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More information is good in the Iowa case

Posted on: February 3, 2011 8:25 pm
Edited on: February 4, 2011 12:26 pm
If five staffers at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics leaked information about those 13 Iowa football players, then a part of me is glad.

A big part. The part that craves information. The part that admires the bravery of sources who value information over their personal security and welfare. The part that thinks that the public good sometimes trumps secrecy.

I'm selfish that way. So was America during Watergate.

Hands off the keyboard, Iowa Fan. No one is saying this is Watergate. No one is saying those staffers leaked any information. All we know for certain is that the five are being disciplined for accessing private information. Three are being fired. Were they wrong? Absolutely. Morally and ethically. According to the wire story, some may face jail time.

But that's not my problem. I want to know what happened in Iowa City 10 days ago. I want to know it as soon as possible. That makes me a lot like the players' parents. I don't think we should have to wait 90 days while the school conducts an investigation. Yep, I'm selfish that way. 

If -- and only if -- any of those five leaked information that holds people accountable in this case, then the story has been advanced. I'm curious. We all are. There's a lot of mystery here that hasn't been addressed. Thirteen students from a state institution were somehow put in peril. Remember this: No federal laws would have been broken if first those 13 players weren't hospitalized. Think how you would feel if that was your child in the hospital with a partially functioning kidney. First, you would be concerned, afraid, stricken with dread. Then you would want to know what happened. When that information wasn't immediately available, then you would be mad.

We know at least some of the Iowa parents are mad . A story broke shortly after the hospitalizations that the 13 had been drug tested. All tested negative, according to the story. Other information has emerged too. It could be from those five. It could be from parents. It could be from a combination of the two.

I'm a consumer. I want that information. There is disconnect in this situation.  I want to know why the drills used last month had been used in the past and nothing happened, according to Kirk Ferentz. I want to hear from strength coach Chris Doyle, by all accounts one of the most admired persons in the profession. I want to know why 21 football players have died since 200 0 , all of them due to some form of overexertion. I want to know why there seems to be a culture of pushing players too hard

"The question begs to be asked, is 'What happened here and why this time?' "

That was Ferentz basically speaking for all of us on Wednesday. In this world of Twitter and blogs and breaking news, we are conditioned to having instant information. Sometimes that information makes us uncomfortable. Look what it has done already. Ferentz said Wednesday "we'll not repeat this exercise," referring to the drills that were done on Jan. 24. Thank God. 

A lot of you have lit me up on Twitter already for my stance. Understandable.  I wouldn't want my medical records released to anyone. Does that make me a hypocrite? Perhaps. Am I selfish for wanting to know more this case? Absolutely not. And all of us know more than we did 10 days ago. 

Let's not forget the root cause here: We're not having this discussion if those players hadn't gone to the hospital. 

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Posted on: February 3, 2011 9:09 pm

More information is good in the Iowa case

I am getting so sick of you hating on Iowa.  Did Iowa make a mistake?  Absolutely.  But let it go Dodd.  They have done this workout in the past and haven't had problems.  Are you selfish for wanting to know more?  Absolutely.  It doesn't have anything to do with you and if Ferentz or any of the players feel like you need to know, then they will tell you.  Just because you hate Iowa doesn't mean you have to write how many things bashing Iowa and how they did everthing wrong.  Recently, a few Missouri players were arrested for drug possession, some for more then the first time.  Where was your article bashing them?  If you are going to start dishing it out, make it for every team and every school that has problems.  You want to know why players are being pushed so hard?  Because that is what coaches need to do to produce a winning team and to keep there jobs.  No, people shouldn't be dying.  But players are being worked hard to become a winning team.  Ferentz said they are done with this exercise so shut up and move on already. 

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