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Missouri takes the next step toward SEC

Posted on: October 21, 2011 1:40 pm
Edited on: October 21, 2011 2:27 pm
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton was granted sole authority to negotiate contracts "regarding conference realignment" by the school's board of curators Friday afternoon.

The move seems to be the next incremental step in Missouri removing itself from the Big 12 to go to the SEC. On Oct. 4, the board gave Deaton similar, but narrower authority in seeking a new conference. For the first time on Friday, Deaton did acknowledge communication between Missouri and the SEC. 

Deaton would not put a time frame on Missouri's decision saying only, "we're not putting any immediate timeline on ourselves ... We're not looking at a long time frame."

Meanwhile, a large portion of college football continues to wait on Missouri. The Big East can't move on reconstituting its league until it knows what Missouri is going to do. If Missouri leaves, the Big East may be impacted. Louisville and West Virginia have been mentioned frequently as possible Big 12 replacements. The Big East is also reportedly targeting some Conference USA schools as well.

"The next step will be resolution of the question, final resolution of the question," said curators chair Warren Erdman. "The chancellor has the authority to take all actions necessary to resolve the question."

The board also announced the school would pursue establishing an invitational basketball tournament in Kansas City as well as an annual football game in the city against "a traditional regional rival." The move seems to address concerns over the loss of the Kansas rivalry if Missouri goes to the SEC. Missouri and Kansas have played in football for 119 years and annually at Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium since 2007. 

The bitter rivals also participate annually in the Big 12 basketball tournament.

The announcement can be interpreted as Missouri throwing Kansas City a bone as it heads out the door. This city will be particularly impacted by Missouri's departure. The Big 12 basketball tournament has been played here, with few exceptions, back to when the conference was formed in 1996. The annual event has a multi-million dollar impact on the city. Missouri's tournament basketball ties with the city go back to the 1970s when the old Big Eight Holiday Tournament was established.

Missouri is considering severing conference ties that go back to 1907 when it joined the old Missouri Valley Conference. That league eventually morphed into the Big Six, Big Seven, Big Eight and Big 12. It has been in the current Big 12 since the conference formed in 1996.

It is known that certain Missouri officials -- and alums and fans -- are tired of the Big 12's instability. Missouri would be the fourth Big 12 school to leave since June 2010. Each had essentially the same reason: Uncertainty about the future. Nebraska was spooked by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s Dec. 2009 comments about the school’s similarities with Big Ten institutions. Colorado AD Mike Bohn said publicly that Missouri’s apparent desire to the be in the Big Ten had caused his school to find a resting place in the Pac-10.

In September, A&M finally ended a contentious relationship with Texas that goes back decades. The flash point was Texas’ launch of the Longhorn Network. But that was merely a symptom, not a cause. If it hadn’t been the LHN, it would have been something else for the Aggies.

The A&M coaches and AD Bill Byrne weren’t necessarily in favor of the move but president R. Bowen Loftin pushed for the migration to the SEC. The SEC wasn’t necessarily looking for expand according to sources but when A&M came calling it was difficult to turn down a brand name in Texas. 

In this case, any negotiation of contracts by Deaton would be subject to review by university counsel. 

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Posted on: October 22, 2011 11:54 am

Missouri takes the next step toward SEC

Global ... great point, which is the reason I believe Missouri will come to thier senses and stay in the Big 12. Texas A & M has allready seen 3 recruits decide to go elsewhere to play because of the move to the SEC and several more are considering changing. Strangely enough guess where all 3 recruits that have decided to not attend A & M have gone to? OU and OKST.  Another aspect that A & M officals failed to check was attendance to the games in college station.  Arkansas, when they were in the SWC had a larger influx of Texas players than they do now. The University of Houston once belonged to the SWC and they played thier home games in the Astrodome because they could seat more fans there in a considerably more comfortable surrounding. Houston went back to playing in thier on campus stadium because the football fan base left with the Big 12, the fans wanted to watch Houston play the teams here in Texas. A & M has put themselves into a position that some of thier fan base will not like and they will lose attendance to games. A & M has never traveled well and has had problems getting big games because of that.  A & M will find that life outside the Texas influence is not what they will like, getting games against the Texas colleges that bring them the money they have made will be gone and the school will suffer from lack of exposure in Texas.  SEc thinks that having A&M will give them more exposure in Texas, won't happen, Texans are not interested in watching A&M play the likes of Miss, Miss st, Vandy, Ark, Georgia, Tenn, Auburn, Kentucky, SC or even Florida, they would like seeing alabama and LSU play A & M but thats it. Those 2 games will get watched the rest will just be like any other game any team in the USA plays, they will mean nothing to the Texas football fan.  Texas is football, California and Texas produce most of the NFL quality players because in Texas High School football is king. Those HS kids are not going to want to play where no one from Texas watches them.

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Posted on: October 22, 2011 11:44 am

Missouri takes the next step toward SEC

Finally, someone with an IQ above a slug. Must be a MO Grad!

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Posted on: October 22, 2011 11:39 am
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Missouri takes the next step toward SEC

jlttexas,alright already,go back to bed,...take a time out !Queers and Steers that's all there is in Texas.

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Posted on: October 22, 2011 11:04 am

Oooomp here it is...

Mediocrity is missery's history for the past 25 yrs, albeit somewhat improved the past 5 yrs with Pinkel recruiting Texas. Will be recruiting "suicide" upon leaving. Emotions tell missery fans that they should seek greener pastures but the expectations of improvement in another conf are pipe dreams. Here is the proof for all 25.

1986 3-8-0 Woody Widenhofer 
1987 5-6-0 Woody Widenhofer 
1988 3-7-1 Woody Widenhofer 
1989 2-9-0 Bob Stull 
1990 4-7-0 Bob Stull 
1991 3-7-1 Bob Stull 
1992 3-8-0 Bob Stull 
1993 3-7-1 Bob Stull 
1994 3-8-1 Larry Smith 
1995 3-8-0 Larry Smith 
1996 5-6-0 Larry Smith 
1997 7-5-0 Larry Smith 
1998 8-4-0 Larry Smith 
1999 4-7-0 Larry Smith 
2000 3-8-0 Larry Smith 
2001 4-7-0 Gary Pinkel 
2002 5-7-0 Gary Pinkel 
2003 8-5-0 Gary Pinkel 
2004 5-6-0 Gary Pinkel 
2005 7-5-0 Gary Pinkel 
2006 8-5-0 Gary Pinkel 
2007 12-2-0 Gary Pinkel 
2008 10-4-0 Gary Pinkel 
2009 8-5-0 Gary Pinkel 
2010 10-3-0 Gary Pinkel

I rest my case & truly hope they move on somewhere soon so other stories get the attention they deserve. Going on & on about this is absurd. But remember it's missery we're addressing here. Their complete failure in PR moves is only surpassed by their lack of intelligence.

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Posted on: October 22, 2011 10:28 am

Missouri takes the next step toward SEC

Oh and for those of you hear reading about sports i am very sorry for the diatribe, but some of these people really are so uneducated that it makes me sick to think the USA actually allows them to live here and have a computer. Maybe we need a test for people to take before they are allowed to own a computer or post on message boards, that way the ignorance of the completely simple people is not contaminating the minds of the truely educated. Now lets get back to sports before I start calling all of you names you have to get a dictionary out to comprehend.

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Posted on: October 22, 2011 10:18 am

Missouri takes the next step toward SEC

Hog ... I have to tell you I am quite impressed with you, you are well educated, I have to give you that.  Sorry it got late last night and I was falling asleep at the keyboard or I would have continued talking with you.

BTW ... in respect to the national championship this year, I do not think any 1 loss team will be playing for the national championship this year. being a Texas man myself I sure do not want OU getting in so they can once again embarass the Big 12 by losing again. I believe LSU and Alabama will both lose games this year thus eliminating them from the NC game. What would you think about Wisconson - Boise St for the NC game?

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Posted on: October 22, 2011 10:10 am

Missouri takes the next step toward SEC

okaces you misspelled misspelled.

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Missouri takes the next step toward SEC

OMG did I really type Purdue as being Perdue, oh geez must have been a mental lapse on my part. Not really though it was done on purpose because Purdue is a chicken chit college in my book, so thus most real educated call it Perdue.

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Missouri takes the next step toward SEC

LSU ... those of us doing cancer research get research grants. I like saying we are just expensive butchers, you die of cancer and come to one of us so we can cut you up and check out every square inch of the body tissues. If you have doubts about research grants the federal government hands out check the yearly budget, its a real simple thing you just read it since its all right out here for anyone to see. 3 billion in research funds to one person is nothing, people in the nuclear fields get in the 10's of billions. People complaine about the military budget and most do not understand that all the nuclear research done is included in the military budget. Here is one grant you will just love, if I remember right it was 6 years ago the feds handed a man 6 million dollars to study why ants make ant hills. His one year study concluded that ants make ant hills because they move the dirt from the tunnels they dig in the ground, of course his credentials included a doctorate in engineering from one of the more prestigous colleges.  A research grant is given to you based on what college you are degreed from and your work is in conjuction with that college. Thats how all the colleges can say they discovered this and that, they did not do it themselves, thier grads did it. You see all the observatories that we have in the US? Each scientist that works in those obsevatories are not there working for free and they can not build the telescopes they use for free, see they get research grants to do it all. My point is a 3 billion dollar grant to study cancer is actually quite small in comparison to other medical, nuclear, military, space and assorted other fields grants. I know you poor saps that go to colleges like LSU have a problem understanding that AAU colleges get 10 to 20 times more research funds because of the higher end degreed scholars that are associated with the AAU colleges.  Fact is when and IF A&M gets into the SEC, A&M becomes the #1 college in the SEC as far as research grants handed out, far surpassing Florida and Vandy, where as in the Big 12 A&M is 5th in research grant monies. Of course if Missouri does go to the SEC then A&M would be second. The fact that the SEC could get these colleges is huge and not because of sports. Why would the SEC even wat either of the colleges as a part of the SEC because of thier athletic accomplishments? They do not, they want them because of the prestige of having these colleges in thier conference, it would upgrade the conference overall in academics, in fact it would double the academic rating of the SEC. None of this rating is based on grad rates or anything other than research dollars collected by said college. non AAU colleges have some of the same degrees offfered as AAU members do, its just they are not as respected in the fields and thus get less funding. One final little grant to tell you about that will blow your mind, Harvard has a school of divinity, each year this school of divinity gets over 10 billion dollars to study ancient texts and archaeolocial digs around the world. Do you think these archaeologists are just independantly wealthy and do it out of thier own pocket?  Close to 1 trillion dollars of the US budget is all research grants and that does not include military research and development projects.  Now I understand that your limited mind can not comprehend quite a bit so I keep things in the simplist form of english as possable for you to read, but I could write this whole thing in english you would not be able to comprehend by using words that you would spend 5 to 6 hours trying to find the meanings of. Do those of us 20 times smarter than you make mistakes while typing and such, sure we do, especially when we have to lower our mindset to your limited levels, we are not used to thinking in such simplistic terms. Basically, see without us, you know those of us that are Mensa, this country would have not existed for you to live in today, we are the ones that make everything you do or have possable. Yet we do not run around saying how great we are and how much you all owe us, which happens to be everything, we just do our thing in the background making life easier on all you folks that have such primative and limited mental capacities. Just to simplify that for you, we do not hold it against you because we look at all of you as being ignorant pieces of trash we could walk over and dominate if we wanted to. It really irrates the heck out of me just how stupid most of you really are.

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