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Ignore top four teams in BCS; drama starts lower

Posted on: October 16, 2011 9:25 pm

Let's cut through the BCS standings commercials, teases and the wild guesses you saw on TV Sunday night.

Ignore the top four teams. Doesn't matter. That's not the news. LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are going to play each other. They all control their own destiny.

The story of Week 1 of the BCS standings are in spots 6 through 8. That's where three potential undefeated major-conference champions reside: Wisconsin, Clemson and Stanford. That is significant because only two undefeated major-conference champions have been shut out of the title game in the BCS' 13-year history. That would be Auburn in 2004 and Cincinnati in 2009.

We're looking at three just this season.  

Yeah, there's half a season to go, but it's easy to bet on those top four right now. Two of those emerging to play for the title seems to be a lock. The drama comes if one or more undefeated champions emerge from the Big Ten/ACC/Pac-12. It won't get us to a playoff in the near future but it will get those commissioners thinking about it, especially if any combination of the Big Ten/ACC/Pac-12 are shut out and the SEC wins a sixth consecutive national championship.

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Posted on: October 17, 2011 10:06 pm

Ignore top four teams in BCS; drama starts lower

Mid-October and we're already imagining doomsday.  A bigger doomsday will occur if the big three all lose along the way, and any two of the next four play in the BCS championship game.  Or, even worse, the timing of their losses allows teams currently with one loss to jump over them at the end of the year, knowing they aren't better.  Imagine Bama or OU having the pleasure of playing Oregon, a team LSU soundly trounced!  (Nothing against the Ducks, I root for them most of the time.  The current scenario nearly guarantees they won't get another chance.)
   The BCS powers that be are already praying that OSU/OU and BAMA/LSU produce two undefeated teams at the end of the year.  Anything else and we'll know the best teams never had a chance to play because of a slip-up along the way.  The NFL proves it nealry every year with a playoff - the best team rarely has the best record.  It's all in whom you play.  Think about this: every game from here on out not involving a team with a chance to play in the BCS championship game is simply a meaningless game in the scheme of things.  We watch out of loyalty, including the 30-odd meaningless bowl games.
   I remember John Saunders saying every game is a playoff. Well, that may be true. Unfortunately, more often than not, it is for only one team.  The other is simply trying to knock them off so they can share in the pain of being meaningless, too.

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Posted on: October 17, 2011 12:45 am

Ignore top four teams in BCS; drama starts lower

The top 4 teams will lose...that's a given. I have already predicted it. What has not been decided is whether Clemson and Stanford play for the NC or just one of them. 

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Posted on: October 16, 2011 11:35 pm

Ignore top four teams in BCS; drama starts lower


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Posted on: October 16, 2011 10:41 pm

Ignore top four teams in BCS; drama starts lower

Yo Dennis. Allow me to play Devil's Advocate. I want to know who got votes in deciding which conferences were "major"? Was in an AP poll? A coaches' poll? A computer decision? Or was it more likely one single writer who turned the phrase "major conferences" and then all of the rest of you jumped on board. I know the NCAA has divisions, but I wasn't aware it had divided those divisions into "major" and "minor". I guess it was Roy Kramer who really had the swing vote when they decided to start the Bowl Championship Series in the first place. As your above article surmises, it would be hard to consider what we have now the work of genius. If only they had the foresight to realize how much fan interest and TV revenue could be generation by an honest-to-god playoff. Sigh. But here's a question for you: If Boise was to get an invite to the Big 12, would it become a "major" program. If A&M, Texas and Oklahoma all opt out of the Big 12 at the same time, would it still be "major"?

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Posted on: October 16, 2011 10:37 pm

Ignore top four teams in BCS; drama starts lower

Unfortunately our comparisons will be all that we have.   Worse case scenario is if Stanford loses to Oregon; the cloud of LSU's defeat of a moribound  Oregon offense will resonate as a week Pac12.   

Wisconsin may be a real over-looked team but no one is buying the Big 10 anymore as a power conference.   Constant underperformances in bowl season seem to resonate.   Fair?   Probably not - but a great argument for a play-off.

Boise St - sorry, just keep winning and probably a BCS bid.   The BCS NC will elude simply because despite some "big name" victories (Georgia this year and Va Tech last year) - these schools have shown that they can lose to middling powers also.   Does not bode well.    Boise just simply can play and beat a good team, but can they play and win week in and week out?   The powers that be don't believe so and the Nevada game signalled that last year.

Clemson - probably closest thing to an SEC team not in the SEC.    Maybe Clemson can finally put aside it's Bipolar dis-order this year and pull off the season predicted so many times before that you almost feel Jean Dixon in the background.    
  Clemson has so greatly burned everyone before, we're almost afraid of a meltdown at Virginia.    Everyone wants Clemson to succeed and give the ACC "that" team since Florida State and Miami seem to have fallen by the wayside.   And Va Tech for all their consistency and greatness has proven that they are just not there at the top, just a little on the outside and makes them a great partner for Boise and stumbling block for Clemson's reputation just as Clemson's own reputation also adds to the problem.

Yes, Ok State may be #4 in the mix - but in reality, I think Wisconsin has the best shot should an additional team falter (meaning we know 2 will eventually, but one of the other two would open the door for Wisky).    If Wisconsin stumbles, Stanford or Clemson should suddenly be in line but doubt that will go that far.

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