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Big 12 to announce new TV deal

Posted on: April 13, 2011 2:21 pm
Edited on: April 13, 2011 3:37 pm
The Big 12 is expected to announce a deal with Fox this afternoon for the reconstituted league's secondary television rights. The league has scheduled a 4 pm ET conference call with commissioner Dan Beebe.

The 13-to-15-year deal is expected to approach $90 million annually. It would be worth more than $1 billion in total. ESPN/ABC still hold primary basketball and football rights through 2015-16. 

The latest announcement is the upshot of Texas keeping the league together last summer after turning down an offer to join the Pac-10. The new number is expected to a be 350 percent increase in the current rights fees paid by Fox despite the loss of Nebraska and Colorado. 

Texas turned down the Pac-10 offer after Fox and ESPN, according to reports, promised rights fees that in the end could be worth $20 million per school per year. Fox reportedly promised a significant increase while ESPN said it would continue its current payouts to the Big 12 despite the loss of Nebraska and Colorado.

The average fan might wonder where the money is coming from. Ultimately, it will come from them in their cable bill. Sports is seen as the ultimate reality show. Because results are immediately available, sports are unlikely to be DVRed which is attractive to advertisers. The ACC doubled its takes in its latest deal with ESPN. Fox finished a close second in that deal. The money left over may be going to the Big 12. There are reports that the new Pac 12 deal may approach the annual take of the SEC and Big Ten. Each of those schools receive a reported $22.2 million per year in rights fees. 

The Big 12 broadcast "footprint" represents approximately 16 percent of the nation's TV households. It was worth it for ESPN and Fox to keep the league alive. The alternative could have meant the loss to two BCS leagues for both networks. The Big 12 would have ceased to exist while the new Pac 12 is, as speculated, going out for bid on the open market. 

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Posted on: April 14, 2011 3:45 pm

Big 12 to announce new TV deal

the B--12's ESPN/ABC deal is only about 60 million. please stop making up stuff. until 2015-2016 the B-12 will get 15 mil per ( tho they will not spread it out that way). The B1G will get 220mil or about 18 mil per team plus the BTN money which is between 4 and 5 million now and unlike this 13 year deal they make more and more money every year. Add to that the 25 mil from FOX for the CCG. and don't for get the B1G's tv deal with ESPN/ABC is up in 2016. I wonder who will get more money? heehee.

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Posted on: April 14, 2011 1:30 pm

Big 12 to announce new TV deal


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Big 12 to announce new TV deal

This contract is a little misunderstood by some of you fans.  The Big 12 has two contracts in which all ten schools share(unequally). The new Fox Sports Network contract, $90 million annually and the ABC/ESPN contract, $130 million/year.  So, the total is $220 million shared by ten schools. 
The Texas Longhorn have their Longhorn Network, which pays them an additional $12 million/year and the Sooners are soon to have their Sooner Network.

Financial terms were not disclosed. Sports Business Journal has reported that the contract, which starts with the 2012 football season, will pay the conference $90 million a year.

The Big 12 also has a deal with ABC-ESPN running through 2015-16 that would raise the conference's total TV rights revenue to a reported $130 million annually.

Commissioner Dan Beebe said the Fox contract positions the 10-team league favorably with other major conferences.

The 12-team SEC generated $205 million from TV rights last year and the 12-team Big Ten $220 million. The Pac-10, which becomes the Pac-12 this year, made only $60 million on TV rights but is working on a new television package that would include its own network.

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Posted on: April 14, 2011 12:06 am

Big 12 to announce new TV deal

ACC - 155million<br /><br />SEC - 205million<br /><br />BIG10 - 220million<br /><br />BIG12 - 90million<br /><br />Suprised the BIG12 didn't break a 100million. I bet the PAC12 will be higher than ACC but lower than the BIG10!<br /><br /><br />CONFERENCE OF CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br /><br />

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I'm slow at math.

How does 90 million a year for the league get cut up into 20 million apeice for each school?  Are they suggesting that ABC/ESPN is delivering the rest here?  How about some figures on the current deal with ABC/ESPN, and the prospects for a new contract with them in the next few years?

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 8:30 pm

Big 12 to announce new TV deal

Why would anybody overpay for a diluted product?  Dumb move by Fox
It was not a one year deal.

Have you ever looked at the population of Texas?  Or its individual metro areas (DFW, Greater Houston, SA, and Greater Austin)?

All of these cities are boomtowns with some of the most phenomenal growth rates in America.

Texas already has giant cities that are still growing at double digit rates.

And the average ages of Texas cities is far lower than the rest of the country.  Young eyeballs are far more valuable to advertisers.

In 5 years, you could easily see 4 Texas cities in the top 10 TV markets.

If you get a chance to wrap up all those TV eyeballs for 12-13 years, it becomes a no-brainer.

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Big 12 to announce new TV deal

Don't count out ESPN. They could swoop in and take it.

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Big 12 to announce new TV deal

ESPN is not involved with the PAC-12.  It's between FOX, Comcast and Turner.

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