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Only a matter of time until Peavy is dealt

Posted on: May 21, 2009 11:50 pm

The joy in Padreville in the aftermath of Jake Peavy torpedoing the proposed Chicago White Sox trade may be very real, but it also will be very short-lived.

Padres fans, better brace yourselves: It's only a matter of time until Peavy is shipped away.

In fact, look closely enough and you'll see that the proposed deal in which the White Sox were to send left-handers Aaron Poreda and Clayton Richard and two other young pitchers -- one believed to be Lance Broadway -- to San Diego might not even be permanently vetoed.

Peavy appeared to leave the door cracked -- ever so slightly -- in his brief comments to reporters in Petco Park on Thursday afternoon.

"As of right now, this is the best place for us to be," Peavy said Thursday afternoon, speaking of himself, wife Katie and the couple's three sons, all of whom are under 8. "We made that decision for the time being."

As of right now? For the time being?

Sounds like the words of a short-timer, which Peavy surely is despite the nixed White Sox deal. While he will start for the Padres against the Chicago Cubs on Friday night in San Diego, there are those who still believe the deal with the White Sox could be resurrected within the next several days.

Failing that, it's clear the Padres remain determined to move him. They are still under a mandate to reduce the payroll to $40 million, and they're currently at about $45 million. Peavy is due $11 million this season, and $63 million through 2013.

Aside from the money, the Padres have regressed so badly on the field that they realize there is more value in the package of players they could obtain for him than in keeping him.

There is no way the club intends to retain Peavy.

What's not so clear is whether Peavy, who owns a full no-trade clause, will be able to steer the deal toward one of his desired destinations -- either in Chicago with the Cubs or in Los Angeles with the Dodgers, according to sources close to the pitcher.

One major league executive with knowledge of the Cubs' ownership maeuverings says that prospective majority owner Tom Ricketts and general manager Jim Hendry have discussed the possibility of acquiring Peavy. But the club's $900 million transition into ownership by the Ricketts family still isn't completed.

Bottom line here is, Peavy's continued presence is becoming a problem.

The Padres have have wasted an ungodly amount of hours since last October in trade conversations.

The growing perception of Peavy is that he's impossible to please and that he's afraid to pitch in the more potent American League (nevermind the fact that he long ago earned his no-trade clause and has every right to tell the Padres to stuff it).

Peavy's camp, understandably sensitive to him being branded the bad guy in Chicago, was not happy that details of the potential deal became public.

"Not only is the public airing of this stuff counter-productive, it's probably destructive," Barry Axelrod, Peavy's agent, told earlier in the day Thursday.

Axelrod added that to say the fate of this trade was in Peavy's hands "is a simplistic view of it. Approval or disapproval, it's not necessarily in black or white. One thing we talked about six or seven months ago are the considerations that (might) need to be given should Jake agree to a deal."

In other words, depending on how geographically desirable a trade destination is, Peavy could request anything from a cost-of-living allowance to airline tickets for his wife and children to an entirely re-done contract, ala Johan Santana when the New York Mets acquired him from Minnesota two winters ago.



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Only a matter of time until Peavy is dealt

Is it just me or is the most likely reason why Peavy vetoed the trade because the Chisox refused to guaruntee the huge club option year at the end of his deal?  I know nothing about Jake Peavy the man, but before we stande giving him attaboys for doing what's right from the family I want to hear Kenny Williams say that the Chisox were prepared to guaruntee the option.

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Posted on: May 22, 2009 6:16 pm

Only a matter of time until Peavy is dealt

 talk to him about how great Phil's fans are (contrary to national perception) ROFLMAO --- FYI...Perception is real.

Go Dodgers

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Posted on: May 22, 2009 4:55 pm

Only a matter of time until Peavy is dealt

I don't get Jake Peavy. I guess Peavy doesn't mind playing for a real bad team. By discarding the AL he is really cutting down the number of teams that can afford him and have the minor league talent to trade for him. Sure , he is exercising his contractual right but he is also being unrealistic. OK, so if he doesn't go to the American League then , where does he go. Let's look at their options.

Dodgers,SF,Arizona and Colorado: I'm sure the Padres don't want to trade him to another team in their division and Jake Peavy shouldn't try to force them to,

Florida, Washington and Pittsburgh : All three are small market teams that are trying to build their franchises with low cost players they develop themselves. I think Washington would be willing to spend the money, they have shown that with their contract offer to Teixeria  but would be unwilling to trade their young pitching like Martis,Zimmerman,Balester and Detwiler to get him.

Milwaukee :  I think the Brewers will keep Gallardo. SD wants young pitching to be included in any deal and other Parra they don't have any they would be willing to trade. Only one of the Brewers top 10 prospects is a pitcher.

Houston, Philadelphia,Cincinnati and St. Louis : Houston and Philadelphia don't have enough top level talent to trade to get Peavy.Cicinnati and St. Louis have some good young players but the are already serving valuable roles in MLB.

Atlanta , NY Mets and Chicago Cubs :  These three teams represent the best chance for Peavy.  As for the Cubs , according to Tim Kurkjian of ESPN the Padres wanted four top prospects and the Cubs to pick up all the guaranteed money to Peavy which he said was 60 million. In my opinion their number one prospect Josh Vitters and Jeff Samardzia would have to be included. Maybe the Cubs are waiting for the new ownership to take over and the trading deadline before they do anything or maybe they think the price is to steep and the next month or so will prove that they don't need Peavy. The Braves are loaded with young talented players in the minors SP Tommy Hanson, OF Jason Heyward,  OF Gorky Hernandez ,SP Kris Medlen and 1B Freddie Freeman.In the majors they have SP Jair Jurjens, SP Jo-Jo Reyes, OF Brandon Jones, OF Jordan Schafer and Jeff Francouer is still only 25. I don't think they will trade Yunel Escobar but they could. The Braves ballpark is a pitchers park and would be a perfect fit for Peavy. The Mets could also make a run at him. They certainly have the money to pick up his contract and some good young players in SP Mike Pelfrey ,RP Bobby Parnell and OF Daniel Murphy. In the minor leagues they have OF Fernando Martinez, SS Wilmer Flores, SPJohnathon Niese and SP Brad Holt. Given the age of their outfielders they might not what to give up their best prospect in Martinez but they have a good chance to win it all this year if they get Peavy.

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Posted on: May 22, 2009 12:25 pm

Only a matter of time until Peavy is dealt

I imagine that the Dodger front office is frantically putting together a deal at this moment. Thanks to Manny's trouble's the Dodger's saved 7 million dollars that they can now use to pick up Peavy in a deal. The Dodger offense is strong enough without Manny to go and win the west especially if they can land Peavy. They should thank their lucky stars that Peavy vetoed the trade and if fact would be glad to don the Dodger blue. I would also think that the Cubs are looking hard at this as an extended opportunity to land Peavy. His stay in Padre world is shortlived nonetheless. This rejection of the deal could be a way for Peavy to get the last year of his current contract locked up and not being an option year. Bottom line Padres can't afford to keep Peavy and it's actually better for them under their current economic considerations that they've tanked and are not sitting atop the N.L. West. Look at the Blue Jays with Halladay. Do you think it would go over well with their fans if they decided to move him now that their doing so well?

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Posted on: May 22, 2009 12:21 pm

Only a matter of time until Peavy is dealt

Nobody is stating the obvious?

Why would he go from a cellar Dwellar in the NL - to a team that's most likely going to be at or near the bottom of thier division in the AL, in a hitters park, at a park that doesn't even sell out when they're in first place? teams with a shot, don't give up 20 runs in a series - much less a single game. Wrigley vs Comiskey is night and day. If I were looking for a trade, I would want to go to a contender. 101years or not - the Cubs are WAY more of a contender than the Sox this year. So - yeah Chicago might still be an option - if he's not going to a dead end team.

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Only a matter of time until Peavy is dealt

Let's hear it for wanting to keep your numbers instead of going to a team with better pieces to put together some wins.Not this year!  Did you see that Minnesota just dropped 20 on them?  The sad part is that they have been getting blown out all year and actually have a worse record than ther Padres.  So maybe he is holding out for a team that has better pieces to put together some wins.

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Posted on: May 22, 2009 8:34 am

Only a matter of time until Peavy is dealt

Maybe the Phillies can get involved, they could have Hamels, Utley and Rollins (all west coast guys) talk to him about how great Phil's fans are (contrary to national perception) and since the Phils players can do no wrong after the 'ship last year, he would walk in as a savior.  Considering the Phil's starting staff ERA and condition he would make the Phils the heavy NL favorite.  Peavy, Hamels, Myers at the top Lidge to close, Rollins, Ibanez, Utley, Howard, Werth, Victorino, Peavy would win 20 in a heartbeat.  They have Donald, Carrasco, Carpenter, Drabek.  That's a nice package. 

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Posted on: May 22, 2009 3:29 am

Only a matter of time until Peavy is dealt

I guess he wants to stay in the NL, preferably on the west coast.  I don't see why he'd nix the deal to the White Sox and then go play for the Cubs.  Southwest only flies SD to Midway.

This is really set up for the Dodgers to swoop in and get him.  The Pads need to slash payroll ASAP, have already had a trade nixed, one league has been eliminated, potentially one city has been eliminated, and I would think the within the division cost has been slahed.  Plus let's not forget the $7M the Dodgers save on Manny's suspension.

Plain and simple, if the Dodgers can land Peavy, the NL title goes through LA.

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