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Death threats in the Big 12

Posted on: November 28, 2010 8:03 pm

This will probably get me a couple of death threats, but Dan Beebe was right in not going to Lincoln, Neb. on Friday.

In a story that may have been buried because of the big football weekend, the Big 12 commissioner said that he feared for his safety and that of other conference employees had they traveled to Nebraska to present the Big 12 North Division trophy. The commissioner is traditionally on hand, but not always, to present a trophy for division titles.

"I've been involved in major institutions and had some major feedback," said Beebe, a former NCAA enforcement officer, "Obviously, I've suspended players and coaches, fined coaches but I've never had the volume and degree of vile nasty messages. It's not just me, it's several on our staff. It's the most disgusting things that people would ever say to anybody."

Beebe estimated that 2,000 messages made it to the Big 12 office in the week leading up to Nebraska's 45-17 win Friday over Colorado. He was so concerned about some of the threats that Beebe said he didn't think it was proper to send even Ed Stewart, a former Nebraska player, who works in the Big 12 office.

"It's really pretty shameful," Beebe told in an interview over the weekend. "My wife and my family weren't too thrilled with me going up there. I reviewed it with folks that I've dealt with in security before. They said, 'Hey, this is not something you want to mess with until we figure it out more.' I didn't want to do anything to take away from the great accomplishment of the Nebraska players. It's not their fault."

Beebe was in Stillwater, Okla. Saturday night for the South Division showdown between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

The commissioner said some of the negative messages, which he termed "disparaging", were directed to his daughter's Facebook page. She is a college student.

I hope Nebraska doesn't have to be told, again, this is beyond reprehensible. The negative reaction from Nebraska toward the Big 12 seemed to intensify after linebacker Eric Martin was suspended following a helmet-to-helmet hit on an Oklahoma State player in late October. Beebe stressed that he believes the messages came from only a fraction of Husker Nation. There now seems to be a lunatic fringe out there who actually believe that the Big 12 has conspired against Nebraska in its last year in the conference before going to the Big Ten. When I linked to a Beebe story on Friday and posted on my Twitter account saying that it, "made my stomach turn," some of the reactions surprised me.

At that point, I began to understand what Beebe was feeling.

We can only hope this is a very small group of delusional radicals. Beebe balanced the tradition of handing out a piece of hardware against the possibility of being harmed by one of these crackpots. I know what I'd do. He said some Nebraskans have called to apologize for the crazoids but that they're "about a one-to-200 proportion."

Nebraska fans, some of the best in the country, are now earning a dark and sinister rep, fair or not. This is two weeks in a row they have made Big 12, and national, news. A lot of us criticized Bo Pelini after his outbursts in the Texas A&M. Pelini was sincere, apologized and moved on. He didn't let the episodes ruin a sterling coaching career.

But what has happened last week indicates a chronic problem. Let's hope that Nebraska doesn't leave the Big 12 with some sort of stain. You can already foresee an awkward moment next Saturday if Nebraska wins the final Big 12 trophy. Imagine Beebe presenting the trophy to Pelini with boos cascading down from the Cowboys Stadium stands.

"I don't have any reservations about giving them the trophy," Beebe told me. "If their kids win it, they deserve it. By that time we'll sort out if there are any kind of maniacs that we have to be aware of."

Nebraska doesn’t deserve this. It is going to a conference that is noble and full of class. To this point, its program has been noble and full of class.

Beebe was asked if all this has altered his opinion of Nebraska.

"I haven't had anything but great experiences with Nebraska fans and people of Nebraska," he said. "I also know this represents a very, very small portion of a fan base that's classy."

Let's hope that while it takes those Big Ten millions in the future, Nebraska also contributes to its new conference's tradition, in the right way.

Those who don't agree with me know how to reach me. And that scares me.

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Posted on: November 29, 2010 12:40 am

Death threats in the Big 12

To all Husker fans reading this garbage: Do you want to truly get the best of the ones who would jump all over this as absolute fact?  Do you want to truly prove how classy us Husker fans really are?  How about one-upping every single Husker hater on this blog...including the sportswriter...who would stop at nothing to smear our program?  Do one thing:  ignore this article.  By reading and responding to this, you're only fueling the fire and keeping a smile on Dennis Dodd's face.  He really could care less how people on either side feel...he's only writing what he can...based upon little to no proven fact in this garner ratings.  And, I would say in this case, he's kept himself in good job security.  I realize that I'm probably being hypocritical by responding myself, but six pages of blah-blah-blah between fans of Husker Nation and those not in God's good grace are only making Dodd laugh to the bank...presuming he gets paid to be slanderous.  Ignore this clown and everyone else who would gladly smear the good name of Husker Nation out of jealousy, bitterness, whatever.....and just simply...walk away.  By the time we're in the thick of the Big Ten schedule next year, there will be nothing to say anymore.  Not to mention, within the next five years when the Big, Big 12 crumbles because of Texas greed and the other former Big 8 schools didn't have the guts...or the follow our lead and go to greater opportunity and stability (athletically AND academically!), we will be the ones smiling when that day comes.  And don't kid yourself...that day is not an's a WHEN.  


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Posted on: November 29, 2010 12:20 am

Death threats in the Big 12

As someone has followed Husker football for 40 years and considers himself a normal fan, I have to agree that any dope that is threatening anyone because of a football game should be locked up.

I also agree that Bo Pelini has anger management issues that I hope he can keep under control going forward.

Lastly, there is no doubt in my mind that the Nebraska vs Texas A&M game was fixed.  I was at the game (by the way, A&M is a great college environment and the fans were great!) and either the referrees had it out for us or the league put them up to it.  They were even worse in person than on TV.  We also had this same crew for our Texas & ISU games.

I have seen plenty of bad calls and bad referees in my day, but this is the first time that I have seen a biased group of referees.

NU vs OU in the Championship, may the best team win.

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Posted on: November 29, 2010 12:11 am

Death threats in the Big 12

Vulgarity is the result of having nothing intelligent to say.

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Posted on: November 29, 2010 12:10 am

Death threats in the Big 12

I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!   This is not a death threat.

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Posted on: November 29, 2010 12:04 am

Death threats in the Big 12

As a Nebraska fan I'm apalled at the possibility of death threats from so called Nebraska fans. If they are Nebraska fans I sincerly apoligized . The majority of Husker fans are decent people. I really feel that Mr. Beebee or his represenative would not have been in danger. One of the questions I have, is there any proof that they were Husker fans. I could send a email or post on a website and say I was a fan of a team and not be a fan of that team. I have no hard feelings for the big 12 conference.
One of the problems I have in message boards is that people can not  be civil on them. So when I read what the people  post and they badmouth each other , they are no different then the other bad fans. I say if you want to show class show it when you are discussing it on the message boards.

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Posted on: November 28, 2010 11:59 pm

Death threats in the Big 12

I was not a believer of any conspiracies, just inept and biased officiating, but after seeing beebe's final shot at a great program, it gives me pause to wonder. This seems to be a final attempt to embarass the fans and players, and is obviously motivated by Nebraska's decision to leave the Big 12. beebe should be the one apologizing.......

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Posted on: November 28, 2010 11:55 pm

Death threats in the Big 12

Those cheese fries at Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater will kill you faster than anything in Lincoln. Even if you are a corrupt commissioner. BB is the biggest twat in history.

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Posted on: November 28, 2010 11:46 pm

Crime Rate comparison

I can't find a place to put a comment, I guess they shut it down for to many threats. So I will put this on the 1st post I could get to.
 this a web site that will compare the crime rates of cities. Notice that the city that the Big 12 has chosen for the conferance title game every year has a higher crime rate than Lincoln, Nebraska. And they don't even seem to factor in Dallas. Safety Give me a Break Do you care for the safety of the fans or just your concieted self?

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Posted on: November 28, 2010 11:45 pm

Death threats in the Big 12

I dont like Dan Beebe at all. He let the Big 12 fall apart, and he is a staunch supporter of the BCS and the bowl system. But Death threats? Come on. Death to the BCS? Yeah. Death to Dan Beebe? Not quite.

He's a bad man. And while Nebraska got SCREWED vs Texas A&M on numerous bad calls by the officials, there's obviously no "conspiracy" that was conducted by Dan Beebe. I hate Dan Beebe but Nebraska fans should'nt hate him unless they hate him for the reasons I do.

Also what you have to understand is people take football seriously, like it or not, and when they feel their team has been compromised, its like they've been compromised. I lash out everyday in whatever way I can against the bowl system, but death threats are a little too much.

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Posted on: November 28, 2010 11:38 pm

Death threats in the Big 12

It seems unlikely that Dan Beebe and the Big 12 suits would conspire against Nebraska, but if you look at the evidence, it makes a reasonable person scratch his head.  It all began one year ago when the head of Big 12 officials, a Texas resident and UT grad, ordered a second be put back on the game clock giving the Longhorns a chance to kick the game winning field goal in the Big 12 championship game against Nebraska.  Whether this was the last straw prompting the University of Nebraska to accept an invitation to join the Big 10 a few months later, we're not likely to ever know. 
   What we do know is that one Big 12 officiating crew has called a disproportionate number of penalties against the Huskers and very few against their opponent.  In the games against Texas, Iowa State and Texas A&M, this crew penalized Nebraska 32 times for 293 yards while only flagging the Longhorns, Cyclones and Aggies a total of nine times for 103 yards.  The "smoking gun" was the A&M game.  Nebraska was penalized 16 times for 145 yards.  The Aggies twice for 10 yards.  A third crucial flag against A&M was picked up.
   Compare those stats with Nebraska's five conference games officiated by other crews.  Huskers:  33 penalties for 289 yards.  Opponents:  26 for 218.  If a reasonable Nebraska fan is starting to smell a rat, you can only imagine what a not so reasonable one's reaction might be.  School's have switched conferences before, but this feels different.  The four Texas schools were invited to join the Big 8 back in the mid-90s.  Slowly but surely, the balance of political power shifted from the original Big 8 schools to Texas.  And, by Texas, I mean UT. 
   It's no surprise that the conference championship game is being played in Texas...again.  While it seems fitting that those longtime Big 8 foes Nebraska and Oklahoma will meet for the title, as the schools did so many times before the formation of the Big 12 killed one of college football's greatest rivalries, the game shouldn't be played in Texas.

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