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OU, UT, TAMU blocked Big 12 revenue sharing

Posted on: September 24, 2011 2:36 pm
The issue of equal revenue sharing in the Big 12 was shot down by three schools earlier this year, two sources told . Oklahoma, Texas and Texas A&M were against granting first- and second-tier media rights according to the sources.

It's not clear how much has changed since then when former Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe was pushing the concept during spring meetings.

Texas A&M is now in the process of leaving the league for the SEC. During a conference call , Oklahoma president David Boren said Thursday that the league had agreed to grant those main media rights to the conference for a period of six years.
"These are very strong handcuffs," Boren said of the "agreement". "When you grant your rights it's very unlikely you would receive an invitation to another conference."

At the same time on Thursday, Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton, chair of the Big 12 CEOs, said only that the issue was being discussed.

That leaves the Big 12 in a familiar place -- with uncertainty. Granting those rights to the league would essentially keep the Big 12 together for at least that period. In other words, if Texas left the league after such an agreement, the Big 12 would keep the Longhorns' primary TV rights.

Texas AD DeLoss Dodds told reporters on Wednesday that league athletic directors had decided unanimously in the spring to share main media rights. But the final decision remains with league presidents.

The discussion does not include revenue from the Longhorn Network. Dodds said previously that sharing revenue from LHN is non-negotiable. Essentially, disputes over revenue sharing almost caused the conference to break up for the second consecutive year.

Equal main media rights revenue sharing is considered significant to the long-term survival of the Big 12. Two outlets have reported that Missouri has informal offers to join the SEC. Meanwhile, Texas might be running out of leverage if it is against equal revenue sharing. Earlier in the week, the Pac-12 presidents stated their league wasn't going to expand.

The Big 12 would remain a viable conference if Missouri left, according to interim commissioner Chuck Neinas.

Also, Texas A&M officials are confident that the legal impediment keeping it from joining the SEC will soon be cleared up. At least four Big 12 schools -- Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State and Baylor -- have reserved their right to be able to sue the SEC. Now that the Big 12 apparently has been saved, A&M officials believe that legal issue will be resolved shortly.

"I think the Aggies are probably going to go and I think Missouri is going to stay," Neinas said.


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Posted on: December 21, 2011 1:25 pm

OU, UT, TAMU blocked Big 12 revenue sharing

I'll bet everyone that Missouri leaves the Big 12 for the SEC. Any takers?

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Posted on: September 27, 2011 5:57 am

OU, UT, TAMU blocked Big 12 revenue sharing

I know why A&M did it, because they were leaving so why give Texas anything!

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Posted on: September 25, 2011 3:37 pm

OU, UT, TAMU blocked Big 12 revenue sharing

Actually, the word is that the PAC would not bend on the LHN and therefore shot down the expansion of OU, OSU, tU and TT because of it. Kingpin? Are you kidding us? As far as what everyone knows, Texas is a legend in their own minds, not anyone elses. What are you saying? Texas is a crime syndicate? Because tu is not anything when it comes to college football. We smirk and lol when the lonehorns start their chest thumping on just how great they are. Greatness is achieved in the field. Less talking, more winning and maybe someday tu would actually amount to something. For now, keep thumping and we will keep on laughing. At least Texas A&M has a set. We can at least respect A&M for coming to the PRIME TIME.

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Posted on: September 25, 2011 3:28 pm

OU, UT, TAMU blocked Big 12 revenue sharing

We have already been over this time and time again. We know the Big 9 approved the lhn last year 100 percent. But that was before ESPN and tu announced it would begin showing high school games on the network. You are not going to convince anyone now that it ws the 300 million that was the problem. Unfair tv programming that would give tu unfair recruiting practices was the issue that could not be tolerated. As for equal revenue, its EQUAL. There is no I in TEAM and there is no I in CONFERENCE. Last I checked there was no I in equal revenue. If the Big 9 wants to salvage anything it has to build on a foundation that will support each and every member. Why is it so hard for the members of the Big 9 to grasp the concept? REVENUE is equally divided among every member.

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Posted on: September 25, 2011 3:13 pm

OU, UT, TAMU blocked Big 12 revenue sharing

Oh come on, how can you even consider UT in with Bama, Auburn or Tenn? Let's face reality. The SEC schools SOS alone is brutal compared to UT. UT wins in a weak conference and you say Texas U gets the tie breaker? hahahaha, your sense of greatness is warped beyond reason. You are talking apples to oranges. Burnt oranges at that. Everyone across the country knows that an SEC team that can go through the SEC gauntlet has really done the impossible. Lately, UT can't even get through the Big 9. So spare us your excuses of freshmen quarterbacks and Colt McCoy being the reason UT lost. We all watched the game and we know the better team won. There is a reason why the SEC is the best conference in college football, you may not like it but it doesn't change the fact one iota.

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Posted on: September 25, 2011 12:53 pm

OU, UT, TAMU blocked Big 12 revenue sharing

You can say that Florida has had more success over the past twenty years, but not Bama, or Auburn, or Tenn.  TX, Bama, and Tenn all have ONE championship over that time period, so the tie-breaker from there would be total wins, and Texas has more than those two schools.

All that being said, TX WOULD have beaten BAMA in the 2009 Championship had Colt McCoy not been injured.  Think about this, Texas had the ball, down 3, with about 4 or 5 mins to go. And we did that with our Freshman, backup QB, Garrett Gilbert. THis is the same QB that was recently demoted as starter.

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Posted on: September 24, 2011 11:42 pm

OU, UT, TAMU blocked Big 12 revenue sharing

Texas has achieved the impossible they have unseated Alabama as the mst arrogant program in the country. I guess if you can't beat them on the field then do it in the TV studio. What is hysterical is if you lined up achievements on the football field over the last 20 years and considered competition Texas would take a back seat to Alabama, Florida, LSU, Auburn and I would argue Tenn since they won the BCS in the 90s. Guess we know why you were talking to the ACC and never considered the SEC because you can't compete with the big boys. At least Texas AM has balls.

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Posted on: September 24, 2011 5:49 pm

OU, UT, TAMU blocked Big 12 revenue sharing

Cliffords, so wrong you are, the problem is not the LHN, the network was approved by the league last year 100%, not one school objected to it. Well, not untill ESPN handed out 300 million to Texas.  The problem is in the way the tv revenue from the Big 12 contract was being divided. A&M, Texas and OU got the majority of the money.  Before it was Nebraska, A&M, Texas and OU getting the money. Nebraska fell out the top tier 3 years ago, thus thier displeasure. The money from the TV contrct should be divided evenly, but I think every conference should allow the Bowl teams to keep thier Bowl winnings without splitting them, give the other schools a reason to get to those bowls.

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Posted on: September 24, 2011 5:43 pm

OU, UT, TAMU blocked Big 12 revenue

Your in LaLa land. The big 12 would not be nearly as strong without Texas. Yea they had an off year last year, however it is quite clear that this will not be a pattern. They have the #1 recruiting class, and awsome young talent right now. They have the confidence and brotherhood that was missing last year.  Everyone new that texas was moving towards there own network. They gave the aggies, there sister school, the option of getting in on the network, and the ags denied the offer.Now that the LHN has started and Texas again came out of the network as a massive winner, they are tired of being second chair. Now the aggies are going to leave for the SEC west where they will be a doormat to the power of the football world right now. Now they are going to be 4th chair at best. Good luck to the aggies. You also SHOULD no that it makes no difference what conference they are in they are going to be one of the top money draws. Notice the PAC did not want the oklahoma teams without texas. They knew, and everyone knows that Texas, is Texas. The are the kingpin. The conference would not survive the loss of Texas, for ya know tech,
ou, and osu would be taging right along. WHERE TEXAS.

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Posted on: September 24, 2011 3:27 pm

OU, UT, TAMU blocked Big 12 revenue sharing

Revenue sharing is part of why I love the Big Ten (I refuse to abbreviate it with that silly logo). People always say that ND's television deal is worth them stayng independent. Every time the Big Ten sends two teams to BCS bowls, I get to laugh that Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern, etc. all made more from those two teams being there, than ND's entire yearly contract. Revenue sharing is where it is at, and it makes for better conferences. Every other conference is watching the Big 12 implode, and it is no secret it is due to the not-equal revenue sharing. Good on the 3 teams that make more than they would if they shared. Have fun on your own.

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