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Is this it for Jim Tressel?

Posted on: March 25, 2011 12:02 pm
Edited on: March 25, 2011 5:39 pm
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Gene Smith is supposed to be here in Anaheim on Saturday. As chairman of the men's basketball committee, it is his duty to make the rounds during the NCAA tournament.

Arizona and UConn play Saturday for the right to go to the Final Four. Don't keep a seat warm for Smith. He is also Ohio State's athletic director, which makes him a bit preoccupied these days.

Friday's revelation  that Jim Tressel forwarded emails to a mentor of quarterback Terrelle Pryor might be the deal-breaker for the Buckeyes coach. Remember, these are the emails that he wouldn't share with his superiors because Tressel was worried about "privacy" issues.

Apparently the emails weren't sensitive enough to keep from a 67-year-old owner of a Jeanette, Pa., glass company. It's hard to envision Tressel lasting any longer as this coverup builds. It's only a matter of time and definition -- when the coach will leave and what it will be called. Firing? Resignation? It doesn't really matter at this point.

Here's why Friday's news is so damning: If you remember at the March 8 press conference, Tressel was asked by Yahoo! Sports' Dan Wetzel if the coach had shared the emails with anyone else. As Tressel started to say yes, Smith intervened saying that couldn't be discussed, that there was an ongoing investigation.

Reminds us once again that the cover up is always worse than the crime.

This particular situation doesn't necessarily reflect badly on Pryor or Ted Sarniak, who was well known during the quarterback's recruiting process as a mentor. It was to the point, according to a source, that recruiters were dealing with Sarniak more than his high school coach. I was in Jeanette during that recruiting process and went to interview Sarniak at his Jeanette Glass Company offices. It was unannounced because I couldn't track him down on the phone. I was never able to find him.

The school vetted the relationship between Pryor and Sarniak, according to the Columbus Dispatch .

"He's [Sarniak] not a bad guy and he's got money," a person close to Pryor told me. "I don't think he did it [mentored Pryor] for the money."

This is more about Tressel. On the surface, he not only withheld information regarding -- let's not forget -- a federal investigation from his superiors. He also went off the reservation in sharing the emails with a person outside the university. Not even a parent -- a "mentor." Let's be clear: A glass company owner in western Pennsylvania apparently knew Pryor's name had popped up during a federal investigation before Ohio State's president or athletic director.

Poor Gene Smith. His basketball team is driving for the Final Four. That Final Four is a week away and Smith is in charge of it, the NCAA's top moneymaker. But those issues probably aren't in the top five in his mental Rolodex at the moment. We'll know for sure if there is an empty seat at courtside Saturday at the Honda Center. 


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Posted on: March 27, 2011 4:45 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

What to me started out as a pretty silly rules violation about players not being allowed to sell what many of us would consider our own property has now turned into a MORAL issue. Tressel covered up. Lied. That is too serious to brush under the carpet. The sooner he resigns the sooner light can be shed on a myriad of other moral issues abounding in college football. Here's a breakdown of some of those and where Tressel's situation fits. (It's also pretty funny):

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 3:23 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?


i'm still waiting on your answers to those questions.  you can shut me up by answering those.  since you have yet to do so -- i'm quite positive you have never been to St. Cecilia's or met Ed Martin, and you basically took info you watched on the fab five documentary and spun it into your own life.  LOL

at least Tressel is grooming the fan base to lie just like him.  LOL

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 2:11 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

Ohio State did not cheat.

Wrong. Tressell had to sign a letter on compliance to start the season last year at which time the violators be knew about became ineligible(according to NCAA rules) he played these players for antire season. This is a major violation and thus considered CHEATING.
So there is one myth you have in your head debunked for you right off the bat. OSU is in violation of several major violations and will be put on probation and possibly bowl bans and loss of scholarships. The precedent has been set in past cases for other schools, look it up if you want to be right.

But the fact of the matter is, this issue is far less serious that the pro-SEC media thinks

Or could you just be looking at it with rose-colored glasses and not seeing the truth of what has actually happened and the seriousness of it all. Why would we, as another conference, be excited about a team we clearly beat more times than not in bowl games getting into trouble? We would not, we just see the picture more clearly than you because we have no bias one way or another.

On top of that, there is a little matter the media is aware of but willfully ignoring. The fact that the lawyer who contacted the Vest very likely violated Federal law and possibly Ohio law (at the very least, ethical conduct policy for lawyers admitted to the bar)

And this matters how to the overall scheme of what OSU did? Now before you speak, realize to use the argument that Tressell did not inform anyone else due to the investigation by the feds would have to include even informing Sarniak. He clearly sent the emails on to him so he informed atleast one person, why not the school and the NCAA. Sounds fishy to me and I am not the only one without rose-colored glasses who sees it this way. What the lawyer did does not in any way divert anything that Tressell did once he got the emails. Bad argument to use.

Alabama and Auburn are currently under investigation and will very likely end up back on suspension and have their titles and wins stripped for real violations including cheating, lying and knowingly playing illegible players.

Please show proof of this with an NCAA letter in inquiry to either school. In fact show me anything that says this is so. I wont divert the obvious Cam siituation as it is still being looked at to anyones knowledge, but it is not proven to this piint nor has the NCAA sent a letter to them stating they are under investigation for this case. Saban on the other had runs a very clean program because he knoew the NCAA is looking for anything they can get on us. Funny fact here for you. The big 10 leads all conferences with major violations during the span 2000-2010 in all sports but yet the SEC is supposed to be the cheaters. Pot meet kettle. i will wait on your proof as I am sure the NCAA would love to have it also.

And by the way, I am no Ohio State fan. And you are way out of your league here.

I dont think that we have seen this to be true based on your current level of being proved wrong on every issue you posted. I am glad you feel that you have the inside scoop, but burden of proof is on you at this point as I did not make outlandish claims that Bama and Auburn are under investigation for violations. Show proof or be wrong yet again.I also showed you how Tressell did commit violations and players were played that were ineligible. Only time will tell what will take place, but for the NCAA to overlook anything that has happened would be opening the door for every school to commit the same act and get away with it. They wont let that happen, you can bank on it. 

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 1:40 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

For those of you too lazy to read the article, I'll summarize it for you:  Nothing new happened.  Tressel is being punished the same.  He won't lose his job.  Oh yeah, and some media-type is trying to create a news story.  Big surprise.  Go on about your business; nothing to see here.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 12:50 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

Wow Tide fan, the truth hurts doesn't it? Here are the facts. Ohio State did not cheat. Here is a quick rundown. Players took extra benifits and are being punished. Tressel did not convey the information to the school and attempted to handle matters behind closed doors. Extra benefits stopped upon his involvement. If you call that cheating, you are functionally retarted. Now, I never said that Tressel not sending the info to the powers that be wasn't a violation of rule because it is. And he should be punished for it. But the fact of the matter is, this issue is far less serious that the pro-SEC media thinks.

On top of that, there is a little matter the media is aware of but willfully ignoring. The fact that the lawyer who contacted the Vest very likely violated Federal law and possibly Ohio law (at the very least, ethical conduct policy for lawyers admitted to the bar). If this were the case, and we have every reason to believe it is, Tressel would have violated the same law by informing the powers that be at Ohio State. Now Tressel is not off the hook because he obviously didn't punish the violators but you discription of the events are a pretty pathetic attempt to deflect and draw attention away from the substance of my post. Alabama and Auburn are currently under investigation and will very likely end up back on suspension and have their titles and wins stripped for real violations including cheating, lying and knowingly playing illegible players. Notice how CBS is no longer covering  those cases? Notice how they are making much ado about nothing regarding Ohio State's non-violations (violations were individual not team or institutional). Did you happen to miss the point I made that Tressel did violate NCAA rule and that he should resign?

And by the way, I am no Ohio State fan. And you are way out of your league here.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 12:44 pm

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

The Travesty here is the NCAA. Student athletes generate the money. They are the prostitutes of the NCAA. Granted they are receiving a free education, but they are being pimped. I saw a commericial while watching the tournament that said the NCAA makes over two billion per year. The sad thing is that it is illegal for a school, to purchase a plane ticket and hotel room for a student-athlete parents and/or legal gaurdian, to come see their child play, in the NCAA Tournament, but the NCAA officials, corporate sponsors and so on are all there. College sports are a business. Shouldn't labor laws apply? They sould be compensated for their efforts. I played Division 1 football, and my father told me that if I didn't graduate, I was nothing more than a whore, who was used and got nothing for of it. If the NCAA is so concerned about student-athletes getting their degrees, why do sports last more than one semester? A sport should be contained to one semester. The student-athlete should go to school the other two, with nothing to focus on other than academics. That will not happen because the NCAA would lose too much revenue, and the product would not be as appealing. The NCAA are the cheats!!! Keep Jim Tressell, he did nothing wrong other than try to protect his players. EVERY program has violations, you just have to look. So don't tick off the NCAA or they will! Go look at the parking lot and see what kind of cars the players are driving, they can't have a summer job because there are workouts, and training. To the NCAA, you shit your friends, I'll shit mine, let's not sit here and shit one another.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 12:10 pm

I'd rather see Dennis Dodd fired than Tressel

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 11:53 am

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

KJ.s argument...The SEC is a bigger cheater than we are and every team has worse violations than we do.
   What KJ is really saying... My team got caught so to divert attention from them I am going to blame someone else for what I feel(my opinion) is wrong they are doing. Fault with his logic is that when the SEC is cheating, they get caught and pay for it. See all the teams in the past years that Have been on probation for cheating. We even have one that got slammed for infractions even though the NCAA never tied that person to the University or coaching staff in any way except for he was a booster. University was proven to be clean of wrong doing due to no ties and yet they still get probation.So here is a dose of reality for you KJ... OSU is cheating, they got caught and now they must pay. In your argument you think that if OSU is cheating the SEC should be punished because in your opinion they are cheating more. Burden of proof is in your court now, so put up or shut up. I want to see this amazing revelation that even the NCAA has not found on any school currently in the SEC other than Tennessee(which has been widely known for a time) that is cheating. Remember I will need you to show proof,not opinion. See public opinion is that the SEC is the biggest cheating conference in the NCAA, but opinion is wrong and has proof to back up who is. In fact if you had read all the posts in this thread you would know that the Big 10 is leading all conferences in cheating during the past 10 years in all sports. So dont think your precious school is above cheating when they look to be the ring leader at this point with such a major coverup in progress. Enjoy the shame you must obviously feel to be no better than the likes of the cheating SEC, now if you guys can get your conference to go on a tear and win five titles in a row the trasformation will be complete. Dont look for that last one to happen though, not very likely.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 11:21 am

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

If you want to clean house why not start at the top with Gordon Gee who likes to stick his foot in his mouth and oversees the OSU cash machine. When you make a statement like I hope Tressel doesnt fire me it shows that the corrupt program now is running the entire university.

What credability the university had has been damaged greatly. If you hold on to all involved the program shows itself as nothing more than a factory which lacks institutional control. To salvage what little reputation the school has its time for heads to roll and that starts at the top with the so called President Gee. Next, have your new sheriff come in and clean house starting with Tressel and the AD. This puts OSU back on the path which it claims it has been on all along.

The school can decide to hold on to all implicated in these sad state of affairs but in this day and age of 24-7 news cycle, the net, and social media, the program and university will never hear the end of it from outraged fans that follow the sport or those that have seen their degrees tarnished as coming from a football factory where anything goes.

The ball is in the court of the OSU board they have the power to change course or allow the reputation of the university to be drug through the mud on a daily basis. The longer this goes on it will only get worse for the school as more will report on the topic and more will come forword with additional embarrassing allegations.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 9:43 am

Is this it for Jim Tressel?

Gene Smith and Ohio State would be crazy to keep this guy on.  Why subject your school to continous scrutiny by the NCAA after Ohio State serves what now will probably be some heavy sanctions?  Everyone knows htat Tressel ran a dirty program, from Clarette to Prior.  The NCAA is going to come down hard on him.  He is looking at at least a one year suspension.  Ohio State is also looking at loss of scholarshiups, and most likely the loss of at least one bowl game.  When USC was hit with these sanctions, they immediately dumped Mike Garret, their A.D.  Pete Carrol had already moved on.  They also rid themselves of any coaches that may have had prior knowledge of this situation.  This is what Ohio State has to do to attmept to mitigate the situation.  Self imposed penalties will not work, when they are that soft.  It is time for Ohio State to rid themselves of Tressel.  Dumping Gene Smith would also be a very good idea.  Whio knows when he really found out all about this.  Ohio State fans are among the most stuck up in the nation, but even most of them can see the handwriting on the wall.  Tressel is a cheater, and must go.

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