face out of the press releases and watch a game, well any game. They will tell the story of a team, yep that old fashioned word, team. They play together, for each other, and in the end win together or lose together. There is no blame no credit, there seem to be, and well has only been one thing, victory. I think the real sticker with folks like you comparing Auburn to "crooked politicians" is that in the end they are in fact what the press hates most, men with heart and integrity. Shame on you for berating that which is so often lost in this sport. Maybe you, the press needs to be brought down a notch. The Auburn team hasn't, and i know that really irritates you. Good luck. I don't think you'll make the cut. No ring for you. 

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Posted on: November 26, 2010 11:45 pm

Auburn's season: The Movie

After many years of study..actually of much beer talk...I've come up with a conspiracy theory involving college football. Given:Conferences stand to make millions from having a team in the BCS championship game + a great deal of publicity and league stature. I noticed this for several years while watching games involving teams that have a shot to make the BCS championship game against one that doesn't (i.e. Bama/Auburn and Arizona/Oregon today.) As an unbiased observer...I'm not a fan of any of the four teams involved...this is what I noticed. Bama came into the game averaging five penalties a game, while Auburn was a touch over six. In this game, Bama has 12, Auburn four. Considering a penalty can be called on almost any play, officials--and I have been one as well as a player and a coach--try to maintain a fairly level playing field. A difference of two-three penalties in a normal game is rare. Eight is unheard of...except in the PAC-whatever where Arizona, which averaged just under 6 1/2 per game had 18--including 16 while the game was still within one score, while Oregon, which averaged more than eight penalties had eight, but only four while the game was still in doubt. I first noticed this trend several years ago watching teams like Ohio State, Texas, LSU, Oklahoma and Florida--I am a Gator fan by the way--get break after break late in the season during championship runs. Which raises the question...who hires the officials for these games?...wait...I know...that would be conference which stands to gain the most by its top teams advancing. Just saying.

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