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Source: Big 12 best to stay at 9

Posted on: September 30, 2011 12:40 am
Edited on: September 30, 2011 12:53 am

The Big 12 should not expand in order to maximize its earning power, a source intimately involved in the conference's TV negotiations told on Thursday.

"If it were me I'd try to stay where I am," said the source. "Nine months ago they had the same money for 10 teams. Is anything going to change if they have nine?"

Texas A&M's formal departure to the SEC this week reduced the Big 12 to nine teams. Missouri is still contemplating whether also to pursue membership in the SEC. With nine teams, the source said, not only would the conference get an expected windfall for its primary rights fees following the 2015 season, it would provide nine more non-conference games as inventory.

"That's more attractive to the networks than BYU-Iowa State," said source who did not want to be identified because of his relationship with the league.

BYU is widely speculated to be joining the Big 12 should it expand. A nine-team league would allow the Big 12 to keep playing a round-robin conference schedule (eight games) while scheduling four non-conference games. The league currently plays a nine-game conference schedule with three non-conference games.

Both Fox and ESPN committed to saving the league in 2010 after the Pac-12 almost raided the Big 12 of half of its team. The 10 remaining schools were guaranteed approximately $20 million each when the conference's primary rights deal with ESPN expired after the 2015-16 academic year.

Fox began to fulfill that promise when the league agreed to a $1.13 billion deal for 13 years for its secondary rights earlier this year. The source said neither Fox nor ESPN were going pay less than promised in 2010 for the Big 12 at nine teams, or perhaps even eight teams. It's not clear if Fox or ESPN have a cancellation clause of their contracts if league membership falls below a certain number.

Staying at nine, said the source, would make it easier for conference schools to get to that $20 million per-team plateau. For example, with nine teams the new Fox deal alone is worth $9.6 million per team. In the latest round of conference realignment schools either are a "brand" or have markets. While more teams would bring more inventory (games) to bid on, the question is: Would each new school bring $20 million to the table individually?

The Big 12 has a long way to go before answering that question. It hasn't been determined whether the schools have committed their primary media rights to the conference for six years. That would essentially hold the conference together but no one is quite sure where that issue stands. Oklahoma president David Boren said a week all the remaining schools had agreed. Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton merely said the issue was being discussed.

The Missouri board of curators will reportedly meet on Tuesday. The board could merely empower Deaton to seek another conference although there is no indication which way the school is leaning.

Big 12 expansion speculation is all over the map -- from staying at nine to going to 16 teams.





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Posted on: October 3, 2011 11:41 am

Source: Big 12 best to stay at 9

Regarding comments made by BYU fans and their possible addition to the Big 12: These comments were posted on September 21 on the Deseret News under the bolg title "Blue Rpoundup."

BYU Joe: "BYU missed it's invitation to the Prom when Miss Utah got the call. ... So to our good friends in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri - let us join you and become your new darling - we will continue to shine and make ya-all look fine. By the way we come fully equipped with a High Def TV station, fans that travel, and great skiing."

Outsider Looking In: " BYU would be crazy not to accept an invite to a Big 12, even if there weren't any promises beyond a five-year period. BYU playing in the middle of the Big 12 and finishing 8-4 or 7-5 every year ... would be more exciting and rewartding than independence and finishing 10-2 or 9-3 every year."

Dutgut: "I agree that I would rather watch a BYU vs Big 12 conference games (*win or lose) then [sic] this year's second half schedule. I think BYU should take the invite if it comes."

I say the Big 12 should grab BYU as fast as possible. 

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Posted on: October 1, 2011 10:58 am

The Power of Money

The B12, as we know it, will not be around next year. The major point is the LHN. Neither UT or ESPN, especially ESPN, will refuse to negotiate the necessary changes to the network needed to keep the major schools in. I expect MU, OU and OSU to head to the SEC. I expect KU, KSU and ISU to head to the Big East. UT, TT and BU will add SMU, TCU and UH. They will add other schools to get to 12 (Boise State, BYU, Air Force, Colorado State, Utah State, Nevada, Tulsa). They will have East and West Divisions. They will have a championship game in Dallas. They will continue to use the B12 moniker. ESPN will supply the funding to entice the other schools to join through a new, lucrative TV contract. Fox will honor the $1+ billion dollar deal they signed with the B12. The MWC will merge with CUSA.

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Posted on: October 1, 2011 3:35 am

Source: Big 12 best to stay at 9

First of all west virgina been to those two bcs bowls in the last 5 years. The big east is worst than the big 12. Ever since miami left that leaugue has been soft in football. For you to state TCU record you must look at there level of competition. Lets put it this way how about if nebraska was in mountain west for the last 10 yeasr you dont think they would have went to at least 6 bcs bowl games. Both the big 12 and the big east need to be disolved the big 12  going to 9 teams is just delaying it. No other teams want to go to a unstable confernce ran by texas U every year they are going to lose a team. Last year nebraska this year texas A&M  and next year will be missouri. Then they may lose there BCS status. Just shut it down already and form the super confrences. We want a playoff system

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Source: Big 12 best to stay at 9

Thought the same thing. Apparently not. All the writer here are the same, too.

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Source: Big 12 best to stay at 9

Ya because the Big 12 did so well after they decided to stay at 10. They need more teams that are willing to make this conference work. All conferences are heading towards becoming super-conferences and the Big 12 needs to go back to 12 if they want any chance of surving the super conference era.

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Source: Big 12 best to stay at 9

"Both Fox and ESPN committed to saving the league in 2010 after the Pac-12 almost raided the Big 12 of half of its team."

How about half of its TEAMS? 

For fuck's sake, does anyone proofread here?

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Posted on: September 30, 2011 11:58 pm

Source: Big 12 best to stay at 9

Source: Big 12 best to stay at 9

"Boise State and TCU have no following outside their respective states. Hell, TCU doesn't even have that big of a following in their own state when they compete against Texax, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Houston, etc etc."  States Terror35.  There is some truth to that but the state of Texas doesn't agree with you.  Take a look at the teams that the State of Texas offers license plates for.  All but 6 of the teams fit into one of the following 3 categories:  Texas School/University, Big 12 School, SEC School.  There are only 6 offerings for custom team plates that don't fit into one of those 3 categories and Boise State is one of them.  By the same token Oregon, Ohio State, Stanford, Michigan, Florida State and other Big name schools don't have any options for custom plates.  The point is that the Texas DMV wouldn't offer Boise State as an option if they didn't feel that people would order them.


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Source: Big 12 best to stay at 9



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Source: Big 12 best to stay at 9

There is something fundamentally wrong with this math.  Twelve to stay at nine?  Come on man!  The Big 12 needs to go out and get some teams that want to be in their conference.  I don't believe any of these guys in suits.  They are money grabbers.  I think the SEC and the Big 12 may should just merge and break out into divisions.  Like a mini NFL format.  I found this link that suggests a similar idea.  http://rockytopics.blogspot.c


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Posted on: September 30, 2011 7:42 pm

Source: Big 12 best to stay at 9

I think you have to look at teams with a longer history than the last decade. Nebraska got into the Big 10.1 because of the last 25 years of the last century, not the last decade. TCU has a long history of success, even a Heisman Trophy winner. Almost half of present Big 12 members cannot boast that. I would say they a reasonable and solid option. I also think with the long term commitments of Fox & ESPN you should look at adding BYU,another consistently successful program that travels very well. And why not make Notre Dame an offer they cannot refuse and see if they bite.

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