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Someone please tell me my math is wrong...

Posted on: August 3, 2008 12:10 pm

I'm scared. I'm more than scared. I just watched an NCAA video explaining the new timing rules and I'm concerned, confused, hungry and tired. Among other things.

This video explains administration of the new 40/25 rule. It is essentially the same rule used in the NFL. The 40/25 keeps every NFL game within that three-hour window so more beer can be sold, more network shows can be promoted. It's called time certainty certainty. Our college game does not need time certainty. If you're like me, you don't want college football packaged into a three-hour window.

According to my math (always a dicey proposition but hang with me, it's only a blog), the average college team ran 72 plays per game last season. Fine, great. The average NFL team ran 62.76 plays per game. That's with the 40/25 rule. That's also a difference of 9.14 plays per game. Multiplied by two teams thats more than 18 plays per game difference.

See why I'm scared? We're talking about 18 less plays per game. Because NCAA teams averaged .397 points per play last season that means we could be losing more than a touchdown per game in scoring (7.26 points). The NFL averaged .345 points per play last season, 13 percent less than Division I-A. I don't want to see it. The college game's popularity is at an all-time high. Part of the reason is that offense is an all-time high.

It looks to me like the NCAA rules committee is about to bastardize the game like it did two years ago when its misguided timing rules slashed something like 13 plays per game. The rules were adjusted last season and once again we had reasonable college football.

There were code words used like "pace of play" in rationalizing the timing rule changes this time. The pace of play was fine with me and with the the fans who set another record attendance record last season. If the committee really wanted to shorten games it would cut out overtime and shorten halftime.

But that would hurt the feelings of band geeks all over the country and actually help keep players healthy.

Who needs that?




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Posted on: August 3, 2008 6:56 pm

Someone please tell me my math is wrong...

This is dumb,  this cuts away at actual game play and takes considerable action away.  Here's a better one, the commercials should have to work around the game instead of the game having to work around commercials.  They shouldn't bring Tv into consideration during a game, the refs will say when play will resume and ESPN will just have to forget about money for a second if they want to show us the game.

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Posted on: August 3, 2008 6:49 pm

Someone please tell me my math is wrong...

as long as they dont get rid of the time stoppage on first downs, college games will still be longer than nfl games.

im hungry too.

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Posted on: August 3, 2008 6:42 pm

Someone please tell me my math is wrong...

Nah, I wouldn't expect any more delay of games than before.  Right now the teams are getting ready to practice with the new timing rules, including paying real clock operators to run the clocks during their practices.  They are also working on the "rolling substitutions" where you don't take guys out of the huddle, but instead substitute immediately from the field.  They're going to adjust just fine.

My question comes from a situation not covered by the rules.  2nd and 10, your favorite team is down by 2 and on defense, there is 1:30 left on the clock.  The offense runs the ball 2 yards and is stopped, so we have 3rd and 8, after 40 seconds they snap again, so about 0:50 to go.  They run again and are downed after 2 yards.  Clock starts ticking, so your defense picks up the ball and throws it down the field.  Penalty, delay of game, so it's now 4th and 1.  Clock stopped with 0:41 to go.  Officials set the :25 second clock and the clock starts on the ready for play whistle.  The defense has just saved time by committing a penalty.

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Posted on: August 3, 2008 6:41 pm

Someone please tell me my math is wrong...

It's not that the new rule is bad, the problem is the TV timeouts!  How many times have you been at a college football game late in the third quarter or worse than that, the fourth quarter and seeing the official stay out there for the TV timeout!  That is why the games are longer, it's almost like watching that show "moment of truth", more commercials than action.  College football would make plenty of money without all this other BS interupting the quality of the game.



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Posted on: August 3, 2008 6:06 pm

Someone please tell me my math is wrong...

I just watched the video, and really the bulk of it is a joke. The only rule that made sense was the ones about under 2 minutes in 2nd or 4th quarters. The rest were pretty pathetic. This is going to result in a lot of delay of game calls this year I hope that my teams quarterback can be aware enough that my team won't have as many.

But I did get something positive out of that movie, seeing all that game film makes me even more impatient for the season to start. Yea college football is awesome!!! Hope these rules don't make the games worse.

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Posted on: August 3, 2008 5:49 pm

Someone please tell me my math is wrong...

Do many people actually care about the length of the games? I know that when I go to a game I'm not worried about how long I'll be there. Obviously anything over 4 hours is getting pretty ridiculous, but is changing the games from 4 hrs to 3 and 1/2 hours really going to make more people want to watch college football?. This is stupid, its similar to what they did before and will probably end up with the same results. Because before it didn't make the games better, they were worse. If it wasn't for those clock rules Washington St. might have beaten USC that year. And who knows where we would be if that had happened.

Why are they so concerned with how long games go? Are they going to shorten the quarters next? What really draws people to college football is the exciting style of play and the high scoring. Why shorten the time to lessen the scoring and amount of exciting play?

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Posted on: August 3, 2008 5:38 pm

Someone please tell me my math is wrong...

I used to go to many UMiami home games and everytime the games were scheduled on CBS, all the fans around us would cringe and sarcastically say "arg, a 4 hour game coming up".

This would never happen under a regular regional broadcast and it is for the reasons of the money a national broadcast can bring in versus advertising dollars of a smaller broadcast.

Anyway, I haven't analyzed it all too much, but I would imagine that a faster game would help less talented teams have a chance for an upset by allowing starters to be in the game longer and restricting the use of backups.

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Posted on: August 3, 2008 5:11 pm

Who cares about the timing

All of this timing stuff is for television purposes only and fans don't care for the most part.  If you are at the game, 5 extra minutes are no big deal.  If you are at home watching, ardent football fans flip between games anyway.  The most important and logical rule change is getting rid of the incidental facemask.  This is a great change.  I always thought it was stupid to give a 5 yard penalty when a guy didn't mean to do grab a facemask.

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Posted on: August 3, 2008 5:00 pm

Someone please tell me my math is wrong...

I've got a simple set of guidelines... 1.) If I wasn't going to buy a truck in the first quarter, I'm definitely not buying it in the second, third, third again, or fourth quarters! Enough! No pickup! My car already eats better than I do. 2.) I've already got my beer by the time the game starts. Are you encouraging me to drive drunk to go get more? 3.) We still have bands? I thought it was just a lengthy stream of commercials followed by a 15-second network update about the other 20+ games going on at the same time. 4.) If you're going to make the game painful to actually attend by littering it with tv time outs, at least do something entertaining like hockey does... run a zamboni, shovel ice from out of the end zones, make sure there's at least one slick surface that the grounds crew can risk taking a spill on, etc.

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Posted on: August 3, 2008 4:56 pm

your math is wrong

college games last forever and have way too many plays.

the clock stops way too much and it should be more like the nfl, which, unless i'm living on another planet, trumps ncaa football in popularity about a million times over.

and lemme guess, you probably wouldn't be in favor of a playoff system which would crown a true champion like all other sports too?

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