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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Posted on: February 29, 2012 6:39 pm
Edited on: February 29, 2012 6:53 pm

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said his school and Kansas will play again “when common sense takes over emotion.”

Pinkel has been a strident supporter of keeping the KU-Missouri series alive as the Tigers head to the SEC. The argument between the two sides over the century-old rivalry has, if anything, increased after Saturday’s basketball game in Lawrence. KU’s overtime win may be the last meeting of the two schools in a major sport. Kansas has said it has no interest in playing Missouri since it is leaving the Big 12.

“It will be a great continued rivalry and it could happen this year if we really wanted it to happen,” Pinkel said. “It’s all choices. We’re ready to do it anytime.”

The war of words between the two camps isn’t going to end anytime soon. At the end of interview on other subjects Wednesday in his office, Pinkel reacted to a quote from Bill Self after Saturday’s hoops games.

“It’s not the same,” Self said of the rivalry continuing. “Missouri has got to market their future. We’re their past.”

Pinkel said he is convinced that the schools will play again in football and basketball. The rivals have played since 1892 in football and 1907 in basketball.

“There will come a time when, without question, that in Kansas City at the beginning of the football season, hopefully Missouri and Kansas will play,” he said. “That will happen sometime, when common sense takes over emotion. There is sometime when, in Kansas City, Mo., KU and Mizzou will play basketball too.”

The teams have played a neutral-site football game at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium since 2007. There is speculation the schools could meet in the future for a non-conference basketball game at Kansas City’s Sprint Center. There is still a possibility the teams could meet at next week’s Big 12 tournament and, less likely, in the NCAA tournament.

“That rivalry can last forever and ever and ever,” Pinkel said. “It gets kind of comical after a while the more you hear about it, especially when you hear it coming from Kansas City.”

Some Missouri supporters in and around Kansas City had been more vocal about staying in the Big 12 than in other parts of the state. The Big 12 traces its basketball tournament roots in Kansas City back to 1977 in the old Big Eight. The four-year-old Sprint Center was built, in part, as a way to keep that tournament in town.

“Everywhere in the state, everyone has kind of accepted it and you go into Kansas City – and Kansas City is a great city for Mizzou football and basketball – [but] after a while [pausing] … it’s going to happen,” Pinkel said. “When common sense takes over and we relax a little bit why would it not?"


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Posted on: March 2, 2012 4:42 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Damn I think I hit a nerve on this mu fan. But seriously there were many many empty seats in columbia vs i.state. WHY? Another reason we got the orange bowl bid was because you guys showed up twice vs ou scared to death. Have fun in the good ol sec (FOOTBALL) getting bitch slapped around every year by the likes of Alabama, LSU, Florida. (BASKETBALL) well your in the same boat as you were in the Big 12. Always gonna be a second teir team behind UK. BUT hey congrats you got your money.

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 4:34 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Thats the best you can come back with? Seriously your fan base stinks. You have a top 10 team in the country playing for the 2 seed in the conf tourny "on senior night" and you cant fill the stands. Pathetic

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 3:56 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

SEC is jerksville.  You do NOT have the best collections of team sin the country.  All you have to do is look at your record in bowl games.  And don't give me the national championship crap.  Everyone knows that NO TEAM has ever won the title.  The title has been AWARDED, not won.  Voters determine the rankings and the "champ."  It is not done on the field
At some point, you are going to have to grow up pyshie.  Go ahead and look at the bowl records from the teams in the SEC and compare them to other conferences, and you will see that the SEC is indeed the best, and has been for a while now.  How exactly did the voting go after the LSU-Bama game.  How many votes did LSU get after being shutout.  The game was won on the field; there was no voting.  Bama won.  I know because I suffered through it. 

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Hey Global Gaybird! If you don't like it... Don't read it! As a medical doctor I recommend you seek some sort of psychiatric care  or counseling. You seem to be a very angry person. Valium or Xanax.... Perhaps meditation... Or you might try switching to pads instead of tampons! No charge for the medical advice! See you at the Sprint Center!

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Wrong! Call the Big 10 conference and ask them if Missouri filed an application to become a member of the Big 10! The process is the following... If conference expansion is the topic it is voted on by the exisiting members. If a unanimous decision is rendered then the university that was voted on is asked to submit an application (ie Nebraska). The application is reviewed by the members and is voted on again. Missouri was and has been voted on in the past but never received the unanimous votes required to be invited to fill out an application. End of story! No begging on hands and knees... or whatever other comments you choose. Both Ilinois and Northwestern voted against Missouri. For the last 30 years Missouri has made it known to the Big 10 that if they ever looked at expansion they would be interested in talking to them because of the strong academic background of the Big 10 and Missouri being an AAU university. It was more about research and grant money than the athletic department. Now the times have changed and the athletic department and tv revenue call the shots. Not saying it is fair but it is what it is. So your shot in the dark about MU and the Big 10 is nothing but pure speculation on your part!

Colorado has never felt like it belonged in the Big8/12 conference.. They have always rumbled about how they were better suited to be in the Pac 10. As for Nebraska.... They left for one reason and one reason only! They were tired of TEXAS! Texas was invited to join the Big 8 and they proceeded to hijack the conference and run it into the ground! It is a shame that Dr. Tom didn't show some cajones and let everyone know the real reason Nebraska left the conference and it wasn't because Missouri was looking around. He has a strong dislike of Texas period! And for Texas A & M... Do I really need to tell you how much hatred exists between Texas and A & M?

I find it hilarious how everyone wants to blame the demise of the Big 12-2 on Missouri. The truth hurts! And it hurts ever more when you are on the outside looking in! Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and A & M did what they thought was best for their respective universities going forward. The times are a changing and with change the apple cart gets upset and a chain reaction of emotions from fan bases erupts. Time will hopefully heal all of the hurt feelings and open wounds. It truly is a shame what has happened to the college athletic landscape. But if you really want to point fingers and place blame look no further than your tv set!

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 3:33 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

...Isn't this about the 3rd friggin day you dipwads have been whining on this story? Damn 2 more days & may equal the loss at AFH last week. Are you out of kotex or midol or what? Posters just keep signing up & signing up -is the damn school requesting this crap? Go away & let it go. Norm won like 4 or 5 Ch in 20plus friggin yrs for pete's sake. And if that's off a little it ain't off by a whole lot. If he was the GOD of misery hoops then you need to get to grips with reality-that ain't Jack. Wah, Wah, Wah, go NOW. You waana play at Sprint or AHead, play an SEC team & see how ticket sales go. The BG12 as a conf says screw you & the donkey you go out on.

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 3:18 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Hey Dimersboys1! You obviously were not at the game! I was! It was a sell-out (15,061). It was a nice send-off for the seniors! I'll admit MU has had problems with the BB following since the departure of Norm Stewart. Couple that with the move from Hearns to Mizzou Arena and having Quin Snyder as the men's BB coach and you had a nice recipe for disaster! One can only think of what might have been if MU would have hired the obvious choice from this fan's perspective and that person being Bill Self. Unfortunately the decision makers (The Laurie family and other big donors) thought the Duke protege was the better choice! Huh... Well we know how that worked out for the MU faithful. Next we had Mike Anderson who brought some respectability back to the program but then disappeared into the night as quickly as he came. Which brings us to this season. Many of the BB supporters and fans were going... Frank who? And since this is the "Show Me State" Coach Haith and his staff had to show everyone that he and his staff and this team are for real! To say I am ecstatic about how this BB season has transpired would be a gross understatement! When Norm was here roaming the sidelines every game was a sell-out! Not so much since! MU just needs some continuity and hopefully this season is not an aberration and Coach Haith and his staff are here for the long term. Maybe then MU can have sell outs for all of its games like ku does. It's boils down to history, tradition and a way of life. MU is still working on that! Time will only tell. But we are enjoying the ride this year!

As for your "weak following" comment! Where do I begin.... Let's start right here at home (kansas city). This past year for the annual Border Showdown game at Arrowhead ku was only able to sell 4500 tickets (its a shame Big Lew and the Pump brothers weren't around to bail your ass out) for the game. MU sold its entire allotment and then bought up several thousand of the tickets you turned in. Talk about embarrassing! The year prior was not much different (maybe a few thousand more tickets were sold but still very weak). Hell you guys can't even sell out that pasture you call a stadium! What is the capacity of your Memorial Stadium? 30K?? Hell they have high school stadiums in Texas that are bigger. See Denton Ryan and South Lake Carroll. For last years homecoming there were more fans from the opposing team than fans from Lowrents! So lets not talk about a traveling fan base.... You guys can't even make it to a game in your own backyard (Lowrents or KC, MO). Talk about pathetic! FACT!

As for your little Orange Bowl jab! Again I defer to the Pump Me Up brothers and Big Lew... Hey is ku still paying him 4.5 million a year even though he is gone??? I digress... you got the Orange Bowl bid because of the aformentioned individuals shenanigans and behind the scene corruption which your university is so well know for. The Pump brothers bought all of the allotted tickets and then the ticket scandel began. If you are a ku fan you know the rest of the story so I won't bore you with the details! Federal investigation! FACT! NCAA investigation! FACT! Lack of institutional control! FACT! ku employees indicted by the Federal Government!FACT! ku employees sentenced to prison! FACT! Dismissal of your AD! FACT! Dismissal of your most successful coach in recent memory (which doesn't take much)! FACT! Hiring and paying a mid-major coach with a losing record 10 million! FACT! Firing aformentioned coach after two years and still having to pay him 6 million! FACT! Your athletic department recently reported it is losing MONEY (40 - 60 million)! FACT! The fact is your little university on the Kaw is not doing so well financially.... FACT! But hey... you do travel well for your men's BB team! I guess that's a fact all ku fans can be proud of... It's just a shame your other sports don't experience the same kind of love!

As MU moves to the SEC I won't miss the whiney, bitchey ku fans and their self-imposed superiority over the rest of the college BB world. Take your little ball and run away to safety behind BIG OL BEVO! He'll keep you protected and financially secure with the LHN and hell maybe the PUMP brothers will arise from the ashes of financial purgatory and assist  ku with their economic woes! Enjoy that paltry Big 12-2 allowance while MU enjoys the fruits of the SEC! Good riddance and happy travels to the Mountain West Conference!

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

"Talking about attendance MU couldn't even fill the gym on senior night. A top 10 team in the country can't fill the gym on senior night. Talk about a weak following. Another reason you didn't get the nod for the orange bowl is because mu fans DON'T TRAVEL. FACT"

Lol.  Like the 500 kansas fans that showed up at Arrowhead last year.  What is Johnson county too far from Arrowhead?

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Should I remind you that Nebraska, Colorado and Texas A & M all decided to leave before MU. Since they all left first why does MU shoulder the blame for almost crippling the Big 12-2 conference??
Because Nebraska and Colorado never would have left if Missouri hadn't begged the Big Ten for an invitation. Colorado and Nebraska both left because Missouri's decision made them believe the league was unstable. Texas A&M probably doesn't go without that happening either. Missouri was the one who forced the hands of Nebraska and Colorado, which might have paved the way for Texas A&M.

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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Skyhawk09: I would beg to differ with your opinion that there has been only "one rivalry" between teams from two different states that are not in the same conference, or do not involve ND or the service schools.  Oklahoma and Texas were HUGE rivals for almost a century before the formation of the Big-12 got them together in the same conference in 1996.  In fact, many would say that it was THE pre-eminent CFB rivalry during most of that century.  The Red River Shootout is still one of the games almost guaranteed to be the most watched TV game when they play in Dallas every October.  
You can differ all you want, but you'd be wrong. I didn't say there has been only one such rivalry, I said there IS only one such rivalry. Those teams are in the same conference today. Besides that, that rivalry started without respect to conference affiliation and it was a different time then. Before the days of television, you joined a conference based on who looked like you, who was close enough to play, etc. Now it's done for dollars and BCS access. If Oklahoma and Texas were to split, I'm not sure the rivalry would survive. However, a split appears unlikely, as Oklahoma and Texas seem to have a strong partnership.

Florida vs. FSU

Georgia vs. Ga Tech

South Carolina vs. Clemson

All non-conference rivalries that are played on a yearly basis. There's no reason Mizzou and KU can't bury the hatchet and do the same.

I'll give you one: Missouri and Kansas aren't in the same state. Clemson and South Carolina are both in South Carolina. Georgia and Georgia Tech are both in Georgia. Florida and Florida State are both in Florida. Missouri is not in Kansas and Kansas is not in Missouri.

I'll give you another one: Those schools didn't separate over money. Florida and Florida State were never in the same conference. Georgia Tech left the SEC because it didn't believe it could compete anymore. It was 15 years before the Yellow Jackets rebuilt their athletic program and joined the ACC. South Carolina left the ACC because it didn't like the league rule that it couldn't recruit football players who didn't score at least 800 on the SAT. The Gamecocks didn't join the SEC for another 20 years. Georgia Tech and South Carolina weren't trying to make more money. They probably made less as independents.

Missouri, however, is making a blatant cash grab by going to the SEC, a move that could have been devastating for Kansas. I don't blame the Jayhawks one bit for this.

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