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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Posted on: February 29, 2012 6:39 pm
Edited on: February 29, 2012 6:53 pm

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said his school and Kansas will play again “when common sense takes over emotion.”

Pinkel has been a strident supporter of keeping the KU-Missouri series alive as the Tigers head to the SEC. The argument between the two sides over the century-old rivalry has, if anything, increased after Saturday’s basketball game in Lawrence. KU’s overtime win may be the last meeting of the two schools in a major sport. Kansas has said it has no interest in playing Missouri since it is leaving the Big 12.

“It will be a great continued rivalry and it could happen this year if we really wanted it to happen,” Pinkel said. “It’s all choices. We’re ready to do it anytime.”

The war of words between the two camps isn’t going to end anytime soon. At the end of interview on other subjects Wednesday in his office, Pinkel reacted to a quote from Bill Self after Saturday’s hoops games.

“It’s not the same,” Self said of the rivalry continuing. “Missouri has got to market their future. We’re their past.”

Pinkel said he is convinced that the schools will play again in football and basketball. The rivals have played since 1892 in football and 1907 in basketball.

“There will come a time when, without question, that in Kansas City at the beginning of the football season, hopefully Missouri and Kansas will play,” he said. “That will happen sometime, when common sense takes over emotion. There is sometime when, in Kansas City, Mo., KU and Mizzou will play basketball too.”

The teams have played a neutral-site football game at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium since 2007. There is speculation the schools could meet in the future for a non-conference basketball game at Kansas City’s Sprint Center. There is still a possibility the teams could meet at next week’s Big 12 tournament and, less likely, in the NCAA tournament.

“That rivalry can last forever and ever and ever,” Pinkel said. “It gets kind of comical after a while the more you hear about it, especially when you hear it coming from Kansas City.”

Some Missouri supporters in and around Kansas City had been more vocal about staying in the Big 12 than in other parts of the state. The Big 12 traces its basketball tournament roots in Kansas City back to 1977 in the old Big Eight. The four-year-old Sprint Center was built, in part, as a way to keep that tournament in town.

“Everywhere in the state, everyone has kind of accepted it and you go into Kansas City – and Kansas City is a great city for Mizzou football and basketball – [but] after a while [pausing] … it’s going to happen,” Pinkel said. “When common sense takes over and we relax a little bit why would it not?"


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Posted on: March 2, 2012 10:51 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Mizzou and KU need to go their separate ways and futures.
Whd should they give up a 100-year rivalry just because you think so or they're in a different conference?  Are you going to ask that Bama and Auburn give up the Iron Bowl so the SEC can have an easier time scheduling the cross-divison games too?  Maybe Georgia and Georgia Tech need to let that rivalry go to--or are they both state protected rivalries too?  The Border War may have been in two different states, but it doesn't make the rivalry any less fierce than those and you want to trivialize it like "it's the past, just let it go, the SEC is so much better....."  Mizzou is my grad school and I'd say drop the SEC if it came down to a choice between the two.......


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Posted on: March 2, 2012 8:50 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Nebraska isn't playing Oklahoma.  Colorado isn't playing anyone from the B12. (I don't know that anyone noticed CU missing) Now I think TAM and UT will figure something out but that is different, they're family.  Well, extended family.

Mizzou and KU need to go their separate ways and futures.  Mizzou knows where it's future lies and while KU may not currently, anything they can do to build their football program will help when UT, OU, OSU and TTU go Pac 16 in a few years.

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 8:34 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Yeah! Those super bowl (or supper bowl rings as Coach Weiss refers to them as) rings and a cup of coffee will get you a win or two over those FBS schools on their schedule but it won't count for shit when OU, Texas and the rest of the Big 12-2 plants their sorry asses in the ground like a pee wee football team. If he makes it two years I'll be shocked! Kansas FB is ruled by the old man to the West!

As for your comments about Coach Pinkel and Coach Hill (who happens to be a dear friend of mine) you are sadly mistaken. I will guarantee you Coach Hill was not drunk and/or drinking at a high school coaches function. I've spent a lot of time with these two men both on and off the field and you would be hard pressed to meet nicer people who are also college coaches.

Coach Hill is one of the best recruiters and receivers coaches in the country! He has has coached five All-Americans in the last 5 years and has several other players on NFL rosters. His resume speaks for itself! Additionally, he owns the western part of the state and has taken a few prize recruits out of Kansas over the years (but so has everyone else not name ku). I believe he convinced the #1 player (DGB) in the country to attend MU did he not?? Also signed the number two center/guard in the country from Lees Summit West even after both Weiss and Grunturd gave em their best shot which was nothing short of negative recruiting! By the way Boehms father is a high school coach and I believe he had no problem with our coaches! DGB's father was the head coach of his high school and said nothing but positive comments as it related to the way MU recruited his son. Finally, MU signed the #1 QB in the country (statistically and he was 1st TEam Parade Magaazine All-American) and his father was the head coach as well. So based on the track record of the aformentiioned I would say high school coaches have no problems with them.... with you being the exception!

Finally, I am glad you acknowledge the exceptionalism that is the Golden Girls! By the way they are not transplants My daughter is a Golden Girl and she informed me that 90% of the squad hails from Missouri. Evenely distributed between KC, St. Louis, St. Joseph and Springfield....Sorry for the facts! As for the fat girls you saw in the crowd.... that was your mother, sister and their friends fom Kansazz! You have a great day!

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 7:37 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Correct me if Im wrong but does our Fat ass coach have super bowl rings and bcs bowls under his big belt???????

Ive actually met mr pickel and his wr's coach and personally pickel seemed like an arrogant ass, and the wr's coach was too damn drunk to talk to us high school coaches.

As for the history lesson your not telling me anything I don't already know.

And for your golden girls. Yeah your transplants are nice, but the fat girls in the crowd... not so much.

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 7:08 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Dimesrgirls1! What is your point? Mizzou Arena is one of the nicest on-campus facilities in the country! You ever been inside? Beats the hell out of that thing in Lowrents, KS that resembles a barn and smells like one too! Hey at least you guys had the forsight to name it after a Missouri guy! Say what! Bet you didn't know ol Phog Allen was from Jamesport, Missouri now did ya? 

As for the other 100,000+ mu fans ... They couldn't get a ticket you moron because it was sold out!

Why is it you ku phans always bring up fat girls? Have you seen the Golden Girls? Have you seen the beautiful girls at Mizzou! I've seen that thing you ku phans call a dance squad... Yikes! Those girls have not missed a meal or two or three in quite some time! Can anyone say Jennie Craig? Speaking of fat you guys are the world renown authorities on that topic. Just look at two our of your last three head football coaches. Hell when Fatgino left Lowrents half of the restaurants went out of business! At least you AD had the forsight to include the econmic fortunes of all the restrauntuers in lowrents when he hired another fat man in Weiss! I heard the major sponsor for ku football (if that what you want to call that game you play over there) this year was going to be the manufacturers of the Go-Go Elite scooter system. FACT! You boys in lowrents know all about FAT!

As for your pot-shot at Coach Pinkel (its not pickel you educationally challenged ku grad) and his recent DUI! The man made a mistake and he paid a hefty price both financially ($300K) and professionally. But since you have no idea what kind of man he is I'll let you take your parting shot because it bounces off him like water on a ducks back. You ku fans wish you had a coach like Pinkel but then again he is far to fit(physically) to meet your athletic departments football coaching criteria.... with the first being you must weigh at least 400 pounds! Here's to your fatness and corruptness that is everything ku!  

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 6:28 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

The arched-roof building seats 15,061,

Now Im sure the 100,000+ mu fans had better things to do like chase the fat girls and get dui's with pickel

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

SkyBird 09! I don't care about my rating! I only care about setting the record straight! Who died and made you the "master know it all"! Oh forgive me... I forgot you are a ku phan and it is your god given right to be the ruler of the basketball universe. Let me remind you there are several universities ahead of you that have won more national titles than ku! Lets review... UCLA (11); Kentucky (7); Indiana and North Carolina (5). Oh what no ku yet??? I know you yardbirds claim you won 5 national titles but as is normally the case with ku you tend to stetch the truth... The Helms titles (whatever the hell a Helms title is) do not count! So I believe the BB royalty title is still owned by UCLA and will be for the forseeable future. I know... Before you rebut I'll save your poor little fingers..MU has never won a BB title! MU has never been to a Final 4! Ok! Now that we got all of that out of the way I'll continue.

Your knowledge base about Mizzou is uncanny but wrong! You can spin it anyway you want about the Big 10 and Mizzou starting this entire cataclysmic demise of the Big12-2 but take a step outside of your red and blue box... No better yet... get out of the box and out from behind BEVO's Big ol Texas sized butt and realize other factors were at play. The money school...the power school... invoked their financial will and overthrew(sp.) the conference. They are dictators and you have been brain washed by their views of how the Big 12 conference should be. Run quickly before you are no longer grasshopper!

I resent the fact you are calling me liar! Shall we duel! Get the hell out of here you jaysquawker!

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 5:35 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

These are the reasons the four schools left:

Colorado:  they never felt like they were part of the BIG12/8... clearly a better fit in the PAC12, end of story.

Texas A&M - BEVO NETWORK, when Texas started to break promises, threaten to show high school games on Longhorn Network...they bid farewell.

Nebraska - Missouri can be blamed, but they were also sick of was being moved to Texas, Bball tourney eventually, Nebraska wasn't receiving as big of a piece of the pie as expected (However, they voted on the conference payouts to be to the big boys...when they weren't the big boys anymore..they ran scared.

Missouri -  Always wanted to be in BIG10, probably still do.    When OU president and Texas president announced they were "exploring" options again...Mizzou was fed up...they had the one thing that nobody else had...EYEBALLS in the STATE OF MISSOURI.   St. Louis and KC markets....

Global're a joke buddy...I guess the last year of the BIG12 MIZZOU WINS.... look at the border showdown in ALL SPORTS...not just basketball you clown.   Yes, Mizzou has already clinched that trophy.

Bball 1-1

Football 1-0 Mizzou

What is your argument here today???    KU is still hanging on by a lifeboat....just wait till Texas/OU start looking at the PAC12 or SEC again... PLUSONE format is coming... Automatic Bid going to one of each of the FOUR MAJOR CONFERENCES: SEC, BIG10, PAC12, and ACC.....guess what, BIG12 gets left out

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Again... I'll ask the question. "Were you at the game?" Place was packed just like it was for the gayhawk game! As for OU beating us twice in 2007... At least we played them! You dodged everyone from the south in "07". Your non-con schedule included the sisters of the poor and lowrents free state high school. Hey at least we bitch slapped you to win the north division. We will hold our own in the SEC just like we have in the Big 12 the last five years. The road will be tough because the SEC is the best FB conference in the country. Hell its the best overall conference period! Speaking of getting bitch slapped... enjoy the ride your newest overweight coach is going to take you on. Can anyone say 0-9 in conference play! Have fun attempting to fill that high school stadium up for those future ass whoopin's! Maybe you can call the pump brothers to come up with another ponzi ticket sales scam to offset the loss in FB revenue. Have fun you gaybirds and we'll see you at the Sprint Center!

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 4:48 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Wrong! Call the Big 10 conference and ask them if Missouri filed an application to become a member of the Big 10! The process is the following... If conference expansion is the topic it is voted on by the exisiting members. If a unanimous decision is rendered then the university that was voted on is asked to submit an application (ie Nebraska). The application is reviewed by the members and is voted on again. Missouri was and has been voted on in the past but never received the unanimous votes required to be invited to fill out an application. End of story! No begging on hands and knees... or whatever other comments you choose. Both Ilinois and Northwestern voted against Missouri. For the last 30 years Missouri has made it known to the Big 10 that if they ever looked at expansion they would be interested in talking to them because of the strong academic background of the Big 10 and Missouri being an AAU university. It was more about research and grant money than the athletic department. Now the times have changed and the athletic department and tv revenue call the shots. Not saying it is fair but it is what it is. So your shot in the dark about MU and the Big 10 is nothing but pure speculation on your part!
And this is why your rating is zero. Missouri did exactly what you claim it didn't, and everyone knows it. Just because the Tigers didn't actually submit an application doesn't mean they didn't pimp themselves out to the conference. Missouri begged and pleaded to join the Big Ten, and the Big Ten said no. What you have written is revisionist history.

Colorado was scared of the instability in the Big 12. Nebraska did indeed leave for one reason: they were tired of Missouri. The Huskers would never have left if the Tigers hadn't begged to go to the Big Ten. Texas was the secondary reason that accelerated Nebraska's push to leave the Big 12. The real reason was that Missouri was looking around, and to deny it is laughable. Everyone knows that's why it happened.

The truth hurts!
Clearly, if you're willing to lie like this. The truth really does hurt.

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