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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Posted on: February 29, 2012 6:39 pm
Edited on: February 29, 2012 6:53 pm

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said his school and Kansas will play again “when common sense takes over emotion.”

Pinkel has been a strident supporter of keeping the KU-Missouri series alive as the Tigers head to the SEC. The argument between the two sides over the century-old rivalry has, if anything, increased after Saturday’s basketball game in Lawrence. KU’s overtime win may be the last meeting of the two schools in a major sport. Kansas has said it has no interest in playing Missouri since it is leaving the Big 12.

“It will be a great continued rivalry and it could happen this year if we really wanted it to happen,” Pinkel said. “It’s all choices. We’re ready to do it anytime.”

The war of words between the two camps isn’t going to end anytime soon. At the end of interview on other subjects Wednesday in his office, Pinkel reacted to a quote from Bill Self after Saturday’s hoops games.

“It’s not the same,” Self said of the rivalry continuing. “Missouri has got to market their future. We’re their past.”

Pinkel said he is convinced that the schools will play again in football and basketball. The rivals have played since 1892 in football and 1907 in basketball.

“There will come a time when, without question, that in Kansas City at the beginning of the football season, hopefully Missouri and Kansas will play,” he said. “That will happen sometime, when common sense takes over emotion. There is sometime when, in Kansas City, Mo., KU and Mizzou will play basketball too.”

The teams have played a neutral-site football game at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium since 2007. There is speculation the schools could meet in the future for a non-conference basketball game at Kansas City’s Sprint Center. There is still a possibility the teams could meet at next week’s Big 12 tournament and, less likely, in the NCAA tournament.

“That rivalry can last forever and ever and ever,” Pinkel said. “It gets kind of comical after a while the more you hear about it, especially when you hear it coming from Kansas City.”

Some Missouri supporters in and around Kansas City had been more vocal about staying in the Big 12 than in other parts of the state. The Big 12 traces its basketball tournament roots in Kansas City back to 1977 in the old Big Eight. The four-year-old Sprint Center was built, in part, as a way to keep that tournament in town.

“Everywhere in the state, everyone has kind of accepted it and you go into Kansas City – and Kansas City is a great city for Mizzou football and basketball – [but] after a while [pausing] … it’s going to happen,” Pinkel said. “When common sense takes over and we relax a little bit why would it not?"


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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

I will say, however, you would be right if this was about football facilities. Missouri does boast a fine football stadium, while Kansas' stadium is a dump. However, you went with basketball, and Missouri just can't compete there in arena quality.

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Dimesrgirls1! What is your point? Mizzou Arena is one of the nicest on-campus facilities in the country! You ever been inside? Beats the hell out of that thing in Lowrents, KS that resembles a barn and smells like one too! 
No, it isn't. I had four years of going to games in Mizzou Arena, and it's nothing special at all. It doesn't compare to USC's Galen Center, it doesn't compare to BYU's Marriott Center, it doesn't even compare to Weber State's Dee Events Center. It certainly doesn't come close to Allen Field House, and it gets blown out of the water by Gallagher-Iba Arena. I will say it's better than the Coors Events Center in Boulder, but that's not saying much.

Mizzou Arena is one of the nicest on-campus facilities in Missouri, but in the country, it's probably not in the top 50.

Why is it you ku phans always bring up fat girls? Have you seen the Golden Girls? Have you seen the beautiful girls at Mizzou! I've seen that thing you ku phans call a dance squad... Yikes! Those girls have not missed a meal or two or three in quite some time! 
I have, for four years. I thought Kansas' girls were hotter. The Golden Girls weren't anything great. I always wondered what was the point of having them.

Given your typing skills and ridiculous Missouri bias, that you're allegedly a surgeon is frightening. Then again, if Ron Paul can do it, anyone can. 

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

SkyBird 09! I don't care about my rating! I only care about setting the record straight! Who died and made you the "master know it all"! Oh forgive me... I forgot you are a ku phan and it is your god given right to be the ruler of the basketball universe. Let me remind you there are several universities ahead of you that have won more national titles than ku! Lets review... UCLA (11); Kentucky (7); Indiana and North Carolina (5). Oh what no ku yet??? I know you yardbirds claim you won 5 national titles but as is normally the case with ku you tend to stetch the truth... The Helms titles (whatever the hell a Helms title is) do not count! So I believe the BB royalty title is still owned by UCLA and will be for the forseeable future. I know... Before you rebut I'll save your poor little fingers..MU has never won a BB title! MU has never been to a Final 4! Ok! Now that we got all of that out of the way I'll continue.

Your knowledge base about Mizzou is uncanny but wrong! You can spin it anyway you want about the Big 10 and Mizzou starting this entire cataclysmic demise of the Big12-2 but take a step outside of your red and blue box... No better yet... get out of the box and out from behind BEVO's Big ol Texas sized butt and realize other factors were at play. The money school...the power school... invoked their financial will and overthrew(sp.) the conference. They are dictators and you have been brain washed by their views of how the Big 12 conference should be. Run quickly before you are no longer grasshopper!

I resent the fact you are calling me liar! Shall we duel! Get the hell out of here you jaysquawker!
What made you assume I'm a Kansas fan? I'm not a Kansas fan, I'm an ACC fan. Where the heck is Duke on your list? The Blue Devils also have more titles than Kansas. I wasn't even aware Kansas fans claimed to have won five titles until you brought it up.

I have no love for Kansas, I'm a Missouri graduate who divorced myself from both parties because the rivalry was just too nasty. Didn't see that one coming, did you?

I see things from outside the Big 12, and I know that you are a liar. Trying to blame Texas for the collapse of the Big 12 is like trying to blame Germany for the start of World War I. Totally plausible, but totally incorrect. They might have been the one with the most power, but they weren't the one who started it. In this analogy, Missouri is Serbia, the smaller one that actually started it and is now hiding behind someone else as the villain. Spin it however you want, but you are either a liar or you are badly misinformed.

PLUSONE format is coming... Automatic Bid going to one of each of the FOUR MAJOR CONFERENCES: SEC, BIG10, PAC12, and ACC.....guess what, BIG12 gets left out
I wish this was true, but we're the ones who are going to be left behind in that scenario. If an automatic bid happens in a plus-one format, there's no way they're taking the ACC over the Big 12. We don't play football well enough to get a bid. It's not going to happen anyway, but if it did, the bids would go to the SEC, Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big 12, with the ACC getting left out.

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Whd should they give up a 100-year rivalry just because you think so or they're in a different conference?  Are you going to ask that Bama and Auburn give up the Iron Bowl so the SEC can have an easier time scheduling the cross-divison games too? 
Steelbucks,  I am just coming from the direction of 2 schools going in different directions.  I see absolutely nothing for Mizzou to gain by playing KU in football.  Not a lot of D1 players produced in Salina or Topeka.  IMO Mizzou needs to schedule the OOC games in the SEC footprint(or close) or Texas.  Just a matter of exposure.  If/when UT,OU,TTU and OSU migrate to the Pac 12 it is certainly possible KU may pull a Notre Dame and go into a power basketball only type conference and who knows with the football and other sports.  I simply feel scheduling KU annually wastes an opportunity.

An annual roundball game would be fine but I would think that KU would demand a football game in return.  Just my guess.  If that is so, it simply isn't worth it to Missouri.  They will replace KU with UK as the storied program they play and as always, they can schedule virtually anyone else in the country OOC in basketball.  In addition, in basketball, there will always be the possibility of meeting the Jayhawks in early season tounaments or the NCAA tournament.

Long term I would like to see Arkansas in the same division of the SEC.  Now that would be some very spirited and competitive matchups in both sports along with a very natural rivalry which I think is something that Arky has still been looking for in the SEC.

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

YardBird! You say, "This is preceisely why its so much fun to hammer misery people that are so easy to maipulate." This statement alone reinforces how you sir perceive this as a "game". You obviously live and breathe to have these internet confrontations with your foes which I'll assume are primarily mu fans.

As far as negative statements... After rereading your posts they are filled with negativity! And you sir displayed the same lack of dignity, courteousness, etc., etc. that you obviously despise yet fail to uphold in your internet rules of engagement.

Your comments about, " Some people have something to say and some people just have to say something..." again reflects on the higher than mighty attitude of a vast majority of your fan base. Your statements are pure gold and worthy of a Pulitzer prize while those who attempt to rebut and/or display some other form of free thought or speech is simply just saying something for no apparent reason.

Regarding my claim to be some sort of doctor.... Yes I am a physician! I would post my extensive resume but I don't think that is really necessary. Undergrad degree from MU and medical degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Specialty training in plastic surgery at Washington University and Board Certification in Plastics.

And finally your comment... "I would not at all be surprised if your practice fell along the guidelines of hemorrhoid treatment...". Well YardBird I believe it is you who would embrace this specialty because it is obvious you have your head buried up the ass of BEVO and the specialty is called PROCTOLOGY!

Have a great day! I'm out!

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Global Yardbird! I reread my posts not quite sure how it projects as anger! Just defending my alma mater and home state school. No different than what any ku phan does. But as usual it is ok from ku phans perspective to defend and then hurl negative and derogatory comments at mu fans. As for this being a game... I would have to say it is you that embraces this internet warfare as such. With your reputation rating  of 93 and All-Star level status... What the fuck is all of that about! Are you serious? Yardbird I believe it is you who should get a grip before your pea sized brain implodes! It is you sir that needs the HELP!

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Cease fire?

...slippy... I'll bet you & laserdoc are the same guy with 2 accounts, maybe more...alteregos or what? YEEAAAH! This is a trolls' specialty & so juvenile. The giveaway is when some self proclaimed "genius" appears out of nowhere with an account that just magically appears & fights & argues with people who have been hammering the trolls!  Guess you misery fellas don't want a cease fire afer all? Keep posting , we'll keep shootin away-like fish in a barrel! Stay hunkered down in slippy command central (Mom's basement?) so we can keep this thing going a little bit longer. After the BG12 minus misery tourney, no one will care enough to even hammer you anymore. Hope someone else will give you the attention you seek. You are already a non factor. Cheer up & go have a drink with Gary, Frank, & laserdoc! HA, HA, HA!

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

laserdoc...Wow I just read some of your about anger, sounds like you oughta go check in, so don't jump off the frigginbridge or something. If this is more than a "game" to you guys then you really should get a grip before you implode. SOS for laserdoc...

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

...laserdoc...This is precisely why it's so much fun to hammer misery people that are so easy to manipulate. You can say virtually any thing negative to their self proclaimed "knowledgeable
" fans & then they'll erupt and show exactly what you expect, lack of dignity, courteousness, general feelings of worthlessnes, justifications for failures, blah, blah, blah.

In much simpler terms-on & on & on & on...
Some people just have something to say, and some people just have to say something.

As far as the claim of being some sort of dr, which is consistant with many egomaniacs who post anonymously on message boards, I would not at all be surprised if your practice specialty fell along the guidelines of hemorrhoid treatment, so keep up the great work doc, practice makes perfect.

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