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Georgia, you're on the clock

Posted on: August 1, 2008 10:03 pm

So now it's on for Georgia, a program that has never been a preseason No. 1.

The Bulldogs debuted at on top of the coaches' poll Friday, which is nice for about 13 seconds in the SEC. Now the pressure builds. The Bulldogs will face something eight coaches this season who have won national championships. The schedule is tougher than breakfast steak. And how weird is this: Florida is ranked No. 5 but was picked over Georgia in the preseason media poll to win the SEC.

Only two teams in the last 10 years have gone wire to wire, USC in 2004 and Florida State in 1999.

 The good news: Five of the last six preseason No. 1s in the coaches' poll have at least played in the BCS championship game. USC broke a streak of five in a row last season.

The breakdown of the last six preseason No. 1s:

2002: Miami lost the BCS championship game to Ohio State

2003: Oklahoma lost the BCS championship game to LSU

2004:  USC beat Oklahoma (preseason No. 2) in the BCS championship game

2005: USC lost the BCS championship game to Texas

2006: Ohio State lost the BCS championship game to Florida

2007: No. 2 LSU beat Ohio State (preseason No. 10) in the BCS championship game. Preseason No. 1 USC finished No. 2 in the coaches poll.



Since: Jul 20, 2008
Posted on: August 2, 2008 5:12 pm

Georgia, you're on the clock

Georgia is full of talent and if they could pull of a miracle season and go all the way they would deserve every bit of it.The bulldogs schedule is horrid,I think they will take A.S.U.,im not big on them but there confrence schedule is hard.Beating Florida and Auburn will be a task for the dawgs.Auburn dosent have Georgias best player in Brandon Cox anymore so dont expect 5 interceptions from Auburn.Urban  (the crybaby) Meyer has not let the celebration go so he will be after the dawgs.I think this years Georgia team is just like the 03 Auburn team that was pre-season #1 and lost five games but went undefeated the next year away.If Auburn cant do it I pull for Georgia so good luck to them....

Since: Jun 29, 2008
Posted on: August 2, 2008 5:07 pm

Georgia, you're on the clock

I'm with the consensus opinion that OSU fans shouldn't  blog about poll selections. You don't have a record to back it up. Quite the opposite, you do have the record to back up the lead statement. I realise that OSU bloggers are the most numerous on sports websites, but folks you can only talk yourself into the top of the poll for so many years . Everyone is beginning to catch on , maybe even your commish. Outside your creampuff conference you don't have "the goods". I can remember when you were strong in the past, but hell!- you don't expect anyone to remember back that far except us old farts. Wait a minute! Notre Dame used to eat your lunch way back then, so I guess we should put an asterisk up for that period. Shoot, I just realised you don't beat anyone out of your conference except a few times with the weak PAC-10(with the exception of USC) who you have pulled down to your level . But that's why you set up the agreement for the Rose Bowl, isn't it? My good UGA blogger has already pointed out that USC selected the Illinois team rather than face Georgia. I guess the big-10- influenced BCS is having second thoughts as well about that "arrangement" now that the Rose Bowl is not the big moneymaker since it became noncompetitive. We hope you Yankees can find your Mo-Jo in the future. We do have a liking for Wisconsin and Purdue because they show spunk when we play them in bowl games. They have been worthy opponents. Maybe they should muster up more bloggers and loosen your hold on loser's bragging rights. We find it kinda amusing that you boys brag about losing. Takes all kinds.

Proposal: Let the SEC and yall's conference hook up for those games where we play the Div-II or AA teams . Let them play each other and we play each other. We could probably make some of those switches beginning next year. How about it ? Our menfolk and your menfolk could probably meet some interesting mature older women at the game. You could bring a bucket of Buckeye nuts and we will show you a baldheaded knob with a Bulldog painted on top. You could go back home and brag about losing again and tell everyone how dumb those southerners are and how smart you must be. At least we don't brag when we lose.

Since: Jan 18, 2008
Posted on: August 2, 2008 3:49 pm

Georgia, you're on the clock


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Posted on: August 2, 2008 3:39 pm

Georgia, you're on the clock

It's not SC's fault that they have been like Jordan was...'heads above the rest' since 2000.  SC has played SEC teams and guess what?  Can you say undefeated?  Bear Bryant can attest to the talent that has been there.
Uh... what?  If you're talking about Southern Cal (btw, that's NOT "SC") and their record vs. the SEC since 2000 then you may have an argument, but the Bear Bryant comment supports a delusional belief that Southern Cal has dominated SEC teams.

Fact: Before last season, Southern Cal was 17-10-1 against SEC opponents.  Exactly how is that undefeated?

Since: Dec 14, 2006
Posted on: August 2, 2008 3:25 pm

Buckeye Fans Need To Shut Up

Your team would be average with an SEC schedule. I'd maybe give you an 8-4 record. Quit huffing and puffing b/c you have been SLAUGHTERED by the best conference in the country. Have you ever beaten an SEC school in a bowl game? Nope, didn't think so.

By the will be funny to watch you get destroyed by the Trojans this year.

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Posted on: August 2, 2008 2:38 pm

Georgia, you're on the clock

I predict #1 will change hands at least 5 times before the end of the year and that not only will Arizona St beat GA but my AU Tigers will upset them royally for payback for the last 2 years!!!

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Posted on: August 2, 2008 1:50 pm

Georgia, you're on the clock

And all this matters, because.....????????

All that matters is if one of the MEDIA DARLING schools is within shouting distance of of #1 or 2, and they'll get the shot at the BCS championship over Georgia.  Georgia could be #1 all year and if LSU, OSU, Michigan, ND - any one of them are anywhere near, GA will get punked.  The BcS is a bunch of crap, playoffs NOW!!!!

Since: Aug 28, 2006
Posted on: August 2, 2008 1:49 pm

Georgia, you're on the clock


If SC is that great why didn't they choose to play UGA in the rose bowl. That's right it was your choice not to play UGA instead you chose to play a crap team in illinios.

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Posted on: August 2, 2008 1:40 pm

Georgia, you're on the clock

You make a good point. Now apply that same logic to who Ohio State faces every year. We SEC fans know what we are up against every year. I wish we could say the same thing you mentioned as a schedule and records against conference opponents for teams like OhioState, USC and Oklahoma. If we had that same advantage all of what you could say would be : " even if we lose to USC we still have little chance of losing to anyone else. Ohio State has beaten Michigan how many times lately? Penn State is in so much trouble it is ridiculous. Who was theunderdog team that embarrased Ohio State at home their last game? That same team who beat Ohio State got killed in their bowl game as did Ohio State. Ridiculous is the chances you have to lose a single game every year. That is your advantage with all your talent. That advantage with great players is now sitting at 0-9 and losing to Georgia the last time you met. Six wins out of seven for Georgia against the Big 10 without ever being a preseason number one. That is ridiculous. Their ranking to start last year compare to Ohio State was what? What ranking was Geogia when Ohio State, USC lost their last game last year? Please get real. You play teams like Hawaii all year long who also struggle all year long. Being 500 against Texas ended that rivalry fast. Kent State, Acron and Youngstown State are better padding for rankings and making the defense and offense top in the country.   

The point here is weak conferences and no championship always bode well for schools rankings. You forget that if they(Georgia) even beat the teams you listed, they still face the best in the SEC Championship game which also can result in a loss. Imagine if USC or Ohio State met the same fate. Each year those teams go through the year not tested until the end. Selling me on a team that lost it's last two games last year and two blowouts in the big game is far fetched. It also needs to take in account that being more rested and prepared is and losing is either bad coaching or lack of competition.

Georgia has never been a preseason number one. How many has Ohio State had? Rankings based on this imbalance you so kindly pointed out is Ridiculous. Watching Ohio State play in the last two BCS games was worse. Start unranked and see where you end up losing a game or two. As you say I just do ot see what grounds teams who get gimme rankings complain about. I as an athlete get tired playing against classes that have not beat me in years. No test beating up on the same guys every year with the most talent to support me. I myself would be embarrased to brag about it or expect a high ranking when I was tested and lost badly in all areas on the field against more comprable players. It would show me I am not prepared or as good. It would not matter what the media thought wholoves(Ohio State and USC). It is nice to be a winner but when it s easy their is no pride and honor or accomplishment if it is year in and year out.  Earn it and sweat it is the only Ranking measure that should matter. 

Outplayed, more rested and more time to prepare should be a big sourceof "ridicule" when losing in any sport that bad after being unteste most of the year. They showed what they deserved to hear and "that"should reflect in the rankings until they prove otherwise. Go any team who has to fight to get their and fight to keep it. If it is a given or easy it is worth nothing but bragging rights. It will show at the next level when those same players have you on your backs again. Play with the big boys and tell me you cannot beat somebody twice in a row as well. I believe it took five times to get Michigan's coached fired.

Any athlete would take a three loss SEC team against Ohio State with any better record. Pleae give me your money again this year. I love how quite your fans are until they leave talking about next year and our gimme ranking again. Bring it and pray we lose but then you may get Florida or LSU again. No matter who beat you badly you still get ranked way too high as always. Please chant again this year OVERRATED I loved it. Just pay attention to the scoreboard outside the Big 10. It will show the truth of overrated.  

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Posted on: August 2, 2008 12:39 pm

Georgia, you're on the clock

Oh, and I forgot the crux of my position...five out of those six years the preseason number 1 DID NOT WIN, even though they got to appear in five of the six title games.

So the reality is that they don't stay number one because they're the best, but because everyone thought they would be.

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