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Former agent calls Saban a "whore"

Posted on: August 18, 2011 1:13 pm
Edited on: August 18, 2011 1:39 pm
Josh Luchs seems like ancient history. The Sports Illustrated story detailing the former agent's lavishing extra benefits on college players is 10 months old. 

Since then we've had Ohio State, North Carolina, Miami, etc. But there's one thing about scumbags: If they see an opening, they're likely to take advantage of it.

Luchs is in the process of writing a book that essentially is an extension of the SI story. If you listen or watch close enough, you can probably catch Luchs going through the national carwash promoting himself.

Imagine that, a sleazy former agent hawking his wares.

Luchs has turned righteous just in time, or maybe it's because of the times.

"The ideal of amateurism truly doesn't exist, and I don't know if it's existed since the '50s," he said. "Until the powers that be realize they're trying to operate in a broken system, nothing is going to change."

I caught one of his radio interviews Thursday morning. Suddenly, Luchs sounds like the voice of reason, ripping the NCAA and the culture that allows cheating. It's a lot of the stuff that those of us without books to sell have been saying for years.

Ah, but the money shot came while talking about Nick Saban. Speaking on WHB 810 in Kansas City on Thursday (listen), Luchs was asked about Saban's infamous "pimps" comment from July 2010.

You'll remember how Saban reacted to a question about unscrupulous agents during the '10 SEC media days: "Are they any better than a pimp?"

Luchs took particular issue with that statement Thursday, reminding his audience that Saban made more than $5 million per year, adding, "What he's done here is he's showed who the whore is."

Whore? Really? Can't wait to see how that plays in Alabama. While you're likely to hear/view Luchs as he, um, prostitutes himself, you may not hear those particular words from him in future interviews. A recording of the interview has been passed along to Alabama. I'm not expecting a reaction. There will be enough of one from 'Bama Nation when this gets out.

Scratch Tuscaloosa off his book tour list, I guess.

Other nuggets from Luchs:

 He says he was sought out by the NCAA to speak at East Coast and West Coast compliance seminars. That, in itself, isn't surprising. The NCAA has used convicted gamblers to speak on the evils of gambling. This quote from Luchs, though, sticks out.

"For the 20 years that I was in the business -- half of which I spent breaking every one of the rules, breaking rules paying players -- I had never once seen a compliance person."

 Luchs also said the compliance business has a fundamental flaw, those directors are paid by schools.

"When you think about that for a minute, it's mind-boggling. It's against the schools self-interest to find the wrongdoing. The checks should come from a pool at the NCAA ... This, to me, is at the heart of this Miami issue."

 Luchs spoke of Nevin Shapiro with a sense of jealousy.

"This guy provided illegal benefits to 72-73 players over an eight-year period ... I only gave [benefits to] 32-33 over an eight-year period. Heck, this guy was just killing me."


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Posted on: August 18, 2011 2:15 pm

Former agent calls Saban a "whore"

Looks like Luch should have called YOU a whore there Dodd.  Saban is as dirty of a coach as there is in the NCAA, but you media whores are too brow-beaten by the midget dictator to go after him.  Go visit the student athletic parking lot at Tuscaloosa some time, and tell me there isn't something fishy going on at Alabama.  There's literally 50 late model cars worth over 30K each in that parking lot, yet you guys just keep turning a blind eye to the REAL CHEATERS in college football.  The old, traditional powers like Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio State (until recently were completely ignored)...  Journalists are supposed to be impartial, meanwhile you're laying back and spreading your legs for Nick Saban, lapping up whatever information his media buddies (Finebaum, Sheridan, Cecil Hurt, etc...) keep passing off as "fact".  Hey, maybe at least with this little piece, Saban will leave you a little something extra when he's done riding you for all you're worth.

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 2:01 pm

Former agent calls Saban a "whore"

Agents are pimps! Show me a good agent and I will show a "stable" full of clients. 

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 1:46 pm

Former agent calls Saban a "whore"

Dodd sounds so biased against this guy it is amazing.  Is this a hatchet job?  I guess we have to remember that Dodd covers college football and wants access.  He can't attack Nick Saban, but he can attack people who insult Nick Saban.  Dodd is whoring himself for Nick Saban for potential at-a-boys from Nick Saban.
Can we look at the big picture please. The NCAA is rife with cheating and it has been rife with cheating for a very long time.  As long as the NCAA is too scared to take away TV appearances, the teams will keep on cheating. Many teams after getting caught with an infraction actually do better.  Look it up.  Why?  Because it is publicty. Even if it is negative publicity it still puts a school into the headlines.
For example, right now everybody is talking about Ohio State University because of Pryor?  That is all people seem to talk about. That publicity is priceles even though it is a tad negative. The NCAA punishments are actually rewards for some of these schools. 
Write about that Dodd.

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