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Is this it for Jim Tressel?

Posted on: March 25, 2011 12:02 pm
Edited on: March 25, 2011 5:39 pm
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Gene Smith is supposed to be here in Anaheim on Saturday. As chairman of the men's basketball committee, it is his duty to make the rounds during the NCAA tournament.

Arizona and UConn play Saturday for the right to go to the Final Four. Don't keep a seat warm for Smith. He is also Ohio State's athletic director, which makes him a bit preoccupied these days.

Friday's revelation  that Jim Tressel forwarded emails to a mentor of quarterback Terrelle Pryor might be the deal-breaker for the Buckeyes coach. Remember, these are the emails that he wouldn't share with his superiors because Tressel was worried about "privacy" issues.

Apparently the emails weren't sensitive enough to keep from a 67-year-old owner of a Jeanette, Pa., glass company. It's hard to envision Tressel lasting any longer as this coverup builds. It's only a matter of time and definition -- when the coach will leave and what it will be called. Firing? Resignation? It doesn't really matter at this point.

Here's why Friday's news is so damning: If you remember at the March 8 press conference, Tressel was asked by Yahoo! Sports' Dan Wetzel if the coach had shared the emails with anyone else. As Tressel started to say yes, Smith intervened saying that couldn't be discussed, that there was an ongoing investigation.

Reminds us once again that the cover up is always worse than the crime.

This particular situation doesn't necessarily reflect badly on Pryor or Ted Sarniak, who was well known during the quarterback's recruiting process as a mentor. It was to the point, according to a source, that recruiters were dealing with Sarniak more than his high school coach. I was in Jeanette during that recruiting process and went to interview Sarniak at his Jeanette Glass Company offices. It was unannounced because I couldn't track him down on the phone. I was never able to find him.

The school vetted the relationship between Pryor and Sarniak, according to the Columbus Dispatch .

"He's [Sarniak] not a bad guy and he's got money," a person close to Pryor told me. "I don't think he did it [mentored Pryor] for the money."

This is more about Tressel. On the surface, he not only withheld information regarding -- let's not forget -- a federal investigation from his superiors. He also went off the reservation in sharing the emails with a person outside the university. Not even a parent -- a "mentor." Let's be clear: A glass company owner in western Pennsylvania apparently knew Pryor's name had popped up during a federal investigation before Ohio State's president or athletic director.

Poor Gene Smith. His basketball team is driving for the Final Four. That Final Four is a week away and Smith is in charge of it, the NCAA's top moneymaker. But those issues probably aren't in the top five in his mental Rolodex at the moment. We'll know for sure if there is an empty seat at courtside Saturday at the Honda Center. 


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Posted on: March 27, 2011 11:59 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

Hopefully the Ohio State players will be smart enough to commit felonies next time so the debate about how serious the crime was can be skipped.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 10:31 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

As you indicate in your column. Smith stopped an apparently willing Tressel from answering the question. Smith and Gee already knew of this before they decided on the punishment. So, while you would like to make it "breaking news", it was already part of their their decision making process. I do not expect OSU to expand their recommended punishment because of this revelation to the public. The NCAA is another question.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 9:13 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

Even if Tressel--and Smith--are fired, the beauty of the NCAA is that there's always another cesspool (er, university) waiting to hire a scumbag (er, educator) to coach its business operation (er, co-curricular activity): Big-Time College Sports is a slaveocracy run for greedy profit, nothing more.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 7:19 pm

Smith should go too

Smith and Tressell have both embarrassed Ohio State. What was done was every bit if not worse than what Bruce Pearl did at Tennessee. Smith has been a laughing stock at the way he handled the NCAA Selection Committee, and was justly blasted for it by all of the TV talking heads. It was so bad fortunately it will probably make the selection process changed. As for Tressell and Smith's involvement there, oh my. Everything that school does now with those two on board will be questioned. The board at Ohio State should clean house and try to regain some dignity there.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 6:49 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

one other thing since you dont want to answer his questions.

if you knew the answer to his question which you should SINCE the parking lot is the locker room, the clubhouse, and also where everyone kicks it before and after the games. alot of joking and fun. if you go there you know to leave the violence back in your hood.

also if you entered the building you would of known who let you in. and he HAD to know you, UNLESS you were with someone, THEN you would get to meet him. they knew everyone who entered that building.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 6:42 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

Ohio State has no choice, they must fire Tressel.  OSU is my favorite Big10 team and I always pull for them everytime I see them on TV.

First, the rule the 5 players broke is not a small thing. It was put in place to keep boosters from funneling money to players.  Every D1 player agrees to the rules when they take the scholarship.  The troubling thing is that 5 players broke the same rule at the same place.  The loaner cars also worry me.  I agree players need to be paid; but, that doesn't mean the players aren't punished for breaking a rule they agreed too.  AJ Green from Georgia got nailed for selling a single jersey.

Anyway, Tressel needs to either resign or OSU has to fire him.  He hung the BIG10 comissioner, the OSU president and Athletic Director out to dry.  They made the argument to the NCAA that they just found out and the other players shouldn't be punished.  The NCAA took a beating for letting the 5 play in the Sugar Bowl.

We are looking at forfeiting all of our games last season, including the Sugar Bowl win, because the players would have been ruled ineligible for at least 3 to 5 games had Tressel reported the infraction when he found out.  This season will always have an asterick next to it and that is Tressel's fault.  He broke his contract and hung us out to dry.

There is a good article in SI about this.  If anyone still wants to defend Tressel, go ahead.  We are only asking for a bigger beating fromm the NCAA, which already had some egg on their face from the decision to allow them to play in the Sugar Bowl.  The NCAA got accused of favortism, only thinking about the money and TV ratings.  If we thought the 5 game suspension for the players was bad, Tressel being here when the NCAA makes their decision will be ugly.

Tressel is to blame.

E-mails from a former Buckeye to Tressel last spring alerted the coach to a Columbus tattoo parlor that was trading cash and tattoos to at least two players -- a clear violation of NCAA rules. According to Ohio State, Tressel notified neither his superiors nor the NCAA. In September, Tressel signed an NCAA form indicating he knew of no violations of NCAA rules. In December, when NCAA investigators came to Columbus to investigate Ohio State players' relationship with the tattoo parlor, after the school was tipped off by federal authorities, Tressel never mentioned that he knew what was going on. The story got even messier Friday when The Columbus Dispatch reported that Tressel forwarded the information to Ted Sarniak, the 67-year-old owner of a Jeanette, Pa., glass factory and a "mentor" of Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor, one of six players found to have traded memorabilia for cash and/or tattoos at Fine Line Ink in Columbus.

Those three acts -- 1) the forwarding of the information to someone other than his bosses or the NCAA, 2) the signing of the form and 3) the failure to divulge his knowledge of the arrangement in December -- are likely to draw the ire of the Committee on Infractions. In essence, Tressel will stand accused of knowingly playing ineligible players and then hiding that ineligibility from the NCAA.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 6:29 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

i agree miked. he told us his whole life story BUT he didnt answer the 2 questions you asked.

"There is room for one team...sorry not 5"

sorry im just not buying it. you played your heart out and gave your all for a team, BUT you like a different program because you CLAIM you know the coach? just not buying it. sorry. i mean c'mon if tom izzo lived in a hotel ALL of E lansing would know about it also. so knowing that about him proves just what?

"He was on an official recruiting visit to UM was he not?? If hes on a visit and he is breaking recruiting rules then he is complicit in violating NCAA policy. Just as much as he would be if he took money prior to arriving on campus...with all the money Ed Martin was throwing around do you think any potential recruits for UM got any??."

1. if he took money and broke the NCAA rules he probably wouldnt had been eligible for his freshman season.
2. if HE broke any rules, why did he not get in trouble from the NCAA?
3. so dont try and compare the two things. you pointed out cleaves (my avatar) was involved with cheating. he was more like "the jerseys and cleats" YOUR players were selling. the jersey's and cleats broke no rules, they were just innocently involved, as cleaves was. if you have proof of cleaves being punished for the crime id like to see.

"Sorry I was watching UCLA /USC game plays on Fox Sport West here in Vegas....Ben Howland on the brain"

bwahahahahahahahahaha sorry not buying it. you said "CLOSE FAMILY FRIEND". there is NO WAY i would get a close family friends name mixed up with someone totally different. next thing you know, you will be telling us ben howland was your mentor. oh snap i just called my wife roy williams. dam was watching the game and she asked me a question and i had roy williams on the brain and i answered yes roy williams. smdh! this chit keeps getting higher and higher. but i already knew you would answer back something like that. still laughing at that. i guess i get tom izzo and tom cable mixed up all the time on sundays in the fall. lol@ ben howland on the why?

"Look it up my freind when Flip was at Tulsa, when Tubby came in and Tom Izzo being there for a short time. Hell you can even look up when Rick Majerus was at Utah....Should I tell you that he lived at the Marriott hotel in Salt Lake within walking distance to the Huntsman center and didnt even own a house??....the more you try to refute it the sillier you seems like Ive spent an AWFUL lot of time concocting some sort of story to make myself look cooler on CBS lol...."

thats exactly what i think YOU did! look up things on wikipedia. thats why your not answering miked's question. you cant find that answer nowhere on the internet. i look silly? your on the internet with your life story, THAT keeps getting more and more bigger. every post we find you did something else. you sure maybe you didnt play in the CBA or something. over seas? thats what you do sit on here, trying to make yourself seem way cooler than you really are. just funny on an earlier post you had like 6 college basketball coaches who you respected, YET ben BRAUN was nowhere on the list EVEN though he let you play with his team, AND he was a family friend. WOW!

im STILL calling BS!

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 5:47 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

The answer YES!  Let's see you are the coach of a D-1 school.  You should know the rules.  You should forward this email on to your complience officer, your president and the NCAA.  Then start an internal investigation.  Talked to the players.  Suspend the students during the season and/or the bowl game, because they did break the rules.  That's what he should have done.  But no he sends it to a person who mentored Prior.  Why? No idea.  Let's them play in the bowl game, because they promise to come back and face their punishment, a little too late for my liking.  When the word gets out you get a two game suspension versus two teams you should beat in your sleep.  Then there is an outcry and you say "Oh I should be suspended as long as the players."  No sir, you should lose your job.  You lied, you cheated, and did things to win at any cost.  I would like to see THE Ohio State return the money from the Sugar Bowl, send the trophy to Arkansas and give up every win from this past year.  But they won't.  They enjoyed the run.  The President of the University and Tressel both need to step down.  They have made a mockery of the NCAA and have no business shaping the future of this country.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 5:45 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

I see many fans defending Ohio State and Tressel by insisting that they do not cheat.  That's beyond the point.  It's go to a police station and falsified some crime committed vs you.  Did you cheat?  No.  Would you get into big trouble?  Sure you would, esp. when you are already caught lying and still lie about other related things.  That sure would get the cops flaming, no?
NCAA are not an organization of angels.  They operate much like cops who have way too much power.  They will not get Tressel fired.  The media will.
Tressel is as good as done.  It's a matter of time.  After all, tOSU is not a pure football school (even many would bash tOSU's academics).  if AD isn't doing the right things to protect the university's name, you don't think the same AD may sink with the coach too?

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 5:12 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

It's over, only a matter of time Luca Brasi and Tressel sleep with the fishes.

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