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Pryor apologizes, but for what?

Posted on: June 14, 2011 3:39 pm
Edited on: June 14, 2011 3:40 pm
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- Terrelle Pryor and his new super agent Drew Rosenhaus hinted Tuesday that Pryor left Ohio State because he was about to be declared ineligible by the NCAA.

Pryor said he was entering the NFL supplemental draft in speaking publicly for the first time in six months. He read a short statement during a brief press conference called by Rosenhaus here at the Fontainebleau Hotel.

The former Buckeye quarterback apologized to his teammates and former coach Jim Tressel for "my conduct off the field." Pryor already had apologized once after being suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season. This obviously was a new apology with Pryor having left the team last week. With Pryor sitting next to him, Rosenhaus said: "He said, 'Drew, I didn't make this decision. I did not want to leave Ohio State. I wanted to finish at Ohio State, even knowing I would lose five games. I lost that opportunity through my own conduct.' "

Neither party elaborated. Seconds later the nine-minute presser concluded with no one taking questions. Rosenhaus spent most of the time saying that Pryor will be a "great" NFL quarterback.

"I am a firm believer after 25 years of experience that Terrelle Pryor will be a great, not a good quarterback, a great quarterback in the National Football League," Rosenhaus said, "that he is going to be a star, that this experience that he has gone through will galvanize him and make him a better person and stronger person."

Pryor reportedly made between $20,000-$40,000 selling gear and memorabilia while at Ohio State. That story broke six months after he was suspended for those five games for being one of six Buckeye players who made a combined $10,000selling gear and memorabilia to a Columbus tattoo parlor owner. The players were reinstated.

Tressel resigned in late May.

Rosenhaus spoke of a Tuesday morning workout with Chad Ochocinco in a local high school.

"In the middle of his workout [Ochocinco] came over to me and he says, "Are you serious, Drew. They're talking about him not being a quarterback? He is as good as any quarterback I've played with.' For anyone who questions his arm strength, give me a break. They couldn't hang onto his football."
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Posted on: June 15, 2011 5:16 pm

Pryor apologizes, but for what?

Born in Columbus and truly loving seeing "the osu" get EVERYTHING they deserve.

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Posted on: June 15, 2011 4:35 pm

Pryor apologizes, but for what?

Hey folks you DO NOT HAVE TO READ DD fairy tales.  Read the name of story and Just fill in the blanks_(Pryor)_former Big 10 quarterback has _(apologized)_ for embarrassing (any Big 10 school) and then BLAH BLAH. 

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Posted on: June 15, 2011 4:06 pm

Pryor apologizes, but for what?

OMG! Look who's calling the kettle black. The Pot! That'd be YOU Dennis Dodd. No doubt that the whole college football system is lined throughout with criminals or crooks. There are more crooked ballplayers than just Terrelle Pryor. Always have been & always will be until the NCAA gets some "cajones" & cleans up the mess it let get started. Afterall, the NCAA never figured it out that D1 football needed a true playoff system many, many years ago to be fair to all schools involved in D1 football instead of this BcS MESS that caters to Notre Dame & the AQ conferences. But instead we've got spoiled-ass fans from the SEC, ACC, Big Ten [12], Big 12 [10], Pac 12 & even the Big East pointing fingers at the "lesser" conference teams and going "Naa-na. Na-naa-na! You're not good enough Boise, TCU, Utah [etc.]. You play to weak of a schedule." And all the other bullshit they can sling at the "little guys", who in some years, could have played toe-to-toe with the "big boys" & even beaten them, given the chance. Sure! FCS/1AA, DII, DIII & the NAIA have set standards for how teams in their divisions must accomplish certain criteria to make it to their true championships type of playoff. But EVERYONE has a shot at it or they just don't get involved with it. So, back to the NCAA/BcS. Look what has happened to our favorite sport. Crooked players, coaches, boosters, agents, athletic directors, university presidents, CEOs & bowl committee chairmen & members run rampant tarnishing this once great sport. And so do the press! Talk about dirty! There should be some type of law enforcement throwing YOUR butts in jail & fining YOU too. Yell Why you're not being busted for libel is beyond me! You lied and blew the whole rhabdo story about Iowa out of proportion. Because of your hate or jealosy of our program, you tried your damndest to bring us down or get us busted by the NCAA & you failed, little "man"! And now I see you're oftentimes, in your rat-like way, trying to criticize the conference [B1G] as a whole. You need to look for a different kind of "hole" & crawl into it, never to come out & write again until YOU learn to play fair & follow the rules. It's looking more & more like there aren't any for you guys to follow. And that's a REAL shame! Frown

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Posted on: June 15, 2011 3:13 pm

Pryor apologizes, but for what?

His decisions would have been repeated by 90 percent of the coaches in the country.

I highly doubt that.

Most coaches know that the tat-5 would have had to repay the debt and would have probably missed just the first game of the season.

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Pryor apologizes, but for what?

Pryor opened the door for unscrupulous people like yourself to blatantly create and smear the University and Coach for violations that are routine nationwide. His actions were over the top and deserve punishment. Tressel's actions also deserve punishment but nothing like the moral deficient media has screamed for. His decisions would have been repeated by 90 percent of the coaches in the country. Yet due to the vendetta half these ambulance chasing journalist have against Tressel and OSU in genral....  this becomes sensationalized to the point of slander and nausea. Fabricated fantastic claims by always "Unnamed sources" are presented as gospel.  Wait till you get to cry about the opinion and verdict or lack of .... the NCAA has on all the BS you people push. Pryor should be sorry and you are sorry D,odd

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Posted on: June 15, 2011 2:27 pm

Pryor apologizes, but for what?

I dont like Ohio State but this whole big ten thing against the SEC is annoying.  The records are basically 500 and fine, Ohio State never beats them.  Michigan, (who gid get pummelled last year by Miss St.) is 23-6-1 against the SEC.  That includes Florida twice (yeah they beat the defending national champs) in 2000's along with Alabama in the Orange Bowl

By all means I believe the SEC is the best conference overrall, but if the Big Ten was so weak they would have a much better record overrall in the last 10 years.

Wisconsin and Iowa and even Northwestern (recently against Auburn lost in OT) have given SEC teams fits.

I do like that they own Ohio State though and I loved them stomping Michigan State last year.

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Posted on: June 15, 2011 1:50 pm

Pryor apologizes, but for what?

He's sorry for being the cause of OSU's greatest coach being gone.
Dude, the greatest OSU coach (Woody Hayes) has been gone a long time

Don't think NFL teams don't know of this talented, but troubled young man. His effort to be contrite is part and parcel of selling himself.

Many knock him as a QB
and rightfuly so, The Big 10, with 11 teams, or is it the big 11 with 12 teams, whatever their name is, one fact is for sure and that is that they are a weak-ass conference.  OSU looks like a powerhouse within their own conference, but when the play good teams, like from the SEC, their true colors show and its not scarlet and silver, but more like Yellow.  Whoopie, so you beat Arkansas, as i said before, 'good teams from the SEC'

, but honestly, if Pryor dedicates himself, listens to those who want to help him improve as a passer and keeps his nose straight, I believe he can be a decent NFL QB.

Those who knock him, remember guys like Fiedler, Shaun King and Bubby Brister were NFL QB's. Pryor has arm strength, great wheels and is pretty tough. He's also been a winner. I wouldn't mind seeing him as my back-up/wildcat type QB.

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Posted on: June 15, 2011 12:40 pm

Pryor apologizes, but for what?

Lot's of guy's have come out with BIG ARM, but that's about all they have. You need something between your ear's beside's visions  of tats, cars and cash.

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Posted on: June 15, 2011 11:15 am

Pryor apologizes, but for what?

Typical Dodd, he wants a list of what TP is apologizing for. The quote is plain and simple. ANy idiot except Dodd can understand it. Hell even I understand it. Meanwhile DOdd continues to repeat ad nausea, reports of other players (all but one has been exonerated, CBS pretends it didn't happen and the investigation is still open, which it's not) continues to repeat allegations made by an attention seeking room mate, which apparently can't be verified by any other source and is denied by everyone else involved. 

I'm not understanding how continually repeating every dismissed element of this case serves the public's interest, or even CBS'. If Pryor had signed with a CBS sponsored team, this story would have been buried, like the Cam Newton'father thing.

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