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Delany makes postseason proposal

Posted on: November 18, 2011 1:48 pm
Edited on: November 19, 2011 9:46 am

The source of one college football postseason idea pitched this week shouldn’t be surprising.

According to a person in the room at Monday’s BCS meeting, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany pitched a model whereby only the No. 1 and No. 2 teams would be matched in the postseason. That would basically eliminate the other BCS bowl tie-ins in the 14-year-old system.

The proposal essentially is a roll back to the old Bowl Alliance that was in effect from 1995-97. On its face, the proposal seemingly benefits the Big Ten, SEC, Big 12 and Pac-12 the most.

The Big Ten could not immediately confirm Delany as the source of the idea since the commissioner was traveling on Friday. However, another source in the room at the San Francisco meeting said the idea stood out among several that day because it was “new.” The source would not confirm the model came from Delany.

Using Delany’s idea, the relationship with the current BCS bowls – Orange, Fiesta, Sugar and Rose – would end. At the beginning of the season all schools would have an equal chance to get into the championship game. Supposedly, some kind of rating system would be used to rank teams.

Below that championship game, schools and bowls would be free to arrange their own deals. In the old Bowl Alliance, the champions of the ACC, Big East, Big Eight, SEC and Southwest conferences, along with an at-large team, were matched in the Fiesta, Sugar and Orange bowls. The Rose, Big Ten and Pac-10 did not participate at the time.  The uniqueness of the Alliance was that there were no conference tie-ins to particular bowls.

BCS commissioners began saying in December that they might go back to the old bowl system if pushed by non-BCS schools.  

There were other ideas Monday during what was termed a preliminary meeting meant for informal proposals. Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson weighed in. Thompson was already on record with his 16-team playoff proposal. reported last week there was growing support to get rid of automatic qualifiers in the BCS. One result of that could be a top 10, 12, or 14 ranking that would have to be attained to get into a BCS bowl.

Delany’s idea would reflect the elimination of automatic qualifiers. The so-called “AQs” are the champions of the Big Ten, Big 12, ACC, SEC, Pac-12 and SEC. Notre Dame and champions of lesser conferences can currently qualifier for BCS bowls if they meet a set of benchmarks.

Delany’s particular model doesn’t address an age-old BCS problem: What about No. 3 and below, the teams that get left out? The commissioners discussed legal concerns that could emerge from that situation according to a source.

Also, if automatic qualifiers are eliminated, it would seem there would have to be some kind of access for non-AQs. Teams from non-BCS leagues – MAC, WAC, Conference USA, Sun Belt, Mountain West – have enjoyed improved access to BCS bowls since 2003. During that time the success of schools such as Boise State, Utah and TCU developed into David-vs.-Goliath stories that captured the nation’s attention.

There is also the significant issue of revenue distribution. 

It’s a good bet that under Delany’s plan, the Rose Bowl would be “protected”. In other words, the bowl would have access to the champions of the Big Ten and Pac-12 each year unless one or both schools were involved in the championship game.

Because the ACC and Big East have struggled to be nationally relevant in recent years, Delany’s proposal would directly benefit the Pac-12, SEC, Big Ten and Big 12. Teams from those four conferences have played in some combination in the last eight BCS title games.

It can’t be stressed enough the preliminary nature of Monday’s meeting. After discussing various models at the 1 ½-hour meeting, commissioners were to go back to their conferences to present them with their schools.  One source called it “process and procedure.”

The commissioners meet again in person Jan. 10 in New Orleans, the day after the BCS title game. It is at that meeting and subsequent ones that a clearer view of college football’s postseason going forward will begin to emerge. The commissioners must develop a postseason model to present to ESPN during its exclusive negotiating window that begins in October. If ESPN passes during those negotiations, then the model would go out to bid.

The current BCS model is in effect through the 2014 bowls. 

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Delany makes postseason proposal

My proposal is to have the Big 10 take care of its own problems first and not try to manage the rest of college football. Who in the heck is he anyway? Why disrgard everyone else demanding a playoff,or a plus one, so that the top teams can have a chance to play for a true National Championship rather than try to muck up the conversation with his rubbish? Heck, he can't even count to ten correctly; how many teams are in his conference anyway?

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Posted on: November 18, 2011 7:37 pm

Delany makes postseason proposal

Would somebody please tell Cfbsource that the Big East is a basketball conference no matter how many time zones it may include. The Bristol-based network wants good television and that does not include UConn v Boise State no matter how much you root for your favorite Big East Team. Sorry.

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Posted on: November 18, 2011 7:31 pm

Delany makes postseason proposal

Schmolik...what you suggest mostly makes sense, except that I would recommend SEC 1 and Big 12 1 play each other every year at the Fiesta Bowl, the only truly neutral site. We want to see the best against the best. Tradition does dictate PAC 12 1 vs B1G 1 at the Rose Bowl despite the obvious home field advantage for USC and UCLA when they earn the spot. The other bowls would still have highly entertaining games, though I would let them pick their match-ups rather than assigning them. The end result is a lot of Conference 2's and 3's like you suggest with an odd Boise State sneaking in if their team buy up their allotted tickets in advance to guarantee a sellout.

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Delany makes postseason proposal

I disagree completely with any sort of playoff.  I prefer the old ,old system where you have 5 major bowls with a mixture of highly ranked teams battling it out and when the dust settles it becomes a vote.  I know it is subjective but it is subjective now with the polls playing a roll in the final BCS standings.  Sorry, but that still makes it subjective.  Right now, there are only a handful of teams(same teams every year it seems) who have a chance at the National Championship.  This way it opens it up a little.  Look at 1984.  Miami came all the way from #5 to win it over Nebraska and #'s 2,3,4 and 4 either stumbled or were unimpressive.  I'm a Badger fan.  All we ever cared about was going to the Rose Bowl.  We may go again this year but it seems like some sort of consolation prize because everyone wants that BCS 1 or 2 slot.  All the bowls are watered down or rendered anticlimactic when they should be exciting, heavily attended match ups where a great performance could put you over the top.  A playoff system would destroy the bowl system and probably destroy the college football regular the NCAA hoops.  Regular season means.....welll..not much.  Its always going to be a vote so why not embrace it.  Can't avoid it.  You could have 9 or 10 teams that actually have a chance the old, old way...even before the Bowl Coalition.  Closest thing to a playoff system that I can think of without actually having it.  Think about it.

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Delany makes postseason proposal

Well said.  Very well said.  This is about closing the door.  And the argument that you are not good enough now is Bullsh!t.  From the late 1800's till about 1950, the best teams in the country were Harvard, Yale, Army and Navy.  Florida State was irrelelvant until about 1980.  Names like Walter Camp, John Heisman, Amos Alonzo Stagg, Fritz Pollard, Sammy Baugh are part of the bedrock history of college football and have very little to do with todays super powers.

I think this is a ploy by the BCS to get BYU, Boise State and others to back away from joining the Big East by inferring that AQ status may be irrelelvant.  Notice they didn't do this before the ACC and Big 12 raided the Big East in the name of preserving their AQ status and their conference repectively.  Here is what I think the Big East should do:

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Posted on: November 18, 2011 5:18 pm

Delany makes postseason proposal

The Big Ten has no Shot at one or two whatsoever.Did the SEC go out of business? Delany is a very Forward thinking Man.But His Big Ten have some serious issues this year,to say the least.The BCS Boys know they are getting ready to get blown up,and ESPN knows it too.It will be fun to watch all the poor mouthing thats going to take place.Poor ole Big East,there done no matter what happens.Its still amazing John Marrinatto has a Job.He must have some pictures of somebody doing something.I bet its chore for him to get to work in the morning.

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Delany makes postseason proposal

Forget all this BCS  self serving alignments.  We need at leat a 32 team playoff to determine the national champion. That would foster a hughe amount of interest.  Until that is done call the BCS championship game what it truly is. It is just the last bowl game of the year.

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Delany makes postseason proposal

Sorry about that.....
Top Half
 1 vs 8
 4 vs 5
Bottom Half
 3 vs 6
 2 vs7

2nd Week
 Winner of 1 vs 8 vs winner of 4 vs 5
 Winner of 3 vs 6 vs winner of 2 vs 7

3rd Week

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Posted on: November 18, 2011 5:14 pm

Delany makes postseason proposal

8 team playoff using the "BCS" bowls as your playoff sites and still rotate the Championship game between the sites.  Add 3 more bowl games to the mix (Cotton, Chick-fil-a maybe and Capitol One or Gator maybe - who knows).  Then, you've got 3 weeks for the games.

Week 1
Top half 1 vs 8 
4 vs 5 
3 vs 6
2 vs 7

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