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AP voter says LSU can't drop out of No. 1

Posted on: December 7, 2011 1:39 pm

Erik Gee believes LSU can’t lose.

Oh, the Tigers can score fewer points than Alabama in the BCS title game but they can’t lose his No. 1 vote. They’ve done enough. That’s Gee’s belief and he intends reinforce it with his Associated Press ballot.

The 39-year old radio host in Albuquerque, N.M. is going to vote LSU No. 1 pretty much win or lose following the BCS title game.

“It would have to be something like a 63-0 pasting [by Alabama],” for Gee to change his mind, he told this week.

His is a stance we haven’t heard of this week as talk of a split national championship starts to bubble up. Now we have a face and a name and reasons why LSU should stay No. 1 in AP. That’s the only place it could happen, by the way, if Alabama wins. The coaches’ No. 1 vote is committed to the BCS title game winner, although there have been some defectors among voting coaches over the years.

“They’ve beaten Alabama once, what else do they need to do?” Gee said of LSU.

“I honestly feel this is the first year somebody is getting screwed by the system because they beat a team on the road, won the division, won the conference and now the system is saying, ‘Play it again, this time on a neutral field.’ “

This is the first time in BCS history two teams from the same conference have met. It is the third time a team that hasn’t won its conference is playing for the title. Complicating matters is No. 1 LSU being asked to beat No. 2 Alabama again after winning the SEC and beating eight ranked teams, three of them in the top three.

Gee’s opinion shouldn’t be a shock. We have seen weirder things – this week. Nick Saban conspicuously voted Oklahoma State No. 4, seemingly attempting to hold the Cowboys underwater so they couldn’t challenge his Tide for No. 2. No coach voted Alabama lower than third. Five coaches voted Oklahoma State lower than third.

Since LSU won the SEC title game Saturday there has been some talk of a split national championship, but not in detail. Oklahoma State finished behind No. 2 Alabama by the closest margin (.0086 of a point) since the BCS formula was changed in 2004. The last split national title occurred in 2003 when USC remained No. 1 in AP. LSU, which beat Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, won the BCS title.

Gee graduated from Oklahoma but his second choice for college was LSU. He considers himself a passionate and educated college football fan. On Sunday, he voted Oklahoma State No. 2 in his latest AP ballot.

“Not because I believe they deserve to play in the national championship but because I believe they and Alabama should get to play for [second place]. LSU should get to kick back and watch everyone else make fools of themselves.”

As for the realistic chances of a split national championship? So far, Gee seems to have a lot of support.  For the last four weeks, all 60 voters were unanimous in voting LSU No. 1. Would a close Alabama win -- say, three points -- convince the majority of those 60 to keep LSU at No. 1?

“I think the majority of them [voters] would vote Alabama No. 1 [if the Tide won],” Gee said. “But if it’s a close game, there’s enough of them out there to go, ‘I’m not changing the vote.’ “

You want more? Listen to Gee on “The Sports Bar” weekdays from 3-7 p.m. on KNML in Albuquerque.

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 8:35 pm
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Posted on: December 7, 2011 8:32 pm

AP voter says LSU can't drop out of No. 1

Another idiot.  Did the Patriots beat the Giants and then play them again in the Superbowl and lost?  They were 1-1, so they should share the trophy.  Same with Cowboys and Steeler many  years ago.  This is not a playoff system where you play best of 3.  What do you not understand.  This is the championship game.  It doesn't matter what happened to get there.  This is it.  Winner take all.  Oklahoma St should have lost to Iowa St two weeks ago or we wouldn't be in the conversation about Bama and LSU already playing.  Florida and Fla State played twice in 1997.  Fla State won the first one and Florida then beat them for the championship in the Sugar Bowl.  There was no conversation about a spit championship.  And they played in this repeat game in back to back games.  It wasn't weeks apart where teams lost (like this year) and moved Fla back up to number 2 to get the 1 vs 2 rematch. 

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 8:27 pm

AP voter says LSU can't drop out of No. 1

If Alabama edges LSU by a field goal, I think a voter would be within his right to split the vote.  I don't care what anyone says, this is basically a home game for LSU,  (By the way, Oregon fans, your loss in Dallas was definitely on a neutral field.  If you beat LSU in Boise, Idaho, could we claim you had an advantage? Don't think so.)  The Superdome is about an hour away and pretty much anywhere in this state is home field for LSU.
   That said, the winner of the game will be BCS champions. If Alabama wins, we LSU fans will complain till the end of time, but there will be no asterisk. And you can say if we were allegedly the better team, why couldn't we hold serve on our home court?

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 8:18 pm

AP voter says LSU can't drop out of No. 1

Gee is an idiot and Dodd so are you for bringing it up and trying to make sense of it and push this view.  You morons keep forgetting that Oklahoma State LOST two weeks ago to Iowa State and blew a large lead on top of it.  Iowa St for all practical purposes is the equivalent of Vanderbilt.  Vandy was close in several games they lost and should have won, inclucing Georgia, Florida, and Arkansas.  So their 6-6 record could have been better.  Again, Iowa State won against only the bottom 2 teams in the Big 12.  If Bama had lost to Vanderbilt, do you think they would be in this conversation??  No!  It doesn't make a damn difference who you morons would rather see play.  You just don't want a so called "boring" championship game with 2 great defenses.  Regarding offense, put Alabama or LSU against any teams in the top 10 and they'll show you some exiting offense.  They would run, and run, and run some more over any of them.  They would chew up their little kindergarten defenses up and spit them out.  These teams wouldn't score more than14 points either on their defenses.  Give me a break....they want to see a 39-36 game instead of 9-6?  What a bunch of crap.  Split national title??  This is the championship game!  What a bunch of idiots.

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 8:08 pm

AP voter says LSU can't drop out of No. 1

Over the last month, many Alabama fans have claimed they "beat" LSU statistically and, therefore, should have won the game. Let me go over some of the statistics that prove otherwise.

  Rushing yards: LSU 148, Alabama and Heisman candidate Trent Richardson 96.

Yards per rush: LSU 3.6, Alabama 3.1.

Sacks: LSU 2, Alabama 1.

Penalty yards:  LSU 56, Alabama 73.

Turnovers:  even at 2 to 2.

Field goals:   LSU 3/3, Alabama 2/6, including one blocked.

Final score, well, we all remember that.

Alabama outgained LSU by 56 yards. They also had 2 more first downs, 17 to 15.  Take away Richardson's longest run and longest reception, neither of which resulted in a touchdown, and you've got this perceived "domination".  But let me point out the two biggest possessions in the game:  during overtime, Alabama went backwards, resulting in their last miss, yet another long field goal. LSU went forward, resulting in a chip shot.  Where's the domination???      
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Posted on: December 7, 2011 8:06 pm


Alabama DID NOT have 73 yards of penalties in the game.

I've watched the game AND read the play by play.  They can only account for about half of that penalty yardage.  The SEC, unquestionably (Cam Newton, Mark Ingram's Heisman based on a dearth of holding calls against Alabama, the same for Richardson, blah, blah, blah), cheats and even lies about the games in the box score.

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 7:57 pm

AP voter says LSU can't drop out of No. 1

Erik Gee is trying to get 15 minutes of national publicity.  If he votes like that in a loss for LSU..then he shouldn't be given the chance to vote again.  This is the National Championship and is against who the voters feel are the 2 best teams.  Alabama and LSU are playing for the championship...we may not have a playoff but this is the final..winner takes all. Good luck to both teams.

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 7:55 pm

AP voter says LSU can't drop out of No. 1

Bama won every statistical battle?  Turnovers, 2 to 2. Net yards rushing, LSU 148, Alabama and Trent Richardson 96.  Sacks LSU 2, Alabama 1.  Interceptions, 2 to 2.   Penalty yards  LSU 56, Alabama 73. Field goals LSU 3/3, Alabama 2/6.  Final score (the only statistic that matters): LSU 9, Alabama 6.

No offense, but any Alabama fan that thinks Alabama beat LSU simply because they got a few more yards needs a dose of reality.  It was a game for the ages, a slobber-knocker, an Ali-Frazier.  It went into overtime, extra innings, a battle to the death. It was AWESOME!  But don't try to pretend you won because you were ahead on SOME, not all, of the statistics.  

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 7:53 pm

AP voter says LSU can't drop out of No. 1

If Alabama wins the BCS Championship game.  They should be national champions.  It's not their fault the BCS is broken, and they are the second ranked team in the nation.  If they win, they would've beaten the consensus #1 team in the nation.  That's why I prefer the NFL to college.  The winner of the Super Bowl is crowned champ (not co-champ with the regular season #1).  There is no "but we beat them first" argument.  The Baltimore Ravens defeated Pittsburgh twice during the regular season.  If they met in the playoffs, and Pittsburgh won, there's no re-match.  Baltimore goes home, and Pittsburgh would be perceived as having the better season.  In conclusion, the BCS sucks, but the winner should be national champion.

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 7:53 pm

AP voter says LSU can't drop out of No. 1

      My bad on the regular season game between Giants/Patriots.  Don't know why I thought it had been a blow out.  Memory now tweaked, it was an entertaining game.  Won't argue other point because as I said it is a flawed system.

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