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Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Posted on: February 29, 2012 6:39 pm
Edited on: February 29, 2012 6:53 pm

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said his school and Kansas will play again “when common sense takes over emotion.”

Pinkel has been a strident supporter of keeping the KU-Missouri series alive as the Tigers head to the SEC. The argument between the two sides over the century-old rivalry has, if anything, increased after Saturday’s basketball game in Lawrence. KU’s overtime win may be the last meeting of the two schools in a major sport. Kansas has said it has no interest in playing Missouri since it is leaving the Big 12.

“It will be a great continued rivalry and it could happen this year if we really wanted it to happen,” Pinkel said. “It’s all choices. We’re ready to do it anytime.”

The war of words between the two camps isn’t going to end anytime soon. At the end of interview on other subjects Wednesday in his office, Pinkel reacted to a quote from Bill Self after Saturday’s hoops games.

“It’s not the same,” Self said of the rivalry continuing. “Missouri has got to market their future. We’re their past.”

Pinkel said he is convinced that the schools will play again in football and basketball. The rivals have played since 1892 in football and 1907 in basketball.

“There will come a time when, without question, that in Kansas City at the beginning of the football season, hopefully Missouri and Kansas will play,” he said. “That will happen sometime, when common sense takes over emotion. There is sometime when, in Kansas City, Mo., KU and Mizzou will play basketball too.”

The teams have played a neutral-site football game at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium since 2007. There is speculation the schools could meet in the future for a non-conference basketball game at Kansas City’s Sprint Center. There is still a possibility the teams could meet at next week’s Big 12 tournament and, less likely, in the NCAA tournament.

“That rivalry can last forever and ever and ever,” Pinkel said. “It gets kind of comical after a while the more you hear about it, especially when you hear it coming from Kansas City.”

Some Missouri supporters in and around Kansas City had been more vocal about staying in the Big 12 than in other parts of the state. The Big 12 traces its basketball tournament roots in Kansas City back to 1977 in the old Big Eight. The four-year-old Sprint Center was built, in part, as a way to keep that tournament in town.

“Everywhere in the state, everyone has kind of accepted it and you go into Kansas City – and Kansas City is a great city for Mizzou football and basketball – [but] after a while [pausing] … it’s going to happen,” Pinkel said. “When common sense takes over and we relax a little bit why would it not?"


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Posted on: March 1, 2012 7:07 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Did I read that correctly? Did Gary Pinkel just use the phrase "when common sense takes over emotion"?

C'mon Gary!! It may have been several years ago, but some of us won't forget when the final ballots were published in 2008 and it was shown that you voted all non-BCS teams #15 and lower. You voted Utah, Boise st., and TCU at just barely top 20 teams, yet somehow you found a place for your Tigers at #18 on your ballot. Does common sense take over for emotion when voting, Gary?

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 6:39 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Florida vs. FSU

Georgia vs. Ga Tech

South Carolina vs. Clemson

All non-conference rivalries that are played on a yearly basis. There's no reason Mizzou and KU can't bury the hatchet and do the same.

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 6:28 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Just curious if all you MU fans have actually looked at the all time records of these two schools in football. You MU fans seem to think you are some sort of Football gods. You have like an all time winning % of .540 approx. KU's is a little over .500. Neither team is a football school. Head to head MU has like 4 more wins. You don't dominate anything.
As for KU wanting to play MU? Sure the rivalry will be missed, but why does MU want to play KU sooo badly? MU is getting all this big time $$$ to go to the big bad SEC "only to get kicked around in all sports".

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 5:41 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Funny....all of the MU fans are placing blame on KU like you had nothing to do with your decision.......that almost crippled our league.  Glad everyone realized mu didn't matter and stayed.  MU needs to grow up and more need to move on.  KU said NO!  KU said NO!  KU said NO!  Move the F*** on!  With your new rivals!

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 4:56 pm


...Additionally after re reading your rant, I would like to point out that the use of profanity when posting on a message board is highly indicative of a small mind trying desparately to express itself. The SEC left on the light for ya.

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 4:48 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

...smither, or as I like to say, smyther...sounds so much more refined don't you think?

   If this is something to you other than a game rivalry & it goes beyond conference, entertainment, whatever, you really need qualified professional as
sistance. Somehow those who fail in life seek acceptance & success by "association" with others, ie., groups, teams, players, even perceived relationships with actors, singers, others they have never met etc. When these imagined succeses fail to manifest themselves in a manner that is acceptable to the "victims" imaginary methods of coping, quite often they will lash out at others, throw things, pout, cry, essentially become sociologically pathologic. At least Pinkel & Alden haven't reached that point yet, I'm not that certain about you. Just please go away & call out someone who cares, I am not and don't want to become your confidant or doctor either one. Reminds me epically of Tony Soprano's Mother, POOUUOOR MEEEEEE! As long as you don't hurt others, just go ahead knock yourself out (play with yourself?) Or go work off the anger for free at the renovation of your antiquated fb stadium to cut some expense off the labor cost, misery's gonna need every penny of it. The admnin & alumus of Kansas University are not the least bit interested in your financial or athletic future. And think about it, it's possible to do something simple as digging a ditch to help in a positive way, even though you are plainly just another loser.

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 2:34 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

I don't care if they ever play KU again. I would be happier to see them play Kansas State every year in Kansas City - both in football and basketball.  I was living in the St Louis area when I went to MU as a freshman.  I was not aware of the rivalry with KU until I got to Columbia.  I found that the students from the western part of Missouri really disliked KU.  When KU fans arrived in Columbia for games, and I heard their trash talking and saw their rude behavior, I got it.  I had never heard that kind of trash talking from fans before.  And I understood why KU fans are easy to dislike.  Since that time, I have lived for a couple of years in western Kansas among many K-State fans.  The K-State fans I encountered were sociable people, easy to get along with, but they disliked the odious KU fans as much as anybody from Missouri.  

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 2:22 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

They are talking about it because people keep asking them.  Do you think Pinkel called Dodd to talk about it?  Yikes.  Do you think any of these guys, (Self, Pinkel, etc) want to spend their time talking about this.  

ku could make more money at arrowhead if anyone from there actually showed up for the game.  The truth is Mizzou makes more money from another home game than it does from that Arrowhead game.  Not so for ku.  And yeah you guys are killing us on kc recruiting. . . . But I agree this is the main reason ku doesn't want to play the game - and I don't disagree with that strategy although I don't know that it brings in one more recruit.

I don't think we want to compare MU and ku budgets.  I mean our buyout of the big 12 is less than what you all owe your last two football coaches and Perkins.  

You're right it is Mizzou fans are the only ones posting vile comments.  ku fans would never do that.  geesh

I do agree with one thing.  Who cares.  ku is an elite bball program and doesn't even need a conference for that sport.  Mizzou does have more wins against them than anyone else but so what.  Football is obviously swinging the other way.  It will soon be over.  The press won't care much longer and we can all just move on and hate each other in new ways.


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Posted on: March 1, 2012 1:13 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Seriously KU... This has nothing to do with a Big 12 rivarly.  This goes beyond conference.  I can understand if the Gayhawks don't want to play Mizzou in football.  I wouldn't either if I knew it was an automatic loss every year, but there is no excuse not play the basketball game.  The bottom line is Mizzou is on a different level than KU and Kansas is playing the bitch card because they know they lose everytime in football and it's now a coin flip in basketball.
No, it doesn't. Rivalries don't go beyond conference and state lines. There is only one rivalry in all of college football that does not involve two teams from the same state, does not involve two teams from the same conference and does not involve Notre Dame or a military academy. That rivalry is West Virginia against Maryland, owing to the unique geography of West Virginia. Otherwise, no other rivalry has survived different states and different conferences without involving Notre Dame or the military.

If I were Kansas I would do everything possible to keep this game b/c when OU and UT jump ship in the next couple of years they are gonna need all the money possible when they go to the WAC.
Kansas isn't going to the WAC, now or ever. If the Big 12 does implode, and I doubt it will, Kansas will go to the Mountain West, Big East or Big Ten, and the Jayhawks will be just fine. Kansas could play in the Summit League and it would still print money in men's basketball. 

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 1:01 pm

Pinkel: 'Common sense' will lead MU-KU to play

Common sense is understanding what Coach Self stated at one point. To paraphase he said that playing Mizzou after they abandoned the B12 would be like a divorced couple continuing to date each other. Get the picture Mizzou fans?

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