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Adios, Ryan

Posted on: May 2, 2008 10:46 am

Move over, Michael Vick. You have a partner.

Not in jail, in the pantheon of Idiots Who Had It All And Then P----- It Away.

By now you know that LSU, the SEC -- and maybe college football -- were knocked silly Friday morning with the news that Ryan Perrilloux has been kicked off the team. A surprise only in that Perrilloux actually let it get this far. The much-troubled Perrilloux finally answered the question: What does it take for the starting LSU quarterback who saved the season, helped win a national championship and could have competed for the Heisman, to get kicked off the team?

Answer: A lot, but Perrilloux apparently met all the qualifications.

Mr. Hubris blew his tentative place on the roster after returning recently from a third suspension. That had every backup on the LSU roster asking: If he got three chances, what happens if I mess up?

This was as much about Perrilloux' misconduct as Les Miles preserving order on the team. If the next kid to get suspended didn't get at least three chances then Miles had a problem. The reason why Perrilloux lasted this long was because he was a star, the starting quarterback, the key to the season. With him, the Tigers were a genuine force in the SEC West coming off that national title. Without him, 6-6 might be a good season.

So Perrilloux had to screw up bad this time. And by bad I mean worse than missing team meetings or trying to pass a fake ID. Those are the things we know about. Of course, the kid's leash with Miles was shorter than a length of dental floss. Hey, there's an image: Miles finally pulled LSU's diseased tooth, even it meant going with inexperienced quarterbacks.

Because of that, I respect Miles now more than I ever have. He essentially chucked the season. At his best, Perrilloux was a unique talent, but not with more suspensions than starts.

And before we go on, I'd like to remind everyone of the happy hour for the entire staff Friday afternoon in Mack Brown's office. Remember that Perrilloux originally committed to Texas. It's a TGILP party -- Thank God It's Les' Problem.

Yeah, Perrilloux is incredibly stupid and arrogant and narcissistic, just like Vick. (What, you forgot the kid predicting a Heisman when he was in high school?) Both quarterbacks thought they were bulletproof. Smooth criminals on different levels. One was a dog killer but both killed their own careers. 

I know that only Vick is serving time in jail. R.P.? He's in limbo, the jail of public opinion. Expect to see him pop up again at Nicholls State or some other Division I-AA outpost. Maybe the Arena League.

There, he can be free, live life the way he wants because, let's be honest, the atmosphere at LSU was soooo stifling.

Ryan Perrilloux needs to be at a place where they really coddle their misbehaving backup quarterbacks.




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Posted on: May 4, 2008 9:28 am

Adios, Ryan

The most disturbing part of this whole story is the fact that dozens of Div 1-AA coaches are fighting over themselves trying to land RP.  Although I can see the value he could bring to a small school, this kid will never get the message.  I'm sure they're feeding his ego.  I can just hear it now..."It doesn't matter what happened, I'll make you the best Div1AA QB ever, you'll still be the #1 QB in the draft when you're done, just look at Flaaco and you're 10x the athlete he is."  Sad...but this will all probably come true.  Beware to the NFL team who drafts him.

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