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Missouri officially looking (unofficially at SEC)

Posted on: October 4, 2011 8:12 pm
Edited on: October 4, 2011 9:02 pm

Since it started it, maybe Missouri figures it can finish it.

Or as finished as conference realignment can ever be.

Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton got permission Tuesday night from the school's board of curators to seek new conference membership. Nothing surprising there. In case you haven't been following, this would the first move toward Missouri becoming the SEC's 14th team. One problem. No one is sure if the SEC even wants a 14th team at the moment, much less Missouri being that school.

The hand-wringing, then, will continue from BYU to the Big East. Missouri's decision controls the fate of several teams and conferences, including their current one, the Big 12. The fractured league cannot move on with expansion, or even a future, without knowing if Missouri is going to be a participant.

And all indications are Missouri is going to take its good, old time. That was evident when Missouri AD Mike Alden met with the curators for four hours on Tuesday. Perhaps Missouri was contemplating the fact  it kicked off this latest round of realignment. Reacting to Dec. 9, 2009 statement that the Big Ten was considering expansion, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon quickly added:

"I want to look at what options the Big Ten may have to offer. This is not something that should be kept on the sports page and treated with the back of the hand. We have an obligation to make our schools as excellent as they can be."

Big 12 nervousness followed. In the next month, Nebraska began talking with the Big Ten. In June, issues came to a head at the 2010 Big 12 spring meetings. Shortly thereafter, Nebraska left for the Big Ten. Colorado went to the Pac-10.

"The [Missouri] governor's remarks got me going. We had to do something, and fast," CU AD Mike Bohn said at the time.

Turns out Missouri wasn't near the top of the Big Ten's list. Now things have come full circle. Everyone can blame Texas for throwing its weight around, but how is Missouri different at this point? It suddenly has leverage. It is holding a league hostage. It is making a perceived money grab.

It could be the fourth school to leave the Big 12 in 16 months -- and it doesn't care. Expect the next few weeks -- if not months -- to be a period of introspection for Brad Pitt's school. Missouri has to decide if it wants to leave its ancestral home. The Big 12 has roots that go back 104 years for Missouri.

It has to decide if it wants to change its culture from a Midwestern school to one with its base in the heart of Dixie. Does it want to be Bubba or Brad? Does it want to be at the center the Big 12 or a western outpost in the SEC?

There is no right answer. The difference in revenue is negligible. Missouri could stay in the Big 12 and be secure at least the next six years. But the SEC would provide long-lasting security. Missouri football is an above middle-of-the-road program in the Big 12. It would be a middle-of-the-road program in the SEC.

But this isn't about football. This is about emotion, which can be a dangerous thing. That's why Deaton merely has permission at this point. The last two presidents to get similar permission from their boards of regents, came to different conclusions. Texas A&M went to the SEC. Oklahoma, eventually, stayed in the Big 12.

For now. 

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 3:56 am

Missouri officially looking (unofficially at SEC)

What is this article but your filler for Tuesday, Dodd?  Missouri could do this, Missouri could do that.  This article is one line of "news" that you have surrounded with retreads of other pieces that you have written before.  Why else throw the gratuitous Brad Pitt reference into it, except you are trying to sound all-knowing and wise, and haven't we heard that before too?  Why don't you wait until there is some real news to write something about this "continuing" story of conference realignment?  Also be a little more specific.  The SEC is a football-dominated conference.  Missouri would be a "middle-of-the-road" football program in the SEC.  Who knows what they might be in other sports...but who cares?  Not with the recent study done by the University of Kentucky, the predominant basketball power of the conference, which showed that the football program, mediocre as it is, brings in at least twice as much revenue as the basketball program.

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 3:15 am

Missouri officially looking (unofficially at SEC)

Wow, just wow.  Plz, BuckinFL, don't post til you're coherent.  Texas, TX Tech, OU, and OK St.  would be in the PAC 16 cept Texas and their LHN.  No conference will put up with that bull.  To grant a team the status of God automatically will not work.   Mizzou has several conference options.  ACC, Big10, and obviously SEC are all in play.  Level playing field and more exposure exists with any of them.

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 2:00 am

Missouri officially looking (unofficially at SEC)

Oh please.  Do you really believe a school would announce they we applying without knowing that they were already accept.  That would be foolish.  The Big 10 doesn't want Missouri and it appears the SEC maybe their old opton.

Oh the ACC has not litigation problems because they can wait.  The ACC became the probably the best BB conference.  FB is still bad.

And am I to assume that you you are so well connected that I would believe what you are saying?


Then again Missouri has done this before.  NO ONE WANTS THEM.

P.S. The Acc TV deal will be renegotiated for more bucks.

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 1:36 am
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Posted on: October 5, 2011 1:36 am

Missouri officially looking (unofficially at SEC)

BabeMantle: Totally understand your position and if I was an Oklahoma fan I would feel the same. Please note my excitement is based on a belief that the SEC needs to get to 16 teams in order to push for an inter-conference playoff that would bring huge dollars into the league but more importantly plant the beginning of a nation wide playoff system. As you are ticked about the realignment and the loss of rivalries I was 10 times as angry when Auburn was left out of the BCS championship in 2004. Therefore whatever gets us to a playoff is an event to celebrate. I actually feel bad about the BIG 12 but the SEC is not to blame Texas is and please note we would absolutely love to welcome the Sooners as well. Best of luck on the season and look to see you in the championship game.

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 1:35 am

Missouri officially looking (unofficially at SEC)

J.B. TexEx  wrote:   "...Who are your top choices for expansion? My "wish list" includes:
  1. BYU
  2. TCU
  3. Air Force
  4. Louisville..."

I would really love to see the Big-12 steal a team or two from the Big-10, or the PAC, or the SEC.   In a post several months ago I mentioned the attempt should be made to detach Illinois and Indiana from the Big-10.  It would probably be a long shot but I suspect neither of those schools are especially enamored about the 'peon' treatment  they've received from that conference's bully-boy rulers.   Acquiring just those two programs would immensely increase the B-12 possible tv viewers, and would likewise decrease the B-10's.

Another possibility that should be explored is luring away the two Arizona schools from the PAC.  Another probable long-shot, but there just might be smoldering discontent in Arizona from being under the thumb of the California schools'.    Getting both Arizona schools in the B-12 would work really well with also getting maybe BYU and Air Force.   

As a Sooner fan I would rather not get TCU, even though they'd be a solid addition regarding football and other sports.   My main reason for not wanting the Horned Frogs are partly selfish in that with them being a conference member Oklahoma might lose some out on part of its fan-base in  is the DFW area.  That and the fact that the DFW metroplex is already covered, regarding tv viewership,  by the current conference schools.  

But being that there probably isn't going to be a perfectly happy outcome to expanding the conference back to at least 12 members, the four programs you've listed are most likely the best scenario we can hope for. 

Since: Jun 10, 2010
Posted on: October 5, 2011 1:04 am

Missouri officially looking (unofficially at SEC)


Relax, man. 

The Big 12 can rebuild as long as UT and OU are committed to stay put for the foreseeable future.  You're right - neither A$M nor Mizzou were top performers on the gridiron.  Who are your top choices for expansion?  My "wish list" includes:
  1. BYU
  2. TCU
  3. Air Force
  4. Louisville
Their brand names aren't quite what we've lost, but I believe we need to get back to 12 and stage a championship game every year @ Jerry World.  The basketball tournament can rotate between Dallas, Kansas City and even Louisville.

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 1:00 am

Missouri officially looking (unofficially at SEC)

I don't blame Missouri at all for seeking security. This whole business is still about Texas' greed. Until the Big 12 shares equally, it will never be stable. I just hope for Missouri's sake that they have not made the same mistake again, that is, anouncing that they are searching for a new conference only to be told "No."

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 12:44 am

Missouri officially looking (unofficially at SEC)

Wild-Turkey1 wrote: "...the SEC has gutted the Southwestern/BIG 12..."


And I suppose this makes you proud? The SEC had plenty of financial security and all the teams it needed when they had 12. But, like a gluttonous pig, the money-grubbing conference never thought twice about helping to maybe kill another fellow college conference. I don't want to hear another pathetic comeback with the excuse that '...we only did it because A&M and Mizzou wanted to get out of the B-12...'. Everybody knows full well that the neither the Aggies, nor Missouri, and not even Nebraska, would have abandoned the Big-12 if they hadn't received secret promises of sure admission and financial glory by other greedy people.

Regarding your pompous claim that the SEC has 'gutted' the Big-12, this would indicate the 'cream' of the conference was taken and no longer members. It seems mighty strange for anybody from the SEC to make such a claim, even if they eventually get Missouri, since the Aggies and the Tigers would be hard pressed to prove they were even among the top 4 or 5 B-12 teams during the BCS era. And it becomes even more strange considering for the past several years just about every fan of the SEC has ridiculed the strength of the Big-12 conference, mostly claiming that none of the B-12 teams could possibly have a tough strength-of-schedule since nearly all their conference games were against weak teams.

As to your final question 'what is more impressive' regarding the ACC or the SEC record of stealing other conferences' teams, I feel both are equally guilty of deplorable actions, actions that could very well bring about the ruin of enjoyable college football.

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 12:43 am

Missouri officially looking (unofficially at SEC)


I appreciated your passionate appeal for keeping Mizzou in the Big 12.

Honestly, I hated to see NU, CU and A$M leave for the allure of easy money in "bigger" conferences.  I would also be in favor of abandoning LHN in an effort to collaborate on a Big 12 Network.  Frankly, the programming content on LHN hasn't been all that impressive.  Six hours of a 30-minute "Longhorn Extra" (similar to ESPN's Sportscenter)?  As a die hard Texas-Ex, even I wouldn't pay a premium for it.

I would be in favor of adding 1 or 3 teams to get back to 10 or 12 teams in the conference depending on the wishes of the majority of schools, but I think there needs to be changes to the Tier 3 revenue and the LHN.  I would like to see ESPNDallas offer whatever UT programming that they were planning to run on LHN.  Then a Big 12 network should be formed with equal revenue sharing (tier 2).  Texas would get an equal share of an even bigger pie, losing out on a few million but keeping the conference viable and ending the drama which has made this conference look very bad.

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