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Alleged sexual encounter re: BCS PR head

Posted on: April 14, 2011 10:29 am
Edited on: April 14, 2011 10:30 am
Not that its likely to bring down the BCS (at least on its own) but an upcoming book from a former political aide won't do any good for the rep of college football's embattled postseason.

Former Christian Coalition spokesperson Lisa Baron claims to have had a "sexual encounter" with Ari Fleischer shortly before he was named President Bush's press secretary. While that in and of itself breaks no laws, it does paint the BCS' chief mouthpiece in a negative light. That's right, for the past 17 months Fleischer has been in charge of, ahem, BCS public relations. To be fair, Fleischer did not yet work for W and was not married at the time, but you're reading this and who among us hasn't watched TMZ? 

As I wrote at the time of his hiring, Ari's BCS task makes selling the Iraq war look easy

The New York Daily News goes into a bit more, um, detail of the alleged tryst. (Tryst. Love writing that word. It makes a nuclear holocaust sound like it was a firecracker.) A promo quote from the book by Baron reads: "My remarkable encounter with Ari in that unremarkable hotel room perfectly summed up my groupie-like relationship to politics at that time — I wanted it, I worshipped it, and I went for it."

And we thought the BCS favored the rich and powerful. 

Let the one-liners fly: 

Non-profit BCS bowls promoted by a non-prophet

I've got your tax implications right here!

Forget double hosting, how about a double martini? 

BCS -- Bimbos Collapsing the System

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Posted on: April 20, 2011 11:46 pm

Alleged sexual encounter re: BCS PR head

Wait- you're telling us a guy...  Some guy we later came to know... Actually HAD SEX with a woman?!?!  End times are upon us.  Nostrodamus was right!  The prophets warned us about all of this coming, thousands of years ago...

Hey, is there a sports angle to this?  I'm looking around, thinking it must be here somewhere, but I don't see it.  A guy with political ambitions had sex with a political aide?

Later (after he had sex with a woman... STILL can't believe that... the nerve!) he took a job in the sports world?  Am I keeping up here?  'Cause this is where I get lost...

There has to be some substance around here somewhere (looking under the covers of the couch)-- nope.  Can't find it.

But I'll keep looking...  It's like an Easter Egg hunt without any eggs (no pun intended)...

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