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A sad goodbye to Karl Benson & perhaps WAC

Posted on: February 16, 2012 5:05 pm
Edited on: February 17, 2012 9:08 am

The enduring image of Karl Benson will be his practically skipping through the University of Phoenix Stadium press box on Jan. 1, 2007.

Boise State had just shocked Oklahoma, college football and the world. The commissioner of the Broncos’ league was along for the ride. Karl Benson, a former Boise State shortstop, had just seen the gosh-darndest thing in his life. Along with the rest of us.

He was proud that his lowly-but-proud Western Athletic Conference had taken advantage of the BCS rules to – put in terms of the conference’s marketing slogan – Play Up. Yes, the loosening of BCS bowl access rules in 2006 contributed to Boise’s rise. But it took the team’s performance on the field to convince the world that college football wasn’t the exclusive domain of the Big Six conferences.

WAC member Hawaii went to the Sugar Bowl a year later but the new wave punk band that was the WAC slowly broke up over the years. Boise State skipped from the Mountain West to the Big East. Others followed.

The plucky little conference that couldn’t be killed was on its death bed Thursday with the news that Benson had become the new Sun Belt commissioner. On the surface, Benson is trading a job at the 10th-rated conference in FBS to one rated 11th(and last in the division).

In reality, it is the latest shift of conference realignment tectonic plates. The 50-year old WAC that Benson leaves behind be damaged beyond recognition.  It was formed in 1962 in order to grab an NCAA tournament automatic bid – there were only 24 at the time. The Original Six included Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming.  The current seven-team league (in football) could be absorbed like rain into the soil by some combination of Benson’s new conference and the emerging Big Country (Conference USA/Mountain West conglomeration).

It really depends on the intentions of the Big Country. 

Benson, 60, fought the good fight out West with dignity. Now it’s time to keep the Sun Belt alive and kicking. Time after time on the conference call announcing his hiring, Benson was not shy about saying he wanted the 10-member Sun Belt (in football) to grow to 12. At least. It doesn’t take too much to figure out where those two (or more) teams are going to come from.

As mentioned, in 2012 the WAC is down to seven teams, one above the NCAA minimum. The teams that emerged from that conference to gain BCS bowls under Benson’s watch – Boise State and Hawaii – are long gone. Just a guess but look for the Sun Belt to go after WAC member Louisiana Tech – if the Big Country doesn’t get to Ruston first. The New Orleans-based Sun Belt already has members at Louisiana-Lafayette and Louisiana-Monroe.

“There are schools in the [Louisiana] footprint that would make sense,” Benson said.   

Other possibilities: Any combination of Appalachian State, Georgia State, Jacksonville State and Liberty. All four are moving up or in the process of moving up to FBS.  

Benson has literally held the WAC together by force of personality. First, reorganizing after half the then-16 team league left in 1999 to form the Mountain West. (He got the news lying down on the couch at home after eye surgery.) Then with the departure of Boise State (Mountain West, then Big East) as well as Fresno, Hawaii, Nevada (Mountain West) Benson hustled within the last year to add Texas State and Texas-San Antonio. The next FBS game those two schools play will be their first.

The pity is if in the end Benson was somehow forced out of the WAC. The conference owes its current existence to him. With the Sun Belt’s Wright Waters stepping down, the lowest-ranked FBS league is about to experience a rebirth. The so-called Group of Five non-BCS conferences (WAC, MAC, Conference USA, Mountain West, Sun Belt) could to shrink to three.

In a way it consolidates Big Six conferences’ power. The apparent end of BCS automatic qualifying conferences in 2014 means that access to the game’s biggest bowls becomes more important for the “non-AQs” that Benson helped make famous.

“I often asked who is the next Boise State?” he said. “With my Sun Belt hat on, why not someone from the Sun Belt?”


WAC football membership in 2012

Louisiana Tech
New Mexico State
San Jose State
Texas State
Utah State

Sun Belt football membership in 2012

Arkansas State
Florida Atlantic
Florida International
Middle Tennessee
North Texas
South Alabama
Western Kentucky

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Posted on: February 17, 2012 4:39 pm
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A sad goodbye to Karl Benson & perhaps WAC

WAC football membership in 2012

Louisiana Tech
New Mexico State
San Jose State
Texas State
Utah State

@Dennis Dodd

Where is UTSA?

Did you inadvertently leave them off of your list or did I miss something where UTSA will not be ready to play FBS in 2012?

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Posted on: February 17, 2012 4:09 am

A sad goodbye to Karl Benson & perhaps WAC

what was that stutz?you mean that  same real team that basically played on home turf against boise and got worked?or do you not want to talk about that..or maybe when utah worked bama in the sugar bowl werent those real teams?

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Posted on: February 17, 2012 3:48 am

A sad goodbye to Karl Benson & perhaps WAC

What was that Dodd?  Hawaii went to the Sugar Bowl the following year and played a real football team.  I remember Norm Chad of The Washington Post writing that Colt Brennan was special and was going to show Georgia a thing or two.  The most meomorable thing to come out of that game for Hawaii was the loss of thier coach June Jones.

As you say, the whole purpose of the WAC was to grab a tournament bid to the NCAA basketball; tournament.  That's pretty much been its only mission in life.    

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Posted on: February 17, 2012 3:21 am

B ig East IS in the South

The Big East already has UCF, and is adding Memphis.

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A sad goodbye to Karl Benson & perhaps WAC

Dreams die hard. Years I hoped to see the evolution of superconference of western and southwestern universities below the level of the Pac 10 and the Big Eight, as they were known back then. UTEP, UNLV, Tulsa, San Diego State, Hawaii, Fresno State, San Jose State, New Mexico, New Mexico St. in the south. In the north, Wyoming, Colorado State, Idaho, Idaho State, Nevade, Air Force, Utah St. Portland State was an up comer then. Boise St. was just a glimmer.
Now they're jumping to what, the Big East. East of what? The mouth of the Columbia? I though the idea behind a conference was to bring together institutions of similar academic types found within a definable geographic area. The old PCAA did that. The Mountain West does that. The WAC is the real successor to the PCAA, but it may go the way of the dinosaur as well. Beyond  the obvious, money, what's wrong with this picture.

The only thing I hope for now is that Big East at least stays out of the South. The Big East was supposed to be a conference of northern teams, mostly basketball powers. Now what is it? The Big East-West?

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Posted on: February 16, 2012 11:25 pm

WAC died a long time ago

The WAC died when they foolishly decided to expand to 16 schools in the mid-90s. That line up was never workable and led to the most important schools leaving to form the Mountain West. The WAC was a great little league before they got delusions of grandeur and now, sadly, it's a complete joke.

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Posted on: February 16, 2012 11:15 pm

A sad goodbye to Karl Benson & perhaps WAC

you forgot University of Texas at San antonio in your WAC listing and FAU, FAI, and Middle Tennesesee are targets of Big Country from the Sun Belt as well as Louisiana Tech, Utah State and San Jose States from the WAC, The others could team up in new Suck Belt though.

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