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Anti-doping official: Braun verdict "miscarriage"

Posted on: February 24, 2012 7:18 pm

The Ryan Braun decision was a “miscarriage of anti-doping justice,” an official from the nation’s leading independent drug testing organization told on Friday.

Chris Guinty, a vice president for the National Center for Drug-Free Sport in Kansas City, Mo.,  aggressively defended the protocol in handling what had been labeled a positive test for the Milwaukee Brewers’ star. He told that it was “standard industry practice” for Braun’s sample to be held overnight.

Drug-Free Sport handles testing for the NCAA, PGA, LPGA and the minor leagues.

A three-man arbitration board decided to grant Braun an appeal to his 50-game suspension for reportedly testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone. Braun is believed to be the first Major League player to win such an appeal. In a press conference on Friday, he maintained that his sample was invalid after it kept by the collector for two days instead of being immediately shipped to MLB’s testing lab in Montreal.

Braun went to say the process was “fatally flawed” and suggested the sample may have been tampered with.

“I stop short of condemning anybody,” Guinty said. “[But] I believe in the chain of custody. I don’t believe any standard industry protocol was violated here.”

In the anti-doping world, the reaction was the opposite. The World Anti-Doping Agency said the protocol breach that saved Braun would have been within its rules. The chief executive officer of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, Travis Tygart, called the verdict in Braun’s favor "a real gut-kick to clean athletes." Major League Baseball released a statement defending the process.

“We have a very similar reaction to baseball,” Guinty said. “In our industry, it was standard industry practice to conduct the collection service like this collector did and take the sample home. The fact that nobody focused on the fact there is an unaccountable positive result … is a slap in the face to all the clean athletes who play the sport.”

Braun told reporters the test in question showed three times more testosterone than had been recorded in any other player. The reigning National League MVP went into detail Friday saying there was a 44-hour gap between the collection and the shipping. He went on to tell reporters that there was five FedEx locations open until 9 p.m. within five miles of Milwaukee’s Miller Field where he was tested Oct. 1. He said there was an additional FedEx store that was open 24 hours.

Guinty said that if the MLB collector had missed a FedEx shipping deadline, it is still better for that collector to hold the sample overnight.

“It is much more safer in the handler’s hands [in that situation] than at a FedEx where you don’t know what happened to the sample,” he said.

Sports medicine consultant Rod Walters also weighed in. Walters was head trainer at South Carolina for 17 years and has 28 years experience in the field.

“If it was overnight…is the specimen any weaker?” he said when contacted by ‘When you go longer than a year [the sample] may denigrate, it may lose some of its [strength].”

Drug-Free Sport has approximately 300 college clients, all but a fraction of those are NCAA schools. It claims more than 80 years of drug-testing experience on its staff. 


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Posted on: February 28, 2012 2:40 pm

Anti-doping official: Braun verdict "miscarriage"


MLB routinely tests right after games, and was a problem for the Brewers that players were not notified quickly enough after games.  My There is definitely something funny with the math in Braun's case.  He comes up clean through the Minors, where the drug testing policy is even more strict, doesn't have the typical appearance of a PED user or increase in size through the years, and finally, the year AFTER he gets a huge contract gets a positive test, and not only positive, but 3 times higher than anyone has tested, EVER... 

Yes, I'm a Brewers fan, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt until I have more information, because what I know right now just doesn't add up...

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Posted on: February 28, 2012 11:59 am

Anti-doping official: Braun verdict "miscarriage"

Why are people so narrow minded? Can't anyone read between the lines and assertain that this isn't over? There are many facets to this case, as you all will find out in the future. What people fail to realize is the only thing Braun had to prove was a chain of custody issue and create reasonable doubt. This is how our justice system was built. It's part of democracy. Word has it that Braun's camp was prepared to defend him with alot of the information that people want to hear to truly exonerate him but it wasn't needed and the rest will play out over time. You will likely get your wish as there is word of a criminal investigation behind the scenes. Not to mention the HIPAA ramifications and the lawsuits that are likely to follow. Ever heard of HIPPA? They are the federal privacy laws and those along with MLB privacy laws should have been enough to keep all the uninformed, idiot masses from knowing or commenting on anything. Oh, that's right... we are in the age of "Reality" where people want to know everything and then beat down people based on the little information they can get. Bunt and Silas, whether you like it or not you are part of these masses. 

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Posted on: February 25, 2012 5:09 pm

Anti-doping official: Braun verdict "miscarriage"

The evidence, as reported and confirmed by Braun himself, is that Braun tested positive for the use of an illegal substance. The delay in delivering his sample to the lab, a sample that was not tampered with, did not change the result. Braun didn't get off because he was innocent of using illegal substances, only that the arbitrator was led to believe that the delay somehow caused an illegal substance to suddenly appear in Braun's sample.

The result is we have a very idiotic and gullible arbitrator and a very guilty ballplayer. Given Braun's consistent performance over the years and all those clean tests suggests that since, he was caught using an illegal substance, that he did a great job masking his earlier test results. Since he was tested right after the conclusion of a playoff game he probably didn't have a chance to work his magic before the test was collected.

Braun is a farce. If I was the Commissioner I'd kick all these guys out of the game. Myself, and presumably millions of other baseball fans who actually care about the integrity of the game, are sick and tired of these overpaid prima donnas cheating the sport.

If you don't care about the integrity of the game, then welcome Braun back with open arms. If you do care, then discount whatever this idiot does going forward. I know I will.     

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Posted on: February 25, 2012 2:16 pm

Anti-doping official: Braun verdict "miscarriage"

According to MLB's own rules, if the sample can't be immediately shipped then the sample must be 1) in a secure location, 2) that location must be a cool (i.e. refrigerated) temperature, and 3) sent at the earliest opportunity.

Braun's sample was 1) left on the man's desk for 44 hours at 2) room temperature and sent out 3) close to noon or afterwards on Monday even though it turns out the man had plenty of time send it out the day the sample was given.

So how did the man with the sample?
1) Secure location...NOPE
2) Cool temperature...NOPE
3) Sent in a timely manner...NOPE

Braun and his attorney's having found this out didn't need to challenge the testing or anything else, MLB's own procedure wasn't followed which means the test is not only invalid, it didn't even happen, and the arbitrator couldn't objectively hold up the suspension based on the evidence.  And apparently there are rumors more information about what happened between Braun giving that sample and the man sending it out is still to come out.

The only reason this became public is because someone told ESPN about it DURING the actual appeal process when even MLB can't comment about it.  When it came out, MLB then gave Braun the 50 game suspension then crossed their fingers and hoped the arbitrator would be an idiot, he wasn't.

I'm a Braves fan, not a Brewers fan, and I'm also someone is innocent until proven guilty and you can't say Braun is guilty if MLB's own rules were broken before the sample was even tested.  MLB and evey anti-doping agency in the world is pissed because someone on their side of the testing broke the rules and got caught.

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Posted on: February 25, 2012 1:21 pm

Anti-doping official: Braun verdict "miscarriage"

In a related story Ryan Braun has agreed to help OJ Simpson look for the real killers of Nicole Brown, as they are both equally innocent, and equally exonerated.  If OJ was a garbage man, he would've been guilty and doing life for that crime.  If Ryan was a middling player in AAA ball, he'd be serving a "Manny" suspension or worse....  Amazing what celebrity can do to sway the outcome of things (and Johnny Cochran in the 1st example)

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Posted on: February 25, 2012 12:54 pm

Anti-doping official: Braun verdict "miscarriage"

I look on this as a good thing.


1) The fact that the appeals process actually works, not just a rubber stamp, is good.


2) Maybe Ryan Braun is innocent.  He plays in Milwaukee for God's Sake.  Why cheat?  Who is worth impressing?

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Posted on: February 25, 2012 11:03 am

Anti-doping official: Braun verdict "miscarriage"

First thing...I cant believe that you would reference Victor Conte in anything.
Duh, when you have spent your professional career finding ways to circumvent the testing system, you prove to be quite the resource in said matters.  Mr Conte came clean when boxed into a corner.  I didn't say I liked the man, but to dismiss his opinion because you don't like him is silly.  If investigations required everybody to be boy scouts and girl scouts, nobody would every be convicted of anything.

Mr Conte says it was without a doubt "Fast Acting Testosterone".  I tend to put some stock in those who have actually spent their careers developing this crap.  The test results were completely consistant with this type of doping, and he also stated most athletes have gave up other methods in favor for Fast Acting Testosterone.

But hey, let's not even listen to Victor Conte.  If you want to believe that Tony LaRussa climbed into the sampler's house and used a special syringe that penetrates a bottle that is triple sealed in a refrigerator to inject synthetic testosterone, and then magically reseals the bottle using "007" technology, feel free.Laughing

He's guilty.  Just got away with it.

God bless the USA where 1/4 of the population will always celebrate somebody getting away with something on a technicality.

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Posted on: February 25, 2012 10:24 am

Anti-doping official: Braun verdict "miscarriage"

This Manfried guy from the Commissioners office must be a total idiot. He was one of the members of the panel. Gee, I wonder which of the 3 voted to uphold? LMAO! To come out and say that the collector did nothing wrond has to be the stupidest statement in history. There was absolutely NO EXCUSE from him to take the sample home and wait 44 hours to deliver it to Fed Ex.

For anyone who wants to know why anyone would tamper with sample, that there was no reason for it. I say that you have been living under a rock. MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Say you are a big time gambler or gambling syndicate and you wanted to be able to eliminate the Brewers as a treat to repeat as the NL Central champs. What better way then to take their best player out for 50 games?

Wke up children!

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Posted on: February 25, 2012 8:14 am

Anti-doping official: Braun verdict "miscarriage"

bunt16911 wrote: "The specimens are triple sealed and signed by Braun.  There is absolutely no way to tamper with the sample, without it being easily apparent."

Surely you cannot be that obtuse, sir. It would be correct to say "There is absolutely no way to EASILY tamper with the sample," which is why the additional time was necessary.

Tester exits stage left; adulterer enters from stage right. The illusion of plausible deniability is maintained. (Best that fewer know the truth, as loose lips sink Ships of State.) They've been at it for some time now, at least since they famously rattled Ross Perot's cage.

Nefarious forces are about in the land; Powers which force Principalities to yield to their control. Private armies trained in every means of subversion, their clandestine movements intended to make the People clamor for their chains. And there they are, stretching their necks out for the yoke; proud oxen, their bollocks breakfast for some oligarch's get.

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Posted on: February 25, 2012 7:36 am

Anti-doping official: Braun verdict "miscarriage"

I expect a ststement coming very soon from Raphael Palmeiro ....the last tome the O's were ever in first place...
they were in Boston when he was tested...
I still say with the nature of the Mitchell report that the Red Sox were behind him being dosed...too many individuals in the media
carry water for the Red Sox...the corrupt nature of the Mitchell Report was never discussed

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