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What I've learned while on vacation...

Posted on: June 20, 2008 10:22 am

 Forget about Notre Dame joining the Big Ten, Big East, etc...At least in the short term. The school re-upped with NBC in football this week through the 2015 season. That contract is the biggest reason Notre Dame has no reason to look around. The deal, now worth more than $10 million per season, still means Notre Dame gets to keep all the money. No other school has such a deal. That's equivalent to four Sugar Bowls each year for Hawaii which cleared $2.2 million from its first-ever BCS bowl.

Any conference discussions for Notre Dame would include the sticky situation of revenue distribution. ND would be silly to share any of it. Even though ratings were down during Notre Dame's 3-9 season, NBC obviously still sees a valuable television property.

 That brings us to the Big East and Mike Tranghese. The league is losing its heart and soul when Tranghese retires. The long-time commissioner was around when the league was formed in 1979 and kept it alive a few years ago when the ACC conducted its raid. The league is strong now but will continue to be vulnerable to another raid, especially if gas prices keep heading up and the economy keeps going in the tank.

One thought is that energy prices will force leagues to consolidate to save on costs. We already have four leagues of at least 12 teams (MAC, Big 12, ACC, SEC). Could there be more on the horizon? And would the Big East be vulnerable again?

 Among the cities to put in bids for upcoming Final Fours are Phoenix and Dallas. Might as well book both towns in the next decade. Phoenix has the new Phoenix University Stadium (home of the 2007 BCS title game). Dallas is going online next year with Jerry Jones' new stadium in Dallas, which could be the best stadium in the world.

Is there any doubt, then, the Jerry Dome (don't know what else to call it) will eventually be in the BCS rotation. The Cotton Bowl already has moved its game there.

 One local business owner told me that tourism is off 20 percent in Hawaii. The family and I went to paradise this month and something was missing: People. The real spike in airline prices hasn't hit yet. The beaches, hotels and towns just weren't as packed as they usually are this season. A person running a beach-related business told me she was "scared" about the drop off in tourism business.

 Still, it's hard to find a place where in one day you can see a 40-foot whale shark (it passed in front of our boat), spinner dolphins, sea turtles and Alice Cooper. The legendary rocker was getting up from his dinner at the Maui Marriott as we were sitting down. And, no, he didn't have snake.

 Even when it rains, the College World Series is still the best amateur event out there. Thursday was a washout but I'll be back in Omaha for the championship series next week. That will make it 17 consecutive years for me at the CWS and, yes, you are jealous.






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