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Death threats in the Big 12

Posted on: November 28, 2010 8:03 pm

This will probably get me a couple of death threats, but Dan Beebe was right in not going to Lincoln, Neb. on Friday.

In a story that may have been buried because of the big football weekend, the Big 12 commissioner said that he feared for his safety and that of other conference employees had they traveled to Nebraska to present the Big 12 North Division trophy. The commissioner is traditionally on hand, but not always, to present a trophy for division titles.

"I've been involved in major institutions and had some major feedback," said Beebe, a former NCAA enforcement officer, "Obviously, I've suspended players and coaches, fined coaches but I've never had the volume and degree of vile nasty messages. It's not just me, it's several on our staff. It's the most disgusting things that people would ever say to anybody."

Beebe estimated that 2,000 messages made it to the Big 12 office in the week leading up to Nebraska's 45-17 win Friday over Colorado. He was so concerned about some of the threats that Beebe said he didn't think it was proper to send even Ed Stewart, a former Nebraska player, who works in the Big 12 office.

"It's really pretty shameful," Beebe told in an interview over the weekend. "My wife and my family weren't too thrilled with me going up there. I reviewed it with folks that I've dealt with in security before. They said, 'Hey, this is not something you want to mess with until we figure it out more.' I didn't want to do anything to take away from the great accomplishment of the Nebraska players. It's not their fault."

Beebe was in Stillwater, Okla. Saturday night for the South Division showdown between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

The commissioner said some of the negative messages, which he termed "disparaging", were directed to his daughter's Facebook page. She is a college student.

I hope Nebraska doesn't have to be told, again, this is beyond reprehensible. The negative reaction from Nebraska toward the Big 12 seemed to intensify after linebacker Eric Martin was suspended following a helmet-to-helmet hit on an Oklahoma State player in late October. Beebe stressed that he believes the messages came from only a fraction of Husker Nation. There now seems to be a lunatic fringe out there who actually believe that the Big 12 has conspired against Nebraska in its last year in the conference before going to the Big Ten. When I linked to a Beebe story on Friday and posted on my Twitter account saying that it, "made my stomach turn," some of the reactions surprised me.

At that point, I began to understand what Beebe was feeling.

We can only hope this is a very small group of delusional radicals. Beebe balanced the tradition of handing out a piece of hardware against the possibility of being harmed by one of these crackpots. I know what I'd do. He said some Nebraskans have called to apologize for the crazoids but that they're "about a one-to-200 proportion."

Nebraska fans, some of the best in the country, are now earning a dark and sinister rep, fair or not. This is two weeks in a row they have made Big 12, and national, news. A lot of us criticized Bo Pelini after his outbursts in the Texas A&M. Pelini was sincere, apologized and moved on. He didn't let the episodes ruin a sterling coaching career.

But what has happened last week indicates a chronic problem. Let's hope that Nebraska doesn't leave the Big 12 with some sort of stain. You can already foresee an awkward moment next Saturday if Nebraska wins the final Big 12 trophy. Imagine Beebe presenting the trophy to Pelini with boos cascading down from the Cowboys Stadium stands.

"I don't have any reservations about giving them the trophy," Beebe told me. "If their kids win it, they deserve it. By that time we'll sort out if there are any kind of maniacs that we have to be aware of."

Nebraska doesn’t deserve this. It is going to a conference that is noble and full of class. To this point, its program has been noble and full of class.

Beebe was asked if all this has altered his opinion of Nebraska.

"I haven't had anything but great experiences with Nebraska fans and people of Nebraska," he said. "I also know this represents a very, very small portion of a fan base that's classy."

Let's hope that while it takes those Big Ten millions in the future, Nebraska also contributes to its new conference's tradition, in the right way.

Those who don't agree with me know how to reach me. And that scares me.

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Since: Sep 17, 2009
Posted on: November 29, 2010 9:17 am

Death threats in the Big 12

Mr. Dodd,

The misuse of your headline says everything about your attitude towards Nebraska.  You have always been unfair or at least very biased in your writings regarding Nebraska football.  Yes, there may have been a few bad apples that went too far after some of the officiating this season, but Mr. Beebe has very little room to complain.  (The report of death threats is serious and should not be tolerated!)

However, thinking he could not even send Ed Stewert to a Nebraska game, come on Beebe what planet do you live on? (Oh, thats right, you live in Texas!)  One only needs to look at the numbers regarding the officials that have worked several Nebraska games this season, including the Texas A&M game.  The discrepency in calls versus Nebraska compared to their opponents in those games are embarassing.

The lack of judgement on many calls that were made and many that were not should be enought for the league to review their performances and hand out some sort of penalties to them.  Beebe only added to the problem by allowing Eric Martin to be singled out for suspension when there have been many worse hits that did not get flagged and also did not result in suspensions.

You tried to soften your stance in the end of the article, but your headline is what the greatest majority of people will read and many more will not go beyond the first paragraph or two.  What a pathetic job of reporting.

Furthermore, the comments made by Beebe regarding many other officiating issues, including the Ben Cotton situation, shows how out of touch with reality that he is.  He is willing to support the suspension of Martin, but not willing to make any negative comment regarding the behavior of the A&M player that publically asaulted Cotton.

Bo Pelini is a very passionate football coach and is not afraid to express his feelings.  He does need to have a bit better control for the good of his team, but every football player in America would want to play for him or a coach like him.  They know that he will have their back. 

A major issue that has arisen in this country is the lack of accountability for the people that wear the stripes during every type of team sport.  These officials seem to be above the same rules that apply to everyone else related to the sport, including the coaches, players and fans.  An official cam make the wrong call and in most cases never be held accountable for his or her error, yet if a coach, player, or fan make any negative comment about that performance it is considered unsportsmanlike conduct.  The conduct of the officials in the Texas A&M vs. Nebraska game as well as three other games involving Nebraska this year is nothing short of unsportsmanlike!

Since: Jan 2, 2010
Posted on: November 29, 2010 9:14 am
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Since: Sep 17, 2009
Posted on: November 29, 2010 9:01 am

Death threats in the Big 12


I really do not think that anyone from Missouri has any room to comment regarding rude and abusive fans.  If you would ask anyone in the Big 12, especially the north, which school they least like to travel to because of the abusive fans and the number one answer would be Missouri, with Colorado a close second.

Yes, Nebraska fans are passionate and yes, there may be a very small percentage that take things too far, but the kinds of abuse that people are saying was initiated by Nebraska fans this past week or so are common place stories regarding fans from Missouri when opposing teams travel to Columbia!

Since: Apr 28, 2010
Posted on: November 29, 2010 8:26 am

Death threats in the Big 12

I find that with all that has gone on this year, this is rather comical. Like Beebe has any credibility, or Dodd for that matter. What stops a hateful Mizzou fan or another fan from doing this stuff. Sure maybe a handful of Nebraska fans sent some bad emails and left bad vm's. I think most Nebraska fans knew that going into this year would be paybck time against Nebraska. I am not surprised one bit by the officiating and all the Beebe comments this past season. I thijnk Osborne and Pelini knew they were going to be up against it to a degree this season, but the A&M game pushed Pelini over the edge, which he should have known better for sure. He knew this would happen and never should have reacted, he just couldn't stand his kids getting screwed and blew up. I think this story has yet to fully unfold and may continue unfolding throughout the rest of this year into next summer before some truths are fully known, and trust me, THEY WILL COME OUT. Nebraska will be extremely relieved when the season is finaly over, in fact any bowl game they make it to will be a welcome trip as in (no big 12 officiating) they can play loose, hard hitting and worry free. This season cannot end soon enough for Nebraska.

Since: Nov 29, 2010
Posted on: November 29, 2010 7:35 am

Death threats in the Big 12

Wow Dodd.  Could one person single-handedly try to destroy the reputation of a fan base more than your musings regarding a storied & respectful fan base such as Nebraska?  I find it a little pathetic that you do not even try to hide your "Husker Hater" attitude.  You took a story, & without so much as doing any fact checking like any self-respecting journalist would do, & instead, let your years & years of animosity towards the Nebraska program spew out into your articles, & I use the word 'articles' very loosely.

As the hears go on, we (Nebraska) will have entered into a new era of a more storied, & better suited conference like the Big X, & all of your scandalous articles will soon be forgotten, but you, you will still be left with all of that pent up hate, & if your articles are any kind of indicator, it will build up.  So if anyone has the kind of hatred you do towards a football program like NU, & no longer has their avenues to vent that kind of emotion, I could very well envision YOU as the one person to send death threats, & YOU who would be waiting for Bo Pelini, Tom Osborne, or any other NU affiliated member to exact their revenge on.

On a lighter note:....I noticed that on your profile you have left your 'Gender' curiously blank. Your profile shows a male, but you you write the sort of fiction that can only be found in romance novles that incite a certain giddiness in women.  So, here is my offer to you.  I would like to, should you accept, offer one of my testicle to you, because every man should have at least one.

Since: Nov 29, 2010
Posted on: November 29, 2010 6:42 am

Death threats in the Big 12

Gee, why do I feel like the whole class is bad because a few idiot(s) have gone absolutely nuts, and now none of us get recess?  Let's leave elementary school thinking in the past and move on.  Remember, there are also a few people out there that actually think Hitler was a good thing, Iran has our back and that South Koreas has the right idea.  I think Dan Beebe has made a number of big mistakes in his tenure, and seems to continue to speak at inappropriate times, but I agree that he does not deserve death threats - way over the line.  But, not sending at least a representative to Nebraska to present the North trophy just fuels a fire that he really holds Nebraska in contempt, regardless of what he says.  Sending the trophy with someone that has Nebraska ties would have made sense to most people.  But, Beebe has trouble with common sense at times.  Making truly unbelievable statements about Ben Cotton's video - the one with his genitals being poked and/or grabbed - adds to the growing thinking that he can't make clear judgements when it comes to Nebraska.  And because of his poor job performance and bad judgements, I question the number of threats he really got... but still, one is too many - especially those on his life, or almost worse, going through his daughter... someone is really sick.
Dennis, to state that "Nebraska fans, some of the best in the country, are now earning a dark and sinister rep, fair or not." is simply fueling the fire for more people to think poorly about a lot of good Nebraska fans, that will get tagged because of a few idiots.   And, what's with the "Big Tens of Millions" comment?  You don't think Missouri would have loved to have taken an invitation to the the Big Ten too?  They want to fund their school just like everyone else.  
I'm disappointed in the direction you went with this.  It looks like a column one would write just to get a whole fan base irritated ... just to improve your blog count.  
And damn, I fell for it.

Since: Nov 27, 2007
Posted on: November 29, 2010 3:27 am

Death threats in the Big 12

The Nebraska farmer fans are awesome!!....its the drunk 20 somethings over in the college section (they are NOT students) who might threaten to kill ya.....I have been to a few games in Nebraska...there are people there that will kill you over football.  Sheesh....they harass there own players!!

Since: Nov 28, 2007
Posted on: November 29, 2010 2:14 am

Death threats in the Big 12

Dodd you are a spitefull Mizzou fan anyways...what credit do you have writing a story like this??  I also agree with the Iowa fan who asked did you check to see if CryBEBE even had a flight or motle room booked.  If the the death threats are so many and so vile why have none of them been published??  If the death threats are so dangerous and vile why has no APB been put out on any Official News Cast or paper??

Really appears just to be ANOTHER SMEAR JOB BY YOU DIRECTED AT NU!!

Who is the TRUE CLASSLESS FAN blogging here??

Since: Dec 10, 2008
Posted on: November 29, 2010 1:27 am

Death threats in the Big 12

so a couple of husker fans who were ticked off gave dan beebe their opinion of how wonderful and classy commish that he is and how they are sad that they are leaving the conference and how they want to stay.......... i dont doubt that some calls were alittle over the top but i dont think they were that big and large of number has beebe has said. to me its just another chance that he gets to take a shot at the husker nation, face the facts you didnt send no one to neb for the winning the north. personally you didnt have to come but somebody else could have came, stop hiding behind im scared to come to lincoln bs. its okay one more game and were out of here all this sheningans is starting to remind me why the SWC folded.

Since: Jul 29, 2009
Posted on: November 29, 2010 12:40 am

Death threats in the Big 12

Hey Mcclooger; most towns in America have a higher crime rate than Lincoln, but having the Big 12 title tilt between Missouri and Oklahoma up there wouldn't exactly draw thousands. Kansas City and Dallas are really the only venues that can handle the influx of fans and media. In defense of Commish B; I would also be fearful of Husker fan, especially if the RedHat weighs in @ 290 and could squish the Thanksgiving Day stuffing out of me. Good luck next year when the Buckeyes,Badgers,Spartans and Nittany Lions administer good old-fashioned Big 10 justice on the Black Shirts. See you in Glendale on New Year's Day.

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