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Is this it for Jim Tressel?

Posted on: March 25, 2011 12:02 pm
Edited on: March 25, 2011 5:39 pm
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Gene Smith is supposed to be here in Anaheim on Saturday. As chairman of the men's basketball committee, it is his duty to make the rounds during the NCAA tournament.

Arizona and UConn play Saturday for the right to go to the Final Four. Don't keep a seat warm for Smith. He is also Ohio State's athletic director, which makes him a bit preoccupied these days.

Friday's revelation  that Jim Tressel forwarded emails to a mentor of quarterback Terrelle Pryor might be the deal-breaker for the Buckeyes coach. Remember, these are the emails that he wouldn't share with his superiors because Tressel was worried about "privacy" issues.

Apparently the emails weren't sensitive enough to keep from a 67-year-old owner of a Jeanette, Pa., glass company. It's hard to envision Tressel lasting any longer as this coverup builds. It's only a matter of time and definition -- when the coach will leave and what it will be called. Firing? Resignation? It doesn't really matter at this point.

Here's why Friday's news is so damning: If you remember at the March 8 press conference, Tressel was asked by Yahoo! Sports' Dan Wetzel if the coach had shared the emails with anyone else. As Tressel started to say yes, Smith intervened saying that couldn't be discussed, that there was an ongoing investigation.

Reminds us once again that the cover up is always worse than the crime.

This particular situation doesn't necessarily reflect badly on Pryor or Ted Sarniak, who was well known during the quarterback's recruiting process as a mentor. It was to the point, according to a source, that recruiters were dealing with Sarniak more than his high school coach. I was in Jeanette during that recruiting process and went to interview Sarniak at his Jeanette Glass Company offices. It was unannounced because I couldn't track him down on the phone. I was never able to find him.

The school vetted the relationship between Pryor and Sarniak, according to the Columbus Dispatch .

"He's [Sarniak] not a bad guy and he's got money," a person close to Pryor told me. "I don't think he did it [mentored Pryor] for the money."

This is more about Tressel. On the surface, he not only withheld information regarding -- let's not forget -- a federal investigation from his superiors. He also went off the reservation in sharing the emails with a person outside the university. Not even a parent -- a "mentor." Let's be clear: A glass company owner in western Pennsylvania apparently knew Pryor's name had popped up during a federal investigation before Ohio State's president or athletic director.

Poor Gene Smith. His basketball team is driving for the Final Four. That Final Four is a week away and Smith is in charge of it, the NCAA's top moneymaker. But those issues probably aren't in the top five in his mental Rolodex at the moment. We'll know for sure if there is an empty seat at courtside Saturday at the Honda Center. 


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Posted on: March 28, 2011 8:10 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

     You are completely missing the point.

     Good post, although I think the Sugar Bowl will also be vacated since they ruled them eligble based on the information tOSU and the BIG10 gave them.  We know now that it was not true.


I respect coach Tressel for everything he has done for the university, for the way he has run the program and for what he has done for the community.  If he had just reported the e-mail to the compliance department, as required, we would not be here. 

The NCAA took a public relations beating for allowing the 5 to play and were pretty pissed at the inference to favortism, worrying about the money and TV ratings.  Now they find out that tOSU was not truthful, this could get ugly real quick.  I am worried and the fact that the tOSU president and Athletic Director are standing behind Tressel worries me that there is still more to the story.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 7:59 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

I'm shocked AJFSports has yet to answer the two simple questions I asked him about St. Cecilia's and meeting Ed Martin.  LMAO  I guess OSU fans are right -- Tressel does make an impression on everyone around him.  Even the fans (like ajfsports) are deciding to lie to make themself sound better.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 7:25 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?


Well in the truest psychological sense of the word your are correct, I have used it incorrectly.  But in the more modern conversationlist mode as used in the prior post, I think I used it exactly as I intended, as showing any decision to fire Coach Tressel based on the information we currently have as stupid in the extreme (hence the use of the word moronic). 

I admit he lied.  I also admit that lying to a superior in most (if not every) other real world situation is a quick way to ensure you will be shown the door very quickly.  But come on now, the world of big time college football is about as disconnected from the real world as one can get.  Remember that this is a world where a children's game is played and players receive a value for playing (far ranging depending on the school but a 4 year college education at some schools can easily top $100,000), coaches receive millions, stadiums seat in excess of 100,000, athletic departments rake in 10's of millions, networks probably make into the 100's of millions, deals are made in the shadows, rules are broken and cover ups are a way of life.  As such the punishment should in fact fit the crime. 

So what happened, some kids sold come crap they didn't want for something they did want.  Happens on and off college campus' around the nation daily.  Difference here, these kids play football for OSU.  Lop of their heads I say!  Did they break the rules, yes they did but is it a rule that should exist anyway?  You decide. 

The coach wanting to protect his players, his team and his multi-million dollar contract covers it up.  He had his players back.  Frankly I'd expect the coach to have my back if I committed to playing for him and if I was a parent I would expect that coach to have my kid's back, WITHIN LIMITs.  Do not miss this (though so many of you will).  I am not saying it should be carte blanche but I expect the coach to exercise judgement when faced with any situation involving my kid and to have my kid's best interest in mind especially a kid with multimillion dollar potential in the form of an NFL contract which is why I in part entrusted said coach with my kid to begin with.  Say what you want, but remember this isn't the real world, it is the world of big time college athletics.  If the kid was out doing crack, committing armed robbery, or harming other human beings I would expect the hammer to be dropped.  Not busted for selling crap they didn't want (crap that isn't deemed illegal by society).

I realize at best this is morally gray, but friends isn't the WHOLE make up of college football morally gray?  Should we have rulebooks so long that NOBODY can know all the rules and entire departments must be created to ensure rules are followed.  Should we have coaches making 3.5 million dollars per year while universities are raising tuitions or cutting back on programs, should we have a bowl system where only a few universities or conferences can reasonably expect to drag in 10's of millions of dollars annually?  When you consider what has taken place in this specific case when placed next within the morality tale that is college football you soon begin to see that yes, the suggestion to fire Jim Tressel is moronic (translation: utterly stupid). 

Now if you want to say it because you hate Ohio State, the Big Ten, or Scarlet and Gray fine.  But to hang your hat on some sense of right and that argument goes out the window when you cheer ANY big time college football program.  If we are gonna clean up the sport, fine start with Jim Tressel and the Ohio State Buckeyes, but lets not stop there, the very next place the microscope should probably fall on is the NCAA itself.  From there every single NCAA program that fields a football team. 

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 7:19 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

What is up with you people?  Get off Holtz - a genuine gentleman, motivator and lover of college football and the fans he pleases as he coached their team.  Man, ya'll sure want to claim he's from ohio when it suits and throw him under the bus when you can't face the fact that your coach, staff and team are liars and cheaters.  Your schedule is so lame that without the 5 and the vest you might still win - with all your cheatin' ways and  all players playing and the vest coaching - you'd be hard pressed to survive a REAL conference schedule!  ie:  SEC  Ya'll make me laugh - Thanks!.......   GO GAMECOCKS!!!!!

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 6:58 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

Bigbuckfan1, I respect your position on this and will reply to you with the same non abusive way you posted. I will try to answer your questions for you as it seems you may be mistaken on a few things.
    In April of last year when he got his emails detailing the situation with his players he was contractually bound by the school to notify them and the compliance department of the possibility that some players were involved in wrong doing. By not doing this he was in error but not yet in trouble with the NCAA. He should have begun an internal investigation or atleast confronted the students involved, but there has ben no mention of this anywhere in any interviews done with the school or Tressell. Now to move on a bit, Prior to the football season each coach in the NCAA has to sign a compliance letter/report that states the school and the coaches agree that there is no violations to NCAA rules that they are aware of. When he signed this it was two fold. He lied to the NCAA because he knew of violations he should have reported(major violation) and he made the players ineligible as of the time he signed it knowing they were in violation. For evidence on how quickly the NCAA moves in cases like this(Memorabilia sales) see the A.J. Green case and the Marcel Dareus case from last season. Each missed a few games for similar cases, so Tressell made a mountain out of a mole hill in this case. So now we are seeing him play ineligible players for an entire season(major violation) and then making a big deal out of what the NCAA does prior to the bowl game in December. So you can see that while you feel it would not be that big a deal the way you explained it, there is more that you maybe did not know. I am not one that is calling for Tressell to be fired as I feel he led them into the abyss, he needs to lead them out no matter how long or hard it may be. I think a fitting punishment would be for the NCAA to punish him with a one year suspension without pay, forfeiture of all games the players played in last season minus the bowl game(the NCAA had cleared them) a one season bowl ban to make up for getting the one last season with ineligible players. Probation for 3 years as this seems to be the norm for all ineligible player situations and loss of a few scholarships for two seasons. Sometimes the punishment does not fit the crime, but needs to be stiffer due to the player involved. Osu has one of the largest compliance departments in the country and is one of the top schools in the NCAA, they need to be taught no one is above the law.
    The isssue has moved beyond the kids and now rests solely on Tressell and his misguided deeds. For proof on how the NCAA is taking this look at the appeal of the players suspensions. Precedent was set last year in the Green case for 4 game suspension and repaying the money they made, but the NCAA denied your appeal, which tells me they may be loading the guns to come in and do some heavy damage and send a message.
   I hope you take this as I intended and not in a negative manner.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 6:01 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

Come on IowaSUCKS, what are you, 12?  First off, you can really only speak for yourself.  You clearly have no clue as to what "most of us are trying to say".  We can all speak for ourselves.  To say that this event is "so last year" shows that you are really in way over your head when it comes to real issues.  You may not know this, but crime prevention is not an NCAA issue.  If four Auburn players go on a crime spree, it is absolutely no business of the NCAA.  They are primarily concerned with eligibility issues.  If you spent more time understanding sports and less time fueling your inferiority complex, you may know this.  JT covered up multiple NCAA violations committed by his players, and the NCAA has not ruled on this yet, so you really can't put it behind you as it is still ongoing.  Once the NCAA rules, I suspect there will be an appeal, and still, we will not be able to put it behind us.  This is very similar to the USC issue.  When the big boys get into trouble, it gets everyone's attention.  Just like the USC situation, this is far from over. 

Plus, I am not sure what else you want the site to cover.  They could cover spring ball, but as soon as some school puts 13 people in the hospital, the focus would change to that school, and if they were in the Big Ten, that would cause you to lose your mind even more.  Maybe there is a Big Ten only site where only nice things are said about the 11/12 schools in the Big 10.  You may want to find that one because from what I can tell, this site only upsets you, and I hate to see that.  Have a nice day, and learn to relax.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 5:50 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

you osu guy's are something else, Dodd is not the guy that pulled all of this cover up crap,  tressel the one that pulled this stunt, how is Dodd leading the lynch mob? the guy is just posting what is going on.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 5:23 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

what most of us are trying to say is ....its not doyelie or dodds choice to fire anybody. he wanted to fire kirk ferentz with absolutely no proof of anything. JUST FIRE HIM to boost their egos. they just want to fire A big ten coach. any big ten coach.  its not about what tressel did its about taking a story that happened MONTHS or pretty soon years ago and still putting it at the forefront.  its SO LAST YEAR.  in the meantime we have many other cheating coaches whose players have committed crimes and there is nary a comment among them.  im not saying what tressel did is right but all these comments of acting like what he did tops 4 players robbing somebody at gunpoint being  nonstory is ridiculous. can YOU IMAGINE IF an iowa player did that?? OMG he would want the school to get the death penalty. but its just auburn so its a nonstory. just like scam. nonstory to them. 
its up to ohio state to do what they want with the garage sale deliema. seriously this now borders on beyond ridiculous of it still being on the front page of this idiots sites college football page. 
keep pretending the entire suc and their suspensions and crimes are no big deal and this is so earth shattering we have to have it up until the new year rolls around again. doyelie and dudd are NOT college football commissioners. they arent even writers. they only pretend their are experts when in fact they couldnt predict a 1 game out of 10 IN ANY SPORT by proof of the very thing they do...cover sports.
i could care less what happens to tressel but this borders on insanity of still being a discussion. can we please get this crap off the college football page and cover what is happening now and not what happened in 2010?

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 5:17 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

With all due respect to Dennis the lynch-mob leader Dodd, did he even once contemplate that Tressel might have forwarded the e-mails on to Pryor's mentor in an effort to investigate the situation?  Tressel was asked to keep this confidential by the attorney who sent it to him.  Could it be possible that Tressel decided this was his most discrete option to verify what was going on?  You might ask why Tressel went to the mentor and not the parents?  If Pryor confides in the mentor, the mentor might get a straight up answer from the kid.  Parents don't always get that from their kids, and judging by some of the stuff that went on during the recruiting process...well, let's just say that discretion might not be Pryor's parents' strongest suit. 

For those that say Tressel was deliberately trying to bury this in hopes that it would all blow over, that is a distict possibility.  However, it is also very possible that Tressel was investigating this issue, and waiting until the appropriate time to self report (ie after the federal investigation was concluded).  Ultimately, OSU did self-report the issue upon the conclusion of the federal investigation of the tattoo parlor owner.  Also keep in mind that OSU & Tressel have self-reported worse violations than this, so it is no stretch that this may have been Tressel's plan. It is up to the NCAA to decide whether Tressel was lying or merely waiting for the facts to be proven.

In the mean time, we get to enjoy sawed-off little hacks like Dodd looking to bring a good man down.  Why?  Because it is a feather in his cap to help bring down a big name coach.  Objectivity be damned, because Dennis figures he can make a name for himself by leading the lynch mob. 

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 5:04 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

He lied, More than once, he cheated = Fired !!! At the University of Florida back in the 80's we got probation and weren't allowed in bowl games for far less.

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