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Michigan reportedly made two offers to Miles

Posted on: January 16, 2011 5:46 pm
Edited on: January 16, 2011 11:13 pm

Congratulations Brady Hoke. Good hire Dave Brandon. But, please, don't try to sell us on this seamless Michigan coaching search. Hoke was not Plan A all along.

We now know that Hoke, Michigan's new coach, was the fourth -- maybe fifth -- choice to replace Rich Rodriguez. Just like Rich Rod himself was about the third choice to replace Lloyd Carr. (Wow, I'm beginning to think Michigan isn't that good a job. That's another argument for another time.)

The truth is that Hoke -- hired last week -- wasn't anywhere near the first choice. You probably know that but now there is tangible proof. Hoke was the Back-Up Plan -- Plan C, D or E. You know how I know? I know who was contacted. You know some of them -- Jim Harbaugh etc. I know who didn't show interest. I know who said no. I know that I'm calling B.S. on Brandon after reading this story.

According to it, Michigan offered $4.25 million per year to Les Miles, more than his LSU salary. Miles reportedly said no. Then, Michigan came back and offered more. Miles said no again. Meanwhile, Brandon, the Michigan AD, still won't admit an offer was made. Who is he trying to kid? Was that meeting with Miles an exchange of phone numbers?

Brandon: "Nice Tiger, Les. Listen, don't want to bother you, Les, but let's keep in touch. Here's my business card"

Les: "His name is Mike and, yes, let's keep in touch."

Brandon shot for the moon and ended up with an Aztec. That's OK. If Hoke was the first choice, Brandon would have announced him the day after Rich Rod was fired. That's what you do with the Plan A guy who said he would crawl to Michigan. In reality, Hoke was the girl with braces in Chem 1 who says yes to the prom after the head cheerleader says no. Not a knockout but at least a date.

There was no embarrassment factor in admitting a big offer to Miles. Brandon lost Harbaugh and Miles for legitimate reasons. There was no disgrace. In fact, it almost sounds better if Miles got two big offers. At least Wolverines everywhere know that their AD gave it the good old college try.

I know that, in the end, it was simply a bad time to hire at coach at Michigan. Hoke may win multiple national championships at Michigan. I hope he does. He's a good guy. But he wasn't Michigan's first choice. Not by a long shot.

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Michigan reportedly made two offers to Miles

It doesn't matter if Hoke was Plan ZZZZ.  Look at "that school in Ohio".  Tressel was the fourth choice.  And look at what he did after Cooper.  A very similar situatio like RR in Ann Arbor.  Good coach at the wrong school at the wrong time.  All that counts now is that respect and wins are brought back in a orderly, yet quick procession.  That was the tradition we lost under RR.  GO BLUE IN SEOUL!!!

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Posted on: January 18, 2011 10:08 am

Michigan reportedly made two offers to Miles

The reason why Michigan had so many coaches refuse them is the terrible way they handled the Rodriguez firing.  They kept him around to save some money.  The Michigan football program has suffered mightily.  It is a ghost of what it was 5 years ago.  Brandon handled the firing of Rodriguez and the search for a new head coach about a poorly as any aleged A.D. could.  Harbaugh, Pelini, Fitzgerald, and Miles were definate coaches that turned Michigan down.  Hoke had to beg like puppy wanting a treat to get the job.  Only after Michigan exhausted all of it's options did they go to plan F and bring in Hoke.  For Hoke's sake, I hope he received a decent buyout clause in his contract.

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Posted on: January 18, 2011 9:27 am

Michigan reportedly made two offers to Miles


I would have to agree, there is no cushy job as a coach in D-1 (FBS) or whatever you want to call the top level of college football.  Les Miles obviously preferred to stay at LSU than take the Michigan job.  I think that it is his right to make that decision and it is only his business why he made that decision.

As for those that are making such a big thing about Brady Hoke and if he was the first or the 72nd choice for the job.  What difference does it make?  I can understand a little bit of the negative comments regarding how Dave Brandon handled the situation, but I think the real blame there is our society.  Does the Michigan fanbase really think that if Brandon had not offered Miles that it would mean that Hoke was the first choice?

Also, the fact the Jim Harbaugh chose the '49ers over Michigan does not make the Michigan job any less appealing or desirable.  Harbaugh, like Miles chose a situation that was better for his family, staying in a community where he has been for some time and likes it.

There were many thay felt at the time that promoting Tom Osborne to head coach at Nebraska was a mistake.  People inside the program and outside of the program questioned that hire, even though none other than Bob Devaney felt like it was the best move.  Other coaches left the staff because they felt they had been overlooked.  Some fans put so much pressure on Osborne that after five seasons he nearly left the program.  Now people nationwide are judging the job that Bo Pelini is doing by what Coach Osborne was able to accomplish in the final five of his 25 seasons at Nebraska!

In other words, give Brady Hoke a chance to prove himself.  He has been part of that program, he has midwestern roots and he is committed to the University of Michigan.  Slap Brandon's hand for his comments, but then just shut up and see what Hoke can do.  If he has players turning him in for excess practice time wihtin the first year, then I would say he was a bad hire!

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Michigan reportedly made two offers to Miles


Try again, you're as much a fan of UM as I am of Bama.

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Michigan reportedly made two offers to Miles

Do we really have UM fans on here saying that this shows what kind of guy Miles is because he stayed at LSU because it is a "cushy job".  Are you kidding me, a cushy job.  I did not know there were any cushy jobs in college football, but it is cool if we really are one.  Playing in the SEC against some of the best competition in the country is cushy.  The UM poster is correct in that we have some of the best talent in the country, especially per capita, but you still have to recruit them, and Miles does a great job of that.  I guess Michigan doesn't have any football talent.  I actually thought they did, but I would think a UM fan is more of an expert than I on that subject, so I will go with not.  Miles stayed because the talent and staff at LSU is his, already built and ready to contend for another NC.  I have no doubt that he loves UM, but he has now been in Baton Rouge for six years and his family is quite comfortable.  Would you really want to uproot your family and take the kids away from their friends of six years to go home.  Is it really home when you haven't been there for over 10 years?  It seems like many UM fans have embraced Hoke, and that is best.  The others need to get on board.  Kind of like the LSU fanbase with Miles; any haters need to get on board as he is our guy.

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Michigan reportedly made two offers to Miles

Agreed, skreffty. I think a big part of the denial issue is that many want to believe that now that RR is gone, the problem is gone too. I have a bad feeling that RR was a symptom of the problem, and not the problem itself. Only time will tell.

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Posted on: January 17, 2011 2:59 pm

Michigan reportedly made two offers to Miles

For many posters on these boards, it appreas the typical response here is, "who cares", "doesn't matter", " who is the source", etc.  The "who cares" response is the one that gets me the most.  This article didn't come out of left field but rather is a follow up article to the emphatic statements made by the Michigan athletic director that Les Miles was never offered the job.  The why to care should be obvious, as it indicates that the Michigan AD is a liar, pure and simple.  I shouldn't have to state why that is important; in all future coach searches, regardless of the sport, candidates will remember that Dave Brandon is dishonest.  That takes care of the, "why it matters" as well. 

The source is impeccable as well.  Glenn Guilbeau covers SEC, and more specifically LSU football, all season.  He is also an AP writer for the region, and that is where this article is coming from.  Dodd gives the link and the source, so those complaining about him making it up are delusional, as are those attacking the source.  I understand wanting one's program to a premier program, and that is the basis for these ludicrous denials, but come on Big Blue fans, this happened.  Take a deep breath and go forward with the coach that you got.  As an LSU fan I can tell you that we wentt hrough a similiar phase in the 1990s, and that these phases (except fopr ARmy and Notre Dame) don't last forever.  But in the mean time, at least ackowldege facts as facts and try not to attack the obvious truth that the program is down.

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Michigan reportedly made two offers to Miles

Aahh, the beauty of hack em up internet journalism. Where no talent losers can write anything they want. Did anyone notice Dodd does even mention a source. But wait!!...what is that? oh yeah, that is one of those elusive things real reporters have before chicken scratching their dyslexic dribblings down on the internet. Dodd, did your magic 8 ball tell you all about this? Get a life loser, your hatred og Big 10 shines as much as your lack of your talent does.
Dude, lay off the crackpipe, he has the hyperlink to the source right in the story.  It is embedded.  One would have to be pretty stupid, or a huge homer, or a practicioner of selective reasoning, not to have noticed that.  Dodd lists a separate sentence for the link.  I guess this is what happend when education is considered to be elitist.  Sop much for critical reading much less basic skills.

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Posted on: January 17, 2011 2:43 pm

Michigan reportedly made two offers to Miles

I can't belive Dodd that you even still are classified as a journalist. Your "SOURCE" is an article written in the Detroit Free Press? You are WEAK..... I thought EVERYBODY knew that the Free Press has been on a witch hunt for anything Michigan for years... Common get some real credibility.
Actually the story was written by Glenn Guilbeau, one of the foremost sources on LSU football.  It was merely reprinted in the freepress, whatever that is.  Guilbeau is more credible than Dodd, or the Michigan papers.  This is a true story without a doubt.  I know some of you may have blinders on to that fact, but it is true.

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