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Notre Dame to Big 12 (in all but fb) makes sense

Posted on: October 25, 2011 10:39 am

Notre Dame to the Big 12?

Don’t blow your Dome. We’re talking basketball and the second-tier sports, all the stuff that needs a home if the Big East blows up. Makes sense for ND. The Big East is unstable. The Big 12 is willing to try anything to solidify itself. In fact, Texas AD DeLoss Dodds offered a Notre Dame spot in the league to park its non-football sports. That was before the 2010 season and the tongue-in-cheek “offer” fizzled almost the moment it left Dodds’ mouth.

Now the stakes are higher. With the Big East’s future uncertain, the Irish may need a new home for non-football sports. There are rumblings that the Big 12-Notre Dame talk has started again. It has caught the attention of at least one Big 12 writer.

The detailed document regarding the SEC given to Missouri’s board of curators and obtained by the AP earlier this month included Notre Dame among future Big 12 expansion candidates.

It is known that the Irish desperately want to stay independent in football, but might face a decision with its other sports. Playing in the far-flung (for Notre Dame) Big 12 could be a logistical problem (the closest Big 12 school would be Iowa State), but there aren’t many options left. ACC commissioner John Swofford quashed any Notre Dame speculation recently when he said his league is an “all-in, revenue-sharing conference.”

Notre Dame definitely isn’t into revenue sharing. Its football contract with NBC nets the school a reported $15 million per year. It also wants to start a school-centric network similar to the Longhorn Network. But if the Big 12 can live (barely) with the LHN, what’s another dedicated network between friends?

The attraction for the Big 12 would be to have a relationship if and when the Irish decide to join a conference in football. The product on the field isn’t helping that solidify that independence. The Irish were all but eliminated from BCS consideration after Saturday’s lost to USC. In his two seasons at the school, Kelly is a mediocre 12-8.  Charlie Weis’ two BCS bowl seasons are starting to look pretty good.

The disadvantage would be flying over several states to play in Oklahoma and Texas. But, again, what options does Notre Dame have? A minor sports alliance with the Big Ten makes total sense but the NBC contract would almost certainly be a deal breaker. Like the ACC, the Big Ten shares its revenue equally and is just starting to realize the profitability of the Big Ten Network.



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Posted on: October 25, 2011 1:37 pm

Notre Dame to Big 12 (in all but fb) makes sense

Since Notre Dame gets all the big money from their exclusive contract, they can afford to fly all over the country to play other teams.

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 1:12 pm

Notre Dame to Big 12 (in all but fb) makes sense

The "lowly" ACC?
I don't know which conference you favor, but I don't believe the MAC has ever won a national championship in men's basketball. The ACC has 5 of the last 11 national champions, plus a participant in 6 of the last 11 championship games. The ACC has won 5 NC's in football (10 if you count the 5 the U won while independent and affiliated with the Big East. I know we're not the SEC, B1G, XII, or even the Pac football-wise, but be careful when using the term "lowly." Also, consider this: during the recent conference expansion, no less than ten schools contacted the ACC about membership (we only admitted Pitt and the 'Cuse, of course). Only one school has ever left the ACC (South Carolina, in 1971, because they didn't like the ACC's academic standards).

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 1:03 pm

Notre Dame to Big 12 (in all but fb) makes sense

Lets all hope this happens, I would hate to see ND in the Big 10 or the lowly ACC, joining the ACC would be like joining the MAC conference or Conference USA. The Big 12 with its ongoing expansion would be a great fit for ND and if the Big 12 goes on to 12 teams it would be and ideal fit for ND, they would play in a 6 team conference and have 6 teams out of conference, plus a Conference football championship, and AQ status that equals any conference in the nation. Lets all hope this happens.

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 12:52 pm

to EarthXX

I agree, Big 10 would be a better fit for the Irish. However does the Irish want to be in the same league as Purdue and Indiana? Does it just want to become another Indiana state team?

Why ACC? Because they have Boston College part of the conference? Better than Big 10 option but really no team that shouts out like the Big 12. ACC might be vunerable to the SEC in the future too who may take VT or Clemson or Florida State when it goes to 16. Is playing Boston College that important?

Big 12 gives them two prime time matchups out of OU and UT, something that the ACC does not have. Notre Dame going to the Big 12 makes them unique above its Indiana state counterparts. Notre Dame wants to be special.

Big 12 brings Notre Dame flexibility unlike the Big 10 or the ACC in football and other sports. Big 12 brings the midwest as well as the south and can also let them keep their rivalries which going to the ACC might not be able to provide.

Big 12 gives TV options for Notre Dame. The new Big 12 Network will be or could be as big or bigger with Notre Dame than the ACC or Big 10 once negotiated.

With the bowl connections Big 12 has and the high level of competition Big 12 has in all sports Big 12, with great connections with recruiting hotbeds (high recruiting areas), Big 12 gives Notre Dame everything it needs to continuing in being "Notre Dame".

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 12:48 pm

Notre Dame to Big 12 (in all but fb) makes sense

I would be ok with this if the schools could work out an annual Thanksgiving game to take the place of UT/aTm.

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 12:42 pm

Notre Dame to Big 12 (in all but fb) makes sense

No, Notre Dame can join with ALL sports.  But no football, no joining.

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 12:25 pm

to Go Frogs.

"I personally would love Notre Dame to come into the Big 12 with all sports."

Who wouldn't?

Fans of every single conference in American has made the exact same argument as you.

That ND+their league is great for both parties.

The real issue is:  How would the Big 12 be better for ND than the Big 10 and ACC.

Especially given that the Big 10's football and basketball deals are each bigger than the the Big 12's.

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 12:18 pm

Notre Dame to Big 12 (in all but fb) makes sense

Notre Dame to the Big 12 is a disgusting concept. What a bunch of ridiculous matchups that would produce! I would rather Texas go independent than share an affiliation with the "Irish"!

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 12:09 pm

Notre Dame to Big 12 (in all but fb) makes sense

This idea stinks! Either ND joins for everything, or they should stay out. I don't want ND as a partial member. This conference will have a hard enough time regaining any credibility, and adding ND as a partial member will just make things worse. Who wants ND basketball anyway. I would rather have Louisville and West Virginia as full members, and they have better basketball programs than ND.

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 12:09 pm

Notre Dame to Big 12 (in all but fb) makes sense

I personally would love Notre Dame to come into the Big 12 with all sports.

For football Big 12 would make exceptions on TV deal with at the end of the NBC contract transferring into the Big 12 agreement. Even after that time Notre Dame will be allowed to make a new contract with NBC, a 24/7 Irish channel (Tier 3) just like the Longhorn network. That still gives Notre Dame huge money.

Now if Notre Dame did come into the Big 12 in all sports a ND, OU, and UT headliner for the conference would equal a more profitable contract even bigger than the SEC or the Pac-12 especially with talks about a Big 12 network. TV grant right agreements would be agreed upon as well as higher exit fees to solidify the conference for over 10 plus years, which makes Big 12 a solid home for the Irish for years to come. Recruiting would boost for the Irish in the Texas area as well as in the midwest region. Central time zone is always a plus for any team being apart of the conference. Having Notre Dame would also increase recruiting for Big 12 members and A&M would feel the advantage swing back to the Big 12. Momentum is on A&Ms side going to the SEC, UT (as well as other Texas programs) would love to see that momentum end and it would with this type of grab for the Big 12.

Scheduling would be easy, 4 games vs. Big 12 North (with OU part of the north schools) and 3 games vs. Big 12 South (rotating two games every year and one permanent Thanksgiving game with UT). Notre Dame then can schedule 5 nonconference games vs. Michigan, MSU, Boston College, Navy, and USC.

However if Notre Dame says no to football, having Notre Dame in the Big 12 in all other sports would still be fantastic for all parties. This would allow Big 12 to add a solid well known basketball program in the mix and with West Virginia and Louisville (and possibly BYU) along with all the rest the conference might have the best or one of the best (ACC would be the other league) basketball conferences in the nation. All other sports would also get a huge boost as Notre Dame has excellent play within its olympic sports, etc. People would definitely tune in.

Big 12 needs to have a shocking surprise of good news. TCU and WVU are great news as they are good replacements for Texas A&M and Missouri, but a big splash is needed to help people forget the loss of Nebraska and Colorado. I believe the conference is a better conference than the Pac-12 or ACC however those conferences or at least Pac-12 have big time TV contracts which give those conferences stability and respect. Big 12 needs something to show that Big 12 will be around for the long haul - great connections with the Cotton Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl, great in football and basketball, and have big time teams showcasing its image. 

Having Notre Dame in the Big 12 is a win that would be great for Notre Dame and the Big 12.

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