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My preseason top 25 applied to postseason models

Posted on: February 13, 2012 1:21 pm
Edited on: February 13, 2012 1:25 pm

You've got to start somewhere in shaping a new postseason model. Using this humble correspondent's preseason top 25 posted Monday as a template, here are a few possibilties. All of them are among the 50 or so discussed last month in New Orleans.

A seeded Plus One on campus (The Delany Model. Top-four rated teams meet in national semifinals):

No. 4 Oregon at No. 1 LSU and No. 3 Oklahoma at No. 2 USC.

Winners meet this season in the Orange Bowl based on the BCS rotation.

A Plus One in the bowls Oregon vs. LSU in the Cotton Bowl. Oklahoma vs. USC in the Sugar Bowl. Winners meet in the Orange Bowl.

An unseeded Plus One (Playing a championship game after the bowls. In this model, all six BCS league champions guaranteed a berth. No. 7 Arkansas and No. 9 Georgia are left out. Unranked Rutgers is in as Big East champion. A human committee and/or rankings determine the top two teams after the bowls):

Rose Bowl: USC* vs. Wisconsin*

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma* vs. Oregon

Sugar Bowl: LSU* vs. Clemson*

Orange Bowl:  Rutgers* vs. Alabama

*-conference champs

Two highest-ranked teams after the bowls meet for the national championship. Championship game location TBA.

No automatic qualifiers (No. 1 vs. No. 2 meet in the championship game. Four other major bowls are populated by the remaining teams in the top 10. Ohio State not eligible. In this scenario, five SEC teams are included. Big East and ACC not represented because no teams are ranked in top 10.)

BCS title game (Orange Bowl): LSU vs. USC

Rose: Oregon vs. Wisconsin

Sugar: Alabama vs. West Virginia

Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. South Carolina

Cotton: Georgia vs. Arkansas

Are there any other postseason models? Probably. For now, this is your lump of Play-Doh to shape.


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Posted on: February 14, 2012 11:15 am
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My preseason top 25 applied to postseason models

First of all USC didnt win the pac 12 last year. Just because they can actually compete for the title this year everyone is jumping on the USC band wagon. I just dont get it. You guys are making it sound like USC lost last year cause they knew they couldnt compete. Not true at all. USC likely wont even win the WAC 12. Boomer Sooner baby

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Posted on: February 14, 2012 9:21 am

My preseason top 25 applied to postseason models

Let's  review the critics complaints about the last national championship game:

1) It was a rematch.   Almost all of the conference  championship games were rematches.  The Super Bowel was a rematch.   If ya going to complain about a rematch, then complain across the board.

2) Only conference champs can play for national title.........guess Notre Dame will never play for another National Championship or any other indepenendent college.   Look for "powerhouses" to join weak conferences  so they can go undefeated and win their conference championship each yesr to qualify to be in the national championship game.

3) Quality of work during regular season (One AP voter voted LSU the national champs for this reason).  Following this logic, there would be no reason for a championship game.  Heck, Greenbay Packers should of been named Super Bowl champs as well (due to the quality of work during regular season).

If ya have a 4 team playoff, number 5 (in polls) will "cry" foul and give reasons why they should of been included.  If ya have a 6 team playoff, the number 7 team will "cry" foul and give reasons why they should of been  included.  Someone will always complain about who is in the championship game.  Heck, I would of complained if OK state (lost to IA State) had been in the last championship game.     

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My preseason top 25 applied to postseason models

let me get this correct you think Ok St should have played in the Title game and you reason is that Alabama's loss to LSU did not count and only the 11 wins did, OK help me out here did Ok ST lose to who Iowa St please stop now you only make things worse. if Bama would have played Ok St we would not have thrown the ball 5 times all we would have to do is run the ball and play D you cant stop us and you know it Look at Ok St bowl game and you know you dont score on that D. Ok St may have had the ball 6 times in the game and Bama would have had long drives each time eating up all the clock I have seen better D in High school the on Ok St team.

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My preseason top 25 applied to postseason models

let me make a small correction. usc will do real good. maybe even in the title game. the mad hatter will lose early.

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My preseason top 25 applied to postseason models

I hope that conference champions only are allowed to play for the National Championship.  The SEC circle bleep game for the national Sham-pionship was a joke, and Bammer doesn't deserve to be National Champions.  OK State deserved to play in the title game.  Some forget that Stanford wasn't a conference champion, either, and wouldn't have deserved to play.  

If one conference gets its bleep kissed, like the SEC, it makes a joke of any so-called "National" championship.  It also makes a joke out of the NCAA marketing saying that "every game counts."  Apparently, the only games that counted were Bammer's eleven regular season wins.  Their loss to LSU didn't "count" for anything.  Neither did any other game that any other team in any other conference except the SEC.  

The BCS needs to be put to rest ASAP. 

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