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Oakland acquires Holliday from Colorado

Posted on: November 10, 2008 3:32 pm
Edited on: November 10, 2008 9:14 pm

The ever-unpredictable Oakland Athletics have acquired slugger Matt Holliday from Colorado, sources with knowledge of the talks have confirmed to,, pending the outfielder's passing a physical examination on Tuesday.

The Rockies will receive outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, left-handed pitcher Greg Smith and closer Huston Street in return, though they may not keep Street. One source said Monday that the Rockies are prepared to turn around and trade him -- though to which team he wasn't sure.

St. Louis, the New York Mets, Detroit, Cleveland and Tampa Bay are among the clubs in the market for a closer this winter, though the Tigers do not appear to be involved with Street.

The early strike for Holliday is a bold move for an Oakland club that finished third in the AL West last year, 24 1/2 games behind the Los Angeles Angels.

But the Athletics are attempting to win public support for a new stadium and are telling other clubs that they intend to increase their payroll significantly for 2009 in an effort to contend. The A's opened 2008 with a payroll of about $48 million.

In Holliday, who batted .321 with a .409 on-base percentage, 25 homers and 88 RBI, the Athletics almost certainly are gaining a one-year rental player. Holliday, due $13 million in 2008, rebuffed Colorado's attempts to sign him to a long-term extension and, with Scott Boras as his agent, he is expected to test the free-agent market after the 2009 season.

That, though, fits with some of Oakland's past strategy under general manager Billy Beane, who has mostly eschewed long-term contractual commitments to players because of the A's ever-present financial constraints. He has been aggressive at times, however, in acquiring high-end talent for the short-term.

Pitcher Kevin Appier (1999), outfielder Johnny Damon (2001) and Frank Thomas (2006) all fit under this operating philosophy, but the major difference between them and Holliday is that they were not acquired when the A's were this far off of the pace in the AL West.

Of course, the Athletics figure to have an out, too: If they fall out of the race before the July 31 trade deadline next summer, they'll have a valuable trade chip that Beane can flip for prospects.

While Oakland ratchets things up, clearly, Colorado is in transition mode. Losing Holliday -- general manager Dan O'Dowd informed the slugger of the trade earlier Monday -- leaves a big hole in the middle of Clint Hurdle's lineup.

The Rockies like Gonzalez a lot, but he's a different style of player than Holliday and much younger.

"He can play center field or right field, either place," one scout said. "He's a left-handed hitting prospect, he's only 23 ... he's got a chance to be pretty good."

As for Smith, the scout said, "He actually fits better in the National League, I think. He controls the running game, he's got a good pickoff move, and the guy can hit. I think he'll end up as a No. 5 starter or as a long man in the bullpen."


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Posted on: November 10, 2008 9:14 pm

Oakland acquires Holliday from Colorado

Gonzales has a lot of upside. He has a great glove but was streaky w/ the bat.  A bit of a gap hitter, so i think he'll like hitting in Denver. Smith has some good stuff and a great move to first. He got no run support in the first half of the season, then he had control issues. He has a lot of potential, although i don' t think pitching in Denver is suitable to his style. Street has some great stuff, but is in search of redemption. He's still pretty young. He's at the make-or-break stage of his career, when a hot arm makes the majors, baffles everyone for awhile, then he gets solved. He loses control of the strike zone when the pressure is on - not the hallmark of a good closer. I think he still has potential, but right now, he's very beatable.

Smith and Gonzales came from the D-Backs for Danny Haren. Could be the start of an amusing trend for them.

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 9:11 pm

Oakland acquires Holliday from Colorado

Mediocre OF and SP???????  They cot these two guys in the Dan Haren trade.  And now they get traded for Matt Holliday.   Huston Streat has better trade value for the Rockies than anything else.  Thanks for repeating what they just said in the story.  Better trade value but then you want the Cards to get him without giving up much. ?????????

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 9:07 pm

Oakland acquires Holliday from Colorado

Mr Green,

I totally agree with you... We have seen the Rockies rebuild for the past 10 seasons and Im completely sick of it.  They had a solid team- I feel a great pitcher would have given them a shot at winning the NL west.  But- wait... Trade away one of the offensive cornerstones and start over.  It's so stupid.  At this rate, Atkins will pry be gone within the next month as well.  They will trade him for 4 prospects and start over again.  I hope the monforts kick the bucket and someone else who actually loves baseball and cares about the fans takes over.

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 9:04 pm

Oakland acquires Holliday from Colorado

Among the list of teams in the market for a closer would also be the Milwaukee Brewers.  Not only that, but they were scouting Huston Street pretty heavily around the trade deadline until he was hampered by injuries.  I am surprised they didn't make the list.

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 8:46 pm

Oakland acquires Holliday from Colorado


Check your facts there pal.  Utley just signed a long deal (5-7 years) and Rollins is signed for at least 3-4 more years.  Howard is a Phillie for 2-3 more years (although he will go to arbitration each year unless they sign him long term).  So really Hamels and Howard are the only big players they would have to sign long term.  Victorino will want a new deal too but I believe they have a year or two with him.  The Phils have Jim Thome's money coming off the payroll finally and Burrell's money too.  That should hopefully be enough to sign Howard and/or Hamels without increasing their payroll that dramatically.

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 8:42 pm

Oakland acquires Holliday from Colorado

They aren't trading him now.

This is basically Billy Beane showing a bit of his ego.  Boasting that if the A's aren't in contention he can get more out of Holliday at the deadline then he gave up here.  Reports were that no one was offering elite prospects for Street.  If he gets two elite prospects for Holliday at the deadline along with sell a few extra tickets early in the season he'll be way ahead with this deal.

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 8:22 pm

Oakland acquires Holliday from Colorado


He is a free agent next year moron. The A's will not keep him for a year or two then (trade) him for the farm genius. He is a one year rental. He will be a free agent next year and the A's can't even come close to affording him, just as the Rockies couldn't. He will sign a 150 million dollar contract next year with major market team. You would have had to sign him to a long term deal at a bargain like 3 years ago in order to "trade him" to team willing to sell the farm for him. I think that was quite possibly to stupidest thing I have ever heard.

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 8:20 pm

Oakland acquires Holliday from Colorado

You're a douche, and that's why everyone hates Philly fans!  Not enough that your team won the world series(which they did deserve), you have to take a timeout to throw out a cheap shot at the Mets.  I would take a second to throw one back at you about the Eagles, but I see that you are a Phillies, Flyers and ........Broncos(?) fan.  It's people like you that make me not care if the Mets win next year, I'd take much more pleasure in seeing the Phillies lose.  And this is why every New Yorker hates Philadelphia, it's cool at least I know a bunch of your drunk, classless Philadelphia fans had their night ruined last night.  I am glad the A's got Holiday and not the Phillies, that's for sure.  It was smart for the Phils and Cards to not pull the trigger, who the hell wants to sacrafice half of their farm for a one year rental? 

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 8:13 pm

Oakland acquires Holliday from Colorado

Another idiot move by Billy Bean Brain.  This guy must have ADD or something.  I love Holliday but he will only be around for one season.  Am I supposed to get all excited;  at best this may help the A's move up a bit in the standings,  but then he's gone after next season.

The turnstile of the A's team continues. There is no way to get into any of the players they turn around so quick.  Please somebody get the A's a GM who has any type of clue on how to build a team.  I honest to God think I can do better - and that is a very sad statement.

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 8:04 pm

Another bad trade for Billy Beane

I don't know where Billy Beane gets his reputation. When is the last time Oakland has done anything in the playoffs? The Tampa Bay Rays and the Florida Marlins have been what Beene wants to be. You have to think long-term gains are definitely for Colorado. Holiday, a one-year rental who leaving the confines of Colorado, is headed to a large ballpark for a team that doesn't have a particularly good lineup. And at the price of Street, Smith and Gonzalez, who is going to be a multi-tooled OF for Colorado. I like Colorado's side of it, although Beane probably figures they can recoup some of this talent at the trade deadline when the A's, hopelessly out of the playoff race by the end of July, will likely trade Holiday to a contender for a fraction of what they spent to get him.

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