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Will Lyles drops a big, ol' dime on Oregon

Posted on: July 1, 2011 3:10 pm
Edited on: July 4, 2011 11:33 am

It turns out Oregon was that dumb.

It did get in bed with a talent scout to lure tailback Lache Seastrunk to Oregon if you draw the thinnest of conclusions from Friday's Yahoo! Sports story. It turns out that talent scout/mentor/third party/opportunist Will Lyles did essentially Photoshop a national recruiting package together follow Yahoo! Sports' initial report.

I didn't think Oregon could be so dumb. I was wrong.

The report details what is clearly a close relationship between Oregon and Lyles. The story says relationship with Chip Kelly goes back to 2007. The NCAA won't even have to try hard to classify Lyles as a representative of the university's athletic interests. In other words, a booster.

The tragedy of it is, Oregon and Kelly didn't have to do any of this. The program had the support of Nike behind it. Kelly himself is a heck of a coach and a tireless recruiter, although even that label must now be in question.

This isn't a case of the media fireflies being drawn to an upstart championship contender. The likes of Kelly, Jim Tressel and Bruce Pearl are making it too easy for us. They're sloppy and arrogant in their alleged wrongdoing. Think about how simpler life would be for Tressel if he had merely walked down the hall to his athletic director with those emails. Pearl would still be coaching if he told the truth. Kelly didn't need Seastrunk that badly. So far, the kid hasn't panned out.

Instead, he allegedly funneled tens of thousands of dollars to a shady character with a relationship to a recruit. My God, it's Texas football. There's plenty to go around for everyone. Was Seastrunk worth it? We know now the answer is no.

Fallout? According to the story, the NCAA has already been in to talk to Lyles. But Lyles said they didn't ask specific questions that Yahoo! Sports did (go figure). You can bet they'll be back in wanting to see Lyles' emails and phone records too. Why wouldn't he cooperate? Lyles has the morals of a slug anyway. It looks to me that the only reason he rolled on Oregon was that they weren't going to pay him again.

Be very concerned Duck Nation. Oregon is in line for major penalties, the kind that burn a program to the ground. USC-like. Kelly's job could be in jeopardy. This is not USC looking the other way while Reggie Bush took money, this is a willful attempt to gain a recruiting and competitive advantage.

Can anyone win big without cheating? The question remains unanswered.




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Posted on: July 2, 2011 10:14 pm

Will Lyles drops a big, ol' dime on Oregon

Kelly's  discipline is directly related to the value of the player on the field.    There absolutely NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT.    Blount got three suspensions and was allowed to return.   Masoli was a known criminal when recruited, burglarized a frat house, and was reinstated.  LMJ had been arrested for assault before he was recruited.    Beard, the kicker, assaulted a woman and was not even disciplined.   LM James chocked out his girl friend and was quickly back on the team.

Please stop the lies.   You sound like a Tea Bagger or right-wing Christian....or, just an ordinary lying Republican, reinventing history.

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Posted on: July 2, 2011 10:06 pm

Will Lyles drops a big, ol' dime on Oregon

What tapes?   Nike U has failed to produce any tapes...and, of course, there was no "national recruiting" package.  None, nada, zero.  Oregon asked for something...anything....just before the first Yahoo story try to cover their pintales.   They got a rushed cut-and-paste batch of old crap from Lyles computer put together from  a previous job from which he had been "let go."

Take it like a Duck...from behind.

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Posted on: July 2, 2011 9:07 pm

Will Lyles drops a big, ol' dime on Oregon

I can't even begin to make a relative comparison between any two or more schools.  I do know that at the time I found it unusual that so many quality players from Texas were heading to UO.  Much to my dismay I get OU, LSU, yes ND and USC but with UO it just seemed odd.  I’m not disparaging Duck U's program it’s just they have not enjoyed big time recruiting hauls in Texas like the aforementioned schools have.  Their success seemed hauntingly reminiscent of SMU’s out of nowhere success in the early 80’s.  There is no doubt in my mind that Kelly knew what was going on was sketchy or far worse and I suspect he knew it for what it was.  It walked like a duck, smelled like a duck… I also can understand the pressure that the extraordinarily big money brings down on programs and their coaches.  No matter whether I believe OU cushions an athletes ride more than others when confronted with Rhett Bomar’s indiscretions they did the honorable thing.  I will forever respect Bob Stoops for that decision.  Stoops would not nor would he let OU be corrupted.  I would not suggest Texas (re: Rachael McCoy’s phone call) is above anyone or anywhere else.  However, I would hope that Mack Brown would show the same integrity that Bob Stoops et als over the years have shown.  The schools that are being stung by the stench of cheating are being lead by coaches that are simply turning a blind eye when confronted by scandal.  Open the kimono, take a clear eyed view of what you see and make the right call.  

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Posted on: July 2, 2011 8:55 pm

Will Lyles drops a big, ol' dime on Oregon

Perhaps Will Lyles is truthful and sincere. Perhaps, by his own story, he is pissed over not getting paid this year and striking. But by his own story he was supplying recruiting information throughout 2010 and early 2011. It included tapes, a spreadsheet and details about recruits and how to access them. By his own story he failed to follow the NCAA guidelines for scouting services while marketing his scouting services to several schools. Was this Lyles or Oregon?

Was Oregon negligent in not demanding written work on a regular basis? So far, it seems so. Were they deliberately setting out to break NCAA recruiting regulations? Not necessarily. The NCAA will certainly look carefully into Lyles' story and Oregon's rebuttal. It might be some months before the results are released. How ironical that the NCAA thus far has not moved against a school (Auburn) which recruited a player who was (by his father) openly demanding a cash payoff to sign and that school was the only one to beat Oregon last year. Note also that Lache Seastrunk did not play for Oregon last year so if he is found ineligible it should not forfeit any games.

I question the characterization of Lyles as an Oregon booster. Note he sold the very same information to other schools. He says he was a service. At question is was that service permissible, not whether he was a booster. Lyles was an opportunist who ingratiated himself with multiple athletes and helped them to get admitted into the school of their choice. That he tried to convert his knowledge of these athletes into cash is understandable. He may not have been what he said he was to Oregon. Dodd's glee and judgement about the affair seems consistent with his desire to bring down successful programs. It sells readers to read and that seems to be his only requirement.

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Posted on: July 2, 2011 8:39 pm

Will Lyles drops a big, ol' dime on Oregon

You gota be joking, Ohio St one of the worst there is...You're just scared(like all big ten,sec,big 12) if they get away with it and dont back down they will take over as the best program in the nation...I say, it's about time they had the BALLZ to pull the same crap as the sec,big ten,big 12...and dont back down Oregon...All these guys are afaid of what you are doing on the West Coast, a lot like USC, but with way more money and the best facilities in the country, including pros and any one else....There is not any wrong doing here, PLAY ON PLAYA...

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Posted on: July 2, 2011 7:51 pm

Will Lyles drops a big, ol' dime on Oregon

The CANES can win without cheating.  It's South Florida baby...and we got all the Mo-Fo's to kick peoples a$$e$!Tongue out

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Posted on: July 2, 2011 6:23 pm

Will Lyles drops a big, ol' dime on Oregon

Cheating to win is acceptable.

Like fingering your butt at a bus stop.

But what will get you suspended is smelling your finger.

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Posted on: July 2, 2011 5:36 pm
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Posted on: July 2, 2011 5:06 pm

Will Lyles drops a big, ol' dime on Oregon

Ducks just cheating like a lot of other schools

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Posted on: July 2, 2011 4:58 pm

Will Lyles drops a big, ol' dime on Oregon

Just sounds like another sour grapes Florida fan, like Florida has room to talk. 

Auburn is "rebuilding" but they should still be able to beat Florida this year. 

he is a Florida St. fan you idiot

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