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Pat White speaks but does clarify nor apologize

Posted on: July 31, 2008 6:29 pm
Edited on: July 31, 2008 6:30 pm

More than two days after West Virginia quarterback Pat white blasted the WVU baseball coach, the school issued this statement for White on Thursday afternoon:

 "Thinking back on my recent comments at Big East media day, I believe that I may have overstated my feelings on college baseball and the WVU baseball program. I have not played collegiate baseball in the past because I have concentrated on football and building on our success with my football family. I am sorry my comments have caused so many distractions. I am looking forward to putting this behind me and getting on the practice field with my teammates on Saturday."  

That's not exactly an apology. White is sorry his comments have caused so many distractions, but he hasn't backed off the fact that he thinks baseball coach Greg Van Zant is a racist. To me, Van Zant is still hanging out there. How is the guy going to recruit? White said he was troubled by the lack of African-Americans on the baseball team. (There are none) But the fact is there were none on at least six Big East baseball teams this past season.


It is a reflection of a larger problem. The NCAA participation rate for African-Americans is six percent, basically what it has been since the association started keeping such stats in 2000.

I did get these comments from Rutgers' Fred Hill Sr., the dean of Big East baseball coaches:


"My relationship with Greg has always been first class. He's always been a gentleman and acted first class to us. I wouldn't comment on that ... I wouldn't comment on Greg's feelings.

"The inner city kids seem to gravite toward football and basketball. We have some excellent African-American men on our team. I can't speak for anybody else. We're located in a metro area so we may have more access to some (players)."

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Posted on: August 3, 2008 7:34 pm

Pat White speaks but does clarify nor apologize

It's not a court of law, so I'm not worried about hearsay.  White heard some players say some things, and he said so.  It doesn't matter to me that he didn't hand the media copies of a notes sheet, giving full credit to who said what.  It's no less of a fact to say, "some guys said this" than it is to say, "Joe Smith said this."  It IS a fact that someone said something, and whether or not the detail about WHO said it is included or not doesn't make it more or less true. 

As far as ripping on school mates being bad form, I don't think White ripped on his schoolmates.  I KNOW he didn't do it overtly.  I think it was a rip on the coach.  The baseball team has produced a lot of good players, but the team itself hasn't done so well.  What does that tell you?  To me, it says that there's a problem with the coach because he has the horses, but he's not getting the job done. 

White didn't call anybody a racist, period.  You can't find that quote anywhere.  You might infer that he thought the coach is racist, but that's it.  Nothing blatant.  No smoking gun.  Society needs to stop being so damn sensitive about everything.  Anytime someone says something that could possibly be (mis)construed a certain way, everybody else freaks out because someone got offended or whatever.  Everybody needs to relax.  White didn't rock the world with anything here, and this story is dead, which is why nobody is talking about it. 

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Posted on: August 3, 2008 6:39 pm

Pat White speaks but does clarify nor apologize

I believe you have a serious problem with count 2.

Let me put it this way: Everyone I talk to says 4BCSChaos is a pediphile. Now, I'm not saying 4BCSChaos sleeps with kids, I don't know that for sure, I'm just saying everyone I talk to says that.

It's what we call hearsay, and it's a pretty big deal when you're calling someone a racist or pediphile. If he would have said Joe Smith, the firstbaseman on the WVU team told me coach van zant uses the 'N" word and hates black people, it would have been one thing, at least he would have been backing up his assertion with some sort of facts.

As far as point 3, it is pretty bad form to rip your school mates. The baseball coach isn't talking about how White couldn't beat Pitt with a National Championship berth on line.

On point 1, you're right, it is a fact, and unfortunately it's a fact with a lot of D1 programs, so I guess we should assume it's because all D1 coaches are racist, not because blacks don't like baseball as much football and basketball, right?

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Posted on: August 1, 2008 11:16 am

Pat White speaks but does clarify nor apologize

White didn't exactly apologize, but I don't think he exactly needed to either. All he did was state 2 of his observations, followed by 1 opinion: that the WVU baseball team doesn't have many people of race on the team; that from talking to some of the players, the coach is not well liked; and that he thinks the baseball team is "not successful at all."

On count 1, White is correct. Forget the code, but there are no black people on WVU's baseball team. No need to apologize for stating the obvious.

On count 2, White is also correct because of the way he doesn't come out and say anything bad himself about the coach. He says every baseball player he talked to didn't like the coach, making him "not a well-liked coach." Touchy, but no real need to apologize in my mind. Just stating what other people told him.

On count 3, White says that the baseball team is not successful. He presumably says this because the baseball team hasn't been to the NCAA tournament since 1996. One could definitely call that not successful. Maybe not nice to say, but that's about the only reason he could apologize for this. Etiquette.

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